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Founded in 2001, InMotion, Inc. is an established name in the web hosting industry that promises great performance, reliable support, and affordable plans. We conducted in-depth research taking into account dozens of InMotion Hosting reviews on the web to discover whether this company delivers quality or gets by on reputation.

Key Features
Free dedicated IP
90-day money-back guarantee
Excellent security features
Max Speed Zone™
99.9% Uptime
Free backups
  • Dependable uptime
  • Unlimited storage and emails
  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • Excellent customer support
  • Lack of Windows servers
  • High renewal prices
  • Account activation isn’t instant
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Quality Web Hosting with Dependable Uptime & Amazing Perks

InMotion is among the veteran website hosting services on the market. It offers a wide variety of solutions with excellent features included for free. They also capitalize on performance and scalability, delivering an unbeatable experience. Let’s take a look at the most notable InMotion features. 



Guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, InMotion meets the expectations of keeping users satisfied. As noted in several InMotion reviews, the uptime is indeed strong and users consider the hosting provider reliable. Many reviewers have recorded uptimes of over 99.98% with some reporting even 100%. 

To ensure the best performance and fast loading times, the vendor has datacenters placed at Internet Exchange Points on both coasts of America. The servers also respond fast to requests outside the US. Further supporting top performance, InMotion web host uses SSDs at all levels, boosting the loading speeds by 40%. 

InMotion’s exclusive Max Speed Zones meanwhile allow you to choose your data center location. Within these zones, the website can run up to six times faster. The Max Speed Zones, however, are available only for the Business Hosting and VPS solutions. 


Free Migration

Migrating your site to InMotion Hosting is fast and hassle-free. There are a bunch of articles that can guide you through the process so you can do it yourself. If you still need help, all dedicated servers come with a free launch assist which includes a time window of 2-4 hours in which the admins can transfer your content. The team transfers the content while keeping the servers in operation. 

If the migration case requires more time, the admins will provide additional managed hosting hours to complete the task. Reviews of InMotion hosting migration highlight the users’ satisfaction with this service. We found dozens of clients who have experienced a smooth transition with no downtime whatsoever.  


One-Click App Installation

The Softaculous Installer is a powerful platform that enables one-click installation of over 400 CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, blogging tools, as well as many ecommerce solutions like OpenCart and PrestaShop, as well as popular WordPress plugins including Jetpack and WooCommerce. 


Premium Site Builder

BoldGrid is the vendor’s premium site builder built on top of WordPress which is available to users for free with the shared business plans. This is something that not many hosting providers offer. For example, A2 Hosting offers a site builder with great features at an additional price that ranges from $2.99 to $18.99. Though many A2 Hosting reviews confirm the robustness and versatility of the builder, it’s worth noting that you’ll get the same with InMotion except for free. 

BoldGrid combines the flexibility of WordPress with an extremely intuitive UI. Boasting a drag-and-drop editor and a bunch of customizable themes, BoldGrid is beginner-friendly and suitable for people with no coding experience. InMotion hosting also grants you complete ownership of the site you’ve built.

The web builder includes a staging environment. You can easily create an InMotion hosting staging site, use it to make changes on it, and only when you’re happy with the results, deploy the changes to the live site. 


Free Domain

This is one of the few web hosting providers that offer a free domain. InMotion Hosting reviews show that users appreciate this feature, especially since other vendors either don’t offer this feature or they offer it at an additional price. We also noted that users praise the easy and quick process — you just have to pick a name that is available, choose a plan of your liking, and launch your site.  

If you have a domain name from another provider, InMotion web hosting makes it possible for you to transfer it without fuss. It should be noted that you’ll need to sign up for 12- or 24-month hosting plans to get a free domain or transfer an existing one for free. Still, it’s well worth it. 


90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In-Motion Hosting offers generous 90-day money-back guarantee on the six-months long VPS, shared, and reseller hosting packages. The month-to-month VPS, dedicated, shared, and reseller hosting plans are eligible for a 30-day money-back. To cancel your account, you need to contact support. InMotion reviews on the web say the team is helpful and doesn’t question your decision. 


Green Server Technology

InMotion is one of the few hosts that has invested in eco-friendly technology. Actually, their LA data center was the first-ever green datacenter. By using the advanced Outside Air Cooling technology they cut cooling costs by 70% and reduce the carbon output by over 2,000 tons per year. When comparing InMotion vs GreenkGeeks, the latter is clearly a winner in terms of eco-friendliness but we appreciate InMotion’s efforts too. 


Straightforward Onboarding but Long Verification Process 

It’s pretty straightforward to choose a plan and set up an account. You will be prompted to select a free domain or use an existing one. Then you can opt to install WordPress, PrestaShop, or other CMS. 

