2019’s Best Digital Signature Software

Many businesses spend a lot of time managing paper—an inefficiency that costs US companies $8 billion annually. On the other hand, companies that have switched to paperless transactions have discovered that digital signature software improves business performance by 83%.

To help you transition to a similar platform, we’ll rank our top picks, evaluate their features, and review their pricing models. Moreover, we offer tips to consider before making a purchase, and all you have to do is scroll down to discover it all.

Top 10 Digital Signature Software

Rank Provider Highlights Prices Starting From Website
  • Available in 43 languages
  • Payment collection and bulk send
  • Strict security standards
$10/user/month Learn More
An eSigning pioneer, DocuSign is easily the most popular software of its kind in the market. Over 475,000 users enjoy its user-friendly interface. It integrates with third-party apps and supports remote business transactions on its top-rated mobile apps.
  • Unique themes and interactive designs
  • Enterprise-grade security features
  • Pre-built templates
$25/user/month Learn More
This award-winning software uses cloud technology to facilitate online document signing and automate workflows. It integrates with different file storage apps and can also boost sales by creating contracts, proposals, and legal documents faster.
  • eSignature embedding under 10 minutes
  • Access to the largest library of legal forms
  • Reasonable and transparent pricing models
$8/user/month Learn More
This award-winning digital signature software works well for businesses of varying sizes. It has a straightforward interface, multiple export options and third-party app integrations. Furthermore, 40% of Fortune 1000 companies use its Android and iOS apps.
  • Passcode and fingerprint authentication
  • Digital log of document activity
  • Adherence to federal electronic signature laws
$10/user/month Learn More
SignEasy is an essential business app that over 110,000 professionals and 30,000 companies enjoy. Featured by Apple’s and Google’s app stores, both, the platform is easy to use and allows you to put your online signature from anywhere in the world.
  • Documents overview and status notification
  • Variety of third-party integrations
  • Cheaper than similar software
€4/user/month Learn More
This electronic signature software manages and stores all digitally signed documents in one place. Its simple features make for efficient collaboration among team members. Users in 25 countries can sign in 13 languages.
  • In line with EU and UK eSignature laws
  • Simple and flexible pricing
  • Free API access
£1/envelope Learn More
Signable prides itself as a cheap digital signature solution catering to 6,000 businesses. This system offers world-class customer support that practices transparency and communicates unscripted conversations. Users can keep track of document activity across different browsers and devices.
  • Mouse, typed, and mobile signatures
  • Document notifications
  • Secure archive for signed documents
$12/user/month Learn More
RightSignature is known for its speed in processing and sending documents to clients. This software further has a simple interface that even the most non-technical users can understand. In just a few clicks, users can upload and eSign documents, and then send them.
  • Extensive template library
  • 30% less clicks when sending documents
  • Seamless integration options
$8/user/month Learn More
As one of the best digital signature software, eSign Genie easily integrates with other software applications and allows team members to collaborate across diverse platforms. Convenient and easy to use, it’s currently available in 35 countries.
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Integration with everyday apps
€10/user/month Learn More
This electronic signature app includes a simple interface with notable features. Apart from enabling users to send and receive documents on the spot, it offers straightforward pricing that’s cheaper than similar services, as well as the highest level of data security.
  • PCI-compliant payment verification
  • Centralized collaboration with customers
  • Pre-built integrations for leading CRMs
$105/month Learn More
Sertifi provides solutions in modernizing the sales process. From enterprise companies to hotel brands, over 8.7 million users enjoy its straightforward, secure, and easy-to-use platform. The software further prides itself on its 96% customer retention rate.

How We Ranked The Best Digital Signature Software

Evaluation Criteria

With a lot at stake, migrating to a digital platform and determining the signature provider is an important step for a business to make. With that in mind, we established custom evaluation criteria against which we rank digital signature solutions. Scroll down to find out which aspects were taken into consideration when determining each software’s position in our ranking system.

