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While there are many Kissflow alternatives out there, for 10,000 companies, this platform is irreplaceable. To find out what makes the software stand out from the competition, we’ve prepared this Kissflow review, exploring the product’s strengths and weaknesses. How intuitive is the system? Does it provide good value for money? We answer these and many more questions about this work management platform below.

Key Features
Scalable and intuitive
Advanced analytics and reporting tools
Visual form builder with 14 field types
Code-free workflow management
Comprehensive product offer
Reliable and secure platform
  • Easy to use
  • Drag-and-drop workflow designer
  • Dynamic forms
  • Excellent collaboration tools
  • Vast choice of integrations
  • Kissflow Digital Workplace lacks an Android app
  • The HR suite doesn’t have built-in payroll tools
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BPM, Workflow, HR, and Procurement Software Unified

Kissflow was released as a workflow software in 2012. At the time, the product’s parent company, OrangeScape, employed only 20 people. Over the years, the vendor expanded its product offering and experienced tremendous growth only to become the leading work management solution eight years later. It has an impressive client portfolio that includes Pepsi, Motorola, Flipcart, and over two million users in 121 countries. 

Business process management, onboarding, and project management software are only some of Kissflow's domains. Starting with the Digital Workplace, this Kissflow review covers the platform’s core features, with user feedback backing up our insights.


Kissflow Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace keeps manual and repetitive work at a minimum by automating and simplifying tasks. It focuses on four areas: process management, project management, case management, and collaboration.

We like how easy it is to create forms with the drag-and-drop designer. The selection of available fields is impressive, too, ranging from text and numbers to attachments and tables. The platform further supports dynamic dropdowns. User reviews further confirm that the field validations are a useful addition to the software’s robust capabilities.

The Kissflow process management tools help create processes easily — either from scratch or by customizing any of the 50 premade templates. Another impressive feature of this workflow software is task management. Users can easily add tasks to a process, assign them to team members, and set deadlines, whereas approval tasks and triggers help automate workflows.

Apart from sequential tasks, parallel branches allow users to run multiple processes simultaneously and create complex workflows. The Kissflow workflow management system further delivers visual process presentations. Role-based access is another functionality that shouldn’t be neglected. The platform boasts a comprehensive set of roles that determine which users can see what.

The real value of the Kissflow workflow automation capabilities, however, is visible through KPI reporting, which helps identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

The Kissflow BPM software offers a dynamic case management system. It helps handle unpredictable processes, such as bug tracking, customer onboarding, and ticketing with case routing, assignments, and robust reporting tools.

The Kissflow project management tool supports Kanban boards, project templates, hold and done status labels, expanding the platform’s functionalities.


Collaboration Tools

The Kissflow software offers excellent collaboration tools. Internal communication goes through open, closed, and secret channels. The platform allows for unlimited channels and ensures seamless communication and file sharing. Kissflow reviews further show users are satisfied with the selection of posting options. Apart from standard posts, they can create polls and announcements.

Kissflow's advanced search functionality meanwhile helps locate cases, processes, channels, and projects. The platform scored additional points with us for keyword-based searches and the autocomplete functionality.

Then, the notification system lets users decide whether they want to turn process, channel, project, or case notifications on or off. They can further opt to receive only notifications that require action. Kissflow reviews particularly praise the option for relevant notifications; the software learns from user behavior, i.e., the type of notifications they open most frequently and displays them accordingly.


Kissflow HR Cloud

The Kissflow HR Cloud suite offers several solutions, enabling users to automate and simplify HR-focused processes. These include onboarding, offboarding, leave management, applicant tracking, time and attendance, as well as performance management processes.


Applicant Tracking

One of the crucial components of leading staffing software is a good applicant tracking system, and Kissflow offers a lot in this field. The software simplifies new hire searches with a single-click job posting distribution.

Among the highlights in this Kissflow review are the platform’s tools that help enhance the interviewing process. The software uses surveys to generate feedback about the upsides and downsides of the current interviewing process, allowing users to perfect it based on that feedback.

The software’s capabilities further include a skills library, templates for a streamlined hiring process, and excellent visual reporting tools to spot inefficient recruitment tactics.


