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Atlas VPN is on a mission to support internet users around the world to stand up for their right to privacy and help every individual take back control over their digital life. With Atlas VPN, you will be one click away from a truly open internet that grants you the freedom to use any service or app you like. Read our in-depth Atlas VPN review to discover the service’s strengths and weaknesses, the best features, as well as how it fares against rivals.

Key Features
Accessing the internet from several IP addresses at a time
Offers its own private internet address book
Allows unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Superior encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • Optimized for streaming and torrenting
  • Free version
  • Smaller server network
  • Limited compatible devices

A VPN That Lets You Explore the Internet with Ease of Mind

Is Atlas VPN safe? The short answer is yes. Our Atlas VPN review is the long answer, covering all that makes this VPN stand out from the crowd, including features, how it performs on streaming and torrenting, and what devices it works on.

Security and Privacy Features

We tested this VPN’s safety and privacy features and came back with positive results that demonstrated Altas VPN doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.


SafeSwap is a brand new feature that helps you stay more anonymous than ever. It enables you to have as many rotating IPs as you want without having to switch to a different Atlas VPN server.

Tracker Blocker

Our Atlas VPN review continues with Tracker Blocker, which, as the name suggests, will block all third-party trackers and ads. It adds an extra layer of privacy protection, helps you get rid of those annoying advertisements, and improves your overall online experience with faster internet speeds. You will also avoid all potential malware and be more secure and safer while browsing.

Data Breach Monitor

According to Hackmageddon data, over five billion personal records were leaked in the first quarter of 2021 alone. That is a scary number that appears only to rise as time passes. That is why the Data Breach Monitor feature deserves a special mention in this Atlas VPN review — it tracks all data breaches related to your online accounts and gives you a full report. If any data is leaked, you can immediately change all your credentials and take further steps to protect yourself.

Superior Web Traffic Encryption

While Atlas VPN is still a “baby” since it was launched as recently as 2019, it has made up for lost time. With a combination of military-grade AES-256 data encryption and IPSec, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols, not only will you enjoy the maximum security available, but you will also have high speeds regardless of the server you connect to.

Network Kill Switch

The Atlas VPN kill switch feature is among the best-built in the industry, as evidenced by multiple Atlas VPN reviews. Since a kill switch is an essential feature for a VPN, Atlas VPN took its job seriously and designed a great one. With it, you never have to worry about being exposed to the internet because the kill switch will temporarily halt access to the internet in case your VPN connection drops, and by doing so, it will protect all your data.


Atlas VPN ranks high among the best VPNs for torrenting. Our research for this Atlas free VPN review showed that the service supports P2P with its free and premium plans, which is rare in the VPN industry. For example, in the torrenting battle of Atlas VPN vs ProtonVPN, the former is the clear winner. While both offer functional free versions, ProtonVPN’s free plan doesn’t support torrenting.

Another reason why we feel Atlas VPN is a good choice for torrenting is its speed. Whether you decide to connect to a closer server or one farther away, your speed won’t suffer much. You will have the same experience even with the free version since it offers no speed limits.


Next in our Atlas VPN review is the service’s connection speeds. As we already mentioned, Atlas VPN offers some of the fastest speeds available in the industry. You can seamlessly download, stream, or play games without buffering or long loadings. Since Atlas VPN is fairly affordable, many new users are making the switch just for the sake of speed.

Our research showed that Atlas VPN is already ahead of some of the industry’s most prominent brands, such as Windscribe or TunnelBear. But it still has a way to go to reach the speeds of some of the fastest VPNs in the industry, such as those offered by ExpressVPN that comes with barely a 3% speed drop. So, when it comes to speed in the battle of Atlas VPN vs ExpressVPN, our VPN of the day loses this round.


If you’re wondering about the Atlas VPN Netflix capabilities, this section of our Atlas VPN review has the answer, and we believe you’ll like it. Not only will Atlas VPN unblock Netflix US, but it will also grant you access to many other streaming platforms such as Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, HBO Go, and YouTube. Note that you will need a premium plan to access these services since the free version doesn’t support streaming.