New customers, however, need to be verified by phone which means no instant access to the account. There’s no guarantee how long the verification process will take. According to InMotion Hosting reviews, the usual time frame is 30 minutes to one hour. This is all for security purposes but can be frustrating for many users.  


Premium Security for Free  

InMotion offers free automated backup. The system handles the entire process, leaving the users to focus on more important things. As part of our review, we compared InMotion Hosting vs HostGator to see which excels in security. HostGator reviews reveal that security features are basic and users who want more advanced protection against malware, hacking, and DDoS need to purchase a security add-on (SiteLock) which will significantly increase the cost of the hosting plan. The winner in this comparison is InMotion which includes great security features in all plans. 

The backup service is free for websites under 10GB and those users can request data restoration in AMP. There’s also the option to take control over your backups and restorations with Backup Manager. 

A free SSL certificate signed by Comodo is provided through the InMotion Hosting cPanel enabling you to add an extra layer of protection. You can opt for a free SSL certificate or purchase one for $99.99/year, with a $25 installation fee including a dedicated IP address.

The vendor also uses the Patchman tool to provide hack protection. This preventative tool is great and, as many InMotion Hosting reviews on the web show, having it for free is an added bonus. Webmasters with WordPress sites can use the Sucuri Security plugin to scan for malware and other security risks. There’s also the option to subscribe to McAfee spam and virus protection for email accounts at an additional fee. 

Probably the most notable security feature is the partnership between InMotion Hosting and Corero Network Security which offers the unique Smartwall Threat Defense System (TDS) — a suite of DDoS protection tools that detect and eliminate brute force and DDoS attacks in real-time. 


Competent Support & Rich Knowledgebase

The InMotion support is available via phone, live chat, and Skype. Our InMotion Hosting review yielded positive results. We confirmed that they really provide reliable and fast support, and the team is experienced, responsive, and knowledgeable. Users dub the InMotion Hosting support as outstanding and second to none. Many reviews on the web testify about the competence and agility of support reps. Only a few users have reported longer-than-usual waiting times, usually in extreme cases that require critical issues resolved. 

If you’re more of a self-help person, you’ll find useful resources in the knowledge base and Q&A section, including guides and tutorials with good content quality.


InMotion Pricing Overview

Overall, InMotion Hosting is considered to be on the more affordable side. However, the lower prices are valid for 2-year signups. This means that if you opt for a shorter contract term, you’ll pay more. New users also get an introductory InMotion Hosting discount of up to 60% off depending on the plan. 

The renewal prices, however, aren’t cheap. All in all, InMotion might not be the cheapest hosting provider but it’s well worth it. As you’ll see below in our InMotion review of the plans and pricing, you get great value for money, enjoying great features with additional perks and freebies. 


InMotion Hosting Plans & Pricing

After reviewing the key features of InMotion, it’s time to dive deeper and reveal all plans this vendor offers. We provide you with an overview of the features and perks included, the potential downsides, as well as the pricing details. 


Shared Hosting

Some InMotion Hosting complaints on the web refer to the speed of shared plans. It should be noted that this is a common issue with shared servers. As you’ll see below, the vendor offers great features and reliability. 

Shared hosting users can manage their account via cPanel. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to handle and configure email accounts, domain file paths, DNS settings, PHP settings, server metrics, backups, SSL certificates, and more. 

Securing a developer-friendly environment, InMotion lets you build your website using a variety of languages including Python, PHP, Ruby, and MySQL. More advanced users can use SSH to go through tasks that can’t be completed in cPanel and speed up the server management tasks like running commands, monitoring logs, and restarting services. All data is encrypted, preventing third-party users from gaining access to sensitive information. 

WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) comes pre-installed on the shared hosting accounts which grants you the right to manage the WP websites via SSH and maintain them without a web browser. 


Shared Hosting Pricing

Lite is InMotion’s most affordable plan. It comes in at an introductory price of $2.49/month. After the initial discount, the package costs $7.49/month. It includes one website, 10GB SSD storage, one email account, and 100MB email storage.

Designed to provide a perfect start to online businesses, Launch costs $4.99/month ($9.99/month after the introductory period). It supports two websites, 50GB SSD storage, 10 email accounts, and 500MB InMotion Hosting email storage. 

Power is the package you want if you are dealing with heavy traffic. At $7.99/month ($13.99/month after the first billing cycle), this package supports 50 websites, 100GB SSD storage, 50 email accounts, and 10GB email storage. 

Pro is the plan that ensures maximum performance and speed. It’s ideal for complex sites as it supports 100 websites, 200GB SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, and 20GB email storage. Its monthly price is $12.99 with a 66% introductory discount included or $22.99/month after the promotional period. 


