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Incfile is one of the rare companies that guarantee to file your documentation within one business day without charging you extra. They will even form your LLC for free (plus state fees) and provide 12 months of registered agent service. The basic plan, however, will renew for $119/year after the first year of use. Clients can also get additional features and services.

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With a business formation package that starts at $0 (minus state fees), it seems that IncFile is the best choice for your future LLC. Throw in a range of free services on top of filing assistance, and it sounds too good to be true. To check if that’s the case or not, we analyzed thousands of IncFile reviews, tested the company's capabilities and customer support, and compared its prices against industry standards. Read on to find out where IncFile leads and where it falls behind. 


Free Incorporation Services for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

Founded in 2004, this Texas-based company has carved out a prominent role in the business formation industry, having helped launch over 250,000 ventures. IncFile’s headquarters are located in Houston, but the firm has a nationwide reach. Out of nearly 16,000 IncFile reviews, over 96% have rated their experience with the team positively, praising their extensive expertise, fast turnaround times, and stellar customer support. 

As an outfit formed by entrepreneurs, IncFile strives to make business registration assistance available to everyone. The team, therefore, provides free filings for LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, and nonprofit organizations. Its Silver package is possibly the most attractive business formation offer on the market, providing filing service, a year of free IncFile registered agent, and more helpful features for $0. Note that you have to cover your state fees. 

Beyond that, IncFile offers more premium levels of assistance at affordable prices. It boasts a full range of startup services from different types of filings to banking and bookkeeping. Its knowledgeable team has mastered the complex bureaucracy of every state, ensuring prompt and quality assistance. In its own words: “Our mission is to provide you with a superior and modern experience at an unparalleled value.”


Full Range of Services for Small Businesses

IncFile goes beyond incorporation, offering a range of small business services. Aside from the basics, the team can help you with everything from obtaining different legal documents from the state to establishing a professional business presence on the web. Analyzing IncFile customer reviews, we found out that these offerings are great for entrepreneurs who want to receive ongoing professional support, so they can focus on growing their business. Below we’ll break down the company’s services and how their prices compare to industry standards. 


Preparing and Filing Articles of Organization

First, the firm conducts a name search through the state database to ensure that your name is available. If it isn’t, the team helps you find a unique alternative. After reviewing the provided information, the team prepares and submits your Articles of Organization with the state. For this IncFile review, we examined how the firm’s essential services compare to alternatives. Some competitors like Swyft Filings charge $49 for a name search and filing services. IncFile is one of the rare outfits that form companies completely free of charge. 


Registered Agent

Customers receive a year of free registered agent service on top of LLC filings, no matter the package purchased. After the first year, the IncFile registered agent costs $119 to renew, a competitive price in the industry. Its registered agent service provides an all-encompassing treatment, from receiving state and IRS mail on your behalf to a digital dashboard where you can access and store your documents, to automatic mail forwarding of all legal correspondence and other documentation.


Virtual Business Address

Whether you work on the go or wish to keep your real address private, a virtual address provides a reliable place for your partners, the state, or other entities to reach you. It also gives a more professional image to your company. The team scans all mail that you receive, not only legal correspondence, which is the case with the registered agent service. All these letters get uploaded to your account within one business day, so you never miss anything time-sensitive. The IncFile virtual address service is available in 22 states. 


Banking Resolution

The team can prepare a Banking Resolution that defines the roles, privileges, and obligations of each LLC member related to your organization's banking activities. Most banks require this document to open a business account. IncFile includes Banking Resolution in higher service levels, with an exclusion of the most basic plan. You can upgrade the Silver package for this feature for $35, a price that falls within the industry standard. 


Operating Agreement

The company prepares a custom Operating Agreement for your LLC. Albeit not mandatory, IncFile customer reviews show appreciation for this document that defines the LLC structure and rules, creating guidelines for the entire organization. Each package except the free plan includes a personalized LLC Operating Agreement. If you pick the free option, this document is available for $40. Analyzing the competition, LegalZoom reviews show that this firm, for example, charges $99 for the same thing, making IncFile’s offer a far better deal. 


Corporate/LLC Kit

The IncFile LLC kit or Corporate kit includes a binder and slipcase, 20 stock certificates, printed minutes and bylaws or organizational agreement, personalized embossing seal, transfer ledger, and mylar-coated index tabs. The set costs $99 (free shipping included), a price that falls within the industry range. Some alternatives like MyCompanyWorks offer a more competitive price of $79 for the same thing. Similar kits are also available in the Gold and Platinum package, with slightly different aesthetics and elements depending on the purchased service level. 


