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CobbleStone is an all-around contract lifecycle management solution that helps users manage all stages of their contracts - from contract requests to renewals. The vendor has over two decades of experience in the industry, and according to users, it brings contract management to the next level. We looked at CobbleStone software reviews, combining user feedback with our in-depth evaluation methodology. Read on to discover the platform’s pros and cons.

Key Features
A complete contract lifecycle management solution
Supports storing unlimited contracts
Excellent choice of document management features
Intuitive workflow builder
  • A user-friendly interface
  • AI-powered data extraction tool
  • Highly configurable solution
  • Native digital signature software
  • Great selection of third-party integrations
  • Available on-premise and in the cloud
  • The wide array of customization options can be overwhelming
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CobbleStone Brings AI-Powered Contract Management and Streamlined Procurement Processes to the Table

CobbleStone leaves spreadsheet-based contract management in the past. Not only that, but it also gives its competitors some food for thought by offering an intuitive AI-based solution with automated workflows, contract templates, and a variety of third-party integrations. The company’s product offering doesn’t end there; the CobbleStone contract management system also offers one of the best procurement solutions and in-house digital signature software.

CobbleStone Contract Management Software

According to Cobblestone contract management software reviews, the vendor can easily win the title of the best contract management software in the industry. The platform offers an impressive level of customization, boasting an incredibly intuitive interface. CobbleStone’s dashboard allows users to add different tiles and customize it to their preferences. We were impressed with the one-click access to active contracts, pending requests, contracts waiting for renewal, and other essential data users can add to their main screen.

The platform’s users further praise the ease of viewing contract data, presented through lists, calendars, websites, and graphs. Using filters to narrow down their search, users can easily see all essential data in one place, including contract IDs, expiration dates, and types. CobbleStone contract management software further lets users easily manage just about any type of contract they want – from vendor and employee contracts to amendments and consulting agreements. As CobbleStone software reviews confirm, the option to create a custom type of contract is available, too.

During our research for this review, it became evident that the vendor perfected contract creation. Plus, there are no limits to the number of contracts you can store in the central contract repository. The contract wizard is a nice addition to the software, making CobbleStone an excellent choice for novices and expert users alike.

CobbleStone CLM further offers an impeccable notification system. The software pulls data from each contract’s date section, sending alerts to users about expiring and contracts pending renewal.

Contract Templates and Clauses

Another aspect of the software that drew in many positive CobbleStone software reviews is the template library. Users can add their default contract documents and sit back as the software automatically generates a contract template based on the type of contract and other rules set by the user. CobbleStone CLM also has an impressive built-in clause library and allows users to add their own contract clauses.

CobbleStone Visdom AI

The AI-based drag-and-drop functionality does wonders when it comes to contract data extraction. The contract management tool allows users to simply drag a document into the specified area and select the data they want to pull from it. CobbleStone contract management software reviews show users like the simplicity of data extraction that comes with Visdom AI. Thanks to this functionality, extracting data, such as contract types, renewal notes, and financial data, are just a click away.

Document Management and Audit Trails

One feature we particularly like about the CobbleStone contract management system is that it integrates with Microsoft Word via the MS Word app. Thanks to this integration, users can easily upload documents directly from Microsoft Word, as well as import their clause library into the app.

Next, users can attach virtually any file type to their contracts from their local or cloud storage. Our CobbleStone contract management software review revealed another platform’s hidden gem, and that is the search functionality. One of the things we noticed users like about it are the various filters that help narrow down searches to a particular department, a contract’s status, or expiration date. Field-based searches, meanwhile, are even more accurate, returning more accurate results more quickly. It’s also worth pointing out that CobbleStone CLM allows users to make PDF and TIFF files searchable with its OCR tool.

The document comparison feature is another neat feature available to Contract Insight users. Thanks to this functionality, users can compare different document versions and easily identify any changes made by other users.

Another highlight we want to emphasize in this CobbleStone contract management software review is the record section, which is automatically generated with each new contract. It provides businesses with audit trails while ensuring security within the organization. Thanks to the platform’s robust user access settings, companies can easily manage permissions, and lock access to files holding sensitive data. Document versioning is supported as well, helping companies have full insight into the entire lifecycle of each contract.

Tasks and Workflows

We continue our CobbleStone software review with the platform’s workflow functionality. Users can easily automate a contract lifecycle by assigning review and approval tasks to other users within their organization.

