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In an age when a significant portion of internet users’ time online is spent on social media, marketers cannot afford to ignore the role of major social media platforms in reaching existing and potential customers. To help you do social media marketing the right way, we have put together a list of 96 social media marketing tools. Covering a wide range of functions like content curation, social listening, and automation of posting, these tools can help you make sure all your efforts to sell your brand on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are efficient and effective.

Our top picks for the best social media marketing tools:

  • Agorapulse
  • Buffer
  • BuzzSumo
  • Canva
  • Crowdfire
  • Followerwonk
  • Hootsuite
  • Rival IQ
  • Sprout Social
  • Social Champ

Research and Listening Tools


Followerwonk is an analytics tool for Twitter, helping you manage Twitter followers and find more about them like their locations and their tweeting times. It enables you to search Twitter bios to connect with anyone, compare accounts to find overlapping followers and target new influencers, match your activities to gains and losses in followers, and use different tactics to hone your social graph.


Mention is a marketing insights platform that enables real-time monitoring of social media and web content for brand mentions as well as keyword and competitor insights. The tool analyzes more than a billion important sources of content including forums, blogs, and social media accounts to provide you with a broad picture of your campaign’s performance. Its alerts also let you respond fast to changes and keep you in the know if your competition is gaining ground.


Discover what people are saying about your brand in real-time with Brand24. It helps identify people with the most social influence, segment mentions into sentiment-based categories, collaborate with your team to respond to comments, search the social web for trends, and compare your social mentions against competitors. Brand24 is also available as a smartphone app and comes with Slack integration.

Buffer Reply

Buffer is one of the best free social media management tools, even though it has a premium version with more advanced features. One of its paid services is Buffer Reply, which is a time-saving tool that collects all relevant social media conversation and brings it to one inbox. This includes posts that mention your handle, direct messages, comments, and searches set up by you for keywords or hashtags across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Being able to see all these varied forms of conversation makes it easy to reply and engage promptly.


Socialbakers is an AI-powered omnichannel audience analysis platform that helps you learn what your audience wants to see, manage your social media performance across multiple accounts and optimize your budget, monitor conversations around your brand to discover your brand advocates, and provide on-point customer care across platforms and report on your performance in seconds.


Crowdfire simplifies social media marketing by helping you manage all your social accounts from one place as well as discover and schedule content based on your audience’s areas of interest. It is also one of the best-performing social media posting tools, allowing you to publish content from your own blogs and sites in a beautiful manner, tailor posts for every social network, and share articles on social media directly through Chrome.


Keyhole is an end-to-end social media solution that empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions that impact their organizations. Keyhole supports marketing strategy with enterprise-grade social listening, influencer marketing analytics, and campaign tracking. It also saves users 5+ hours a week with simplified social publishing and automated reporting.


SentiOne is a social listening platform that lets you track your mentions across social media, blogs, forums, and other sources; filter this information for insightful audience sentiment and competitor analysis; engage productively with the audience and control your brand reputation; and use advanced social media analytics to measure the effectiveness of your online activities and uncover new product development ideas.


Unlike any other social media manager app that would rely on a single third-party data provider, Awario crawls over 13 million web pages daily to inform you how your brand is being spoken about. It also sieves out meaningful customer insights from all the noise on social media, allows you to engage with your audience meaningfully, and helps discover sales opportunities by identifying potential customers.


Brandwatch is a slightly pricier social listening tool, which suits the budgets of agencies. One of the highlights of this tool is the highly visual nature of its data, perfect to explain social media marketing to clients. Signals is another feature that makes Brandwatch stand out. It helps you to set alerts for specific keywords, and the tool informs you immediately if there’s a significant change in the data set, like a sudden peak in the number of mentions or an increase in negative comments.


