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InterServer has been offering affordable hosting solutions since 1999. Initially focused on reselling web hosting, the company expanded to offer VPS, dedicated, and shared hosting. All plans come with an extensive suite of features and an emphasis on technical perfection. They ensure optimal performance and dependable uptime, as well as professional support around the clock. Curious to see how it stacks up against rivals, we conducted an in-depth InterServer review. Read on for our findings.

Key Features
Unlimited domains
Unlimited storage & transfer
Free website migration
SitePad website builder
Price-lock guarantee
Excellent support
  • Strong uptime
  • Good speed
  • Price-lock guarantee
  • Robust security
  • Non-intuitive website
  • Not ideal for large traffic
  • Limited money-back guarantee policy

Reliable Hosting Services at Affordable Prices

Many users come to for the low prices and stay for the quality the company offers. While Interserver reviews indicate that there’s room for improvement, generally, the platform offers amazing features at low prices. Let’s take a look at the most notable ones.


Redundant Data Servers

The company’s main data centers are located in New Jersey, and all their components are fully redundant. They have on-site security around the clock and implement enterprise-grade redundancy — all dedicated servers are secured with SuperMicro equipment in Tier 3 and 4 facilities. Additionally, all facilities are climate-controlled, making sure that the temperature and humidity are optimal for the hardware. 


Robust Network

During our InterServer review research, we learned that the company has a robust network powered by 10 Gbps Ethernet and connected to several Tier 1 IP providers. It also uses routing and switching equipment by Cisco, Riverstone, and Extreme Networks, ensuring maximum performance. The BGPv4 routing protocol along with the N+1 network upgrade policy ensure fast routing with the lowest latency. Compared to Hostinger, InterServer wins in terms of speed. Hostinger reviews show that even the speed of the premium servers isn’t up to the expected level. 


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

InterServer provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If they fail to keep their promise, all clients will get credits of up to 50% off the month’s cost of the chosen hosting plan. According to InterServer reviews, uptime is the main reason why businesses trust this hosting provider. 


SitePad Site Builder

SitePad is not as robust as the top-ranked site builders on the market but it does a good job. You can choose from more than 300 slick themes and customize the site by adding text, graphic, and other elements.  


Free Migration

The free migration for the cPanel servers is another notable feature. All migrated sites are examined for malware and if anything is found, it’s cleaned manually. 


Access to 450+ Free Scripts offers over 450 free scripts for Linux hosting only. Additionally, there are more than 150 scripts for Windows hosting as well. 


Tight Security

Many InterServer hosting reviews indicate that users love the company’s robust security features. First of all, there’s free SSL and automated weekly backups included with all plans. 

The proprietary InterShield tool meanwhile provides multiple layers of protection against malware. This tool is included in all plans, which is surprising considering that many hosting providers would either include basic security features or try to upsell you a premium defense option.

Additionally, you have access to the ModSecurity application firewall, as well as Imunify360, the automated security solution with multi-layer defense architecture for Linux based web servers. 

Another notable security feature is the PHPmmdrop which limits the actions website code and scripts can take when running a server. Last but not the least, the Guaranteed Email Delivery means each email will be checked against a database of known spam signatures before it gets delivered. 


Reliable and Responsive InterServer Support

From the reviews on the web and our own experience with InterServer, it’s clear that the company has a great support team. They are available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email. Fast, responsive, and knowledgeable, the customers praise the team’s ability to quickly sort any issue. 


Money-Back & Price-Lock Guarantee

With web hosting providers having a tendency to renew the plans at a higher rate than the introductory offer, InterServer’s price-lock guarantee is refreshing. This means that you’ll always pay the same monthly fee as when you sign up. offers the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting accounts only. The InterSever VPS, dedicated, and quick server plans aren’t eligible for a refund after the server has been deployed. 


InterServer Hosting Plans & Pricing

Our review covers the platform’s different solutions in detail. From shared to dedicated hosting, there’s something for everyone’s budget.  


Standard Web Hosting

The standard InterServer web hosting is the perfect option for sites that are just taking off and deal with light traffic. The default OS is CloudLinux, and all plans include unlimited ULTRA SSD storage, global content caching, unlimited FTP accounts, access to 450+ cloud apps, free SSL certificates, InterInsurance, and InterShield protection for free. 

Additionally, you get access to advanced email features like Guaranteed Email Delivery, unlimited forwarders, WebMail access, spam filtering, and outgoing SMTP. You don’t get a free domain, but you can buy one at a discounted price of $7.99/year. 

