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70-80% of users ignore sponsored ads, leaving search engine optimization as the most efficient method to boost rankings, attract traffic, and convert visitors. To ensure you get a pro strategy that will deliver measurable results, you need a top ecommerce SEO company. For that reason, we evaluated the best industry choices and ranked them based on our custom methodology. We also put together a short guide to help you shortlist the companies and answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ecommerce SEO.

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5 Top Companies for Ecommerce SEO Services


FirstMan is an innovative SEO agency that offers affordable search engine optimization services, starting at $69/month. Leveraging an optimized and automated process, they can lower the prices without compromising on quality. Clients get real SEO professionals to work with and regular reports to track their success. See profile
Service focus

SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO

Small Business SEO

Net Linking

Key features


$ 0-24


France, Lyon

Be Found Online

BFO takes the client’s business where the buyers are. They employ a comprehensive, unique ecommerce SEO strategy to win an audience and send optimized messages to guarantee the best results. Based on creativity and in-depth analysis, BFO’s strategies drive continual evolution and excellent customer satisfaction. See profile
Service focus

SEO Services


Digital Strategy

Key features

$ 5,000

$ 150-199


United States, Illinois, Chicago


When it comes to ecommerce search engine optimization, Inflow’s expertise is well known. Established in 2007, this firm takes an agile approach to help clients establish specific goals and devise strategies with the latest trends in mind to hit those goals. They integrate clients and proactively communicate. See profile
Service focus

SEO Services



Key features

$ 1,000

$ 150-199


United States, Colorado, Denver

Unity Communications

Founded in 2009, Unity Communications is a US-based BPO that provides business models, customer care, technical support, and administrative services outsourcing solutions to SMBs and enterprises worldwide. Their mission is to help clients grow and be successful while providing superior leadership and customer care. See profile
Service focus

Back Office Admin Teams

eCommerce Support & Compliance

Complex Sales Support and Project Management

IT Help Desk Outsourcing

Key features

$ 1,000

$ 0-24


United States, Arizona, Gilbert

Brick Marketing

Boston based Brick Marketing offers companies in the United States results-focused Digital Marketing services: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, PPC, and Website Development solutions. See profile
Service focus

SEO Services

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click/SEM

Key features

$ 5,000

$ 100-149


United States, Massachusetts, Boston

How We Selected the Best Firms for Ecommerce SEO Services

Curating our selection of SEO firms for ecommerce was a thorough process. We performed an evaluation taking into account the most important factors that drive the success of ecommerce SEO. 


Ecommerce Specialization

Ecommerce SEO is not the same as traditional SEO. These sites usually involve dynamic product pages that need custom optimization. Keyword, UX, and conversion rate optimization all require a different approach and can be successfully carried out only by an ecommerce SEO expert. We, therefore, filtered the top SEO companies to discover the ecommerce specialists that can offer these services.


Case Studies

Ecommerce SEO campaigns usually include a large number of varied products and services. That’s why after we select the firms that offer specialized SEO for ecommerce, we check their portfolio and case studies to get a grasp of their work. We visit the websites they have optimized and see what keyword rankings their clients achieved as a result of the services. We look for current companies that show good progress. 


Key Services Offered

Once we prove that the SEO agency is worth considering, we deepen our evaluation in assessing their catalog There are some crucial services any reputable firm must provide. Read on to learn which those are.


Ecommerce SEO Audit

The base of any successful SEO strategy is the site audit. This process allows the company to get to know the client’s brand, target audience, and the sales goals they are looking to achieve. An end-to-end audit should also include an analysis of the current content, code, mapping, and keywords. This data will give the team better insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the company so they can develop an appropriate strategy.  



First, the ecommerce SEO company should craft a keyword strategy that begins with the identification of the critical words and phrases that move the needle for the business. This includes words and phrases that customers use to describe the respective products and services and discovering the most successful keywords for the specific niche or industry. The next step is implementing the relevant keywords onto the websites on the homepage, meta descriptions, page titles, image alt text, product descriptions and more. Additionally, the priority keywords should be mapped to the most relevant pages to maximize the ranking ability. 


Product Page Optimization

Proper SEO for ecommerce websites requires optimization of every page because they are most likely to rank for specific keywords. We make sure the SEO companies we choose excel in this field and are able to provide a keyword-rich copy and unique titles for pages. It’s also good to include optimized images. 


Navigation Optimization

Ecommerce SEO best practices include navigation optimization so that the site is made more user-friendly. This is especially important for sites that carry a wide variety of products. The agency should sort products into appropriate categories and link to top-level pages. The general rule of thumb is that it should take less than three clicks to get back to your homepage from any other page. One of the best ways to create easy-to-use and understandable navigation is to use breadcrumb navigation and establishing filters with clear URL parameters. Companies that have mastered this, get a boost in rankings. 


Content Creation

We assess the experience of each ecommerce SEO agency in terms of creating blogs and other content types like how-to posts and videos, infographic, and helpful resources related to specific products, and more. We appreciate versatile content marketers that provide relevance, uniqueness, and reliability.