Business Contract Templates

IncFile helps you keep your business contractually protected with a selection of 25 high-quality legal document templates prepared by a business attorney. reviews show that small business owners appreciate this feature as they often lack the budget to hire an attorney. This unique feature is included in the highest-tier package. For $150, you can upgrade lower-level plans to access these templates. You, however, cannot purchase them unless you form your business with IncFile.


Preparation and Filing of IRS Form 2553

LLCs can elect to be treated as S-corporations for tax purposes. It’s best to consult a tax specialist to determine whether this is the right classification for your business. Some organizations can save thousands of dollars in taxes if they obtain S-corporation tax status. Researching for this Incfile review, we found out it’s among the very few firms that offer assistance with the IRS Form 2553. This service is included in the Gold and Platinum plan. For $50, you can also upgrade your Silver plan with it.


Foreign Qualification

If you need to register your company to do business in another state, IncFile can help you skip the complex bureaucracy for $149, excluding state fees. The firm prepares and files a Foreign Qualification on your behalf and obtains your Certificate of Authority that gives you legitimate rights to do business in the desired state. If we compare IncFile vs LegalZoom, you can see that IncFile offers a better deal, with LegalZoom charging $229+ (excluding state fees) for the same service. 


EIN Business Tax Number

Every business is required to have an Employer Identification Number for hiring employees, opening a business bank account, filing tax returns, and other business activities. The IRS doesn’t charge for this nine-digit number, but filing yourself means dealing with complex state bureaucracy. IncFile offers to handle this process for you, for $70, a price that stands in the middle compared to alternatives. Going through Incfile reviews, we found out that customers appreciate having this feature in every paid plan.


Annual Report

Each Secretary of State requires an Annual Report or Biennial Report. These documents must be submitted within a specific timeframe, depending on the where state you're doing business. Just like its competitors, IncFile offers to handle this process for you. Failing to meet these requirements could result in severe consequences, so it's wise to have a professional to keep you in good standing with the state. IncFile's $99 price tag for this service falls on the higher end, given that firms like MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom charge $49 and $55, respectively. All prices exclude state fees.



If for any reason, you need to dissolve your business, IncFile eases the process with its professional assistance. The team can file your Articles of Dissolution for $149 (excluding state fees). Our review, however, showed that the firm doesn’t offer a very competitive price. Rivals tend to charge $99 (excluding state fees) for the same service. 


Does IncFile do DBA?

If you wish to do business under a name other than your legal business name, IncFile can file your request with the state. The team can get your fictitious name in any state where you have a business presence. The filing service costs $99 (excluding state fees), a price that falls within industry standards. 


Other Services

IncFile has carved out a competitive space in the business formation industry by offering free entity fillings. The company provides more than just the basics. From diverse filing assistance to a myriad of small business services, at IncFile, you can get multiple things done under one roof. If we compare IncFile vs ZenBusiness, the latter doesn’t provide nearly as much ongoing support as IncFile, which offers the following diverse capabilities at competitive prices:

  • Business license research
  • Trademark name search
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Amendment
  • Business accounting
  • Domain name
  • Business email
  • Business banking account
  • Business tax consultation


Seamless Incorporation Process Without Surprises

Reviews of IncFile state that the company provides a seamless online incorporation process, which we tested ourselves. Once you select an entity type and state, the company shows the available packages and personalized information based on your choices. 

Some competitors like Swyft Filings take you through a lengthy process filled with upsells, which is not the case with IncFile. The firm clearly explains the included features and available add-ons on the same page. You can click on the hyperlinks and question marks for a detailed description of each feature.

Although there are some third-party offers, the firm presents these promotional services tastefully. You can upgrade your formation package for a range of extra features. Once you select an add-on, the total price is immediately updated on the screen. After extensive research for this Incfile LLC review, we can confirm that with this business formation service provider, you get what you pay for — no surprises. 


Turnaround Time

The company guarantees next business day processing for every order, no matter the package purchased. Some alternatives charge extra for such fast processing time or offer next day filings only with higher-tier packages.