TalkWalker is a social listening platform that helps you analyze brand mentions across 10 social networks, 150 million websites, and over 180 languages. It also makes it easy to manage social media accounts by incorporating visual listening to identify brand logos, alerts you to combat potential issues on time, spots emerging trends using the power of AI, and allows you to build better relationships with customers and influencers.


Transform social media noise into actionable easy signals with TrendSpottr, the freemium service that predicts emerging trends, viral content, and key influencers in real time. Its predictive tools can help you with more effective content marketing, optimized media planning, quicker influencer targeting, smarter market research, and timely threat anticipation. It includes a free widget for visual representation of trends.

Campaign Management Tools

Social Champ

Social Champ is an easy-to-use yet feature-rich social media management tool that allows you to create, design, modify, and track your social media posts’ performance, all from a single place.

The software supports six platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. What sets it apart from the rest is that it is less expensive compared to other similar solutions but still jam-packed with all the necessary features you’ll need to make the most out of your social media.


Businesses often have multiple social media accounts, and manually managing all of them becomes quite a task. The Hootsuite social media marketing toolbox makes things much more comfortable by providing the opportunity to manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard. You can use it to schedule hundreds of posts, organize your content, and ensure that you maintain a strong social media presence at all times. is a social media automation tool that manages updates. Once set up, it doesn’t require any management and the social updates roll out continuously - hourly, daily or monthly - until you decide to stop. Additionally, this tool automatically shuffles posts and hashtags, enables recycling old posts, and more.

Tailor Brands Weekly Planner

The Tailor Brand Weekly Planner comes with an automated social media scheduler designed to simplify post management. Its organized system gives you control over the scheduling and posting on social media and keeps track of your multi-channel campaigns. Tailor Brands enables you to save and add premade posts or download and edit existing ones to fit your specific needs. What is more, this tool will brand the posts and optimize them for different social media channels, allowing you to focus on your end goals.


Agorapulse also lets you manage your top social media platform accounts from one place. You can make posts for different accounts, tweak them for the specific platform, handle the messages, track current trends, discover user-generated content, moderate comments, collaborate with teams, assign roles, delegate tasks, analyze and export your social media stats, improve your content strategy, and do so much more.


SocialOomph boosts your social media productivity by allowing you to connect multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, track keywords, save and reuse drafts, view social media mentions, submit social updates using email, integrate blog and social media updates, drip-feed social accounts, delegate account management, collaborate with teams and set authorizations, and much more to save time and effort.

Buffer Publish

This is another offering from the Buffer social media marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all accounts from one place. The tool allows queuing up content for multiple social media profiles and publishing them at pre-designated times. Using its robust analytics dashboard, you can identify your most popular posts and re-publish them. It’s available as a web application, a Chrome extension, and an app for Android and iOS.


CoSchedule is one of the most popular ways to track marketing goals, deadlines, scheduled posts, and more. It connects with all of your social media accounts, integrates with marketing tools like MailChimp, WordPress, and Campaign Monitor, as well as allows working in teams so that no task is missed.


OneUp is a marketing automation tool that makes it easy to bulk-upload content and post to all social media at once or staggered through the day. It also provides you valuable insights on your most popular content and lets you repost it automatically at scheduled intervals.


If you are managing social media, you need to ensure that you keep posting to social media accounts regularly. Todoist is a social media calendar that helps with just that, letting you maintain your productivity across multiple platforms. By posting regularly, you can make sure that your audience keeps on growing and your follower numbers keep rising, while your user engagement becomes more productive and a brand-based community grows up online.


SEMrush is an all-in-one tool that provides content auditing, topic research, lead generation, and marketing calendar tools. Trusted by thousands of social media marketing specialists, this tool provides an overview of your competitors and recommends content ideas. You can also monitor brand mentions, track influencer performance, monitor lead engagement and generation and share scheduled marketing tasks and objectives with your team.