As you can see, some major platforms are missing from the list. But even though this service can’t unblock the popular BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video, it still offers a decent selection of platforms for all passionate binge-watchers.

Devices and Compatibility

AtlasVPN doesn’t monitor your devices, meaning that you can log in to as many as you have. That said, even though it offers unlimited devices in one account, it supports just a few apps. At the time of writing this Atlas VPN review, the ones available are for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. There isn’t even an Atlas VPN Chrome extension yet, even though it seems like they are working on developing one. We don’t recommend using Atlas VPN on Firestick since there isn’t a native app on the Amazon store, meaning that if you want to use VPN with Firestick, you’ll be better off elsewhere.

To paint a better picture of why we feel Atlas VPN lacks in the area, let’s compare Atlas VPN vs SurfShark. The latter offers apps for Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FireTV, Playstation, Xbox, and all your routers.

Customer Support

While researching for this Atlas VPN review, we discovered that email-based support is the norm in the VPN industry. While we don’t agree with this trend and prefer to have either phone-based or live chat support, we were satisfied with how fast the support team answered. It took them less than 24 hours, and they provided all the information we asked for.

We also peeked at the Help Center, and even though it doesn’t feature as many articles as some of the competition, it still provides a decent amount of information. If you have a simple question or run into a known bug, you will be able to troubleshoot the issue on your own.


While there is no Atlas VPN free trial that we could find, the service offers a great free version. Our Atlas free VPN review shows that this version stands apart with its untethered speed. It, however, is limited by the number of server locations — just three.

An Atlas VPN premium account, meanwhile, gives you access to many advanced features, the complete Atlas VPN server list, and features, at a starting price of a record-low $1.39/month, billed $49.99 for the first three years. The vendor also offers a one-year plan for $2.49/month, billed at $29.89 for the first year, and a single-month plan at $9.99. The Atlas VPN cost for its premium plans includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For example, if we do an Atlas VPN vs NordVPN price comparison, this Atlas VPN alternative will charge you $11.95/month for a single month, $4.92/month for a year, and $3.29/month for its two-year plan.

Our Verdict

Our Atlas VPN review shows that this service has a lot going for it — it’s among the cheapest ones in the market and offers access to advanced security and privacy features. Those who want a free VPN won’t be disappointed either with the Atlas VPN free version. On the downside, its app selection is currently limited, and its server network is not overly impressive. So, if you want enhanced security at affordable prices, this VPN will do nicely, provided, of course, that your devices are among the ones supported by the vendor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlas VPN any good?

Our Atlas free VPN review shows that this vendor offers one of the best freemium plans with no speed limits, unlimited devices, and three server locations. The premium plans unlock even more great features such as unlimited data and bandwidth, torrenting and streaming support, and many advanced privacy and security features at affordable prices.

Is Atlas VPN still free?

The VPN service still has a free version, as evidenced by our Atlas free VPN review. Moreover, it’s one of the best free plans available in the industry, with no speed limits, unlimited devices, and no account required. All you have to do is download the Atlas VPN app and run the service.

Does Atlas VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, Atlas VPN successfully unlocks Netflix. Note that the only library you can unlock at the moment is the US one.

Does Atlas VPN keep logs?

This VPN service abides by a strict no-logging policy and doesn’t keep any logs of your internet usage. That said, it seems that they are keeping minimum logs about your interaction with their site to improve their service.

Does Atlas VPN work in China?

Atlas VPN doesn’t always work in China. We did a little digging for our Atlas VPN review and discovered that some users had difficulties in the past while trying to establish a secure VPN connection through Atlas VPN in China. Others did so effortlessly. That is why we contacted the support team and asked whether we could use the VPN service in China. Their answer was honest — they confirmed that they couldn’t guarantee it would work in China and recommended testing it with the free version.

Is Atlas VPN safe?

Yes, Atlas VPN is a safe VPN service. Our Atlas VPN review shows that it offers military-grade encryption and a plethora of advanced privacy and security features. The company is also open to audits and has already gone through one successfully to confirm that they indeed do not keep any logs.

Where is Atlas VPN located?

Atlas VPN is based in Delaware, United States.