Keep in mind though that IncFile has no control over how fast your state will approve your entity. Some states take just a few days, while others will keep you waiting for weeks. If you need to form your LLC in crunch time, InFile offers expedited state processing for an additional cost, determined by the state. The most expensive Platinum package includes this expedited service. 

After comparing turnaround times for this IncFile review, we can confirm that the company is faster than most competitors, without charging extra for this advantage. 


Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives


How Do I Contact IncFile?

You can contact IncFile via phone and email. To get in touch with someone from the team, you can submit your questions through its website, more precisely the client support form. The company, however, doesn’t have a live chat, a communication channel available at most competitors. Its business hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM, CST. The IncFile phone number is (844) 830-8267, and email: [email protected]. All clients receive unlimited support, regardless of the plan they purchase.


Is IncFile Reputable?

Most of the customer feedback is accumulated on Shopper Approved, where the firm boasts nearly 16,000 verified reviews. Over 96% of people have rated their interaction with IncFile with five or four stars, which is quite impressive for such a high volume of feedback. Customers even mention IncFile's representatives by their names, thanking them for their well-rounded industry knowledge, friendly approach, and efficient assistance.

Most of the IncFile complaints, however, state that its customer support is hard to reach at times. Sometimes you have to leave a message and wait for the team to call you back. While this is not the norm, the firm's response time is longer compared to alternatives. If you go through Northwest Registered Agent reviews, you can see this company has no phone trees and long wait time, making it a better option for those who are ready to pay more for personalized and prompt customer assistance. We also noticed that the team hadn't addressed most of the negative reviews, although there are responses to some complaints. 

Emails are usually answered within one business day. Sometimes you might have to wait for more than 24 hours for a response, depending on the team's workload. On the flip side, the IncFile customer service email messages are not templates, but personalized explanations to your questions.


The Best Business Formation Offer on the Market

Like most competitors, IncFile organizes its offerings into three packages. What’s unique though is that the most basic package is completely free. It gets your LLC formed and keeps it in compliance with a year of free IncFile registered agent service. In our ZenBusiness review, you can see that this firm is the most popular in the industry due to its well-rounded basic package, priced at only $49. IncFile’s offer, however, is possibly the best on the market, covering all of the essentials for starting and running a business for free. The following features and documents are included in every package, even the free option:

  • Unlimited name searches
  • Preparing and filing Articles of Organization
  • Registered agent service for the first year
  • Certified Copy 
  • Bank of America business banking account
  • Statement and Resignation of the Organizer
  • 30-minute business tax consultation
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Business website (monthly hosting rates apply)


The Silver Package

With the Silver package, you only have to pay your state fees to get your entity formed. After in-depth research for this review, it’s safe to say that this company is possibly the only LLC service provider that bundles all the core services to start a business for $0. The free plan is its most significant competitive advantage. 

What’s impressive is that this package is not striped down at all. If we compare Swyft Filings vs IncFile, the former charges $49 (excluding state fees) only to file your Articles of Organization. IncFile provides unmet value by including a year of registered agent service in the free plan and a selection of other helpful features. After the first year, the registered agent service renews for a competitive price of $119/year.

There are a few optional partnership offers. For instance, you can set up a small business banking account through Incfile with Bank of America. The IncFile Silver package entitles you to a 30-minute no-obligation consultation with a certified tax consultant. The free business website is one of the more premium features that other competitors include only in higher levels of service. Note that while setting up a site is free, accepting this offer comes with a $20/month hosting fee. 

IncFile customer reviews praise this plan for the selection of essential documents and 24/7 online access. You can review, download, and print your documents on demand and track all orders in real-time. 

IncFile also guarantees to send you lifetime company alerts through text messages and email to notify you of important compliance events such as Annual Report, Business Licenses, etc. According to IncFile reviews, it’s a helpful addition that ensures you’re in good standing with the state. 

IncFile entitles you to next business day processing, helping you form your company in the shortest time frame possible. With this plan, you only get the electronic delivery of documents but can upgrade for express shipping for $25. There isn’t a better deal on the market than the IncFile Silver package, as it includes all the core services to get your company up and running for $0. 


