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Mimecast offers a reputable email spam filtering service dedicated to mitigating the risks clients face from email. It has developed a proprietary cloud architecture to give clients comprehensive email security while reducing the complexity and cost.

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Mimecast Review

Mimecast is a top cybersecurity provider helping organizations globally make email safer and reinforce cyber resilience without high cost and complexity. Is it the best option for your business, though? Read our Mimecast review to find out where the company stands in the industry and learn more about its offering, customer service, and prices. 


Granular Services that Keep Your Inbox Safe

Founded in 2003 in London, Mimecast expanded its operation globally, with 12 offices and 1,700+ employees. With 38,000 customers, 337 billion emails under management, and a 95% retention rate, the company lives up to its promise to become a long-term partner. 

Mimecast’s core is its proprietary cloud architecture, which translates into comprehensive security, archiving, and continuity into one service. The team provides security controls before, continuity during, and automated recovery after an attack. 

Mimecast’s services can be installed on individual or multi-user machines. The options include installing using group policy, a system center configuration manager, or a click-to-run license. 

The research for this Mimecast review showed that if we compare Mimecast vs Proofpoint for example, the former falls short in terms of UI. If you’re looking for sleeker UI, Proofpoint is a better choice. Mimecast, however, leads the way with its constant innovation, accuracy, and excellent customer service.


Vast Selection of Email, Data, and Web Security Services

Mimecast email security offers protection even from the most sophisticated attacks. The Email Security 3.0 integrates three protection zones—one at your email perimeter, another inside your network and organization, and a third beyond your perimeter. 

Once you deploy Mimecast, you can choose a product bundle. The products are centered around email security, threat intelligence, data leak prevention, and signature management. Check out the most important Mimecast features and solutions below. 


Mimecast Secure Email Gateway Review

Mimecast gateway is a full service that provides protection against inbound spear-phishing, spam, malware, and zero-day attacks using a cloud or on-premise email platform. There’s a range of advanced features like DNS authentication, protection against impersonation attacks, delivery of malicious attachments, and URLs.

You get reports to learn who is being targeted—a feature mostly appreciated in Mimecast email security reviews. Besides the accuracy of their algorithm and granularity, clients also love the high-level control to email filtering. Here are some of its most prominent services.


Mimecast URL Protect

As part of the Mimecast threat protection, the system inspects URLs using multi-step detection and blocks malicious URLs. What customers appreciate the most about this service is rewriting URLs in inbound emails and real-time scanning. Additionally, the service blocks commonly exploited typo squatted interned brands, strips of file attachments that contain malicious URLs, and customizable user education. 


Mimecast Impersonation Protect

The research for our Mimecast review shows that the platform also offers an impersonation protection service, providing granular controls that allow your organization to identify, prevent, and isolate suspicious tag emails. The service provides DMARC reporting and enforcement, real-time scanning of inbound emails, alerts on delivered emails that carry a potential risk, and centralized policy management. 


Spear Phishing

Mimecast offers granular and customizable protection that fits your business needs and actively prevents spear-phishing threats that include known or unknown malware, malicious URLs, or impersonation attempts. According to dozens of Mimecast customer reviews on the web, clients appreciate the company’s ability to stop phishing emails quickly and efficiently.


Mimecast Attachment Protect

Providing layered protection against malicious attachments, Mimecast combines static file analysis, safe file previewing, and attachment sandboxing. 


Internal Security Threats

Mimecast provides 100% protection against internal email security threats by enabling you to monitor, detect, and reverse security threats from internally generated emails. The service scans URLs and attachments for malicious links and malware. Any emails that are already infected or contain sensitive attachments and content from employees’ inboxes are automatically deleted. It also rechecks previously delivered files to spot any malware that was unidentified post-delivery. 



Mimecast delivers advanced ransomware protection with a layered cyber resilience solution. It provides multi-layered inspection, archiving, and automated recovery, as well as a 100% uptime SLA, guarantee to avoid email outages and maintain user productivity.  


Mimecast Spam Filter Review

Mimecast’s archiving, continuity, and security solutions are combined into one platform that provides email risk management in one subscription. Mimecast Spam Filter mitigates the risk without the high price tag usually associated with email management solutions. Mimecast’s spam filter stops 99% of spam with 0.0001% false positives, contains 100% viruses and malware, including zero-hour protection, and minimizes disruption by protecting against attacks. 

Additionally, users can manage their lists of blocked and permitted senders. Finally, Mimecast supports validation technology, including DMARC and DKIM. Mimecast product reviews confirm this service’s efficiency, arguing that it maintains their inboxes clean and safe, and they don’t have to worry about unsolicited emails piling up. Not allowing spam emails to go through is the most significant benefit users have seen from Mimecast. 


Mailbox Continuity Review

Mailbox Continuity makes sure that company employees have access to their emails and attachments on any device. As a company admin, you can monitor all emails (inbound and outbound) and manage email administration tasks via the continuity Mimecast portal. Hence, you keep the communications flowing after an email server outage. 

Having read multiple Mimecast reviews, we discovered that clients like that the service can be used manually and automatically. Additionally, it seamlessly connects to most mailboxes and allows document retrievement from the archive in seconds. 

As far as the negative reviews are concerned, people said that it takes a while to search for things, and they would also like it if the program is more intuitive and the notices are more precise as to why the event is being triggered. 


