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With the advent of social media, the process of finding and hiring new talent has changed dramatically, with LinkedIn being the shining star for recruiters. And as the world's greatest professional networking platform, it has become the perfect and most popular source of talent. Plus, it's the only one that has a special product intended for recruiters — LinkedIn Recruiter. But what exactly is it? And, more importantly, what is the LinkedIn Recruiter cost? Let's take a closer look.

What Is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a paid subscription service that allows users to search for, connect with, and message potential candidates and job seekers on LinkedIn. It’s a powerful and in many ways unrivaled tool that makes recruiting faster and easier than ever before. Plus, it gives users access to a wealth of candidate data that they can use to make better hiring decisions.

LinkedIn Recruiter is intended for recruiters and small and large enterprises looking to hire new talent. And with 75% of HR professionals believing there is a serious skill shortage on the market and 83% of companies thinking attracting and retaining talent is a big challenge in recruitment, LinkedIn Recruiter is not only a gateway to the world’s greatest talent pool but a possible solution to these problems.

LinkedIn Recruiter Pricing

Cost-wise, some say Recruiter is not at all cheap and could very well be one of the most expensive tools of its kind on the market. However, when you consider that it gives you access to LinkedIn’s database of over 830 million potential candidates and at the same time allows you to create a company page so all those candidates can learn all there is to know about your company and brand, the cost of Linkedin Recruiter is very much equal to the gains. So, how much is LinkedIn Recruiter, and what is included in the cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter Cost & Features by Plan

LinkedIn offers three Recruiter subscription plans: Lite, Professional Services, and Corporate. Some of the key differences between these three LinkedIn Recruiter pricing plans are network access, search and skills assessment filters, and the number of InMails that you're allowed to send per month. But of course, there are other features that set these plans apart which is why the cost of LinkedIn Recruiter also varies. Take a look!

Recruiter Lite Pricing

The Lite plan is the most affordable and perfect for small and medium-sized businesses or startups on a tight budget but in need of top talent. The downside is that it can accommodate only the ones who have limited hiring needs. Though that doesn't mean it's not without its perks. In fact, the Recruiter Lite cost for one seat includes some great features such as:

  • Access to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree LinkedIn connection's profile information;
  • More than 20 time-saving search filters;
  • Up to 10 candidate search alerts;
  • 30 LinkedIn InMail messages, giving you the ability to reach members you are not connected with;
  • Data ownership;
  • Job and InMail analytics reports to track performance.

So, what is the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite cost? The price depends on whether you opt for a monthly or annual subscription. Therefore, the LinkedIn Recruiter price for using the Lite plan with a monthly subscription amounts to $140. Meanwhile, the yearly subscription includes a discount of approximately 15% and currently stands at $1,440.

Note, however, that for the Lite product of LinkedIn Recruiter, prices are in USD but vary in accordance to region and currency so if you need to see pricing in your currency you’d have to sign up.

Recruiter Professional Services

This plan is the middle-ground solution and it's perfect for recruiters or enterprises who need more than what the Lite plan has to offer but don't want to invest in the fully-featured Corporate version. The main upgrades in this LinkedIn Recruiter pricing plan are the number of InMails you can send per month and the number of seats you're allowed to have. The cost of LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services includes up to 100 InMails per month/seat and multiple seats, all of the features from the Lite, and other valuable features like:

  • Up to 30 unlocks per month for profiles beyond 3rd-degree connections i.e. profiles you are not connected with;
  • More than 40 filters to help you better target your searches (including spoken languages and number of years at the current company);
  • Skills assessment;
  • LinkedIn Spotlights that work like a charm in discovering candidates that might engage with your company (and this includes the popular LinkedIn Open to Work);
  • Insights into candidates and companies;
  • Up to 50 candidate search alerts;
  • The ability to create and post jobs on LinkedIn;
  • Bulk messaging (up to 25);
  • Collaboration tools including a multi-user dashboard and 20 free collaborator licenses;
  • Integrations with other LinkedIn tools like Talent Insights and Hub as well as Recruitment Marketing Solutions and more than 28 applicant tracking tools;
  • Unlimited analytics to track the performance of your team of recruiters, as well as insights into your Recruiter pipeline, usage, and performance summaries.

And last but not least, all data related to and originating from Recruiter will be owned by your company.

The LinkedIn Recruiter cost for this particular plan has again been divided into monthly and annual subscriptions; however, the exact amount is not publicly disclosed. This is because LinkedIn prefers to customize the prices in relation to the number of seats purchased. Therefore, if you want to learn the LinkedIn Recruiter seat cost for the Professional Services plan you will have to contact the vendor's sales team to get a quote. On the bright side, you can book a demo to check out some of the features provided in this tier like LinkedIn Spotlights.

Recruiter Corporate

This fully-featured LinkedIn Recruiter pricing plan is designed for larger enterprises that need to do some serious recruiting and performance summaries. The cost of LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate covers multiple users, a total of 150 InMails per month per seat, and includes all of the features from the Lite and Professional plans, plus full and unrestricted access to the entire LinkedIn network. What this means is that you can search for and contact any member of LinkedIn, regardless of your degree of connection.

However, as with the Professional Service plan, the total amount you will have to pay per LinkedIn Recruiter seat for the Corporate plan will largely depend on the number of users. And again, since the prices are not publicly available, contacting LinkedIn's sales team is the only way to learn more and get a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Linkedin Recruiter Lite vs Recruiter

The main differences between these LinkedIn Recruiter pricing plans are the number of users, InMails and features included. If you're a sole recruiter, just getting started with recruiting, or one of the 56% of small businesses struggling to find talent, then the Lite plan is sure to be a good fit for you.

However, if you need more than what the Lite plan has to offer, including features like LinkedIn Jobs, Talent Insights, or even Recruitment Marketing that can help you boost your company’s awareness, you should consider upgrading to the Professional Services or Corporate plans.


To sum it up, LinkedIn Recruiter is a robust tool that can help organizations find the right talent fast by offering access to some incredible search tools, messaging and reporting options, and most importantly, a database of millions of LinkedIn members. And, with this number including both active and passive job seekers as well as those who are not even looking for a job but might be open to the right opportunity, paying the cost of LinkedIn Recruiter is definitely something you should consider.

LinkedIn Recruiter Cost FAQs

How much does a LinkedIn Recruiter seat cost?

The cost of a LinkedIn recruiter seat varies depending on the plan you choose. The Lite plan starts at $140 per month, while the Professional Services and Corporate plans are customized based on the number of users and features you need.

How much does Linkedin Recruiter Lite cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite starts at $140 per month. This plan includes one user, 30 InMails per month, and access to some of the popular LinkedIn Recruiter features.

How much does LinkedIn Recruiter cost per year?

The LinkedIn Recruiter cost for the annual subscription is different for all plans and is related to the solution you will be choosing. The lowest price has the Lite plan which starts at $1,440 for a total of 12 months while the Professional Services and Corporate plans have customized prices which will be disclosed upon contacting LinkedIn's sales team.

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