As all plans come with the same features, they only differ in terms of the billing period:

  • Month-to month payment — $5/month 
  • 6 months — $28.50 ($4.75/month)
  • Yearly — $54 (4.50/month)
  • 2 years — $102 ($4.25/month)
  • 3 years — $144 ($4.00/month)


Dedicated Hosting

Highly praised in InterServer dedicated server reviews, these packages allow you to completely customize the server’s hardware with a wide range of resources. You can choose the plan based on your server’s CPU/hard drive/memory combination, OS, and GUI-based control panel. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll get 5 IP addresses, a transfer rate of 10TB, 100MB or 1GB port, and free data migration. 

  • Xeon E3-1230v2 (4 cores) — from $80/month — 8GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • Xeon E3-1230v3 (4 cores) — starts at $85/month — 8GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • Xeon E3-1230 v6 (4 cores) — from $99/month — 16GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • Xeon E3-1230v5 (4 cores) — $110/month — 16GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • Xeon D-1541 (8 cores) — starts at $145/month — 8GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • 2 x Six-Core E5-2620 (12 cores) — starts from $165/month — 8GB memory drive and 2,000GB hard drive
  • AMD EPYC 7402P (24 cores) — starts at $199/month — 128GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • Xeon E5-2678v3 (24 cores) — from $210/month — 128GB memory and 2,000GB hard drive
  • 2 x Xeon Silver 4110 (16 cores) — starts from $270/month — 32GB memory and 2,000 GB hard drive


Reseller Hosting

No InterServer hosting review could go without a detailed analysis of the reseller plans. There are five different options for reseller web hosting differing in the amount of disk space appointed and the maximum amount of bandwidth you and your affiliates are allowed to use. All five InterServer reseller packages include access to one-click apps, Web Host Manager, unlimited domains, and MySQL databases running on SSDs. 

Additionally, you get all features included in the Standard Web Hosting plans. An important thing to note is that InterServer also provides daily backups. Getting private DNS servers would cost you an extra $3/month, and you’ll have to pay another $3/month if you decide to purchase a unique IP address. 

  • RS One — $19.95/month — 80GB disk space, 500GB monthly bandwidth, and 20 cPanel accounts
  • RS Two — $29.95/month — 100GB disk space, 700GB monthly bandwidth, and 30 cPanel accounts
  • RS Three — $39.95/month — 160GB disk space, 1,000GB monthly bandwidth, 40 cPanel accounts
  • RS Four — $49.95/month — 200GB disk space, 1,300GB monthly bandwidth, and 50 cPanel accounts
  • RS Five — $69.95/month — 240GB disk space, 2,000 GB monthly bandwidth, and 70 cPanel accounts


Cloud VPS 

Our InterServer VPS review revealed that all of the provider’s plans are affordable and reliable with top-notch speed. They provide high-level resources customization including the CPU cores, storage, memory, and transfer. You get root access with the hosting that grants you full control. The KVM, Virtuozzo, Openvz, and Hyper-v virtualization platforms ensure top-notch security. 

Additionally, the Virtual Machine containers prevent your workload from being accessible by other VPS of the same node. Remote backup service, development features, multiple database options (MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) are also available. Managed support is offered when you purchase 4 slices or more.

  • 1 core, 2.48GB memory, 30GB SSD storage, and 1TB transfer — $6/month
  • 2 cores, 4.96GB memory, 60GB SSD storage, and 2TB transfer — $12/month
  • 3 cores, 6.14GB memory, 90GB SSD storage, and 3TB transfer — $18/month
  • 4 cores, 8.19GB memory, 120GB SSD storage, and 4TB transfer — $24/month
  • 5 cores, 10.24GB memory, 150GB SSD storage, and 5TB transfer — $30/month
  • 6 cores, 12.28GB memory, 180GB SSD storage, and 6TB transfer — $36/month 
  • 7 cores, 14.33GB memory, 210GB SSD storage, and 7TB transfer — $42/month
  • 8 cores, 16.38GB memory, 240GB SSD storage, and 8TB transfer — $48/month
  • 9 cores, 18.43GB memory, 270GB SSD storage, and 9TB transfer — $54/month
  • 10 cores, 20.4 GB memory, 300GB SSD storage, and 10TB transfer — $60/month
  • 11 cores, 22.52GB memory, 330GB SSD storage, and 11TB transfer — $66/month
  • 12 cores, 24.57GB memory, 360GB SSD storage, and 12TB transfer — $72/month
  • 13 cores, 26.62GB memory, 390GB SSD storage, and 13TB transfer — $78/month
  • 14 cores, 28.67GB memory, 420GB SSD storage, and 14TB transfer — $84/month
  • 15 cores, 30.72GB memory, 450GB SSD storage, and 15TB transfer — $90/month
  • 16 cores , 32.76GB memory, 480GB SSD storage, and 16TB transfer — $96/month


WordPress Hosting

Supercharged with 20X faster SSD disk drives, InterServer provides high-performance storage that ranges from 30 GB to 240 GB. The latest versions of Python, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and Perl come pre-installed, but you can further customize the server with more Linux-based applications, OS components, or server software. With full root access, you get complete control to optimize your hosting experience. 