Mimecast Web Security Review

Mimecast monitors web activity at the DNS layer to block inappropriate behavior and stop accidental access to sites containing threatening content. With Mimecast, you get robust email security control that protects clicks from email messages, social media, personal webmail, and instant messaging. Beyond securing office-based employees, the service protects remote and mobile workers too, regardless of their location or device. 


Proactive Protection

According to Mimecast reviews, users love the software’s proactive protection by blocking sites of phishing attacks or delivering malware, inspecting content and file downloads using a dynamic proxy, restrain compromised devices, and identifying threats using multi-source intelligence. This type of defense allows you to stop threats before they reach your network, providing more advanced protection than traditional defenses like endpoint protection and firewalls. 


Acceptable Web Use Policies

With Mimecast, you can easily set up acceptable web use policies to mitigate legal, compliance, and security risks. Users appreciate the granularity you can apply policies for different email types to make sure policies meet specific requirements or apply policies to specific users, ground ups, networks. Researching for this Mimecast review, we discovered that customers enforcing acceptable web uses could keep their employees productive and protect their network from unsuitable content and websites. 


App & Web Usage Control

Mimecast’s Application Visibility and Control gives you insight into the blind spot of uncontrolled cloud app use. You can see who uses which apps and how often, monitor, block, and selectively manage apps, and enforce consistent control and protection. As with the apps, Mimecast allows you to track which employee is visiting what sites through simple visualization of key metrics. 


Mimecast Cloud Archive Review

Mimecast Cloud Archive is an information archiving solution that enables you to store, preserve, and protect critical company data. Cloud Archive allows you to maintain compliance and recover lost data. It’s SEC 17a-4 validated with tamper-resistant chains of custody. It provides a fully-indexed cloud information archive, unified management, compliance maintenance, self-service e-discovery, and easy legacy data archive transfer. Easy-to-use and set up, Mimecast keeps emails organized with controlling size and limits.

According to Mimecast reviews, users appreciate the comprehensive searching, the option to export and deliver identified email from searches, as well as save searches so that they can be easily recalled later. Also, they like that you can avoid the necessity to have to delete email to have them in the cloud. 

One potential downside is that the platform’s multiple features can make it challenging to determine how to perform specific actions. It might also take time to get used to navigating the layout, and users would like to see the search interface improved and made more intuitive.


Mimecast Secure Messaging Review

Mimecast Secure Messaging comes as part of the Information Archiving and Secure Messaging subscriptions, ensuring sensitive communications and files from your email client are delivered securely. You get access to the Mimecast secure messaging portal that recipients must log onto to access files and communicate. 

Everything is customizable, ensuring brand recognition, and enhanced recipient confidence. Additionally, the granular message controls covering message expiration, recall, and print/reply/forward control are defined by the sender or enforced using policies. 


Mimecast Customer Support 

The research for our Mimecast review shows that customer service is one of the reasons why users love the company’s products. Mimecast service packages are designed to cover the needs of organizations of different sizes and with different requirements. The support team also helps with choosing the best solutions for your needs and complements your organization’s IT team to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

All packages include access to the Mimecaster Central Support Community, knowledgebase, Business Continuity Planning Manual, and in-product reporting. 

  • The Bronze Package includes the basics and is excellent for competent IT teams that want to also have increased support during the implementation phase. 
  • The Silver Package ups Bronze with increased access to shared Mimecast resources. 
  • The Gold Package supports organizations with demanding uptime requirements. 
  • The Platinum Package is the top-tier support level, providing access to proactive engagement with Mimecast resources, and is best suited for organizations with a large user base. 

Besides email, there’s Mimecast phone support too. Users report that the agents respond quickly and follow up until the issue is resolved. 


Mimecast Pricing

The Mimecast cost for the Commercial and Enterprise packages is available upon request. According to some resources on the web, the Mimecast pricing per user starts at $3.50.

  • Perimeter Defense includes the Mimecast secure email gateway and Mimecast targeted threat protection. 
  • Comprehensive Defense ups Perimeter Defense with internal email protection and awareness training. 
  • Pervasive Defense includes all Comprehensive Defense features plus DMARC Analyzer, internal email protection, brand exploit protection, cyber resilience foundation, targeted threat protection, continuity, as well as sync and recovery. 
  • Cyber Resilience Pro includes secure messaging, web security, privacy pack, large file send, and 99-year archive on top of all Foundations features. 


Mimecast for Small Businesses

The research for our Mimecast review showed that the prices for the small business packages are more straightforward. 

  • Mimecast Core—$437/month for up to 49 users—the bundle includes a secure email gateway, targeted threat protection, internal email protection, and awareness training. 
  • Mimecast Hero—$534/month for up to 49 users—includes all core features, continuity, web security, sync and recovery, large file send, and secure messaging. 
  • Mimecast Mega—$801/month for up to 49 users—ups Hero with 99-year archive, e-discovery, extended retention, early case assessment, and integrated Mimecast security and archive. 


Our Verdict

Considering all points from our Mimecast review, we can recommend the company’s service packages as they provide great value overall. While some Mimecast alternatives have more intuitive interfaces, Mimecast offers some of the best web and email security courtesy of its reliability, accuracy, constant innovation, and outstanding customer care.