Dedicated Hosting

Equipped with a Single or Dual processor with SSDs, the dedicated hosting enables reliability, flexibility, and scalability. InMotion web hosting reviews further point to high-level security — from installing security patches to proactively checking for updates on limited security risks. 

InMotion Hosting uses multiple top tier bandwidth providers to ensure reliability — if one goes down, you will be automatically switched to another thanks to the smart routing technology. The company provides a two-hour hardware replacement guarantee which means that any faulty hardware would be replaced within two hours of notifying the support team. 

The cPanel meanwhile comes packed with the latest and most stable features and WHM. 

The vendor’s IT professionals provide free launch assist, helping you with site migration, server security setup, app installation, or website caching. 


Dedicated Hosting Pricing

To provide a comprehensive InMotion web hosting review, we compared several dedicated hosting providers only to find out that the vendor offers very competitive prices. For example, GreenGeeks reviews revealed low value for money — the entry server is $169/month for just 2GB RAM — but this is not the case with InMotion. 

Essential costs $169.99/month but with the 18% promotional discount, you’ll pay $139.99/month. It includes 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB SSD, 6TB data transfer, five free IPs, and two hours of launch assist.

Advanced is the plan that provides the best value. At $189.99/month ($229.99/month after the promo period), you get 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD Primary, 10TB data transfer, ten free IPs included, and two hours of launch assist. 

Elite costs $259.99/month with 13% discount. The package supports 64GB DDR4 RAM, 1x1TB SSD OS Drive, 2x1TB SSD Secondary, 12TB data transfer, 15 free IPs included, and two free hours of launch assist. 

CC-500’s monthly price is $399.99 ($350.99 with 12% off). It includes 16GB ECC DDR3 RAM, 2x500GB SSD, 15TB data transfer, 15 free IPs, and four hours of launch assist. 

CC-1000 includes 32GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 2X1TB SSD, 15TB data transfer, 15 free IPs, and four hours of launch assist for a monthly price of $469.99 (or $424.49 with 10% discount).  

CC-2000 comes with 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 3X1TB SSD, 15TB data transfer, 15 free IPs, and four free hours of launch assist. The monthly price is $569.99/month (or $529.49/month with 7% off).

InMotion also offers customizable dedicated servers with tailored solutions to fit your performance needs and budget. 


InMotion WordPress Hosting

Our InMotion WordPress hosting review revealed this solution is great in terms of performance and reliability. You can start a new website with pre-installed WordPress and the free WP page builder, or get your existing site migrated to InMotion for free. The WP-2000s plan and higher have premium WordPress Jetpack included — a suite of themes and plugins that make it easier to create appealing websites that adhere to the latest web design standards. 

With free SSD storage with custom-configured NGINX stack, in-house caching system, PHP 7, and other custom improvements, InMotion’s WordPress hosting is 10X faster than its shared counterpart.

The hack and malware prevention provides top-notch security scanning and patching the files for malware and other vulnerabilities. Additionally, there’s the web app firewalls, automatic backups, and DDoS protection. 

The vendor’s system can handle tedious tasks like WordPress core updates. You can automate plugin and theme updates, schedule backups to occur before every update, and automatically roll back to previous versions if an error occurs during the update process.

InMotion reviews show that users love the easy domain registration process, the WordPress synchronization, beginner-friendly solutions, and that they have everything needed under one roof. 

But how does it stack against other WordPress website hosting providers? An InMotion vs Bluehost comparison shows that both vendors excel in WordPress hosting. However, as noted in Bluehost reviews, this is what the users call “the ultimate WordPress platform”. Recommended by WordPress itself, Bluehost offers a wealth of WP-focused features aimed at helping users unlock the full potential of this CMS. 


InMotion WordPress Hosting Pricing

Our InMotion hosting review shows that the platform offers six WP hosting options all of which include a WordPress Optimized Stack which refers to the operational infrastructure of software and hardware that ensure exceptional load times and options for scalability. 

Also, the packages include access to BoldGrid. The first three plans require a two-year commitment for the lower price, while the other three plans require just a single year.

The most affordable option is WP-1000S whose regular price is $7.99/month ($4.99% with 37% off). Suitable for sites with approximately 20,000 monthly visitors, the plan supports one website and has 50GB SSD storage.

WP-2000S is perfect for two sites with about 50,000 monthly visitors. It ups the WP-1000S with 100GB SSD storage and access to Jetpack Personal (CDN, daily backups, social media integration, 100+ WP themes, auto spam filtering, and more). Its regular price is $10.99/month ($7.99 with a 27% discount).