InterServer pricing plans for WordPress hosting are the same as the ones for cloud VPS hosting. 


Windows VPS

The Windows VPS hosting plan provides great speed, stability, and flexibility. You can easily customize your resources in terms of memory, CPU cores, storage, and transfer and only pay for what you use. The Plesk control panel allows you to manage multiple sites, run updates, and onboard new prospects. You can also integrate tools like NodeJS, CloudLinux, Let’s Encrypt, Git, and Cloudflare. Regular backup is provided through the Aronis backup service at an additional fee starting at $4.50/month for a virtual machine plus $0.05 per GB of storage space. 

Here is a rundown of InterServer’s Windows VPS pricing plans:

  • 1 core, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD storage, 2TB transfer — $10/month
  • 2 cores, 4GB memory, 60GB SSD storage, 3TB transfer — $20month
  • 3 cores, 6GB memory, 90GB SSD storage, 4TB transfer — $30/month
  • 4 cores, 8GB memory, 120GB SSD storage, 4TB transfer — $40/month
  • 5 cores, 10GB memory, 150GB SSD storage, 5TB transfer — $50/month
  • 6 cores, 12GB memory, 180GB SSD storage, 6TB transfer — $60/month
  • 7 cores, 14GB memory, 210GB SSD storage, 7TB transfer — $70/month
  • 8 cores, 16GB memory, 240GB SSD storage, 8TB transfer — $80/month
  • 9 cores, 18GB memory, 270GB SSD storage, 9TB transfer — $90/month
  • 10 cores, 20GB memory, 300GB SSD storage, 10TB transfer — $100/month 
  • 11 cores, 22GB memory, 330GB SSD storage, 11TB transfer — $110/month
  • 12 cores, 24GB memory, 360GB SSD storage, 12TB transfer — $120/month 
  • 13 cores, 26GB memory, 390GB SSD storage, 13TB transfer — $130/month
  • 14 cores, 28GB memory, 320GB SSD storage, 14TB transfer — $140/month 
  • 15 cores, 30GB memory, 450GB SSD storage, 15TB transfer — $150/month 
  • 16 cores, 32GB memory, 480GB SSD storage, 16TB transfer — $160/month


ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET hosting is designed to meet the specific technical and security requirements of the respective framework. During our research for this InterServer review, we discovered that the plans are the same as the ones for Standard Web Hosting — you get unlimited storage, email, and data transfer, and free web migration. Advanced email features, a free SSL certificate, and discounted domain registration are also provided with the plans. The only downside is that you can host a maximum of 25 sites. 


Additional Services

InterServer hosting offers some extras that go beyond the traditional offerings of even some of the best web hosting companies. 


Email Hosting reviews show that users appreciate the email hosting option, which lets you create business emails. Starting at $4/month, you get access to all the essential email features including Outlook, webmail, and mobile access, 25GB mailboxes, as well as unlimited aliases, group lists, and forwarding. The Premium Filtering feature, end-to-end encryption, and brute force protection keep your account safe.


Ecommerce Hosting

InterServer’s managed ecommerce hosting solution supports online sale platforms like WordPress+WooCommerce, OpenCart, and AbanteCart. 


Webuzo VPS Hosting

This is a premium hosting solution that features the Webuzo control panel. With it, you can easily deploy the software you need even if you don’t have coding skills. Starting at $6/month, the Webuzo VPS plan comes with 1 core, 2GB memory, and 30GB SSD disk space. 


Hosting for Students & Non-Profit Organizations

InterServer offers free hosting to non-profits and discounted hosting services for the first year (starting at $4/month) to students. 


The Verdict

Our InterServer review shows that, while it might not be the sleekest hosting provider, this technology-focused platform is a good choice for webmasters with moderate traffic. The company offers excellent speed, strong uptime, and a great support team. The tight security measures, the affordable prices, and the price-lock guarantee are additional benefits.