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CyberGhost caused some stir on the VPN market with its new ownership, and for a good reason. Kape, the service’s new owner, was reported to have been stacking adware into its downloads, which raised a lot of eyebrows. Be that as it may, the ownership change doesn’t seem to have affected the VPN as much as and it turns out that its security is still at the top of the game. This CyberGhost VPN review aims to dig into the service’s features and see how well it stacks up against other premium VPNs.

Key Features
Beginner-friendly interface
Automatic kill switch
45-day money-back guarantee
No-logs policy
  • Fast P2P-optimized servers on desktop
  • Good value for money
  • Allows manually selecting servers
  • The CyberGhost VPN Premium app
  • Tracks devices used
  • Slower speeds on long-distance servers
  • Doesn’t work in China
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A VPN That Takes Privacy to Heart

Despite worries associated with the service’s new ownership, the research for our CyberGhost review shows that the company walks the extra mile to make its users feel safe online. The vendor has a strict no-logs policy, meaning that your data is not stored so that it can’t be used to trace you. You can also pay for the service with Bitcoin, allowing you to remain anonymous and make sure that not even CyberGhost has access to your payment information.

Optimum Security Features With a No-Logs Policy

As noted at the start of our CyberGhost review, this service is completely safe to use, and further offers some of the premium security features that you won’t find in every VPN you come across.

Premium Encryption

The VPN provider offers 265-bit encryption, which is highly recommended as it means that even if hackers do manage to intercept your data, they still wouldn’t be able to read it. However, you should keep in mind that, like most VPNs out there, CyberGhost does keep some of your information. For starters, it retains some data to analyze how the VPN is being used. This data, however, is deleted every 24 hours and can’t be used to track you. On the other hand, during the research for our CyberGhost review, we found that the VPN stores some of the hardware data to keep track of simultaneous connections. While this is nothing to worry about, if we were to compare this to other premium VPNs, CyberGhost vs NordVPN, for example, this fact would definitely make CyberGhost the inferior VPN.

One of the Best Streaming VPN Choices

One of the best things about CyberGhost is that it unlocks the majority of popular streaming platforms. Our CyberGhost VPN review shows that the VPN could easily hold the title of the best VPN for streaming, as it has optimized servers to easily unlock platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and even Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. Using CyberGhost, Netflix can be easily accessed without losing any speed whatsoever. Additionally, users can unblock some of the most popular Netflix libraries like the UK, US, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, etc. with an average speed of 35 Mbps.

On the other hand, we all know that Amazon Prime Video has been working hard on blocking VPNs lately, but CyberGhost VPN reviews show that our VPN of the day has no problem unblocking it. There’s also one more nice surprise from CyberGhost VPN — Kodi works seamlessly in terms of speed and unlocking addons, earning the company the title of the best VPN for Kodi.

Finally, here’s the list of all the major streaming platforms that CyberGhost VPN also unlocks: Hulu, FuboTV, Crunchyroll, Sling TV, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, HBO Max, Eurosport, Fox Sport, Fox, Comedy Central, NBC, CBC, Globo and Globo Sportv, ESPN+, Yle, Disney+ Hotstar, Foxtel, TF1, Canal+, ORF,, 6play, Zattoo DE, ZDF, ARD, Rai Play, Stan, France TV, RTL, Europe1, and 7TV.

Fairly Fast Speeds on Local Servers

CyberGhost VPN reviews show that our VPN of the day has over 6,400 servers in 90+ countries worldwide. Comparing CyberGhost vs IPVanish, given the latter’s 1,500+ servers, CyberGhost definitely wins this round. It also offers fast speeds and works great on local servers, but unfortunately, has some issues running fast on international servers.

That said, it is fast enough for browsing and streaming even on its slowest servers. Additionally, using CyberGhost VPN, torrenting is also made super easy and effortless, except for a couple of faraway international servers. This, on the other hand, means that you can end up losing up to 33% of your speed when connecting CyberGhost VPN to international servers. While this may sound like a lot, in theory, it doesn’t make much of a difference when browsing the internet but can be very important for streaming in HD. 

Our CyberGhost review has also shown that in terms of speed and international connectivity, the VPN is definitely not the best choice for a VPN out there, but keep in mind that it works like a charm when connected to local servers or when you’re simply browsing the internet. The VPN is not that reliable for gaming seeing as how its speed results are disappointing — almost all of the servers end up having a terrible ping rate.