The Gold Package

For $149, the Gold Package includes everything from the Silver one, plus:

  • EIN Business Tax Number
  • IRS Form 2553 (for LLC only)
  • Operating Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • IncFile LLC kit

This package is great for entrepreneurs who want to skip the hassle of obtaining an EIN and filing the IRS Form 2553. With the Gold plan, you also get a few personalized documents like the Operating Agreement that outlines the roles and responsibilities of your LLC and a Banking Resolution that formally authorizes the opening of a business bank account. IncFile reviews state that one of the most valuable additions to this plan is the personalized Gold LLC kit for professional storing of essential documents. The company charges $99 for a very similar product if ordered separately. Purchasing this level of service entitles you to tracked express shipping. 

Unlike some competitors that fill their highest-tier plans with fluff, the Gold package provides an excellent overall value. 


The Platinum Package

Described as “full-service features at the best value,” the Platinum plan ups the Gold package with:

  • Business contract templates
  • Platinum Corporate/LLC kit
  • Domain name and business email

The highest-priced plan offers an all-encompassing experience for organizations that want to leave a professional impression without breaking the bank. reviews state that the most valuable addition to this plan is the business contract templates, which cost $150 if you upgrade your Silver or Gold plan. It includes a selection of over 25 legal documents written by an experienced business attorney to provide a layer of contractual protection to businesses at a more affordable price than hiring an attorney. The Platinum Corporate/LLC kit packs similar elements as the Gold kit, adding embossing seal, and enclosed box case. 

Reviews of IncFile show satisfaction for the free domain name and business email service for one year. It's an excellent option for those who want to make their company appear more official with a matching domain email. You will be invoiced at the end of the year when you can choose to cancel or renew the service. 

This plan shortens the time to get your LLC approved as it entitles you to an express state filing. Same as the Gold plan, IncFile delivers your completed documents with tracked express shipping. Although it may seem overpriced, the addition of legal documents, faster turnaround time, and other helpful features provide excellent value.  

Overall, IncFile reviews show that the firm has highly competitive prices and provides a great value for the cost. While you might be able to find other firms that offer free entity formation filings, IncFile is possibly the only LLC service provider that packs so many features, including a year of free registered agent service for $0, an unbeatable offer on the market. 

If we compare IncFile vs Northwest, the latter charges $100 for filing services (excluding state fees) without including a year of free registered agent service. IncFile's higher packages include beneficial features without any fluff. Most of its add-ons are also reasonably priced. Entrepreneurs show appreciation for the IncFile payment methods, which allow the total to be divided into two installments. 


IncFile FAQ

How Do I Cancel IncFile?

You can cancel your order and receive a refund only until payment is forwarded to the state. The firm processes and submits most requests within 24 hours, a relatively short time frame to make changes. For this IncFile review, we sourced the company’s cancellation policy:

“Your order is refundable until payment is forwarded to the state (typically within twenty-four hours after your order is placed), less a $30.00 cancellation fee and less any expenses which have been paid or incurred in furtherance of your order with any entities, including state agencies or third party vendors. Once payment has been forwarded to the state we cannot accept any cancellations or any other changes to the state filing. We typically forward your filing and payment to the state within twenty fours hours after your order is placed. If you have placed an order and would like to cancel it, you must send an email to [email protected]. Instructions to cancel an order or any other changes to an order cannot be accepted by telephone.”

For some services like the IncFile virtual address or registered agent, you need to notify your Secretary of State about the change to be able to terminate your relationship with IncFile. When you no longer wish to use the company’s services, it’s best to contact the IncFile support team and receive instructions about your specific situation. 


Does IncFile Offer Any Discounts? 

According to the company, there is no IncFile coupon. There’s no need for special sale or discount since it offers filing service, a registered agent, and a range of beneficial features for free. No promo code can beat this offer. 


Final Verdict

IncFile is one of the top contenders in the business formation industry. With prices starting at $0, the company helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch their dream business without impacting the budget. While other firms can incorporate your business at no cost, our in-depth research for this Incfile review shows that it offers the most well-rounded free entity formation plan. The IncFile Silver package is its strongest selling point, but the other two higher-tier plans provide excellent value. Plus, the team boasts a range of capabilities, being able to fulfill diverse business needs.

If you decide to hire IncFile, keep in mind that its customer service is hard to reach at times. This could be a deal-breaker if you have a specific situation or need prompt assistance. That said, the company’s customer support is highly rated, backed by nearly 16,000 positive IncFile reviews. Overall, IncFile is among the best incorporation service companies, providing a range of small business services at affordable prices.