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Penji is one of the best unlimited graphic design companies with flat-rate pricing, offering top-quality work from the world’s top 2% of designers. The company is perfect for bloggers, small and medium-sized businesses, and design agencies that need graphic designs regularly.

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Creative On-Demand Graphic Design Team Helping You Build a Stunning Business Image

Penji offers some of the best services in the graphic design world, and while the Penji team remains mysterious about what the company’s name means, user feedback keeps coming in. We combed through dozens of Penji reviews to discover how good the service is and what Penji’s Achilles heel is — if they have one, that is.

Key Features

  • Creative, high-quality designs
  • Work from the world’s top 2% graphic designers
  • No lengthy contracts or bad billing practices
  • Intuitive platform interface


  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Outstanding product support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Somewhat pricey for anyone with few design projects

Creative On-Demand Graphic Design Team Helping You Build a Stunning Business Image

For this Penji review, we’ve researched various graphic design services. Penji is not the first company to offer unlimited graphic design services, but for over 1,000 agencies, small businesses, and startups it’s the best service of its kind.

The company has shaken up the competition, offering high-quality designs and speedy deliveries. In the four years that Penji’s been around, its team of graphic design experts has been consistently delivering a quality output. Penji reviews point to this consistency as one of the deciding factors that pushed the company to the top.

Intuitive Platform Interface

One of the areas where Penji shines is the intuitive platform interface. One of the best graphic design services keeps everything in a single place through the web-based interface. Here, users can easily send a project brief, message designers, and download completed projects.

We’ve compared Penji’s interface with the interface of one of its competitors, Kimp, and it became obvious Penji deserves extra points for the UI design. Unlike Penji, Kimp moves all communication and projects to Trello, with clients having to download files from Google Drive.

Some would argue that Trello helps better organize projects, but Penji reviews show users think of the platform’s interface as one of its biggest assets.

Design Categories Covered

On the long list of design categories Penji covers, you’ll find over 120 subcategories, which are organized into the following groups:

  • Branding (pitch decks, logos)
  • Web & app designs
  • Digital (social media posts, ads, covers, banners)
  • Illustrations (illustrations, typography)
  • Marketing materials (infographics, sales shits, business cards)
  • Merch (event banners, menus, flyers, t-shirts)
  • Print (invitations, letterhead designs, packaging, magazine, and book covers).

If the graphic design you need isn’t on the list, the Penji service lets you add a custom project.

Simple Project Creation

One of the platform’s highlights that stood out in Penji reviews is the ease of setting up a project with this unlimited graphic design service. The company has done a tremendous job of simplifying the process, providing you with a list of points you should touch upon, covering the project’s specifics.

Another aspect of the Penji services that surfaced in user reviews as one of the differentiators between the platform and its competitors is the way Penji designers communicate with clients. They are fully devoted to their work, not hesitating to ask as many questions as needed to get a comprehensive understanding of each project they work on.

While these questions should in theory increase project turnaround times, they have the opposite effect, i.e., quicker delivery times. The thorough approach ensures there are no misunderstandings, helping minimize revisions and delivering just what clients envisioned.

Working With the Top 2% Designers in the World

During our research for this Penji review, we had a chance to look at the company’s previous work and were thrilled with the portfolio. For that, we have to blame Penji’s graphic designers — the heart and soul of this unlimited graphic service.

As many user reviews have confirmed, Penji designers’ attention to detail is impressive. The team has also received praise for being creative, talented, and patient. Add to that their graphic design experience, and you’ll get the answer to how the service ensures top-quality output for every single project.

Another thing we want to mention in this Penji review is that the company is aware of the old proverb — different strokes for different folks. For that reason, users can switch a designer if they don’t like their style of work.

We also like that users get to work with a designer only after they’ve created a project. The reason for that is that Penji’s team of designers specializes in different categories. So, if you need a custom illustration, the company will assign you a skilled designer specializing in illustrations.

Unlimited Revisions & Quick Turnaround Times

Our Penji review revealed more advantages of what users describe as the best unlimited graphic design service, and these are quick turnaround times and timely revisions.

The team promises to deliver a project draft within 24 to 48 hours, with the outcome finalized after the client’s approval. Still, many users reported receiving two or three drafts within that timeframe. Penji, therefore, falls within the industry standard which places average turnaround times between one to three days.

The service doesn’t have limits on the number of revisions clients can ask for. The graphic design service is happy to make edits, fulfilling customers’ requirements. Another strong point is the built-in revision tool, which makes revisions frictionless. As Penji reviews confirm, the intuitive point-and-click tool allows users to click directly on a design and leave a comment relating to what needs to be changed.

Project Files & Ownership

Once the project is done, Penji lets users download project source files immediately. The graphic design team delivers projects in various formats, such as PNG, JPEG, Adobe Suite files, and other formats. The ownership goes to the client, allowing them to use graphic designs for planned purposes.

It’s also worth mentioning in this Penji review that the service stores project files up to 90 days after you cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you can access your files from your account’s dashboard.

Team Collaboration

Perfect for small businesses and agencies, Penji allows users to add team members to their accounts. That way, they can collaborate with their team members on various projects.

Penji Customer Support

Another area where Penji shines is the platform’s customer support available via email and live chat. We’ve reached out to live chat representatives and had a great experience during every chat session. The representatives were friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to address our questions. Our experience matches Penji reviews that have nothing but praises for the company’s support team.

How Much Does Penji Cost?

Penji offers three paid plans: Pro ($499/month), Team ($699/month), and Daytime ($999/month).

The Pro plan includes graphic designs, supporting unlimited projects, brands, and users. With this plan, you’re assigned one designer to work on your projects.

The Team plan offers the same benefits as the Pro plan, but it further gives you access to web and app designs, illustrations, and infographic design services.

With the Daytime plan, you will have USA daytime designers working on your projects and priority support.

With three and twelve-month subscriptions, the Penji pricing decreases by 15% and 25%, respectively.

Noble & Generous

Another area that deserves mention in this Penji review is the company’s commitment to helping others and giving back. The vendor runs two programs, including Penji for Nonprofits and Penji Against Hate. The former offers support to nonprofit organizations, providing them with nearly free unlimited graphic design services at $1/month. Penji Against Hate is for companies fighting against hate, and they get to use Penji services free of any charges.

The company is devoted to helping others, which is another Penji’s strength. They are the people that care, and this is something we admire.

Final Verdict

Penji is one of the best unlimited graphic design services we’ve come across. During our research for this Penji review, it became clear that working with Penji means working with the world’s best designers devoted to their clients’ success. Unlimited projects, revisions, users, and affordable flat-rate pricing make this service one of your top graphic design choices. And while the meaning of Penji remains a secret, we believe the word will become synonymous with the top-class graphic design service.