The Sprinklr Social Cloud provides a unified approach to social media management, letting you unify publishing, engaging, and reporting across more than 25 social channels. You can also drive cross-team collaboration, monitor your brand mentions, as well as track the key trends affecting your industry based on real-time and historical conversations. You can reduce brand risk through automation and benefit from customizable workflows that ensure consistent customer satisfaction.


Sendible is a social media management tool for agencies. You can manage all your client activities from a centralized hub, go through social messages from multiple profiles in a single filterable stream, utilize the content recommendation engine, collaborate more efficiently with your team, and analyze social media campaign performance easily through ready-to-present reports.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience helps Facebook advertising experts simplify the process of ad retargeting. Don’t let its simple interface fool you—it’s highly effective in doing what it is meant for. It helps you set up campaigns and view results, along with providing information on impressions served, clicks back, conversions, and cost.


MavSocial is a social media scheduler that allows you to manage, schedule, and publish content on multiple social media networks from a single location. You can view all replies and messages in one inbox, monitor real-time data to understand your social media performance and collaborate with others, as well as track industry trends, discover relevant content and publish it after editing.


Audiense offers two products to aid your marketing strategy. Audiense Insights helps identify and understand your audience using different filter options, which allows you to adapt your targeting and improve content relevance. Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing platform that offers custom chatbots for communication, community analysis and management, advanced monitoring, competitor comparison, and many other features.


Khoros was recently formed by the merger of Lithium and Spredfast, two of the most popular customer engagement platforms. Lithium enabled brands to manage multiple digital touchpoints and drive smarter decisions through data. Its set of solutions included social media management. Spredfast, on the other hand, was used to unlock the potential of social media to strengthen a brand, build customer loyalty, organize and translate data, and control multiple social accounts from one place. Combining the functionality of both, Khoros makes potentially one of the strongest Hootsuite alternatives.

Secure My Social

Security is a concern on social media for everyone, but it becomes a particularly major issue if you are an organization where multiple people access social media through the day. Secure My Social is an easy-to-use and non-intrusive tool that addresses the business, regulatory, and human risks of using social media by providing real-time warnings when problematic material is posted so as to ensure immediate removal. It can also be customized to scan for specific keywords, symbols, or names, and can be permitted to remove content automatically.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is one of the best tools for agencies to manage multiple social media profiles, research relevant keywords, collaborate with team members, and schedule posts for different networks from one dashboard. Along with the basic features offered by other similar tools, Zoho Social offers extras like Facebook lead ads, advanced reporting features, a SocialShare browser plugin, and CRM integrations. Like many other social media marketing tools, a free version is available for managing a single profile.


Research has shown that there are certain time slots when posting on Instagram can get you maximum engagement. If being online or free every day to post at these times seems difficult, a tool like Grum can be extremely useful. Grum allows you to prep and schedule posts to go live at any time, swap between Instagram accounts without having to sign in or sign out repeatedly, and process and edit photos effortlessly.


TweetDeck is one of the most widely used management tools for Twitter. Users can send and receive tweets, schedule tweets for later publishing, view profiles, and manage the customizable columns to display the timeline, mentions, direct messages, lists, trends, favorites, hashtags, or all tweets by a single user. It also uses Twitter’s automatic URL shortening feature to cut down the length of links.


eClincher makes social media marketing easy by allowing management of all accounts from a single platform. Publish and schedule posts or manage live conversations from your dashboard, monitor keywords and hashtags across different social media networks, use keywords to discover relevant content from millions of sources, and make use of customized reports on key social media metrics.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is simple, cost-effective, and one of the best social media management tools for agencies and teams. It allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages, reply to comments, and schedule posts from one dashboard. It also makes it easy to discover and publish curated content, collaborate with teams, manage clients, and make data-driven social media marketing decisions.

Tube Buddy

TubeBuddy is a free Chrome extension that integrates directly into YouTube, helping you run your channel with ease. It has a wide range of features for bulk processing, video SEO, promotion, and data and research. Plus, you save time with many productivity tools that allow you to filter comments, publish to Facebook, quickly edit videos, and much more.