Industry & Business Size Focus

An online signature software helps businesses streamline their document processes. Most of them can cater to various paper-heavy industries, but many are specifically tailored for only certain departments. 

For example, if you’re in real estate, a digital signature platform can protect your clients’ data and documents, as well as provide brokers with real-time information about their deals. They also contain high-level encryption methods. 

On the other hand, users in the legal department gain advantage from electronic signature solutions that provide an extensive library of legal forms. Meanwhile, a centralized document management system is more efficient for human resources and health care.

We also considered the business size that each software can accommodate. Small businesses may only need simple features, such as mobile apps, unlimited documents, and notifications. By availing eSignature apps that align with their needs, small businesses could further save on costs.

On the other hand, large organizations may want to opt for professional or enterprise plans of more advanced solutions. Most of these platforms include payment features, APIs, unlimited workspace, integrations, and real-time analytics.

Finally, there are also options for individuals. While these may provide limited features, they still offer the essentials at low to no cost.

We would like to point out that this step of our evaluation servers classification purposes only, after which each platform is analyzed for the individual features it offers.

Types of Digital Signature Software Based on Deployment

Another aspect we took into consideration when classifying electronic signature solutions is their deployment method. We differentiate three kinds of software in this regard, all of which are listed below along with their corresponding features.

On-Premise solutions require users to install the eSignature tools on their hardware. Typically, they will come with an annual maintenance fee or will require the purchase of a license depending on the number of users.

SaaS platforms work inside a browser and usually come with monthly plans per user. As there is no installation or maintenance involved, these are easy-to-use solutions that provide seamless scalability based on usage.

Open-Source platforms allow users to download, access, and modify the software online. While this does provide flexibility in terms of customization and can be cheaper than other alternatives, it does demand advanced IT maintenance and management.

Key Features of The Best Electronic Signature App

Once we classify the software based on the parameters described above, we proceed to evaluate its core features and how they fare against the industry’s standards.


Since solutions of this type often house sensitive transactions, security is a primary factor to consider. Items on our list of the best electronic signature software either meet or exceed eSignature laws across the globe. That is, their authentication methods validate customer identification and prevent fraud. Software that’s based on a PKI also locks files with a one-time fingerprint while storing documents on an IT domain and never on external servers.


Data protection and privacy are important for every client. Each of our featured software includes unique data encryption that prevents information breach and leakage. The best digital signature solutions distribute enciphered data over several units, making it impossible for hackers to break.


Electronic signature solutions have specific industry standards and policies with which to comply. Moreover, some apps need to adhere to country-specific laws and regulations. The National Institute of Standards and Technology Federal Information Processing Standards is the body that validates the software to ensure high levels of security.

Audit Trail

It’s important for an online signature creator to record and provide basic information on the document signing process. Audit trails track signatories, document types, date and time stamps, locations, authorizations, and processes. Software solutions on our list have audit trails stored within the document or in a cloud-based system.


Some eSignature apps can deploy signatures across different platforms. We reviewed the integration options across multiple channels and devices. We also considered worldwide cloud and language support, as well as the app’s readiness to work with existing workflow management applications.

A Look Into Functionalities

If a software passes all of the above checks, we then move to an in-depth look into how functionalities are executed.

Overlay Form Templates

A basic but a must-have on our list, this feature allows users to save time and effort, as they easily reuse templates that retain placement tags.

Signing Options

Businesses, as well as customers, prefer the most convenient and secure way to sign a document. The best electronic signature software includes customizable signatures and batch-signing processes. Some software would require users to sign with a stylus pen, some accept finger signage, while others still require signatories to type in their names.


We also reviewed the collaboration features of the solutions on our list. We preferred software that’s designed with collaboration in mind. In that regard, team members should be able to access and share documents easily to ensure a smooth workflow.

