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Proofpoint offers a cloud-based spam filter service that effectively detects and blocks spam in more than 600 million emails on a daily basis. Its proven track record shows it can stop 99% of attachment-based attacks. Plus, it enables clients to securely share and store sensitive data.

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Proofpoint Review

Coming to the scene in 2002, Proofpoint has grown to serve 4,000+ enterprises worldwide. The company claims to stop 99% of attachment-based attacks and sustains a customer satisfaction rate of over 95%. We analyzed hundreds of Proofpoint reviews to find out where the vendor’s products stand in the industry and whether they are worth your money. 


Effective Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions 

Proofpoint detects and blocks threats in more than 5 billion emails and 10 million cloud accounts daily. Built on advanced cloud architecture, the platform’s solutions combine speed and innovation. You can easily deploy and adapt them to match your needs. Analyzing more than 100 billion data points per day, Proofpoint provides the visibility you need to not only understand the attack but also gain the insights to remedy it effectively. 


A One-Stop Shop for Email, Social, and Mobile

While researching for this Proofpoint review, we found out that the firm’s services cover email, social, and mobile. It’s not only one of the top spam filtering companies out there but also a robust email encryption platform and archiving service. Below, we will break down the most significant Proofpoint products and their most prominent features.  


Proofpoint Email Security & Protection

Proofpoint stands apart from the crowd by being at the forefront of email security technologies. It protects against malware and other threats like impostor email or business email compromise (BEC). The service promises 99.999% availability, 99% blocked/redirected spam, and 100% virus protection. The service is flexible, allowing you to create an array of rules to meet the needs of your business. 

In Proofpoint reviews, customers praise the granular email filtering controls—you can set up antivirus policies, create custom firewall rules, and more. Additionally, Proofpoint’s SCSS machine learning approach focuses on identifying imposter attacks to actively detect and block fraud. Graymail management helps you reduce the amount of inbox clutter and give you personal control over bulk email. Users can promote wanted emails to their regular inbox or quarantine them. 

Another notable feature mentioned in multiple Proofpoint email security reviews is the Internal Mail Defense that accurately detects compromised accounts by scanning all email traffic and identifying spam, malware, or phishing attacks through a multi-layered approach. We discovered plenty of raving reviews about the service’s email continuity which ensures email is always available. 


Email Fraud Defense

A comprehensive solution, Fraud Defense allows you to see and block impostor threats from one centralized portal. Often cited as one of the top features in Proofpoint email protection reviews, Fraud Defense gives you the tools, services, and visibility to authorize emails and, at the same time, block fraudulent messages before they land in your inbox and identify and flag lookalike domains. For implementing email authentication, Proofpoint provides you with a dedicated team to help you.  


Threat Response Auto-Pull

Proofpoint’s Threat Response Auto-Pull allows security teams to analyze emails. Plus, it leverages built-in intelligence to follow forwarded emails to find and retract unwanted emails. This feature also helps prioritize which users and endpoints to review by showing message “read” status. You can further upload CSV files, get SmartSearch results, and use manual incidents with a few critical data points and easily initiate quarantine action. 


Proofpoint Essentials Review

Specifically curated to address the needs of small and midsize businesses, Proofpoint Essentials is a cloud-based platform that delivers enterprise-level security, visibility, and training. It provides improved small business cybersecurity with phishing and spam detection, social media account protection, policy-enforced encryption, and data loss prevention, as well as dynamic sandboxing. 

Granting ultimate flexibility and control, Proofpoint Essentials has an intuitive interface and gives all the information you need to understand the threat landscape and make better cybersecurity decisions. It offers a granular breakdown of specific threat types and the frequency of cyberattacks.

Top-notch business continuity and a 10-year cloud email archive are also part of Proofpoint Essentials. Proofpoint Essentials reviews reveal that the platform does a great job filtering spam and is fairly reliable with only a few false positives. Customers also praise the daily spam journal emails. 


Targeted Attack Protection

Proofpoint TAP protects against threats in URLs, attachments, and cloud using static and dynamic techniques to detect and adapt to new attack patterns. TAP detects threats and risks in cloud apps, connecting them to email attacks. Beyond uncovering threats, the technology applies machine learning to observe patterns, techniques, and behaviors and then uses that information to adapt and become more efficient.

Our research for this Proofpoint TAP review yielded generally positive feedback. We discovered that users praise the TAP alerts when a malicious email gets past the Secure Mail products. Users also love the detailed analysis of email malware and the reporting feature. 

As potential downsides, people cite the lack of an option to automate emailing of custom reports like with the Proofpoint Secure Email product. Also, the administrative user interface could be more intuitive, while the dashboard could use more clickable elements for more straightforward navigation. Some users also mention that the software sometimes flags false positives and leaves important emails on hold. 


Advanced Threat Protection

Comparing Mimecast vs Proofpoint, we can see that they offer slightly different approaches to threat protection. Proofpoint utilizes internal technologies, whereas Mimecast uses third-party vendors to power their platform. 

Proofpoint stops the threats before they reach inboxes. It detects, prevents, and notifies about any advanced URL, attachment, and cloud-based threats targeting sensitive data. You can also apply verified threat intelligence, including proof of conviction, five-year history, data on 40+ categories, and related samples, IPs, and domains.

As seen in Proofpoint reviews, what customers seem to appreciate the most is the ability to respond faster to incidents by automating manual tasks and the streamlined incident management across the security infrastructure. 


Email Isolation

Email Isolation is based on intelligence from Targeted Attack Protection Isolation. It’s easy to deploy and manage, protecting hundreds of users. This cloud-based solution doesn’t require registration or self-registration. It provides daily updates and allows you to apply granular controls. Proofpoint Webmail Defense monitors data and collection programs without keeping users’ personally identifiable data.  