Friends+Me makes content posting easy by allowing you to schedule social media posts, edit drafts to make them look perfect, and save content from anywhere using the browser extension. You can also schedule bulk posts with one click, track your posts’ success, invite co-workers and friends for collaboration, cross-promote content easily, and seamlessly switch between the desktop and mobile apps.

Lead Generation Tools


OptinMonster is a power-packed conversion optimization tool that helps you grow leads and increase revenue using personalized messages based on user behavior. Once you try out its many high-converting templates, targeting features, 500+ marketing integrations, unlimited A/B split tests, and detailed conversion analytics, you’ll be wondering how your digital marketing had managed without it till now.

Leonard for LinkedIn

Leonard is just the tool you need to make your efforts on LinkedIn a lot more productive. It offers features like social media automation for sending personalized connection requests to prospective leads and bulk messages to 1st connections. It lets you send unlimited free InMails to increase your reach, facilitates automatic visits to hundreds of targeted profiles, and allows easy management of contacts and campaigns from the dashboard.


Tweepi brings the power of artificial intelligence to Twitter marketing, helping you grow the number of your followers. Tweepi monitors Twitter to find the best tweets and users to engage with based on your areas of interest, which helps you get noticed and add more followers in a shorter period, allowing you to focus on content creation.


Yotpo is a commerce marketing cloud with a bunch of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals. You can use it to showcase photos and videos of customers using your brand, collect reviews using AI-powered solutions and leverage this customer-generated content across marketing channels, and build customized loyalty and referral programs to incentivize repeat purchases and social engagement.

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a multi-function LinkedIn automation tool that can benefit any user of the platform but is particularly useful for marketing professionals. It simplifies your work on LinkedIn through automated connection requests, bulk messages, endorsements, and more. You can build your lead generation funnel by adding and removing features. You can also assess your marketing efforts with the help of stats on critical metrics like social selling index and the number of profile views.


SocialRank helps you understand your Twitter and Instagram audience by allowing you to sort them based on criteria like most valuable, most engaged, most followed, and so on. You can further filter them using keywords, hashtags, number of followers, geographic location, and other metrics; then take actions like direct messaging, exporting to CSV or PDF, building lists of leads, and much more.


Use Pipl to find all social media accounts by phone number for free for any internet user in the world. This 100% free site provides fairly accurate information based not just on a phone number but also through name, email, or username. There are other similar services around, but Pipl churns out results with greater accuracy and claims to have data on over 3 billion people in its search engine.

Analytics Tools


Whatagraph makes the process of creating reports simple and error-free. You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly automated reports and have easily understandable data at your fingertips. Plus, you can add your own branding to the reports, upload images, include offline information, and import CSV/Excel files from any source you need. is one of the best tools to boost your Instagram marketing efforts. Its features are ideal for collecting information on your competitors and monitoring your campaigns’ performance, as well as tweaking profile engagement and connecting with influencers. Its basic campaign research tools are entirely free, while a premium subscription is available for a reasonable monthly fee.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps businesses put consumers at the center of their social media strategy by providing access to rich social data and analytics that drive decision-making. It improves monitoring and engagement efforts with a unified inbox for all social media networks, thus aiding in effortless planning, creation, and management of content, while also offering handy collaboration and automation features.


Bitly is one of the better known free social media tools, commonly used for generating shortened versions of URLs that can be easily shared on any platform. That, in itself, is an important service as long URLs can often spoil the dynamics of your posts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. What many people don’t realize is that Bitly also provides individual link analytics, which is perfect for collecting insights and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Social Metrics Pro

If you are a WordPress user, tracking pins, likes, and more right from your dashboard becomes super-easy with Social Metrics Pro. It also lets you access your social metrics from the WordPress admin bar. You can choose how many posts you want to see at a time and track how your content is shared across social media sites.


