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Comodo is an innovative company dedicated to preventing any form of cyber-attack across the LAN, cloud, and web. Its technology is vigorous and designed to solve spam problems quickly and efficiently.

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Comodo Review

Comodo Cybersecurity provides advanced solutions and services recognized for innovative technologies. Established in 1998, Comodo has grown to create trust online in over 100 countries. With 50+ million internet users, 25+ million installations, and 700,000+ business customers, the team must be doing something right. Our Comodo review explores the ins and outs of the company, its products, notable features, customer service, and more.  


One-Stop Solution for Centralized Protection

As a cybersecurity veteran, Comodo has helped shape up industry standards. IBM, HP, NASA, and Samsung are just some of the companies that rely on Comodo’s technology to secure their information and fight cyber attacks. Well-known for its slick UI, Comodo aims to create a cyber-safe environment, protecting personal files and financial information. We analyzed multiple reviews and evaluated their solutions to answer the burning question: is Comodo worth it?


Comodo Internet Security Review

Comodo Internet Security guarantees complete protection against malware and viruses. Focused on prevention rather than detection, it creates a shield that identifies unsafe and suspicious files. The bundle includes powerful antivirus, integrated firewall, advanced host intrusion prevention, and automatic sand boxing. It also includes some extra protection layers like parental controls, anti-spyware, and privacy protection. 

Based on the proprietary Dragon platform, Comodo Internet Security Pro performs definition-based scans for viruses. Our Comodo review confirmed that the service delivers on its promise to catch any threats coming your way. One potential downside, however, is that it might lockdown files as false positives. 

Like many products on the market, Comodo also has options for a quick and a full scan. It also offers a custom scan option, allowing you to scan files of your choice, including those on external storage devices. Keep in mind though that while you can select multiple files and folders on a drive, the process might get less intuitive.


Comodo Antivirus Review

Comodo internet security essentials provide complete protection for all devices. The protection bundle includes an award-winning, host intrusion prevention, firewall, sandbox for untrusted software, buffer overflow protection, and anti-malware. Comodo antivirus offerings include a free product with basic features and complete antivirus with advanced functionality. 

Comparing Comodo vs Avast, we came to conclude that while Comodo has many benefits, Avast is superior in terms of system performance and malware detection. Comodo, however, is cheaper and provides solid service.


Comodo Free Antivirus Review

Arguably the best free antivirus, Comodo provides an impressive variety of internet security features like Defense+Technology which protects important system files, blocking malware before it installs. The cloud-based containment technology lets you run unknown files in an isolated environment. Containment options include blocking malicious apps and running unrecognized programs in virtual mode. 

The free product also includes Spyware Scanning, which detects and destroys infections. The Default Deny Approach meanwhile prevents all files by default until they prove harmless. 

The Comodo free antivirus program scans the PC’s memory each time the computer starts up. It also decompresses archives and scans the files inside. You can, however, set file size limits so that not everything is scanned. You have full control over the malware scanning schedule and what gets scanned during the checks. 

Comodo cybersecurity reviews suggest that users appreciate the many customization options that allow you to fine-tune the antivirus. Additionally, users like that it offers heuristic detections unlike other programs. A potential downside, however, is the lack of web filtering which some Comodo competitors offer. 

The Host Intrusion Prevention System is another advanced feature for tech-savvy users. It is very powerful, flexible, and allows you to set behavior rules for every single app on your OS. In the most basic mode, it only alerts users whenever an untrusted program tries to launch an exe file and lets them decide what to do with it.

VirusScope is unique to the Comodo Antivirus program—it performs local PC analysis and helps you undo malicious-looking changes which the PC might have recorded. 


Advanced Antivirus

The Advanced Antivirus program comes with an impressive feature set praised users praise in many Comodo Antivirus reviews, especially by tech-savvy users. The proprietary auto-sandbox technology called Valkyrie allows users to test-run dangerous files and programs, as well as put the browser in a safe environment, protecting it from web-based threats. This tool also prevents malware that’s already planted on the OS to monitor online user activity. 