Status Tracking & Notifications

The ideal eSignature software will notify users when they’re requested to sign a document or when a document they’re waiting on has been signed. For transparency and productivity, it’s also important that the software keeps track of a document’s progress and activity.

Document Management

Aside from signing functions, an eSignature app allows users to store and categorize documents. Compared to keeping folders in filing cabinets, a filtering feature makes it easier for users to search for documents in a centralized database.

Pricing Policy

In choosing the right online signature software for your business, you would want to make the best and not necessarily the cheapest investment. That is why we’re not giving a boost in rankings to software that is only cheap. Instead, we are looking for prices that accommodate industry standards.

Here are the types of pricing models against which we evaluate digital signature solutions.

  • Flat monthly or annual fees are similar to the pricing structures of most software products, where the software offers its services for the same price regardless of the number of users.
  • Per document or signature fees allow users to pay only for every signed document. It may also be equated to Pay-As-You-Go pricing models, which are most convenient for those who don’t need advanced features like storage, collaboration, and so on.
  • Per-user rates essentially charge customers based on the number of users employing their services.
  • One-time fees usually apply to open-source or on-premise solutions. Users pay a one-time license fee to avail of all the software’s services as well as modify them.

Finally, we would like to point out that free trials or money-back guarantees can grant software a boost in our rankings.

Electronic Signature Software Reviews

To further help you select the best solution for your business, we’ve dissected each of our software recommendations. The objective of these reviews is to summarize the user experience for each software. Use this section as your reference point to compare electronic signature software based on their pros and cons, features, and pricing.


DocuSign has a vast selection of integration options, making it equally good for every size and department in multiple industries. However, it lacks instructions on how to use some of its document building features. Overall, this digital signature solution keeps users happy with its remote convenience and mobile functionality.

  • Remote document signing
  • User-friendly
  • High-performance
  • More expensive compared to other apps

DocuSign provides more than a dozen applications for electronic document signing, document generation, and contract management. Having over 350 pre-built integrations, DocuSign works great with popular applications like Salesforce, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, and more. Moreover, DocuSign’s award-winning APIs allow the development of custom integrations with tools that customers already use. Finally, its infrastructure delivers 99.99% availability with no downtime.

DocuSign offers three pricing models. The personal plan costs $10 and is limited to one user. You can use it to send up to five documents per month. It comes with all the basic fields, as well as a mobile app feature.

On the other hand, the standard plan costs $25 per user per month. It allows up to three users and includes reminders, notifications, comments, and personal branding.

Businesses might want to upgrade to the business pro plan for $40 a month per user. It includes the same features as the standard plan along with the option to collect payments, advanced fields, signer attachments, and bulk send.


PandaDoc is known for its user-friendly interface, pre-built templates, and document builder tools. It’s perfect for sales and marketing teams, as it accelerates sales deals and tracks sales performance. This electronic signature software has advanced automation features, making document generation faster.

  • Great collaboration features 
  • Wide assortment of templates
  • Large capacity for document work
  • Slight learning curve

The app’s beautifully designed interactive document themes help users stand out and attract clients. Moreover, the software’s real-time metrics show the number of generated proposal revenues and signed documents. This also forecasts revenues and tracks engagement.

Furthermore, PandaDoc also allows workflow integration, streamlines mundane tasks, offers pre-approved templates, and includes performance dashboards. These features increase work productivity and teamwork.

As one of the best digital signature software, PandaDoc offers several pricing plans, tailored to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes. The first plan is best for individual use and stands at $9 per user per month. It includes all standard features and is limited to a maximum of two users and 60 documents per year. 

The next plan starts at $25 per user per month. It includes unlimited documents, a minimum of five users, a document converter, and signer attachments. The business plan, which costs $49 a month per user, includes standard integrations, content library, and approval workflows. The app also offers an enterprise option, which includes premium integrations, bulk send, and unlimited workspaces, all available for demo.