Iconosquare is an analytics and social media management platform for Instagram and Facebook. You can use it for insights on content performance and audience engagement, management of multiple profiles from one dashboard, automated reporting that’s easy to share, competitor tracking and monitoring, as well as planning, scheduling, and automatic posting of content with location and account tagging to increase engagement.


The tedious task of social media performance measurement is simplified by Clickable, which uses a proprietary methodology to consolidate data from a variety of sources and convert it into valuable intelligence on social ROI. You can customize your own KPIs and visualizations, play around with the data, perform in-depth analysis effortlessly, and connect to real-time bidding ad exchanges and platforms.


If we do a social media management tools comparison in terms of popularity, Nanigans might not score as high as some of the other names here, but that’s not a reflection on how effective it can be. Nanigans helps marketers grow revenue through cross-channel advertising thanks to its consultative approach to advertising performance enhancement. Use its team of experts to make your data measurement more efficient, answer key strategic questions, simplify your workflow, optimize your advertising tech stack, and solve real retargeting challenges, all this to significantly enhance your social media campaigns.

Fanpage Karma

Boost your social media marketing with Fanpage Karma, the all-around tool that analyzes both the competition’s pages and yours to point out trends and identify posts that work. This tool also provides detailed reports on social media profiles, lets you manage conversations with customers across platforms from one dashboard, and simplifies content composing, planning, archiving, and posting.


Crowdbabble is one of the top social media analytics tools, letting you manage all your social media activities and add collaborators from one dashboard. It also helps you understand your audience and keep an eye on competition through customizable and automatic reports. The time saved and the insights gathered can then be used to engage with your audience better and attract more followers.


Quintly is an analytics tool dedicated to social media, which uses hundreds of customizable metrics and flexible dashboards to give you clear information on how your marketing campaigns are performing on different networks. It helps you find out what content works best for your social media strategy, identify key influencers and build relationships with them, and receive centralized social media analysis to help you optimize your strategy.


SumAll is an entirely free analytics tool that provides you with vital information on social media, ad, and sales data. It is also one of the best-performing free social media scheduling tools, letting you share content to your social networks even at times when you are busy or away.


LikeAlyzer helps your brand succeed on Facebook by providing actionable insights like your Facebook rank based on 70 metrics compared with the ones of 1 million other pages, including your competitors. This, in turn, allows you to understand how to improve your performance. Its real-time data and recommendations also help you engage with your audience better and optimize your SMM efforts.

Rival IQ

Make smarter marketing decisions with Rival IQ, a suite of social media analytics tools that provide useful insights on the audience impact of your social media efforts as well as valuable information on competitor performance allowing you to react quickly. You can use it to imitate successful posts and get content ideas based on audience trends to enhance your online presence.

Social Blade

Social Blade tracks user statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing access to its public database that provides you with global analytics for any account and helps understand subscriber growth trends. It also helps you grow your channels through step-by-step guidance from experts, data based on your targeted queries, and several other features.


A good indication of whether your content is engaging or not is the trend of people following or unfollowing you on social media. WhoUnfollowedMe is a simple but effective tool that helps you get an accurate picture of those who are unfollowing you on Twitter. Using the insights from this tool, you can get a better idea of the section of the audience that your content is not clicking with and modify it if needed.

Influencer Marketing Tools


Among the social media marketing tools 2019 list, those for influencer marketing hold a special position considering how influencer marketing has become increasingly important. Affable makes it easy to identify relevant influencers, connect with them, and build a relationship. You can also use it to track how the partnership with the influencer is working out for you, whether the influencer is connecting well with your audience, and how well your competitors are doing.


Businesses starting off with influencer marketing often find it challenging to identify the right influencer to partner with. Influential, a tool powered by IBM’s AI software Watson, simplifies this process by researching your social media followers and, based on how they engage with your content, connecting you with the right influencers across major social media outlets.