For instance, they can add multiple review steps to their contracts, and the contract status will automatically update as each user completes their task. Other tasks CobbleStone contract management tool supports include milestones, to-do lists, and deliverables. The visual workflow builder is user-friendly and allows users to create paths and steps according to their requirements.

To help streamline communication, CobbleStone offers chat functionality, which is another plus of using the platform.

CobbleStone Procurement Software

One of the software’s highlights is that the platform’s procurement interface is tucked in within the CLM suite. CobbleStone contract management software reviews testify that users have no trouble adopting the platform's procurement system because the platform’s contract management and procurement features share the same interface.

If we look at the core features of the best procurement software, CobbleStone keeps pace with its competitors. The platform offers all the necessary tools for seamless vendor management by allowing users to create profiles and onboarding templates, add an unlimited number of fields, as well as attach and organize files related to each vendor. The platform keeps all vendor data, including purchase orders and requests, in a single place.

The next point in our CobbleStone software review is the platform’s purchase order add-on. The highly-customizable purchase order requests, much like contract requests, allow users to create workflows and assign review steps to different users within the company. The fact that PO requests can be automated is often praised in user reviews.

One of the features we like about the PO module is that users can assign a yearly budget to their employees. Once a PO request has been approved, the system automatically displays the remaining budget for the users that made the PO request, which helps keep track of company funds and stay on budget.

The platform further lets users easily add items and catalogs, create purchase order templates, and, instead of manually creating PO requests, generate them for contracts.

Another functionality worth noting in our CobbleStone software review is the shopping cart feature. It allows users to shop from their company’s registered vendors and quickly create PO requests. Punchouts, meanwhile, allow users to purchase items from external websites, such as Amazon, which is a nice addition to the PO module.

Solicitation and Bid Management

Creating solicitation records is a process nearly identical to creating contracts. This consistency the CobbleStone contract management solution offers is one of its biggest strengths and essential to making the software suite user-friendly.

According to CobbleStone contract management software reviews, users have warmly welcomed the platform’s pre-built requests for information, quotes, proposals, Dutch auction, and invitations to negotiate.

One of the features we like about CobbleStone’s procurement software is that it offers a vendor rating and scoring system that takes into account various data (such as pricing, quality, recommendations, and so on), helping users choose a vendor more easily.

Using the CobbleStone procurement solution, users also have the option to create online surveys, which streamlines the vendor application process. The submitted data goes through CobbleStone’s vendor-client collaboration portal, allowing vendors to provide detailed information about their company, product offering, and pricing.

According to CobbleStone software reviews, the option to create a contract from a sourcing record is a real time-saver.

Digital Signature Software

Users have three options to choose from when it comes to digital signatures. They can use the platform’s in-house digital signature tool, IntelliSign, while the other two options include industry-leading digital signature software - DocuSign or Adobe Sign.

Reporting and Integrations

The software comes with pre-built reports, but users can easily create custom ones. Another thing we like about CobbleStone Insight is that it can generate reports based on previous searches. The report designer is another way to create reports, offering a high level of customization.

Integrations-wise, CobbleStone offers a solid choice of third-party integrations, including some of the best billing software, cloud storage tools, SSO, and BPO platforms.

CobbleStone Software Support

We continue our CobbleStone contract management software review with the vendor’s customer support options. Getting in touch with the CobbleStone support team is available by email and phone, whereas live chat isn’t an option at this time.

The platform offers a content-rich knowledge base featuring articles and videos. CobbleStone’s YouTube channel is another valuable source of information where users can see different aspects of the platform in action through demo videos.

CobbleStone Software Pricing

If you’re considering trying out CobbleStone, you’ll be happy to know that the vendor offers a 30-day free trial. To help you determine whether this is the right software for you, you can also request a CobbleStone contract management demo.

With the pricing starting at $59/user/month, the vendor offers a great balance between cost and value. However, the feature offer differs depending on the plan you choose - Enterprise, Express, and Workgroup Edition. Get in touch with the vendor to get the full feature list and pricing based on your business requirement.

Our Closing Thoughts

CobbleStone software reviews and our research confirm the contract management platform is without a doubt one of the top solutions the market has to offer. Highly customizable user dashboards, the ease of creating and managing contracts, and robust reporting features all make CobbleStone a brilliant CLM and procurement tool.