Although built for enterprises, this document signer can be a great solution for businesses of all sizes. SignNow takes pride in its security and audit trail features. Unlike other platforms of its kind, it has a checklist for clients to ensure that they’ve actually read the agreement before signing.

  • Advanced and affordable
  • Easy to use 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Slow support

This electronic signature software includes powerful APIs which embed signatures into the user’s website in less than 10 minutes and allows users to build workflows without writing code. Moreover, the software works across different platforms, allowing users to sign documents on the go and even without an internet connection. It integrates with CRMs, Google, Microsoft, and much more. 

SignNow is also known for its compliance with industry-leading security standards. Moreover, it offers enterprise features at affordable prices. Finally, its partnership with USLegal provides users access to the largest library of legal forms.

SignNow offers three pricing models. The business model starts at $8 per month per user. It includes a variety of essential features like unlimited templates, mobile access, and audit log and history.

However, organizations can further benefit from the online signature app’s business premium plan, which costs $15 per user per month. This model includes all features of the business plan plus customizable features such as custom branding, conditional fields, advanced fields, and much more. 

Enterprise plans are also available for volume pricing. These include all business premium features plus advanced features like API integration, CRM integration, advanced threat protection, payment solutions, and more.


Convenient and easy to use, SignEasy allows users to quickly sign and send back legal documents. It’s fairly easy to set up with virtually no learning curve. It comes with dozens of pre-built integrations, making it a great solution for businesses of all sizes and a wide variety of industries.

  • Easy to use
  • Great range of features
  • Quick and convenient
  • Limited number of signatories on the document

SignEasy allows users to sign documents from either a desktop or a mobile device. What makes it even more convenient is that users can sign using a stylus, a mouse, or their finger. It integrates with various productivity tools that let users sign, import, and save documents. Businesses can also benefit from its document status tracking, pre-built templates, and reminders. Moreover, its eSigning API streamlines workflows within application systems.

SignEasy offers individual and business pricing plans. Its individual standard plan starts at $10 a month. This simple model provides the essentials of an eSignature software like unlimited cloud storage and mobile application. 

Its popular plus plan, which costs $15 a month, is best for collecting signatures and includes an option to send documents even to non-SignEasy users. Its professional plan costs $20 a month and includes integrations as well as shareable links. Finally, a 14-day trial period is available for all plans.

Meanwhile, organizations have the option of choosing the business premium plan, priced at $60 a month, which includes over 10 useful features. These include unlimited reusable templates and cloud storage, admin dashboard, dedicated account manager, and company branding. Lastly, it has an enterprise plan which has all premium features with additional API access.


Simple and easy to use, this free digital signature software is great for tracking document progress and reminding signatories when they need to sign a document. However, prices can get higher when the document requires multiple signatures. Relatively affordable, it fits small and expanding sales teams.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Document storage and access
  • Immediate availability of signed documents
  • Incompatible with some browsers/devices

Best known for its user-friendly interface, SignRequest automatically manages and stores all eSign documents in one place. Users can even customize templates with their own names, company logo, and color. Moreover, the software’s API integrates seamlessly with CRM, users’ websites, and other apps.

SignRequest has a freemium pricing model. Free plans entitle single users to an unlimited number of documents to sign with a maximum of 15 documents to send. It also already includes audit trails, Google Docs and Gmail integrations, cross-platform signing, and multi-language support.

Its professional plan includes an unlimited number of documents to sign and send. For $7.75 a month, professionals can manage documents, add attachments, bulk send, verify bank payments, add their own logo to templates, and more.

On the other hand, business plans can accommodate document sharing among 5–150 users for only $4.43 a month. Users can try them for free for 14 days and prices for additional integration options are also available.


Signable is a cheap electronic signature software that can accommodate small to large businesses across different industries. It’s most known for its excellent customer support team and user-friendly interface. Within minutes, users can already integrate the app with their websites. Users are particularly happy with Signable’s customer support responsiveness.