Designed for growing businesses and developers, WP-3000S costs $13.99/month ($10.99/month with the introductory 21% discount). It supports three websites, 150GB SSD storage, and provides a dedicated Opcode Cache Pool which ensures that parts of the website’s code are stored and can be rendered by using those parts and not by compiling the entire code, speeding up the site and saving CPU time. 


InMotion Hosting VPS Options

InMotion is considered to be one of the best VPS hosting providers, delivering excellent performance and security. The VPS hosting plans come with 10X faster CentOS and NGINX software configurations. 

Additionally, all plans include free server management which means free cPanel and WHM license, ecommerce optimization, optional root access, SSH access, custom policy firewall, and an unlimited number of supported email accounts.

Our InMotion Hosting VPS review revealed that the cloud-powered infrastructure which provides a real-time redundancy is what truly sets InMotion VPS apart. This means that if an error occurs on your server, the virtualization solution (Virtuozzo, built on top of OpenVZ) will spin up the site to a new server within the same cluster.

Additionally, you can schedule snapshots once a day or before making changes on the server or website to make a copy of your container as it is in a given moment. 


InMotion Hosting VPS Pricing

InMotion has three VPS hosting plans, starting with VPS-1000HA-S that comes in at $64.99 (or $22.99 with 64% new customer discount). It includes 75GB storage, 4GB RAM, and 4TB bandwidth. 

VPS-2000HA-S offers 6GB RAM, 5TB bandwidth, and 150GB storage for $104.99/month ($34.99 for first time users).

VPS-3000HA-S costs $184.99/month ($54.99/month for new users) and includes 260GB storage, 6TB bandwidth, and 8GB RAM. 

As noted in many InMotion Hosting reviews, the VPS hosting plans are relatively inexpensive and provide a huge upgrade from shared hosting. Some users have noted that both the price and performance provided by InMotion VPS hosting are unbeatable. 

We’ve also noted that users love the flexibility of the plans. On the other hand, what users don’t like is that they need to use multiple account logins to manage different VPS products but they have reported the company is already working on a solution. Either way, this is not a deal-breaker, considering the service’s benefits. 


InMotion Reseller Hosting

This is a top choice if you want to get in the hosting game without worrying about bandwidth. All plans are fully managed and come with a free WHMCS license and cPanel, making it easy to manage the clients. Assisted setup and migration are also available — the launch assistants will ease the onboarding process and handle the setup. 

Users appreciate the packages’ flexibility. You can use the resources to support as many clients as you need without any limitation on the number of client sites. 


Reseller Hosting Pricing

For our InMotion Hosting review we saw that all reseller hosting plans include support for unlimited domains/websites, advanced management, and security features, PHP 5 and PHP 7, uMySQL & PostgreSQL databases, fast CGI, RoR, PerL, Python, cURL, CPAN, GD, ImageMagick, unlimited email accounts, as well as multiple cPanel accounts. The tiers differ in the amount of storage and bandwidth, the number of free dedicated IPs, and cPanel accounts.

  • R-1000S — $29.99/month (or $15.39/month for new users) for 80GB disk space, 800GB bandwidth, one free dedicated IP address, and 25 cPanel accounts
  • R-2000S — $39.99/month (or $21.99/month for first-time users) for 120GB disk space, 1,200GB bandwidth, one dedicated IP address, and 50 cPanel accounts
  • R-3000S — $57.99/month (or $30.24 with an introductory discount) for 160GB disk space, 1,600GB bandwidth, one free dedicated IP address, and 80 cPanel accounts

The reseller VPS plans provide better performance and reliability, powered with SSDs, a High-Availability feature, live-state snapshot, white labeling, and root-level access. 

  • VPS-1000S — $59.99/month (or $46.64/month with a 22% introductory discount) for 4GB RAM, 4TB Bandwidth, 75GB disk space, three IP addresses, and five cPanel accounts
  • VPS-2000 — $99.99/month (or $67.84 with 32% off for new users) for 6GB RAM, 150GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth, 4 IP addresses, and 5 cPanel accounts
  • VPS-3000 — $169.99/month (or $94.94/month for new users) for 8GB RAM, 6TB bandwidth, 260GB disk space, 5 IP addresses, and 5 cPanel accounts


The Verdict

Designed for growing businesses, InMotion offers a great set of features and excellent support. As confirmed by InMotion Hosting reviews on the web, the hosting solutions are reliable, with fast servers, unlimited disk space, and dependable uptime. While it can get pricey after the introductory discount, it provides excellent value for money. Keep in mind though that InMotion is a Linux-based server so if you need a Windows server, this is not the provider you need.