How to Configure Your PS4 to Use a Proxy Server?

How to Configure Your PS4 to Use a Proxy Server? image

“Why would I need a proxy server on my PS4?” you might ask. Well, using a proxy server offers better security at the least and can also speed up your network speed as well.

Below, we expand on the reasons why you might need a proxy, tell you how to configure your PS4 to use a proxy server, and provide you with a list of free servers.

Let’s get to it!

Why Connect Your PS4 to a Proxy Server?

Connecting to a good proxy server often improves your PS4's security and gameplay experience. Let’s explore several situations in which that is true.

1. Circumvent Geo-Blocking Problems

This technology has been introduced to restrict internet access to certain services and online destinations based on the user’s current location for various reasons.

If you are experiencing such issues or simply want to hide your IP address, the best way to resolve them is by using a proxy server located in another country.

By doing so, you would not be connecting to your destination using your original IP address since the proxy server will reroute your data through a different address. In essence, the proxy service is an intermediary between you and your destination, and you appear as another gamer playing from a location without any geo-restrictions.

2. Strengthen Your Network Security

By masking your IP address, you will also avoid intruders looking to exploit innocent internet users as proxy servers obfuscate your identity and shield you from prying eyes.

Premium proxy servers also filter out the content you receive. Therefore, depending on your proxy service, you may be shielded against phishing scams and malware.

While rare, malware attacks on consoles have been known to happen, and hackers may still be able to access some personal data. Additionally, your ISP or certain sites may also employ web tracking technology that peeks into your online activities.

3. Enjoy Faster & Better Gaming

The best reason why using a proxy server is a good idea is the faster and better connection you can expect to get, which enables smoother and faster gaming.

Optimal latency, stability, and download and upload speeds are crucial to your overall gaming experience, especially if you are a serious or a professional gamer. You wouldn’t want to get disconnected mid-session or notice a delay in your actions, would you?

How to Configure Your PS4 to Use a Proxy Server?

To set up a proxy server on your PS4, you only need a valid proxy address and port number and a few minutes of your time. Let’s check out the step-by-step process:

  1. Start your PS4 and Navigate to ‘Settings’;
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Network’;
  3. Select ‘Connect to the Internet’;
  4. Choose your connection type: Wi-Fi or LAN;
  5. Click on and connect to your specific network;
  6. Select ‘Custom’ to provide all parameters;
  7. Choose ‘Automatic’ under IP Address Settings;
  8. Click ‘Do Not Specify’ under DHCP Host Name;
  9. Select ‘Automatic’ under MTU Settings;
  10. Choose ‘Automatic’ under DNS Settings;
  11. Click ‘Use’ under Proxy Server;
  12. Provide the proxy address and port number;
  13. Press ‘Test Internet Connection’ to complete the process.

If you’ve followed every step correctly, your PS4 should be connected to the PSN via a proxy server, and you should start noticing a better and faster connection.

Free Proxy Servers to Use With Your PS4

While the best proxy option to use with your PS4 is a premium service with a monthly subscription, as it will always be up, provide the best speed, and be handled by a reliable provider you can trust, there are several free alternatives to consider:

Country (City)IP AddressPort
United Kingdom, London45.77.56.11430205
Netherlands, Amsterdam82.196.11.1051080
Russian Federation5.189.224.8410000
Switzerland, Ebikon83.77.118.5317171
United States, Dallas173.192.21.8980

All the options listed above provide the highest level of anonymity (Level 1), so you can rest assured your IP will not leak to the final destination. Moreover, they have a somewhat high uptime (at least 80%), and they support secure and encrypted connections.

One big downside, though, especially for gamers, is the increased latency of free proxies, which must be as low as possible for a lag-free and competitive gaming experience. For that reason, we suggest you check out our list of the best premium proxy services out there. Best of all, most (if not all) of them also offer a free trial so you can see what you are missing!

Bottom Line

Enjoying your Saturday gaming session can be a hassle if you are unable to connect to the PlayStation Network or your download and upload speeds are horrendously slow. Thankfully, you may be able to resolve the issue by finding a quality proxy server to connect to, which also offers additional benefits, the most important of which is hiding your location.

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