Employee Onboarding

The Kissflow onboarding module falls into the platform’s primary strengths. Apart from being part of the platform’s HR software that keeps all employee information centralized, it comes with a plethora of useful features this Kissflow review will cover next.

The drag-and-drop form designer helps create a highly customizable onboarding app, collecting essential information about new hires. Users can easily track onboarding progress, having complete visibility into every step of the process. This feature lets you identify the stages that either slow down the onboarding process or make the experience less satisfying.

Kissflow further supports functionalities found in the best onboarding solutions, particularly employee self-service. This feature allows staff to update their profiles, provide the necessary documentation, and efficiently communicate with other team members.

Kissflow integrates with one of the most prominent digital signature software, DocuSign, which helps with legal compliance.


Leave Management

Kissflow also ranks among the top leave management solutions. Users can easily create leave policies tailored to legal and business requirements. The robust reporting tools unveil leave trends, while the calculation feature combined with leave cancellations ensures balances display correct information at all times.

The Kissflow leave management tool works on Android and iOS devices, allowing users to manage leave requests on the go. The old Kissflow apps have generated mediocre feedback in app stores, but we expect new and improved apps to eliminate existing issues.


Performance Management

Our Kissflow review rates the performance management module as another valuable addition to the software. The platform offers several ways to boost employee performance levels. We’re particularly fond of the 360-degree feedback feature, which allows both internal and external sources to provide feedback.

Users can also create a performance improvement plan targeting particular skills of their employees. The platform further supports goal setting and visual reporting — features typically found in top performance management solutions.


Time & Attendance

Kissflow makes managing time and attendance straightforward. The employee self-service allows users to submit their timesheets, while automated alerts speed up the approval process. The dynamic rules engine serves as a primary tool for automating complex pay rules, but the platform lacks built-in payroll software. Still, it is possible to integrate the platform with some of the best payroll solutions.


Employee Offboarding

Kissflow simplifies offboarding through its automation capabilities. The platform allows users to deploy checklists to streamline this process and ensure compliance at the same time. With the help of automation, employees automatically receive an invitation for the exit interview.

Apart from shortening the offboarding process, Kissflow also provides extensive documentation about the best offboarding practices. One of the things we wanted to highlight in this Kissflow review is that the platform offers a series of questions to ask during exit interviews. We view this as highly useful since, during offboarding, employees are more likely to provide honest, and therefore valuable feedback.


Kissflow Procurement Software

Kissflow’s procurement solution makes managing purchase requests very easy. The intuitive layout gives a clear insight into each request’s status, and you can limit your budget using dynamic rules. The platform further simplifies purchase order processes with rule-based approvals.

Kissflow reviews point to reporting as one of the platform’s best features. It helps generate in-depth insights into your company’s spending. Vendor management, too, comes with some pretty neat features. For instance, you can collect vendors’ data and rate their service through response and delivery time, as well as product quality.

Another crucial feature of the best procurement solutions is three-way matching, and Kissflow doesn’t fall behind in this field either, ensuring all processes are free of errors. Kissflow integrations with Xero and Quickbooks further add to the platform’s functionalities.


School Cloud

Our Kissflow review continues with the software’s School Cloud. The solution tackles several areas, including HR, operations and maintenance, collaboration, IT, and finance.

The HR tool helps automate common processes, such as onboarding, leave management, and professional development. The operations and maintenance functionalities include quick trip request approvals, seamless facility usage management, and maintenance work order. Features such as an intuitive ticketing system, asset management tools, and work order management have been designed to help schools’ IT specialists.

Kissflow further allows for effective communication, file sharing, and collaboration between different school departments. There is also a finance module, whose most helpful features range from simple timesheet and purchase order management to vendor onboarding.


Kissflow Support

The easiest way to get in touch with the Kissflow customer service is through live chat. This communication channel is open 20 hours per day during workdays, and the team’s average response time is 20 minutes.

Another way to contact support is via email. Alternatively, you can visit the Kissflow help center and browse through a comprehensive collection of articles. 

Overall, we’re pleased with the quality of the customer support service based on the team’s knowledge, friendliness, and response times.


Kissflow Pricing

There is no free version but users can try out the software with a 14-day Kissflow trial. Additionally, they can book a free Kissflow demo and see the product in action.