Empower your social media presence with Klear, one of the best SMM tools for influencer marketing. With Klear, influencer marketing specialists can identify, analyze, and manage the most relevant influencers in any field of interest and monitor campaign performance on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Klear’s strengths include the largest available database of influencers, unmatched depth of data, and an easy-to-use discovery and management platform.


Onalytica is another useful tool for identifying influencers relevant to your content but uses a method slightly different from similar other tools for doing so. By searching across a curated database of over 500000 influencers, you can discover the right ones for you by topic, content, category, or demographic, as well as measure how useful aligning with a specific influencer is to your overall strategy.


Traackr claims to have the largest influencer discovery engine among all social media marketing tools. Use it to add power to your influencer marketing and identify the top names based on brand impact and audience insights. Other features include increased efficiency with one central database, common workflows, and data-driven influencer vetting, as well as detailed analytics for better understanding of the impact of the influencer program.

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a social media promotion tool for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Use it to generate high-quality traffic by putting your content in front of social media influencers, build your social media authority with your handle mentioned across posts, and keep your social media accounts active through ideas for content that drives engagement.

If you are looking for advanced features like the ability to track and compare campaign ROI or one-click integration with tools like Slack, Shopify, and WooCommerce, Grin is one of the best social media marketing tools you could get your hands on to manage all your influencer relationships. Discover top influencers, automate outreach and follow-up, activate campaigns, manage influencer payments, and do a lot else using this efficient CRM.

Content Creation Tools


Tailwind is a marketing platform for Instagram and Pinterest with shortcuts for tasks like bulk image upload, multi-board pinning, pin looping, and hashtag lists. It schedules your posts for maximum audience engagement, helps monitor social media conversations, and allows posting of content from a single workflow. Its browser extension also lets you create posts from any site with one click.


While search functions on social networks allow you to search for trends only across that network, with third-party tools, you can search all social networks at once for free. BuzzSumo is one such tool, which lets you find the most shared content and trending influencers. You can begin with a search for a topic or a domain and use the tool to analyze which content performs best. It also helps you gather a better understanding of your impact on social media and develop smarter content strategies by seeing which of your own pages were engaged with the most. BuzzSumo helps break down results by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit shares, saving you the effort to monitor multiple social channels.


Tagboard transforms real-time content from top social media channels into impactful displays for your live broadcast, venue screens, web, and mobile platforms. Tagboard uses hashtags to quickly pull user-generated content, which you can filter through easily to select the best posts and then create engaging experiences that compliment your branded social content across multiple touch-points.

Falcon is a social media marketing platform that helps you create eye-catching paid and organic posts, as well as manage channels, teams, workflows, and campaigns across different accounts and platforms. Use it to understand your audience with social listening and engage with them through a single social inbox, as well as to track your content performance, power campaigns with more accessible data, and merge social data with your CRM software.


Later is a social media scheduling tool for Instagram that lets you plan your posts with features like the visual content calendar and auto-publish. It also lets you import and manage content from different sources and for multiple accounts; collect and repost high-quality user-generated content; optimize and analyze your posting behavior; as well as drive traffic and track sales with its integration.

Cool Tabs

Cool Tabs is a tool that can be used to effectively manage marketing campaigns both across social media networks and on your website. It makes it easy to generate leads through quizzes, competitions, and promotions. It also lets you monitor your social networks, curate content in real time, and integrate segmented data from your audience with your CRM.


SocialHub is a Facebook post manager that provides a simplified interface to let you create and schedule Facebook posts and ads with just a few clicks. Its Content Planner makes it easy to devise a content strategy, while the collaborative calendar allows working with your team in real time. Existing ad-sets make ad creation a breeze, and the actionable data helps improve audience engagement.


Stories are a relatively new but extremely effective way for brands to connect with social media users. If you have felt the need for a tool that helps manage your Snapchat and Instagram Stories, Storyheap is the perfect option for you. It allows brands to manage their Story straight from the web and offers in-depth analytics about the current and projected popularity of a brand’s Story.