Comodo Secure Shopping

Part of the Comodo Internet Security Premium, Secure Shopping protects sensitive online transactions from viruses. When visiting a shopping site, you get to choose one of three options—to open the site in the Comodo Virtual Desktop, in an isolated Secure Shopping Environment, or proceed with the unsecured browser. Comodo Secure Shopping also includes memory-scraping prevention, independent Comodo SSL certificate authentication, and remote takeover protection. 


Comodo Firewall Review

Comodo Firewall is available as a free product that shares many supplementary features with the Free Antivirus. It comes with Virtual Kiosk, ad blocker, and custom DNS servers, to name a few. There’s also a rating scan option, which is useful when you suspect that the computer is infected with malware. 

Comodo includes a HIPS—host intrusion protection system—which detects suspicious behavior, and you can decide whether you want to allow it, block it, or treat the program. There’s also a virtualized sandbox, Virtual Kiosk, that acts as an isolated operating environment for running unknown applications so that they don’t affect anything on the real PC.  

Many Comodo firewall reviews confirm that users like the combination of the two tools—Firewall and Antivirus—and consider they are crucial to the security of the computer and internal network. 

Compatible with all current Windows systems, Comodo Firewall runs silently and uses few computer resources. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require complex configuration so it’s suitable for novice users. At the same time, more advanced users can take advantage of a lot of configuration options.


Comodo Dragon Review

Comodo Dragon is a secure browser available for Windows XP to Windows 10. It’s Chrome-user-friendly and provides extra security features—blocks cookies, suspicious SSL certificates, cuts out telemetry, and more. It also forces HTTPS connection, requesting detailed reports on the personal data your OS shares with the sites you visit. 

To enable the HIPS, you have to manually turn it on. By putting the Comodo Dragon browser in Learning mode, you can limit the number of pop-up queries and also note activities by your programs. When in Paranoid mode, you can handle every program’s activities and allow only the ones you approve of. 

Comodo Dragon browser reviews deem the platform excellent, praising its identification technology, security, and privacy features. On the flip side, we found complaints from some customers who mention that the configuration can be a potential issue if you aren’t familiarized properly with it. Also, the larger files slow the loading time duration. 


Comodo Ice Dragon Review

Comodo Ice Dragon is a secure web browser based on the same browser engine that powers Mozilla Firefox. It’s compatible with all Firefox add-ons and plugins, Similarly to Comodo Dragon, the Comodo Ice Dragon browser offers a range of security and performance improvements. 

The SiteInspector integration performs malware scanning from the browser. The UI is simple, so you can scan a link from a page that seems suspicious with one click. When the scan is complete, you get a detailed review of the site’s domain registration details, safety, administrative contacts, and a history of malware scans. 

Ice Dragon also gives you the option to use Comodo DNS servers for free. The service offers some significant benefits like faster web loading speed thanks to the global redundant DNS servers and a safer Internet experience courtesy of the Comodo malware domain filtering feature. 


Comodo Cleaning Essentials Review

Comodo Cleaning Essentials is a toolset designed to identify and remove malware and untrusted processes from Windows computers. As a portable app, the software doesn’t require installation, but can be run from the user desktop of USB. Users further appreciate the granularity level of analysis of internal processes.  


Comodo Rescue Disk

CRD is a disk image that enables you to run scans for viruses in a pre-boot environment. It runs Comodo Cleaning Essentials and is a powerful scanner and cleaner that works in text and GUI mode. Multiple Comodo reviews confirm that the tool is a more advanced option compared to regular malware cleaning applications as it cleans the system before Windows loads. The rescue disk is effective at removing infections, succeeding to remove malware that a regular AV software doesn’t. 


Comodo Free Online Scanner

Highly customizable, the scanner uses heuristic techniques to detect and remove malicious files, rootkits, cruises, and registry keys hidden in the system.  


Comodo KillSwitch Review

KillSwitch is an advanced monitoring tool that lets users identify, monitor, and stop unsafe processes running on endpoint systems. Leveraging Comodo’s whitelist database, it identifies the trust status of processes with minimal false positives. Comodo Cloud Scanners provide real-time safety ruling for potentially unsafe processes. As an admin, you can delete, terminate, or suspend untrusted items or use detailed statistics to analyze and regulate system activity. 


