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CallRail was launched in 2011 in Atlanta by Andy Powell and Kevin Mann and has since grown to more than 200 passionate and hardworking leaders and contributors. Many CallRail reviews confirm the vendor always puts customers first, so it’s no wonder that more than 150,000 businesses trust the software as their marketing analytics provider. The question is, should you? Read on to find out what this platform can offer for your business.

Key Features
Helpful customer support
Call tracking
Conversation intelligence
Form Tracking
Lead Center
  • A plethora of useful features
  • Great choice of CallRail integrations
  • Seamless integration with CRM
  • Direct integration with Google Analytics
  • Excellent customer support
  • No live chat support option
  • Some products only available in a bundle
  • Call quality reportedly drops during longer calls
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Modern, Intuitive, and Powerful Call Tracking Software Solution

CallRail was specifically designed for data-driven marketers. With features such as call recording, keyword call tracking, call follow-up, email notifications, real-time reporting, and call scheduling, your teams can be much more efficient and productive. It also offers a Visitor Timeline connected to Google Analytics that shows the complete customer journey while optimizing AdWords call tracking campaigns. According to many CallRail reviews, this is one of its most popular features.

Another great feature that makes the platform stand apart from the crowd is the Call Analytics Dashboard which provides in-depth details about all individual calls. The data from the dashboard can be used for better insight into each campaign. It also helps you identify the marketing channels that provide more calls. 


CallRail Products

CallRail offers solutions for agencies, home services, legal services, the healthcare system, and the automotive industry. Its products aim to help you understand how to reach more customers, stay competitive, and how to accelerate the ads, keywords, and campaigns that drive buyers to your business. Below are the products that CallRail offers to help you achieve all this and more.


Call Tracking

Many CallRail reviews confirm that the vendor’s call tracking software is among the leading call tracking solutions in the world. It was built to help you determine how your customers discovered your business, and can also help you optimize your next advertising strategies. The product further delivers real-time data with advanced reporting. Its most notable features include call and text history, web activity, previous call recordings, and detailed caller ID information.


Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence extracts detailed insights from all your calls. You will no longer need to spend hours manually reviewing every call recording. Our CallRail review shows that this product, which delivers a fully automated and in-depth analysis of all calls, is one of the things that make the platform stand apart from most CallRail competitors. You will be able to qualify and rate calls automatically with the help of CallScore, read call transcription with the help of CallScribe, and use Keyword Spotting to target the words you need in your calls.

Conversation Intelligence is not available as a standalone product, however. To gain access, you will need to be subscribed to the Conversation Analytics plan or the Analytics Suite plan. CallRail reviews meanwhile confirm that since Call Recording is available in all plans, users only need to turn it on to start gathering insights.


Form Tracking

Only one line of code will help your business measure which channels, ads, campaigns, and keywords are generating form submissions and phone calls. The code is very light and fast, and won’t affect the speed of your website. CallRail also offers Custom Forms, where you can create the best templates for your website and get exactly the data you need. The drag-and-drop builder makes this process even easier. Some CallRail reviews compare the product to some of the biggest ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads, noting that it offers an unbiased and holistic view. 

Form Tracking is not available as a standalone product either. It’s part of the Marketing Analytics and Analytics Suite bundles so you will have to subscribe to one of them if you want access to this tool.  


Lead Center

The last product in our CallRail review is the Lead Center. It’s an all-in-one platform for outbound and inbound VoIP calls and text messages. The Lead Center can completely replace your phone line since you can interact with your customers directly from there. CallRail launched a new version of the Lead Center in August 2020 that’s still in beta. While you can get a glimpse of the new solution for free, if you don’t already own the old version, you are no longer able to buy it. 

The old version offered tracking calls, texts, and forms, but the new version allows placing and receiving phone calls and text messages while managing leads. CallRail reviews show that the Lead Center is mostly recommended for small businesses, to help them organize and consolidate their interactions with the customers and prospects. It’s practically a combination of a lead management system, a unified communications hub, and a virtual phone system.


