How Can Content Intelligence Support Your Marketing Efforts

From touchscreen mobile phones to smart home assistants, you can’t deny the fact that technology is taking over people’s lives. The digital landscape is continuously transforming along with the launch of innovative technologies, and businesses need to keep up with the trends to stay ahead of the game.

The latest tool marketers are playing with recently is Content Intelligence (CI). It’s the newest buzzword echoing around the content marketing industry. But what does it mean, and what can it do?

What is Content Intelligence (CI)?

The technology enables marketers to predict consumer behavior, aid in personalization, deliver more relevant and exciting content for their audience, and much more.

In essence, content intelligence refers to the tools and software that analyze data—anything and everything there is to know about content—and leverage those findings for added insights.

Curata notes that this technology is made possible by merging existing concepts, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and natural language processing.

Content intelligence

Let’s break down what big data and AI mean for content intelligence.

  • Big data – reads and understands vast data sets, which can spell out patterns, trends, and connections. This can help determine the flow of human behavior and interactions, helping marketers accurately grasp consumer’s buying habits and performance.
  • Artificial intelligence – content intelligence is an AI-driven analytics tool. This helps marketers determine what topics to focus on, what to avoid, and what types of content will work effectively based on behavioral triggers. Furthermore, it encourages consumers to act accordingly, contingent to where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Content intelligence minimizes the guesswork. It allows marketers to develop strategies and make decisions based on real, actionable insights.  Indeed, it’s an exciting time to be a content marketer in this digital age. It’s safe to say that it will only move forward from here.

How Marketers Can Benefit from Content Intelligence

With 92% of marketers seeing content as a vital aspect for their brand, getting into the groove of content intelligence can propel your business above the ranks.

1. Publish more meaningful content

Consumers have high standards when it comes to content, and they tend to turn away from brands that present them with information that’s irrelevant to their individual situations. CI tools help to dig deeper and understand what your audience wants, which builds the foundation for quality content that’s tailored to your specific market.

Moreover, CI tools will help you cut down the time you spend on generating relevant topics – the tool analyzes what type of material performs well and makes topic recommendations according to your goals.

2. Build a relationship with your audience

Customer relationship forms the basis for any successful sales process. If you’re giving your audience what they want then sooner or later, your market will take an interest in your brand and engage with your content. Consistently providing relevant content and regularly interacting with your audiences forms a good foundation of trust that you can use to promote engagement.

Content intelligence can provide you with personalized insights relating to any specific account or transaction and this can help marketers build a trusting relationship with their customers.

3. Propel your business forward

Content intelligence is a luxury for marketers. It saves time, effort, and resources in the traditional way of analyzing their content marketing strategies autonomously. With today’s technologies, marketers can quickly analyze live data and pull out real, accurate numbers from the collated insights.

And CI tools aren’t restricted to analyzing your own content, which makes them excellent when it comes to competitor research as well. The automated data processing allows you to respond to your content environment far quicker so you can adjust to your audience’s needs and demands in a short time span.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Creating high value content that the audience wants is one of the primary drivers of website promotion. Content Intelligence helps you derive meaningful insights into what your readers want and create articles that are highly targeted towards their needs. In addition to this, Content Intelligence can also help you understand what kind of content gets cited by other websites and this helps you in backlink building which forms a critical component of search engine optimization.

Wrapping up

Content intelligence helps marketers optimize their data, organize, and automate their processes to create more powerful and effective marketing campaigns. The future looks stimulating yet challenging for marketers in this digital era, because the results it offers are only as compelling as the quality and volume of data you have at your disposal. Nevertheless, content intelligence will undoubtedly provide answers to a host of content marketing dilemmas.

Content Intelligence
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