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15Five has a simple objective — to provide companies with the tools they need to establish and strengthen a performance-elevating culture. The vendor has worked with over 2,200 companies, including HubSpot, Capital One, and WP Engine. 15Five reviews suggest that the company is one of the top performance management platforms. Still, user reviews alone cannot provide an objective overview, which is why we backed them up with our in-depth research. Scroll down to learn more.

Key Features
Weekly check-ins
Native mobile apps
Customizable performance review cycles
High Five employee recognition software
A great selection of employee engagement tools
Integrations with HR & communication platforms
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • One-on-one meetings
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Employee appreciation tools
  • Lacks benchmarking
  • Android app needs improvement
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A Complete People Management Platform

15Five reviews show that any business looking for an easy-to-use employee performance and engagement solution will find exceptional value in this platform. Twenty minutes is all it takes to get all company updates, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

To make this happen, employees should set aside 15 minutes a week to report on their work progress. Meanwhile, managers need only five minutes to review reports. Sounds simple? Well, it is, yet, this strategy sends employee performance through the roof. This is how 15Five got its name.


15Five Performance Management Review

15Five is one of the most intuitive performance management solutions. It doesn’t require exhaustive training, while the extensive product documentation means no hiccups in software adoption.

15Five’s recipe for increasing employee performance contains many ingredients, starting with weekly check-ins. This feature allows for an uninterrupted workflow, as employees are continually reporting on their progress. 15Five reviews show that users appreciate the platform’s granular approach to review cycles.

Each check-in consists of four sections, including employee pulse, objectives, goals, and questions. The employee pulse is an excellent feature, allowing company managers and leaders to understand how their employees feel.

The Objectives feature, essential for the best performance management solutions, offers a simple way of setting and tracking Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). We like that goals aren’t only company-wide but can further expand to departmental, collaborative, and individual.

Another goal-related highlight of this 15Five review is the goal status feature, allowing users to quickly update goal progress using different labels, such as on track, behind, and at risk. The 15Five Jira integration, which automates goal progress updates, also gets the thumbs-up from us.

The software further includes Priorities in its check-in module, differentiating short-term and long-term goals. Questions meanwhile help establish a good employee-manager relationship. 15Five performance management offers an extensive collection of questions that encourages employee suggestions on potential improvements, topics for one-on-one meetings, and any challenges staff might be facing.


15Five Best Self Review & Career Vision

Exclusive to 15Five, Best Self Review continues to generate positive user feedback as one of the most comprehensive 360-degree review systems. It supports peer reviews, upward and downward feedback, and self-reviews.

What makes the system different from solutions offered by 15Five competitors is that it relies on positive psychology. The system focuses on development opportunities while steering employees towards the company’s objectives and goals.

The system further supports competency assessments. The Private Manager Assessment functionality delivers unbiased reviews and explores employee promotion and compensation opportunities.

According to 15Five reviews, Career Vision is another great functionality that focuses on employee future. This section highlights the current and desired job positions and employee strengths.


One-On-One Meetings

Another area in which 15Five software excels is one-on-one meetings, cultivating a healthy manager-employee relationship. The software allows managers to extract feedback from weekly check-ins and turns them into meeting talking points.

We like the notes feature as they are a valuable coaching tool. Employees can use them at a later time should they stumble upon similar challenges. Managers can create private notes and use them in performance reviews.


High Fives

This 15Five performance review continues with the platform’s employee appreciation tool — High Fives. Using this tool, employees can give praise to their colleagues with @ mentions. 

Thanks to the 15Five Slack integration, companies that already use this communication platform can incorporate peer recognition into their everyday conversations. Slack further supports direct feedback requests, which is another convenient 15Five feature.


15Five Integrations & Mobile Apps

Integrations-wise, we’re satisfied with what the platform has to offer. 15Five integrates with SSO technologies, employee management platforms, HR software, and communication channels, while 15Five API imports data from HRIS software the platform doesn’t integrate with.

While 15five performance reviews generally praise the software, the 15Five mobile app for Android devices is a different matter. User reviews claim the app doesn’t support a lot of functionalities available with the online version. Some users have experienced issues while trying to log in to the app.

The 15Five app for iOS devices meanwhile works like a charm, so we expect the company to provide the same experience for Android users soon.


15Five Employee Engagement Review

Based on hundreds of positive 15Five reviews, we expected the same quality from the company’s employee engagement software. Spoiler alert — we weren’t disappointed.

15Five integrates its performance management solution with its engagement tools, a trend we’ve spotted in other software, such as Lattice. The platform provides a seamless survey creation, giving users the option to choose from 120 premade questions or come up with their own.

One of the particularly interesting features is the Full Index Potential template, focusing on uncovering employees’ full potential. Robust reporting tools is another feature worth mentioning in this 15Five review.

Some 15Five reviews, however, show the product lacks some features. For instance, benchmarking isn’t available, yet platforms such as Officevibe have implemented this feature. For that reason, in a comparison of Officevibe vs 15Five, the latter might seem like a less tempting option.

Then again, it’s worth considering that Engagement Plus is a relatively new product, allowing us to make a strong assumption that benchmarking, along with other features, is on the company’s product roadmap.


15Five Support

Another highlight of our 15Five review is the company’s customer support. The customer care team does its best to offer high-quality support to customers through email and live chat. These two communication channels are available 24/5, while the average response time is less than 10 minutes. The 15five phone number isn’t available on the vendor’s website, but it’s possible to request a phone meeting via email. The Best Self Academy is another source of course-based information, besides an extensive 15Five tutorial collection in the Success Center.


15Five Pricing

We continue this 15Five performance review with the company’s product pricing. The platform offers a free version of the software and three paid plans — Basic, Plus, and Performance.

The free plan supports a maximum of 20 users. The 15Five features available with this package include check-ins, employee pulses, high fives, the bank of questions, the Full Potential Index survey template, and career vision. Free users get access to the Best-Self Kickoff, a 15Five onboarding template that establishes a healthy employee-manager relationship from the get-go.

15Five performance reviews indicate that the one-on-one meetings feature is one of the many reasons to switch to the Basic plan. This plan further supports check-in customizations, multi-factor authentication and security logs, as well as integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Calendar. Reporting tools available with the 15Five Basic plan include 15Fives, one-on-one, and pulse dashboards, while the price is set at $7/user/month.

The Plus plan supports goal management tools, the option to request feedback, and the 15Five Best Self Review tool. It also opens the door to all Engagement Plus templates, SSO, bulk imports, and integration with Jira, Workday, and HRIS software. Teams with more than 60 members are entitled to training and onboarding, priority support, and a custom success manager. This plan costs $14/user/month.

The company’s top-tier plan, Enterprise, comes with custom pricing. Apart from the Plus plan features, this package further includes virtual workshops, leadership, and executive coaching, manager development, as well as software training and implementation.

For a more comprehensive 15Five review, we turned to 15Five alternatives such as Lattice, to discover that the 15Five cost is in line with industry standards and one of the more affordable solutions in the market.


The Verdict

Despite the numerous alternatives to 15Five, the company’s unique approach to employee performance and engagement led by positive psychology makes it stand out from the rest. As 15Five reviews confirm, the platform’s strengths stretch from one-on-one meetings, 360-degree feedback, and check-ins to premade employee engagement survey templates and top-class reporting tools. Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing new features in the employee engagement suite, such as benchmarking, and we’d also like to see the improved version of 15Five’s Android app.