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Bold Leads is an award-winning company known for its diversity, leadership, and ethics. Having started in 2014 with three employees around a kitchen table in Chandler, Arizona, the firm has since become a prominent name in real estate lead generation with 6,000+ clients. Bold Leads reviews meanwhile confirm that the platform offers plenty of useful features, integrations, and automation tools. Will that be enough for your business though? Our comprehensive review will help you find out.

Key Features
Limited number of agents per ZIP code
Integrated CRM
Plethora of automation tools
Detailed engagement indicators
30 conversion-proved templates
Easy-to-use dashboard
  • No coding or technical skills required
  • Provides both buyer and seller leads
  • No hands-on ad management
  • Offers a high quantity of leads
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality of some leads may be low
  • No detailed info for landing page visitors
  • 6-months contract minimum
  • There is no pricing transparency

Superior Lead Generation System for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Bold Leads reviews confirm that the software caters to real estate businesses looking for managed ad services and agents who want exclusivity in their ZIP code. The platform manages advertising efforts, inducing the creation of landing pages, posting ads, and running marketing campaigns, leaving you more time to focus on your leads.

Then, since Bold Leads limits the number of real estate agents in all ZIP codes, you will have lead exclusivity that can help you grow your businesses.

Bold Leads can be a great asset if you are working with a high volume of leads. That said, some of those will be lower-quality leads. Most Bold Leads complaints cite this issue, with some users preferring quality over quantity. If you are one of them, you might not be satisfied with the software. If you, however, need quantity, Bold Leads can offer both high and low-quality leads.

Bold Leads will also help you start and maintain conversations. It supports automated emails and text responses, 2-way text, stealth voicemails, seamless integration with your CRM, automated CloudCMA and market snapshot reports, as well as preset follow-up funnels.

Bold Leads reviews further praise the multiple Bold Leads integrations, the most notable being HubSpot, Zapier, Propertybase, Velocity, and Wise Agent.


Bold Leads Features: More than Just a Tool to Generate Leads

There is a reason why Bold Leads is such a prominent name in the real estate industry. The software packs a string of features that make it stand apart from the crowd.



Bold Leads’ most popular feature is exclusivity. Since it allows only one agent per ZIP code, you can easily claim your area and start growing your business immediately. That said, there is a negative side to this functionality, and it concerns new users — your area might not be available when you decide to join in.

Still, if you manage to grab your spot, your leads will be exclusive to you which is why many Bold Leads testimonials praise this feature. The platform will create, manage, and optimize your marketing campaigns by giving you the title of “neighborhood expert and agent”. All you need to do is follow up and nurture these relationships.


Buyer and Seller Leads

Some Bold Leads alternatives offer either buyer or seller leads, which is limiting if you need both. Bold Leads meanwhile allows you to choose to market to prospects who are either buying or selling, and you will be “showered” with leads that can be turned into customers.

That said, since Bold Leads gets its leads with pay-per-click Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, some of them will be low-quality. It’s up to you to choose the best ones among them and focus on creating an airtight follow-up and nurture system to earn an ROI. According to Bold Leads, you should expect a favorable conversion rate of between 2% and 5%.


Advertising Automation

The platform’s automation tools, especially for advertising, also deserve a mention in our Bold Leads review. By running over $15 million in ads online, the company has more than enough experience to get the results you need to stay ahead of the curve. Your entire advertising process will be managed by Bold Leads, freeing up your time.



Bold Leads offers a simple but useful CRM. While this is not unique for real estate lead generation software, some of the vendor’s alternatives offer it with additional pricing or don’t offer it at all. Bold Leads’ most popular CRM features include managing SMS messages, drip emails, and marketing campaigns. You can also schedule reminders by synchronizing your Bold Leads account with your Google Calendar.


Engagement Indicators

If you want to make better business decisions in the future, you will need detailed stats that show you what works and what doesn’t. Bold Leads offers detailed information about leads who provided their contact information or whose contact details are already part of the platform.

It also shows you which leads are opening and replying to your emails. While this feature seems to work well in most cases, several Bold Leads customer reviews suggest that users would like to have more detailed information from landing page visitors.


Bold Leads Pricing – Expensive Plans + One-Time Onboarding Fee

Bold Leads hasn’t published any official pricing plans. That said, after a brief research on Google, we managed to discover some of the numbers. Please note that the pricing is not verified and might be changed or outdated by the time you read it, so, use it as a general reference and contact the vendor for accurate pricing information.

The lack of a free version is one area where Bold Leads lacks compared to rivals. As part of our Bold Leads review, we compared Bold Leads vs Zillow to find out that the latter offers free CRM with lead generation. 

So, how much does Bold Leads cost? The platform is priced at around $269 per month for either buyer or seller leads. If you want both types of leads, the Bold Leads cost nearly doubles at around $500 per month. Keep in mind that these plans do not include ad spending, which is an additional at least $250 per month. Lastly, there is a one-time onboarding fee for all plans, priced at around $200.

The Bold Leads reviews we read suggest that these prices are for 12-month contracts, billed annually. You also have the option to pay monthly, or every six months for a slightly higher price. Keep in mind that Bold Leads requires a minimum of a six-month contract, so regardless of the pricing option you choose, you will have to sign with the company for at least six months. This is another area where the software solution lacks compared to alternatives. Without the option to test it with a free trial or monthly contracts, you might be stuck for six months with it.


Bold Leads Customer Service – Helpful Team Delivering Quick Responses

Bold Leads cares for its customers. Unlike most of its alternatives, the company offers same-day customer support via email, chat, or phone. Many Bold Leads reviews cite the vendor’s lightning-fast response times and a knowledgeable team that can solve any issues.

Bold Leads also offers video, webinars, scripts, and free coaching for all its users. They were designed to help you evolve in your job while learning how to navigate the software. By the time you are done with them, you will be able to use Bold Leads to be more organized, follow up consistently, and be more productive with their scripts for phone calls, emails, and texts.

Last but not least, Bold Leads is always open to positive criticism and new ideas. Many Bold Leads real estate reviews confirm that they are listening to their customers. As a user, you can share your ideas with them or ask for new features.


Is Bold Leads Legit?

Bold Leads has many useful features and automation tools, offering both buyer and seller leads, a high quantity of leads, and an excellent same-day response customer service. Since it’s capable of automating most tasks, you will have a lot of free time to focus on what matters the most – nurturing your leads. The exclusivity features make it a unique solution if you want to be the only agent in your ZIP code.

Bold Leads, however, is not perfect. It’s expensive, and some of the leads you receive might be low-quality. Some Bold Leads reviews also suggest that it lacks more detailed lead information from landing page visitors. The six-month contract minimum and the lack of free version meanwhile obligate you to invest in something without testing it in advance.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the needs of your business and what you can afford. Still, we can safely say that it fits into your budget, you will find a powerful real estate ally in Bold Leads.