  • GDPR secure
  • Excellent customer support
  • Cheaper than similar platforms
  • Branded emails are not available on PAYG

Signable’s world-class customer support and flexible pricing plans are two of the best aspects of this software. Moreover, it has full language translation in six different languages. It also integrates with apps and is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices anywhere in the world. 

Safety across different browsers is also a key feature of Signable. Users can upload all types of documents, and the digital signature app keeps track of all of them and informs users if they still have outstanding contracts. An audit trail further documents every step of the signing process.

Aside from its free PAYG plan which includes unlimited templates and unlimited users, start-ups can avail of Signable’s small business plan for $23.72 a month. This includes 50 envelopes per month, branded emails and signing, plus API access.

The online signature app’s medium business plan, which costs $48.70 a month, provides the same features of the small plan but with 150 envelopes per month, plus a team and permissions function.

On the other hand, Signable’s large business plan allows 400 envelopes per month and includes IP whitelisting. It costs $111.13 per month.

For $186.04, corporates can create 750 contracts with same features as the large business plan. Finally, all plans come with a free 14-day trial.


RightSignature is one of the best electronic signature apps for businesses of any size. Its robust API system easily integrates with other software. It’s good for automating and streamlining the signing process. However, prices may get a bit expensive when a document requires needs to be signed by many users. Aside from that, RightSignature has so far satisfied the essential needs of users.

  • Designed for collaboration
  • Interface
  • Includes multi-party signing
  • Slightly expensive

RightSignature allows users to upload and convert documents into common formats. They can also add text fields and text boxes to gather more information from a client. It also includes an automatic field detection that lets users set up their documents in just one click. Highly customizable, the software allows users to add logos, colors, and photos, and share templates with their team members.

In addition, RightSignature works across multiple devices and integrates with other software platforms. It automatically imports documents from Dropbox, Salesforce, and the like. The online document signing app also encourages hand-drawn signatures and includes multi-party signing and bulk send.
RightSignature features a live progress bar and intuitive navigation flag that reduces errors and omissions within a document. It also allows users to view statistics and generate reports. But more importantly, it uses SSL encryption which ensures data protection.

RightSignature offers three pricing models: personal, business, and additional. Its personal plan, which is ideal for freelancers and start-ups, is limited to only one member and costs $12 a month. It includes basic features, such as email alerts, integration add-ons, audit logs, and more.

The most popular plan is the business plan. It allows up to three users and costs $60. In addition to the personal plan features, the business plan further includes custom branding, team statistics, shared templates, collect payments, and more.

Additional plans for complex workflows and regulated industries are also available at $99 a month. They include Knowledge-Based Authentication and Developer API features.

eSign Genie

eSign Genie is an online document signing software for small and expanding companies across various fields. Convenient and user-friendly, it includes different subscription options that help users find the right setup for their business. Its customer service team is also commendable for its quick responses to inquiries.

  • Exceptional technical support
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Excellent record-keeping
  • Design could be better

eSign Genie allows users to collaborate with team members from anywhere around the world. For one, document history keeps track of any changes that team members make. Furthermore, it’s a highly secure software as every document has an audit trail and a certificate of completion. It has templates that users can use and customize, plus it integrates with various software and applications and includes an extensive template library.

eSign Genie has four pricing models. Users may opt for the Pay-As-You-Go plan, which costs $2 per document for a minimum of 10 documents. It has three reusable templates and includes essential features like Google Drive and Dropbox integrations, as well as an audit trail.

Small businesses may choose its professional package for only $8 a month. It has three reusable templates, all PAYG plan features, plus more advanced features like cross-platform support and automatic reminders.

On the other hand, growing companies may avail of eSign Genie’s business premium plan for $20. This includes custom branding, online forms, and integrations. Customized packages are also available for this digital signature platform.

Zoho Sign

Among eSign software solutions, Zoho Sign caters especially to business signatories. Its drag-and-drop feature streamlines the process of document signing. Furthermore, its intuitive interface and document templates make document generation and editing much easier.