Qwaya helps you create and manage Facebook and Instagram ads. Its range of functions makes it a social media planner that is useful before even starting to invest in Facebook Ads. It lets you schedule ads, offers analytics integration, and allows team collaboration. To ensure that your money is not wasted on ineffective social media ads, you can use it to also run A/B tests.


If you want to generate a social media buzz around your company, brand, product, or service, the social promotion tool Woobox can be of immense use. With Woobox, you can easily create contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and more, and serve them up on the network of your choice. Plus, you can track detailed traffic metrics from your campaign dashboard.


Pagemodo makes Facebook advertising easy for everyone with an intuitive design studio to create a customized business page. Custom tabs, contact forms, contests, and sweepstakes are just some of the things you can use to generate leads and convert them into customers. There also are handy tools to find content, market sales and events, and schedule posts in a few minutes; as well as several other features for targeting, analysis, and optimization.

Content Curation Tools

If This Then That (IFTTT)

Based on a widely-circulated social media marketing tools PDF that compares automation tools, IFTTT is one of the most useful and unique tools for solopreneurs. IFTTT is a free platform that connects your apps and devices using a wide range of applets, allowing combinations of services like tweeting Instagram images as native Twitter photos, receiving email updates from Weather Underground, adding songs from YouTube videos to Spotify, using Alexa to call any device, and many other innovative functions you hadn’t thought possible.


MeetEdgar takes away all effort from social media posting by helping you build a library through pulling in content from varied sources like RSS feeds and YouTube videos, writing your posts for you, scheduling posts based on categories, resharing content, shortening and tracking links, providing A/B testing of messages, and reporting your social media stats on a weekly basis.


SocialFlow helps increase distribution of owned and earned content across social media platforms through real-time data analysis. You can release posts for optimized timing, relevance, and audience; identify best-performing posts to amplify with advertising and integrate with platform-specific ads; analyze user responses; as well as develop new advertising strategies to extend your reach beyond existing audiences.


Oktopost is a B2B social media management platform that seamlessly pushes social media data to your marketing automation software so you can improve the way you nurture, score, and attribute leads. It can integrate with marketing platforms like Marketo, eloqua, Salesforce, and Zapier to help you build a data-driven social media strategy and encourage employees to post more relevant content.

Post Planner

Get more engagement, clicks, and sales from Facebook and Twitter with Post Planner, which uses its recommendation engine to identify top-performing web content for you. It also helps you post content at optimal times and allows you to streamline your publishing across multiple social channels with bulk uploading or queuing up of high-performance content for recycling.


DrumUp is a social media content discovery and scheduling app that works with multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Find engaging and relevant stories, schedule content sharing for your followers, add your own blog feed, and make use of the app’s content library and hashtag suggestions, all to cut your social media management time by up to 90%.


Everypost is a social media management software that lets you curate visual content from different sources and publish it across your social media accounts. You can customize each post according to your audience, collaborate with teams and manage roles and permissions, scheduling your posts for optimal audience reach, and analyze your social media performance in detail. is a multi-channel content publishing platform that offers efficient and impactful curation and sharing of content on topics of your choice. Develop leads through regular engagement, track emerging stories in your areas of interest, become a thought leader, and share content across channels, all through an easy-to-manage interface that is integrated with WordPress and other CMS.


Instead of visiting individual websites like industry news sites and influencers’ blogs, save time by adding the RSS feeds to Feedly and get all new posts in one organized format. Feedly, which consistently ranks among the most popular SMM tools, is also great for content ideation, providing you a quick glimpse into what your favorite bloggers are talking about. It comes with a Buffer Publish integration so you can schedule your content to go live from the Feedly dashboard.