Browser Isolation 

Built with simplicity in mind, Proofpoint Browser Isolation is based on intelligence for Targeted Attack Protection Isolation helping your attack surface and providing complete security. Proofpoint browser isolation reviews confirm that the platform offers adaptive controls, further simplifying operations. 


Proofpoint Cloud Security

Cloud Security enables you to detect, analyze, and protect yourself from cybercriminals. You get enhanced accounts risk visibility to identify the top users at risk and stay on top of the incidents leveraging the drill-down dashboards. 

Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense lets you protect your organization from Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 hacked accounts. This solution takes a multi-faceted approach that discovers account hacks and suspicious activities. You can customize policies to detect credentials abuse threats. Additionally, you can prioritize alerts, reducing alert fatigue. 

Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker secures applications like Office 365, Box, and G Suite. It gives you control over cloud apps and people-centric visibility of cloud access and sensitive-data handling. The research for this Proofpoint CASB review suggests that the service’s adoption is straightforward and the configuration is easy. 

Combining user-specific risk indicators and cross-channel threat intelligence, the Cloud App Security Broker analyzes user behavior and detects suspicious activities in cloud apps. Then, it helps contain the risks through automated quarantine. Proofpoint CASB further features built-in smart dictionaries, identifiers, rules, and templates, while the custom contextual rules enable you to build DLP policies and control how the information is shared.  


Proofpoint Archiving & Compliance

The Proofpoint email archiving and compliance module makes email archiving an easy process, as confirmed by multiple Proofpoint customer reviews. 

Thanks to the Content Patrol feature, you can monitor, repair, and report on social media compliance. Content Capture meanwhile gets and retains content from all the tools your team uses to communicate, normalizing the feeds across different communication channels.

With the Compliance Gateway, you’ll gain insight into the capture stream and ensure the captured communications are received by downstream services. Proofpoint also gives you a better view of your archived data, ensuring greater control and improved decision-making power.

The Enterprise Archive leverages cloud intelligence for data insight. Proofpoint reviews reveal numerous customers that had a positive experience with the module’s security controls and improved capabilities for storing and searching emails. Some customers have cited the UI as a weak point, but this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker. 


Information Protection 

The information protection solutions secure the data against unforeseen attacks, mistakes, and insider risk across all files. The platform is built on modern architecture, and it’s easy to implement. 


Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

One of the platform’s main features is the common content classification that identifies sensitive information across data. The built-in templates and detection techniques allow you to comply with data protection rules like GDPR and HIPAA. Giving context, Proofpoint correlates the user activity and data movement, enabling the security team to proactively address insider threats and prevent data loss. 

The product’s threat intelligence helps you get a better understanding of your information is at risk due to a compromised user account. The Nexus threat graph, in combination with threat intelligence, allows you to respond quickly in situations when time is of the essence. Proofpoint DLP reviews reveal that you can configure the service and create rules and exceptions, but at the same time, it takes a while to configure how you want it to work. 


Email Data Loss Prevention 

Proofpoint analyzes email content in detail, and if needed, it blocks parts of it from being sent. The Digital Asset Security feature detects sensitive information in unstructured content. At the same time, all sensitive enterprise documents are fingerprinted. Partial and full fingerprint matches can be found even if the data is in different file formats. The product also looks for standard forms of restricted content, mitigating the risk of email fraud.  


Proofpoint Encryption

Considered one of the top email encryption solutions, Proofpoint has a simple graphical interface that allows you to set policies that can be triggered by messages that contain intellectual property/regulated information. The keys are generated, stored, and managed through the cloud-based infrastructure. 

As an admin, you can allow users to expire, restore, or revoke access to encrypted messages. Our Proofpoint encryption review revealed that users like the ability to set the system up so that the message tries TLS first and then falls back to use the secure messaging portal. They also reported they love the opportunity to set the Proofpoint Email Encryption to automatically decrypt messages as they pass through.


Digital Risk Protection

The Digital Risk Protection service provides real-time protection from social media, dark web, and web domain threats. The service can easily discover your brand’s social presence and automatically identify and remove high-risk content and hacks.

Additionally, the research for our Proofpoint review shows that the social media protection platform secures the social account from cyber-attacks. What makes the product stand out is the option to monitor hashtags and brand-related items.  

Domain Fraud Monitoring is also part of the Digital Risk Protection suite. With comprehensive domain discovery and actionable insight, the service leverages cross-channel intelligence and built-in response, making it easy to prioritize domains that pose the most significant risk and neutralize them. 


Proofpoint Support

All Proofpoint product reviews emphasize the customers’ great experience with the support team. You can easily log a ticket and have a specialist review it within hours. How fast you’ll receive a response usually depends on the business impact. In addition to the support team that can assist you with virtually everything, there’s a great knowledge base and forums, which are also very helpful.


Proofpoint Pricing

The company’s website doesn’t offer pricing details for each solution. However, we were able to find out some information about the Proofpoint Essentials pricing. Starting from $3.62/user/month for Business, $6.08/user/month for Advanced, and $8.54/user/month for Professional, you can easily choose the right package for your needs. If you need more information about the Proofpoint cost, however, you should contact the support team. 


Our Verdict

Proofpoint has a lot of positive feedback, confirming the company’s expertise and excellent customer service. Proofpoint reviews reveal that customers would like to see a more seamless administrative interface and integration with complex environments. Still, the company has an impressive scope of products with advanced features, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes looking for advanced cybersecurity services.