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Our team at is hell-bent on providing you with the best possible information so spend less time searching and more time getting in touch with your future partners. To be able to bring you all this information, we invest funds into developing and training our team. Moreover, we spend much money on implementing all modern techniques and methodologies in our searches.

Naturally, we require funds to be on top of our game. This is why we made this little affiliate disclosure, to remind you that you should support our work and diligence so we can continue providing exceptional service to you.

How Do We Collect Funds?

Our primary principle regarding this site is that we do not, under any circumstances, accept monetary compensation in exchange for reviews. Also, we do not run ads, as we have found that they have a very detrimental effect on the popularity of our site, reduce the number of visitors – thus hampering our efforts.

So, how do we collect funds? Through affiliate marketing. Any time you click on one of our external links, we earn a small financial compensation. Therefore, we strive to impress and deliver the best content to facilitate and repay you for your patronage. It is also important to mention that we become affiliated with any of these companies only if they meet our evaluation criteria and earn their place on our list.

How Does It Affect You?

It does not affect you in any way. Using our services and clicking on any of our external links does not invoke any fees or financial compensations from your side. In fact, you’re only enabling us on to create more quality content. We derive great pleasure from connecting the right people, and, if we can profit along the way, all the better.

Thank you for your contribution!

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