Building backlinks is the foundation of successful ecommerce SEO. They signal to search engines and users that your website is credible and can be trusted, boosting the rankings. The companies we choose apply proven methods to gain backlinks from high-authority and trusted sites for their clients. 


Technical Expertise

As technical SEO for ecommerce website is more than sitemaps and meta tags, we take note of the companies’ technical expertise. We assess their ability to implement schema markup, redirect pages, implement pagination, canonicalize products, clean up URLs, redirect 404 pages, cross-link the top pages, and optimize the site for mobile. Another important practice is the redirection of expired product pages (301 Redirect) to inform the search engines that the old content is moved while avoiding the 404 Page notice.  


Transparency & Reporting

The best ecommerce SEO company will also employ transparent reporting to help you understand where your traffic is coming from and make the most out of your investment. Usually, the reports should include information about the goals of the campaign, what you can expect, and the results that are achieved. Additionally, the reports can include guidance on which products you can expect to get the most traffic and help the sales team prepare a proactive strategy. 


Clients Reviews

Client reviews are an important signal about the quality of the ecommerce SEO specialist. We look for reviews on third-party directories, social media profiles, and Google to discover what the past clients have to say about the firm. We make sure to list companies with a proven track record that enjoy their past and present customers’ trust. That doesn’t mean we look only at companies with a spotless record — we assess the negative reviews too and as long as they don’t point to repetitive issues and don’t affect the overall experience of the clients, we don’t discard the companies. 


Social Media Expertise

The ecommerce SEO checklist also includes social media. The company you end up with should have social media marketing experts that will optimize your website for seamless social sharing to promote your products and/or services. This includes displaying social sharing buttons prominently so that the visitors are encouraged to share products or pages.



In terms of fees, agencies usually offer different ecommerce SEO packages. Also, some bill by the hour while others offer fixed monthly prices. We appreciate companies that offer hourly pricing because it’s more flexible. Also, we value the option for the client to pay for a year upfront and enjoy a discount. We found out that many vendors listed here offer beginners a discount too; some of them going up to 50% for the first couple of months. It’s important to note that we don’t go for a cheap price — instead, we look for companies that provide good value for money and have a proven track record of ensuring a solid ROI. 


What To Consider Before Sealing the Deal with an Ecommerce SEO Company

You have the best choices for ecommerce website SEO; still, you’re yet to make the final choice. We help you shortlist the companies with a simple guide covering the most important aspects to consider. 


Define Your Goals

At the start of your mission, you need to set specific goals. You need to consider what you are looking to achieve with the help of the ecommerce SEO company. Maybe you are going for boosting sales, or increasing website traffic or maybe the end-goal is lead generation and direct marketing. Figuring out what you need will help you narrow down your options. 


Hire a Culture

Hiring a culture is probably more important than the team’s technical proficiency. The team you’re going to work with should have a strong company spirit to stay focused on the company vision and stay dedicated to providing stellar ecommerce SEO services. Beyond this, you need to make sure you click with those people and have the same end goal for your website. 


Ecommerce Platform Experience 

From Shopify to WooCommerce to Magento, there are many different ecommerce platforms with unique ways of adding pages, products, and optimizing the site generally. While it’s hard to say which is the best ecommerce platform for SEO, the agency you end up with should be familiar with the option you have chosen because the team you work with needs to understand the workings of the website, the technical details of adding modules and adding plugins. 


Define Your Budget

The final step is money-related. Pricing is one of the most important factors in your decision-making process. With SEO, you usually get what you pay for so going for the cheapest option just for the sake of it can do you more harm than good. Consider the pricing options offered by the companies you’ve shortlisted by far and invest in the one that can give you the best ecommerce SEO services within your price range and reasonable ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ecommerce SEO services?

Ecommerce SEO is a multi-faceted process of improving the organic rankings and visibility of online stores. The list of services also includes keyword research and optimization, product image optimization, product copywriting, product markup, content promotion, link building, sales funnel optimization, proper site architecture, and more.

How long does ecommerce SEO take?

The reasonable time frame in which you should expect to see results in four to six months. First, you’ll see improvement on long-tail keywords in the first couple of months and then on more competitive keywords.

Do ecommerce SEO services come with any guarantee?

No SEO company can guarantee they will deliver results. The best that the agency can do is to commit to quality work and stay on top of the industry and algorithm changes to improve its chances for success.

What kinds of online stores can use ecommerce SEO services?

Any online store can benefit from search engine optimization. Shops that don’t apply SEO depend only on promotions and paid traffic sources which, as the SEO statistics confirm, are ignored by 70-80% of customers.

How much do ecommerce SEO services cost?

SEO prices for ecommerce websites can range anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 a month. It depends on the scope of work and the size of the site, since there is no one-size-fits-all service. The costs may include an onboarding fee that encompasses strategy development and setup so always look at the fine print when negotiating with an ecommerce SEO company.