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It's been 12 years since the Foursquare launch, and there have been ups and downs in its popularity over the years. What makes Foursquare different from other social networking platforms? Why can't businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar, afford to ignore it? We'll help you brush up your knowledge with the most recent Foursquare statistics and provide answers to FAQs, so read on!

Foursquare Statistics (Editor's Choice)

  • Foursquare location data is used by more than 125,000 developers worldwide.
  • Foursquare has over 50 million monthly active users.
  • New York is the location with the most Foursquare check-ins.
  • Foursquare’s POI data includes over 95 million venues.
  • Close to 100 technologies are actively used on Foursquare's website.
  • Foursquare City Guide is rated as the best app for travel tips in 2021.

Foursquare Usage Stats

1. Foursquare location data is used by more than 125,000 developers worldwide.

The company reports a stunning number of over 125,000 developers leveraging the power of its information. So what do they actually get by paying for and using Foursquare's technology? The answer is access to the following:

  • Places database
  • Places API
  • Pilgrim SDK

The platform’s content is obtained from over 100,000 reliable sources and supported by UGC of millions of consumers. Their diverse catalog can have a major impact on raising brand awareness and customer experience.


2. Foursquare country statistics point to a US audience of over 100 million devices.

The US is the platform’s largest traffic source, and the number of devices using Foursquare technology shouldn't be surprising. The latest data for the US point to a measured audience of over 100 million in terms of registered devices.


3. Foursquare's technology powers many social media giants.

Some may have forgotten all about Foursquare but are probably unknowingly using it daily. Whenever someone uses a geo-tag on Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, or Tinder, they use Foursquare's technology and contribute to its database.


4. Airbnb, Apple Maps, Samsung, TripAdvisor, Spotify, AccuWeather, and Uber all rely on Foursquare Places.

Foursquare app statistics show that the platform is trusted by giants like Uber, Airbnb, Samsung, and Spotify. Samsung, for example, uses the technology to improve image location, and they did a “Time Machine” campaign to promote the launch of the Galaxy S4.


5. 36 live websites are using Foursquare services.

On May 11th, 2021, 36 live websites were using the company’s location and hosting data. Foursquare country statistics again point to the US as the most frequent source, with 24 websites originating from there. 2,264 additional domains are reported to be redirecting to said 36 sites.


6. Foursquare split its core app into 2 experiences in 2014.

Since its launch, Foursquare performed two roles: checking in and local business discovery. Realizing that the two actions could be better served if each had its own app, the company launched Swarm in 2014. The original Foursquare app was reinvented as the City Guide soon after. Its basic principle was similar to that of Yelp, one of the major Foursquare competitors. Swarm, on the other hand, preserved the social network part and popularized check-ins.

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Foursquare User Statistics

7. Foursquare has over 50 million monthly active users.

There haven't been any official records on the exact number of Foursquare users, and we can only say there are over 50 million people who are active every month. At the same time, the platform’s CEO has revealed that the platform boasts more than 60 million registered users.

(Foursquare, VentureBeat)

8. Foursquare statistics show the platform has more male users in the US.

The data of Foursquare user demographics by gender reveals it's more popular among male audiences. The penetration rate among internet users in the US points to 18% for men and 8% for women. Another research examined the US user base, and according to their results, 58% of Foursquare users in the US are male, while the rest, 42%, are female.

(CastFromClay, Finances Online)

9. New York is the location with the most Foursquare check-ins.

New York is the platform’s most popular location with about 149 million check-ins. There are over 290,000 venues marked in the city and almost 1,500 “Specials.” Moscow comes close with 148 million. Foursquare travel statistics show some other cities with over 100 million check-ins are Tokyo, Mexico City, Bangkok, and Saint Petersburg.


10. Users with the most check-ins in 30 days are awarded a Mayorship of the venue title.

The Foursquare revenue model is based on many attractive in-app and real-life features for Foursquare users. One of the reasons people love Swarm is the Mayor badge and a title, obtained by the highest number of visits to a venue in a month — a local bar, library, gym, etc. Besides the boasting rights, users can earn various discounts and promotional codes.

(Foursquare, CNBC)

Technology-Related Foursquare Statistics

11. Foursquare uses a proprietary technology called Pilgrim to detect user locations.

Pilgrim guesses a user's location by comparing historical check-in data with the user's current GPS signal, cell tower triangulation, cellular signal strength, and surrounding wifi signals. The company’s location technology and machine learning methodology are up to 30 times more accurate than traditional cartographic methods, particularly in challenging contexts like dense urban areas or malls.

(The Verge)

12. Only the biggest tech giants can rival Foursquare's location technology.

Foursquare stats confirm the platform has the most accurate and real-time data collection. The only ones who can report having the technology with similar precision are reportedly Facebook and Google. Instagram had used Foursquare before Facebook acquired the platform and naturally switched to Facebook Places.


13. Foursquare ranks as the 6th most popular reviewing site.

While Yelp is famously known as a top reviewing site, Foursquare usage statistics show the app ranks 6th most popular. Some others that outrank it are Slant, ILoveFreeSoftware, MakeUseOf, and


14. Foursquare’s POI data includes over 95 million venues.

Relevant venues are registered on the map as Points of Interest. The latest data shows the map features over 95 million venues, constantly being updated with real-world images and consumer input — tips and reviews.


15. 70% of the registered POIs were updated in 2020.

The enhanced dataset includes over 95 million Points Of Interest. Foursquare growth statistics show the fill rate has been increased to 89.8%. Its community has contributed with billions of tips, scores, and photos. As a result, 70% of the data was successfully updated in 2020.