Digital Workplace Pricing

Kissflow’s Digital Workplace has a solution for businesses of all sizes. The lowest-tier plan is Starter. With a yearly subscription, it costs $390/month and includes 20 users. The research for our Kissflow review shows that this plan allows you to design forms and workflows via drag-and-drop functionality.

It further supports parallel workflows, automated workflow routing, and custom reports. You can manage projects through Kanban boards and assign due dates to your tasks, while collaboration features range from polls and announcements to creating closed, secret, and open channels.

The Pro plan, which includes 50 users and costs $1,000/month, expands the offer with pivot tables, remote lookup, signature field, anonymous channel posting, basic audit logs, login enforcement, and Kissflow security options to protect processes.

The company’s top-tier plan — Enterprise — is priced at $2,000/month and includes 100 users. Apart from the features available with the Pro plan, this package offers HIPAA compliance, SAML-based single sign-on, EU cloud deployment, setup assistance, and a dedicated account manager.

Apart from examining the cost, our Kissflow review also compares the software to its competition. We ran a brief Kissflow vs Pipefy comparison which pointed to a disadvantage at Kissflow; the lack of a free plan. On the flip side, while both platforms have similar pricing, Kissflow includes excellent collaboration tools with its workflow management tool, which helps the software deliver greater value.


Process Pricing

The vendor’s BPM product, Process, also comes with three plans. The Starter plan, at $390/month, comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop form and workflow designer and the option to create parallel workflows. It further offers custom reports, SSO technology, basic audit logs, and it includes the collaboration module.

The Pro ups the Starter plan with signature fields, remote lookup, public forms, custom user attributes, login enforcement, and 1,000 API calls/month. The subscription costs $690/month and includes 50 users. 

The Enterprise plan comes at $1,500/month and, on top of the Pro plan features, supports SAML-based technology, two-factor authentication, and HIPAA compliance.

Our Kissflow review looked at the Kissflow competitors in the BPM field, concluding that Nintex is its closest alternative. While comparing Kissflow vs Nintex, we found that the latter lacks a package for smaller teams.


HR Cloud Pricing

The Kissflow cost for HR Cloud is $690/month with the Standard plan and $1,290/month with the Enterprise version. 

The Standard edition is available for teams with up to 100 members. It includes onboarding and offboarding solutions, leave management, time and attendance, employee database, basic performance management tools, and integrations.

The Enterprise edition, designed for unlimited users, offers collaboration tools, the applicant tracking system, 360-degree feedback, training management, and an HR help desk.


Procurement Pricing

The Kissflow procurement software has a plan for businesses of different sizes. Kissflow reviews confirm that the platform’s robust capabilities allow it to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best procurement solutions. 

The Starter plan includes a wide variety of features and supports 100 users at $690/month. This subscription gives you access to purchase requisitions, orders, and invoices, budget management tools, multi-currency support, two-way and three-way matching, collaboration tools, charting widgets, basic audits, standard connectors, and automation.

Our Kissflow review shows that the Starter plan doesn’t include vendor management features. These are available with the Growing plan and range from vendor onboarding and offboarding to vendor ratings, self-service, and portals.

Subscribing to the Growing plan further gets you integration with Xero, QuickBooks, and ERP solutions for $1,290/month, including up to 250 users.

The Enterprise plan supports an unlimited number of users and has custom pricing. Some of the advanced features in this package include IP whitelisting, HIPAA compliance, user sync, and enterprise connectors.


School Cloud Pricing

Kissflow’s School Cloud’s pricing is not transparent on the vendor’s website. To get more details, you have to submit a form with your contact details and your school’s name.


The Verdict

Based on the features, we highly recommend using Kissflow for workflow management and automation. The company’s BPM product meanwhile proves that handling business processes doesn’t have to be complicated. We also like the platform’s collaboration tools, as well as its robust selection of integrations.

As for the downsides that became evident in this Kissflow review, we’d like to see a Kissflow mobile app for Digital Workplace for Android devices. Then, some businesses might look for a more budget-friendly alternative to Kissflow too. Still, the product’s price isn’t that high given the software’s functionalities and the potential savings it can deliver.