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Minimalist interface
  • Quick and easy way to design documents
  • Narrow font options

Zoho Sign is known for its high level of data security. It allows users to sign business documents from third-party apps, as well as configure workflows and automate the signing process within the Zoho Sign system. 

The software includes an audit trail that allows users to track document status. Users will appreciate the auto alerts and notifications within each document. Furthermore, users can create and save templates, incorporate branding across documents, and even customize logos and emails.

This digital signature platform offers four pricing platforms. Its lowest offer is a free plan that’s limited to five documents per month. This includes basic elements such as import and export features, integrations with apps from the Zoho suite, as well as mobile app compatibility.

Its standard plan costs $10 per month and is limited to 25 documents a month. In addition to the free plan features, this also includes audit trails, Microsoft integrations, multi-language support, and much more.

Meanwhile, its professional plan starts at $15. It includes everything in the standard plan, including unlimited documents, templates, reports, rebranding, and signer file attachments. 

The enterprise plan is its most popular plan yet. For only $20 a month, it includes everything in the professional package, plus blockchain timestamping, webhooks, API add-on, and more.


A great app for sales, Sertifi’s audit trails make it very easy to revert to older versions of the document. With email notifications, users can keep track of their documents’ status. Sertifi’s interface is also very intuitive and user-friendly for signatories. Overall, the online signature app provides for a smooth workflow with little to no downtime.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Quick implementation
  • Intuitive interface
  • No filtered view

Sertifi includes easy to build templates, automatic reminders, expiration dates, and a shared library of documents. The electronic signature platform is highly collaborative and includes a central area where signatories can post comments and questions. Customers can sign anytime across different platforms. It also includes a robust API that allows integrations with leading CRM and business systems.

Users can also automate their business workflows, as well as track and manage agreements in real-time. Sertifi creates a comprehensive audit trail report and sends status notifications of document progress. Users can further gain insight and analytics from document activity.

There are three pricing plans, starting at $105 a month with the Sertifi eAuthorize which includes unlimited users and up to 500 payment authorizations per year.

The software platform also offers Sertifi Closing Pro for $150. This package is limited to five users and includes unlimited digital signature requests. It further offers integrations, custom branding, and a shared document library among others.

Aside from Sertifi’s standard price, it also offers a Sertifi Closing Pro+ package which costs $250 a month. It includes all the features of the Sertifi Closing Pro plan with the addition of 1k credit card payment requests, payment gateway integrations, and authorized credit card payment collection.

Choosing the Best Electronic Signature Software For You

In addition to finding the best software for your signing needs, we also have a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process of choosing the right software for your organization.

Step 1: Check Whether It’s Legal

Some industries accept electronic signatures, while others don’t. Similarly, state regulations dictate when they are acceptable. So, before doing anything else, you first have to confirm the rules with bureaucracies or higher-ups. Note which industries or departments permit this type of process, and shortlist software that abide by their policies.

Step 2: Filter Based on Business Size

We mentioned earlier that different business sizes and industries benefit from specific digital signature software features. In that sense, you should determine your organizational capacity and the narrow-most industry it operates in. Scouting through industry-specific and size-specific apps will help narrow down your options. Doing so also prevents you from paying for features that you won’t need.

Step 3: Define Your Needs

Your industry and business size already provide a structure for your document-related needs. It’s time for you now to choose your preferences. For example, you might need a software that sends a reminder to signatories when it’s time to sign a document. Or maybe you would prefer an app that supports multiple languages. List down whatever you need to further boil your options down to the must-haves.

Step 4: Define a Budget

In the process of choosing the digital signature software that’s best for you, your budget should always be the last step. This way, you don’t settle for the cheapest software in the market. Given the last three steps, you now have a downsized pool of your must-have platforms. Establish a budget and choose a solution that aligns best with it.

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