Being short of content ideas is a thing of the past with Quuu, a very effective social media marketing tool that provides you hand-curated content suggestions for your brand. It has a free and open library of evergreen content across more than five hundred topics, giving you enough choice to ensure that you keep increasing your follower count.


SocialBee automates your social media posting by helping you categorize and schedule your content for a great content mix. It makes discovering relevant content easy, offers a concierge service to put together content manually, tracks your results with customizable UTM settings, helps grow and engage your audience through innovative ways, and lets you retarget them across the web.

Likeable Hub

Likeable Hub is a social media management tool that makes much of your work incredibly easy by providing you with thousands of content ideas and news posts. It also helps you generate leads and referrals with your Likeable Hub site and lets you manage your reputation with streamlined social listening. Its TUBROPOST technology will help you amplify your reach, while its scheduling features will save a significant portion of your time. Finally, you will have detailed analytics at disposal to measure your growth. is a fast, efficient, seamless, and inexpensive tool for content aggregation and distribution. It helps individuals or businesses build a following on social networks by letting them share relevant content effortlessly and consistently. Extra features like MailChimp integration to facilitate lead generation and responsive themes to customize the look of your paper add to its utility.


Trapit, one of the top social media marketing tools for 2018, is now ScribbleLive. It is a comprehensive content curation service for businesses that makes social sharing for you and your employees extremely easy and efficient. ScribbleLive doesn’t just allow you to discover, curate, and publish relevant news, insights, trends, and analysis across platforms, but it also keeps you firmly in charge of your customer outreach through detailed reporting and analytics.


Social media users flock towards accounts that can regularly provide them with new and valuable information. Nuzzel comes as both an Android and iOS app, giving your marketing team the edge by delivering trending news on topics of interest. It continuously scans tens of thousands of news publications to provide you with targeted reports, along with scores on interest-level and relevance of each story, to ensure that you share the latest news before your competitors do.

Graphics Tools


Any great social media marketing strategy requires eye-catching content, and Canva is one of the best social media marketing tools in that category. It also stands out as one of the highest ranked logo makers. Canva helps you design beautiful images and documents without a professional designer. You can use its ready-made templates, a library of over two million graphic elements, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create memorable designs in no time.


Using video in your content is an effective way to engage the audience, especially young consumers. Video is also a format that many content creators and marketers struggle with. Animoto is the go-to social media tool to turn your photos or video clips into stunning marketing videos. The tool offers plenty of options to create content for different uses like promotions, product launches, or how-to videos.


Say goodbye to embarrassing inconsistent design templates with the web-based design tool Visage, which ensures uniformity across all reports, presentations, infographics, and blog posts that are prepared by different company stakeholders. You can create the basic templates collaboratively with editing restrictions set by role, get help from Visage’s designers, and connect to data sources for dynamic updates to your graphics.


Infographics are known to drive much higher engagement than regular posts filled with statistics, but making even a single infographic requires intensive effort. Not when you have social media tools like Venngage, though! Venngage offers a wide range of templates and other visual enhancements to help you put together the perfect infographic or presentation slides for your posts. Plus, it provides tons of customization features to ensure that the final product matches your branding.


If you have ever been stuck trying to find copyright-free images for your website or collaterals, you would appreciate the utility of Unsplash. Use its massive library of free professional photos to give your content a more polished look. The images are grouped in different collections, making it easy to hone in on those that satisfy your needs.

Landscape by Sprout

If you find having to optimize your images for different social networks a waste of time, Landscape by Sprout is the perfect tool for you. Just upload your image, select the social networks you are interested in, and crop the image accordingly within seconds, leaving you plenty of time to actually engage with your customers.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark leverages the power of Adobe to make it easy to create visually appealing and socially engaging videos and graphics. This makes the tool particularly useful for creating stunning ads that get you high CTR. One of the greatest advantages of using Adobe Spark is that you can create perfect-sized images for every social media platform, making it one of the niftiest social media marketing tools for marketers.

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