Compatible With All Major Platforms

Our CyberGhost review wouldn’t be complete without us checking the service’s device compatibility. It’s safe to say that the VPN is compatible with all major platforms, but you may need to use a CyberGhost extension to connect it to Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation because there is no way to install a CyberGhost app on these devices.

However, the VPN is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, smart TVs, etc. You can also use it for Amazon Fire TV with the CyberGhost FireStick. It’s compatible with Firefox, Chromebook, Chrome, Kodi, Roku, Synology NAS, Vu+SOLO2, etc. CyberGhost reviews, however, show that the VPN doesn’t offer an app for Chromebook, but can be easily accessed via the CyberGhost Chrome browser extension. Speaking of extensions, you can also get the CyberGhost proxy for free on the Chrome Web Store.

To sum it up, compared to other top VPNs on the market, CyberGhost vs PIA, for example, CyberGhost VPN offers just as much as other VPNs in terms of device compatibility. Additionally, you get almost all the same features on mobile as you do on desktop — ad blockers, WiFi protection, and even split tunneling for Android.

Up to 7 Simultaneous Connections

During our research for this CyberGhost VPN review, it became evident that one of the possible downfalls is that the provider allows up to 7 simultaneous connections. In comparing CyberGhost vs SurfShark, the latter is a more tempting option for those looking for VPN for multiple devices, as it doesn’t have any limits on the number of simultaneous connections. Meanwhile, CyberGhost reviews point to other companies on the market that offer less, i.e., VyprVPN, which supports only five simultaneous connections.

Solid Knowledge Base & Friendly Support

The CyberGhost customer support website offers helpful guides and extensive articles on how to set up and use your VPN. It also offers an FAQ section with answers to just about anything you might want to know. And if this doesn’t cut it, you can contact the support team via email, submit a request directly on the website, or chat with the team via live help chat. The team usually responds in a couple of hours (sometimes even sooner) and they are generally friendly and eager to help.


We’re slowly wrapping up our CyberGhost VPN review with what everyone was wondering about — the pricing plans. Is there a CyberGhost free trial? Do you get a CyberGhost refund if you end up deciding against the VPN? Read on to find out.

Just as is the case with other premium VPNs such as ExpressVPN or IPVanish, CyberGhost offers a money-back guarantee and three types of payment plans. However, in a CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN face-off, our VPN of the day would take the lead with its 45-day money-back guarantee for yearly plans and a 14-day money-back guarantee for the monthly subscription.

So, a monthly subscription will set you back about $14/month, while the CyberGhost VPN Plus yearly plan costs $3.80/month. However, since the CyberGhost reviews show that this plan does not include an antivirus, privacy guard, or a security updater, you may opt for the CyberGhost VPN Extra yearly plan that includes those three features and will set you back around $4.80/month. Finally, you can also go for the CyberGhost Lifetime plan that includes getting the 3-year plan plus two months free for $2.75/month.

Our Verdict

CyberGhost’s main features, like the automatic kill-switch or the manual server selection, make it a great VPN, especially for people who have never used this type of service before. That said, as already mentioned in our CyberGhost VPN review, the VPN provider could use some work in terms of its international servers’ speed. However, it is a good value for money and might be a great VPN choice for you if you don’t mind slower speeds on faraway servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CyberGhost safe?

CyberGhost offers military encryption with a strict no-logs policy, making it a safe choice for a VPN. CyberGhost VPN reviews show that it is one of the safest VPN choices you could opt for.

Is CyberGhost a good VPN?

All things considered, CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPNs in the world for a number of reasons — it’s safe to use, it’s fairly cheap, it’s compatible with all major devices and platforms, etc. Additionally, the CyberGhost support is one of the best ones you’ll come across. 

Who owns CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost VPN was bought by Kape Technologies back in 2017.

Is CyberGhost free?

No, it is not free but the VPN provider does offer great deals. In most cases, you will be able to get a CyberGhost discount for yearly subscriptions, and even get a refund if you find that the VPN doesn’t meet your needs. 

Does CyberGhost keep logs?

As we previously mentioned in our CyberGhost VPN review, the VPN has a strict no-logs policy. 

Is CyberGhost good for torrenting?

CyberGhost is a good torrenting choice in most cases but it may be a bit flaky on faraway servers. 

Can CyberGhost unblock Netflix?

Along with 35+ other streaming platforms, CyberGhost can also unlock Netflix.

Does CyberGhost work with Amazon Prime?

CyberGhost works with Amazon Prime and can also be accessed on a wide range of devices.