Comodo SecureBox

Comodo SecureBox contains and protects apps against fraud, hacking, SSL sniffing, memory scraping, zero-day malware, and data breach. The container is within an endpoint operating system and, unlike the traditional sandbox, protects the application and treats all processes as hostile, as we found out during the research for this Comodo review. 


Comodo Dome Shield 

As one of the more advanced products of Comodo security, Dome Shield protects against sophisticated targeted attacks like phishing scams and malware downloads. The threat database covers 100+ endpoints for filtering, which means the service doesn’t rely only on the DNS layer for threat intelligence. 

The program is easy to use, and the learning curve isn’t significant. The web filter is configurable to enable checking the sites’ reputation and content per company IT policy. You get full control over the web access and filtering, plus you can enjoy secure browsing and faster internet with Anycast DNS. 


Comodo Backup Review

Comodo Backup is a free, straightforward program that allows you to create backups of important files. You can schedule to run at desired intervals and save files to different locations. It has an intuitive interface and provides different backup methods: differential, synchronized, incremental, and full backup.

It can also isolate things like desktop email accounts and web-browser data. Other features include a restore function, file, and folder duplication to local/network drives and FTP server, compression, and email reporting, extensive report logs, and rule-based filtering. 

Comodo Backup reviews praise the product’s ability to combine several backup programs into one suite. They like the fact that it saves files and folders to a password-protected FTP folder and specific scheduling options. It also allows you to back up an entire hard drive without installing additional programs. Customers also praise the program’s restore feature and simple interface. 

The backup versions aren’t displayed side by side, which could be quite beneficial when you’re restoring files from a backup with more than one version. 


Comodo One Reviews

Comodo One is an integrated platform offering remote monitoring and management, patch management, and service desk. The data is saved in a cloud environment so you can immediately access all records. 

Comodo RMM is a sophisticated platform for managed and IT service providers with powerful functionality to enhance service quality, boost profits, and make the time spent servicing customers more efficient. When researching for our Comodo One RMM review, we discovered plenty of positive experiences with the program.

Users particularly love the ease of use to set up and connect, as well as the benefits that come with it: reduced downtime and expenses, enhanced security, ongoing maintenance, and consistent productivity, to name a few. 

Comodo Service Desk offers automated solutions for service requests and processes management, helping you enhance the service through the ticketing process. Acting as a centralized resource to answer questions and troubleshoot issues, the Service Desk helps you implement robust workflows, as confirmed by Comodo reviews. 

Comodo Patch Management, of course, makes the patch management easier by remedying vulnerability issues that might negatively impact usability and performance. This is a nice addition to the RMM software as it’s important for the smooth functioning of enterprise software. 


Comodo TrustConnect

The Comodo VPN feature allows a secure internet connection through the Comodo-hosted encrypted proxy. All traffic is encrypted so hackers can’t intercept the data including site visits, emails, and instant messages. The TrustConnect VPN service is only available in the premium accounts. 


Excellent Customer Support

Comodo reviews rave about the company’s exceptional support. You can access it via phone, email ticket, and chat. The waiting times aren’t long—you will quickly be connected with an agent that will guide you to installing/uninstalling software, setting up email accounts and printers, and solve almost any issue. The best thing is you get to watch the experts doing all this on-screen.

You can also find tips on how to use and configure the products in the Online Help Guide. Comodo also has a great forum where you can get answers from fellow users and developers. 


Multiple Pricing Options

Depending on your needs, you can choose a single plan or a bundle. The research for our Comodo review shows that prices start from $29.99/year and there’s an option to get a plan for one, three, or more PCs. To get a precise quote, however, you should contact the sales support. The agents will gather information about your needs and then give recommendations. 


Our Verdict

What we learned from our research is that Comodo is one of the best antivirus solutions out there. Malware detection, sandboxing technology, and cloud-based whitelisting are just some of the features that make Comodo software special. While some customers have reported that it’s too complicated for general users, the vendor’s customer support is just a click away. 

In our Comodo review, we gave you an overview of the company’s most significant products and services. Given the multiple options, if we picked your interest, the next step will be contacting the vendor’s support team to provide guidance.