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Introduced in 2009, Brilliant Directories has so far helped more than 20,000 organizations turn their ideas into reality and grow their membership database. Quite a few Brilliant Directories reviews describe this software as an intelligent system and a fantastic resource to rely on. To check if the vendor meets industry standards regarding features and pricing, we ran several tests and analyzed numerous reviews. Scroll down for the details.

Key Features
Member dashboard
Bulk member importer
1,000+ settings and features
Website builder
Searchable directory
Monetization tools
  • Directory themes
  • Content publishing
  • Email marketing
  • Payment gateways
  • Web customization is pricey
  • Buggy updates
  • Pricey
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Everything You Need to Create a Monetized Business Directory Model 

Suppose you are a startup or enterprise looking for an efficient way to update your current platform or expand your organization's reach. Multiple Brilliant Directories reviews suggest that this product can be a faithful ally in accomplishing this. Users characterize it as a complete directory software geared up to support organizations in tasks such as member management, content publishing, launching professional directory websites, and monetizing. 


Brilliant Directories Features Overview

Over the years, Brilliant Directory developers have significantly expanded the functionalities of this website building software. Striving to meet the needs of people with no technical background and those looking to replace their older platform with a more modern one, Brilliant Directories offers a string of relevant features. 


Web Page Builder

Launching an online directory website is costly and time-consuming. So, instead of spending 300+ hours on something that has yet to be tested, opting for an established product could be a smarter investment. Many of the positive Brilliant Directories reviews we analyzed come from users who were once failed by programmers and found a solution in this product. 

The built-in web page builder lets you create, edit, and manage your site — even if you have no prior coding experience. The visual editor, operating on the same principle as Microsoft Word, is the only tool you will need to personalize your website. There is also the option to use your own HTML and CSS code to deliver an even more personalized experience. 

Our Brilliant Directories review can confirm that the software features reliable SEO tools that allow both admins and prospective members to play with keywords, titles, and meta descriptions to boost search visibility. And finally, depending on the pricing plan you choose, you get hosting features including SSL certificates, daily backups, a controlled email management system, and login protection.


Brilliant Directories Themes & Directory

The directory setup on the Brilliant Directories platform is praised as easy, quick, and efficient. And given that the product is intended for newbies and experts alike, the developers also provide users the option to bulk import their members.

Whether you are targeting the legal, finance, real estate, the nonprofit sector, you will have no problem finding a suitable theme. Brilliant Directories reviews further show that the professional directory themes are extremely easy to edit. Adding your logo, images, text, and other branding elements is a breeze. Also, all the themes are white-label — Brilliant Directory does not include its branding in the final product. 

With the 60+ Brilliant Directories add ons, you can automate tasks, increase signups, and grow your revenue. For instance, adding the Facebook website chat functionality will bring visitors closer to your business while the Google website translator will make your site available in any language. 

Our review can also confirm that all the themes are 100% mobile-ready. The vendor will even provide you with tips on creating a mobile app for your online directory website within minutes (again, no coding experience required). The Brilliant Directories mobile app is your gateway for extra SEO points and reaching a more diverse audience. 


Member Management

Your clients’ experience begins with the self-service dashboard where they can log in to fill in, check, or change their contact details, publish content, and communicate with other members. As an admin, you personalize the member form fields as per your business's needs and leave it up to your members to do the rest. 

Brilliant Directories reviews further praise the platform’s options for membership privileges and restrictions. Then, once an admin has established their database to be in line with their target audience's capacities, they can choose between 40 different ways of asking members for money. Free, monthly, annual, or semi-annual subscriptions, take your pick — the vendor offers unlimited membership levels, free of charge. 

As a membership management software, several things make Brilliant Directories a successful platform. However, the leading role is played by the searchable directory. Your members’ business listings are easily searchable so visitors can find the right partner for their needs and contact them. Searches can be done by location, keyword, and category. Overall, the platform is Google- and visitor-friendly, but also admin-carefree.


Email Marketing, Newsletters & Social Media Sharing 

Brilliant Directories has more than 40 personalized email marketing templates to be used as welcome emails, account upgrade confirmations, or campaigns. According to Brilliant Directories reviews from users, the internal email marketing system has saved them thousands of dollars. In addition to creating unique email marketing lists to keep their members up to date with the community's latest events, admins can also send newsletters. To further boost your community’s marketing efforts, Brilliant Directories lets you add a link to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to your directory homepage.  


Content Publishing

User reviews praise the ease of publishing almost any type of content. Thanks to the Site-Wide SEO Editor, members don’t need to concern themselves whether their content will stand out in search engines, regardless if it’s a blog post, a photo gallery of products, or artwork. The platform's deals and coupons feature encourages affiliates to register on your site and share their links. Integration with Google Maps helps your visitors find locations easier, creating an even more intuitive browsing experience.


Monetization Tools

As mentioned earlier in this Brilliant Directories review, the vendor offers an abundance of payment options and gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, BluePay, and Authorize.NET.

Brilliant Directories enables you to make passive income with recurring revenue through paid membership. To further boost revenue from advertisers, sponsors and members can place banner ads on their website or make extra money via Google AdSense.

A relatively recent update by Brilliant Directories developers is the lead generation tools feature, recommended for more tech-savvy users. The lead-gen packages can be applied to each theme, and you as an admin get to sell the leads to your members. 


How Much Does Brilliant Directories Cost?

The short answer is between $145 and $1,450, depending on the duration of the plan you choose.

The monthly Brilliant Directories pricing plan comes in at $145 and includes member management, directory features, and monetizing tools, as well as content publishing, email marketing, SEO, and developer tools, website resources, and more. 

At $950 ($79/month), the annual plan will save you 45% of the Brilliant Directories cost. As user reviews indicate, this pricing plan provides all the tools needed for launching a membership website in a matter of days, if not hours.

And lastly, there is the lifetime license pricing plan or “Pay One-Time & Own It For Life” bundle with a price tag of $1,450. It includes a lifetime hosting plan and email support.

Instead of a free trial, the vendor offers a Brilliant Directories demo. Users can access most of the features and test them out on their own “demo” page, which is a great way to see first-hand how the software would work before making a commitment. 


Brilliant Directories Support

The vendor has created a space packed with resources through their Bootstrap portal. The quick-start video tutorials are great for beginners to learn how to set up their page, start a blog, or customize their website design. However, what caught our attention are several Brilliant Directories complaints from users asking the vendor to revise the tutorials to reflect the current software upgrades, so it’s easier for them to work their way around the process. 

There is also a document-rich database containing detailed descriptions of all platform features. The webinar tab is packed with on-demand webinars available for users to watch should they wish to learn some tips and tricks to manage the product better. If these resources are not helpful, the vendor has email support and phone training (for an additional price). And finally, if users need help troubleshooting an issue, they can submit a ticket. 

Our conclusion at this point is that even though a dozen Brilliant Directories complaints were referring to the documentation materials as being difficult to search and providing somewhat vague information, the positive reviews outnumber the complaints. Some of the users even knew the names of the reps who had helped them resolve an issue.


Our Verdict 

This product aims big and appears entirely focused on covering users' needs, starting with web-design and maintenance to member management, monetization, and customization. The fact that it can potentially give you more than what you’d expect from a typical directory website is the reason why it could be a much smarter choice than many Brilliant Directories competitors.

Of course, the price is an issue, especially for entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget. On the other hand, the vendor makes sure each website is competitive and generates substantial traffic. Having explored many Brilliant Directories reviews, we believe this product is a reliable tool for entrepreneurs who wish their plan to succeed from the very start.