16. Close to 100 technologies are actively used on Foursquare's website.

The accuracy and precision of the technology can't be attributed to a single product or a service, reasonably. A whopping 98 technologies power the website, including Google Analytics and LetsEncrypt.


Foursquare Statistics for Businesses

17. Foursquare has different apps for consumers and several products for businesses.

Foursquare has two product categories: consumer and business-centric. Progress in their business model seems to be equally distributed in terms of the development of both. While consumers can use Foursquare’s City Guide, Swarm, Marsbot for Airpods, and Panel App, businesses can take advantage of Places and Pilgrim, according to Foursquare app statistics.


18. Close to half of US marketers find that location data increases ROI.

Market research experts have long realized the importance of location. As many as 48% of US marketers agree that location data use in marketing yields higher ROI. The same percentage said a significant benefit is “improved engagement and receptiveness.” 37% point to the relevance of content for users, while 35% claim the location data is the most relevant for measurements.


19. Almost 2 million businesses are registered on Foursquare.

Foursquare statistics show that over 2 million businesses use the platform’s tools and metrics, and digital marketing experts have been successfully employing the strategy of targeted and personalized promotions relying on their database, trying to get the best use of patterns of human behavior and life habits. Users can add venues, but it's always better if a business registers itself.


20. Ads on Foursquare can boost ROI by a whopping 2,500%.

Smart targeting offered by the platform helps businesses and advertising companies reach the right set of customers effortlessly. Foursquare ad statistics reveal one of the better examples — Bliss Spa, which saw average customer spending between $36 and $200 per Foursquare check-in spend of $4.60, earning an average ROI of 2,465%.


Fun Facts About Foursquare

21. April 16th is celebrated as Foursquare Day.

Here's one of our more fun Foursquare stats. The 16th of April can also be written as 4/16, and sixteen is four squared. Originally thought up in 2010 as a marketing program, Foursquare Day is considered the first global social media holiday. 4/16 has been officially proclaimed as Foursquare Day by many cities around the world, including Istanbul, Singapore, Toronto, Ramat Hasharon, and several in the US.

(CS Monitor, WhatNationalDay)

22. Foursquare's YouTube channel has over a million views.

There are not too many videos on their channel, but several depict how Foursquare’s database looks. The company posted short clips of all check-ins in certain cities over the course of a year — New York, London, San Francisco, Istanbul, Chicago, and Tokyo. Foursquare defines it as the “pulse of the city.”


23. The company merged with Factual.Inc in 2020.

Foursquare growth statistics show the latest merger happened in August 2020 and with yet another location-focused startup. The two are inclined to make even greater products to help businesses and digital strategy experts understand consumer behavior.

(The Wall Street Journal)

24. Over 80% of Foursquare’s desktop traffic comes from search.

Search is prevailing in terms of the traffic sources, with 82.44% of the total for desktop devices. What's interesting is 100% is organic, as the company doesn’t use paid keywords. 12.93% comes from direct sources, 2.41% from social media, and 2.12 from referrals.


25. Close to a third of Foursquare’s desktop traffic comes from the US.

The US is still the largest source of the platform’s desktop traffic, accounting for 29.51%. In the period November 2020-April 2021, 17.02 million visits with an average duration of 49 seconds were registered. Foursquare statistics by country show Turkey ranks second with 9.13% and Brazil third with 6.31%. Mexico and Japan complete the top 5 list with 4.95% and 3.26%, respectively.


26. Foursquare City Guide is rated as the best app for travel tips in 2021.

Traveling seems to be possible again in 2021, and the City Guide made its way to the top of Lifewire's travel apps. The rating was done by 10 different categories (travel planning, packing, navigation, hotel deals, etc.), and Foursquare won in travel tips.



Is Foursquare dead?

The answer is a resounding no. Over the course of 12 years, the company has been continuously evolving. Most of the major tech and other relevant giants have been using its location-data service. Foursquare stats show both Swarm and City Guide serve as reliable sources due to their map accuracy and UGC.

How much is Foursquare worth?

The company doesn't publicly disclose precise financial information, but according to Comparably, the Foursquare valuation stands at around $1.5 billion.

Where is Foursquare most popular?

The US audience still prefers Foursquare. Close to a third of the web traffic in the past 6 months was registered from the States — 29.51%. Foursquare statistics by country place Turkey second with 9.13%, followed by Brazil (6.31%), Mexico (4.95%), and Japan (3.26%).

What happened to Foursquare?

Foursquare's most significant milestone happened in 2014 when the company decided to divide the platform into 2 different segments. Swarm has been serving as the “social network” part since, while Foursquare City Guide still works as a discovery and review platform. Its geo-location technology is used by many major players on the market — Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, Microsoft, Airbnb, Uber, Samsung, etc.

How does Foursquare make money?

The largest segment of the Foursquare revenue comes from the location-based services and data the company provides for others. Foursquare revenue statistics point to another significant revenue stream — brand advertising on its apps.

How did Foursquare get started?

Foursquare was initially established as an exploration platform centered around local businesses. Users were able to explore POIs nearby, chosen by a variety of relevant categories. The app popularized geo-tagging at the venues, and its UGC became a thing when people were deciding where to go.

How many users does Foursquare have?

There hasn't been any official data in the past several years, which can be explained by the variety of transformations making it challenging to point to a specific number. Foursquare statistics show the company last reported 60 million registered Foursquare users, with over 50 million active at least monthly.

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