CallRail Pricing and Bundles

As already noted in this CallRail review, with the exception of Call Tracking, the vendor doesn’t offer its other products as standalone. You will have to buy an entire bundle even if you need only one of the products. On the plus side, they do offer a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), which is a good thing, since CallkHippo, the most popular CallRail alternative, doesn’t have one. 


Call Tracking

Call Tracking is priced at $45/month and includes 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes, and 100 text messages. The Call Tracking plan also offers the following features:

  • Online and offline call tracking
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Keyword-level attribution
  • Out-of-the-box reporting
  • Email summary reports                                             
  • Custom reporting engine
  • Call recording                                                 
  • CallScore                                                         
  • Keypad scoring
  • Text message scoring
  • Call forwarding                                             
  • Email notifications                                                       
  • Standard call flow builder                                                         
  • Mobile app                                                     
  • Custom agent setup 


Conversation Analytics

Conversation Analytics is priced at $95/month and comes with 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes, 100 text messages, and 10,000 call transcription minutes. The Conversation Analytics plan offers all features from Call Tracking, and:

  • Call transcriptions                                                       
  • Keyword spotting                                                       
  • Automated lead tagging

The plan also includes the Call Tracking and Conversation Intelligence products.


Marketing Analytics

Our CallRail review shows that Marketing Analytics is also priced at $95/month, and comes with 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes, 100 text messages, and 1,000 form submissions. The Marketing Analytics plan further unlocks:

  • Form lead tracking
  • Multi-touch attribution modeling
  • Multi-touch CPL reporting
  • Form scoring

The plan also comes with the Call Tracking and Form Tracking products.


Analytics Suite

Analytics Suite is priced at $145/month and comes with 500 local minutes, 100 text messages, 1,000 form submissions, and 10,000 call transcription minutes. The Analytics Suite has all features from the previous three plans, along with the Call Tracking, Form Tracking, and Conversation Intelligence products. 


Enterprise Plans

Last but not least, CallRail also offers custom pricing for high-volume businesses. Their enterprise plans are flexible, versatile, and affordable. If you want to know more, contact the vendor directly.


Lead Center

As we already mentioned, the new Lead Center is still under development, and there is still no available pricing. Still, since the Beta version is out for testing at the time of writing this CallRail review, we already know the features that will be available with the product. Here is what you can expect from the new and improved Lead Center:

  • Intuitive new design
  • Live chat capability
  • Same inbox for form submissions and chat conversations
  • New CallRail app
  • Option to assign agents to teams and manage agent availability
  • Creating call queues that direct to teams
  • Call monitoring (including whisper and barge monitoring)
  • MMS texting
  • Individual agent voicemail messages
  • Warm and cold call transfers
  • Quick texts
  • Option to mark calls as spam
  • System-level dashboard view organized by the team for quick insights 


CallRail Customer Support

The best thing about the CallRail support is that it offers a knowledge base, and phone and email support for all its users, regardless of the plan. The only area where it lacks compared to its alternatives is that it doesn’t have a live chat. CallRail also has a comprehensive Help Center with articles about all its products. The Help Center has so much information that chances are you will find the answer to most of your questions even without contacting support.

Many CallRail reviews show that users generally rate the CallRail customer service as excellent. We, however, also found comments indicating that if your issue is not very serious, you might have to wait longer than is the case with most CallRail competitors.


Our Verdict

CallRail is feature-rich and has excellent customer service for urgent issues. While there is no free version, its 14-day trial is handy for figuring out if the product will suit your business or not. Then, the CallRail cost falls somewhere in the middle when compared to industry standards, making the software generally affordable. 

On the flip side, some of the vendor’s products can only be purchased within a bundle. Then, several CallRail reviews claim the quality lowers during longer calls (a potential deal-breaker for call tracking software), while some users complain that customer service is slow with noncritical issues.

Still, we believe that CallRail is a good choice for businesses that need advanced call tracking software and look forward to exploring the full potential of the new Lead Center. In any case, if you’re unsure, you can test the software for free and then decide if it’s worth your money.