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Launched in 2015, Lattice has a mission to turn workplaces into healthy, productive environments where employees can reach their full potential and work on their professional development. Lattice reviews meanwhile rank the platform among the best performance management and employee engagement solutions. To find that if that is indeed true, we researched the software’s functionalities — those that users like and those that could use some improvement — so scroll down to find out more.

Key Features
One-on-one meetings feature
Slack, Outlook, and Gmail integrations
Performance reviews and customizable surveys
Real-time feedback
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Powerful analytics
  • Ease of use
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Mobile apps could be improved
  • An annual agreement of $3,000
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An All-In-One People Management Platform

Lattice is a complete solution for improving and getting insights into employee performance and engagement levels. As Lattice software reviews confirm, the platform offers an intuitive interface and has a nearly flat learning curve. Although the company’s best known for its performance management software, it further supports the tools that increase workplace morale and encourage employees to perform at their best.

The analytics tool is another valuable addition to the vendor’s product catalog, as it helps business owners better understand their employees. The latest member of the Lattice family is called Grow, and albeit relatively new, it seems to be a promising career development solution.


Lattice Performance Management Software

The performance management solution has scored high points with users. Lattice performance reviews show that users have a few favorites among the software features, most notably the one-on-one meeting, which encourages open and constructive manager-employee communication. 

This functionality allows users to create talking points for the meeting, take notes, and discuss goals. We meanwhile appreciate the clean team dashboard layout of all one-on-one meetings and integrations with online calendars.

Another highlight of the Lattice software is the performance review system. It allows managers to either use one of the pre-built review templates or create their own. Lattice performance reviews emphasize that the customization options further simplify review cycles. Users can select the type of reviews they want to include in the cycle, ranging from upward and downward feedback to peer and self-reviews.

The Lattice performance management software scores another point for performing data checks before saving the review cycle. So, for instance, if the review includes upward feedback, but the reviewee doesn’t have a manager, the software will notify you about that. The scoring system is an excellent functionality, too.

Lattice performance reviews further indicate that users appreciate the platform’s feedback options. They can easily ask for feedback from their superiors and give feedback to their colleagues with different visibility levels.

The Lattice performance management tool offers another convenient feature, Updates. Employees get a list of questions every week, and can swiftly notify their managers about the task(s) they’re currently working on, and whether they need help with their work.

The goal-setting system supports both OKRs and SMART goals and as Lattice reviews show, it’s a powerful tool for keeping everyone aligned with the company’s objectives.


Lattice Employee Engagement Software

One of the Lattice’s unique approaches is that it combines employee performance tools with its engagement product. We welcome this approach, as it helps companies have a more in-depth insight into why some employees perform better than others.

The Lattice engagement tool has an excellent system in place for conducting employee surveys. Much like the best employee engagement software, Lattice, too, has premade survey templates and research-backed questions. Based on the feedback from Lattice software reviews, we’ve discovered that users truly appreciate the level of survey customizations. The software supports different question formats, such as comments and the Likert scale. It is possible to send a survey to the entire company or just several employees, while delivery methods include email and URL-based tasks.

Lattice HR clients like the eNPS functionality as it allows them to check their employees’ loyalty to the company. An added benefit is that Lattice calculates employee net promoter scores automatically.

The platform also supports pulse surveys that deliver continuous feedback from employees through short weekly surveys. Their frequency can be customized, and there is an option to pause them.

Employees can fill out these surveys using the Lattice app. Lattice reviews, however, show that the vendor’s apps don’t enjoy overly positive feedback. Users report that both Android and iOS apps are a bit buggy, so this is one area where the software can improve.


Lattice Grow Software

The latest addition to the Lattice family is Grow — a career development tool. So far, the product has received nothing but positive feedback from both employees and managers, as confirmed by Lattice reviews.

Using the Track feature, managers can define job roles in their company. The Competencies feature further specifies the skills employees need to develop or perfect to become a good fit for the role. The next logical step is to add employees to tracks, which unlock Growth — an action-based plan that encourages employee development.

One thing we particularly like about Growth plans is that they give employees the opportunity to discuss these plans with their managers in one-on-one meetings or during a performance review cycle.

Again, Grow is quite new, so there aren’t that many Lattice reviews about it yet. Still, we can only expect it to become better and include more ways to help with professional development.


Lattice Analytics

The software’s reporting tools are quite impressive. With Lattice Analytics, managers can visualize performance and engagement survey results through nine-box, bar graph, and heatmap views. The tool further supports different data filters to discover top-performing employees, participation rates, how valued employees feel, and much more.


Lattice Customer Support

To get in touch with the Lattice support, users can send them an email, or reach out to the support team via the live chat facility. Lattice software reviews show that users are satisfied with the quality of support, customer agents’ knowledge, and timely responses. The software’s help center is another option to discover more about the product through a comprehensive collection of articles and video tutorials.

Lattice further offers premium support, which includes phone support, implementation consultations, training, and a dedicated account manager. Qualifying for premium support requires having an account of $10,000 or more.


Lattice Pricing

Looking at the most popular Lattice software alternatives, we’ve noticed that most of these solutions have a free trial or a free version of the software, like 15Five. Meanwhile, Lattice reviews score the product’s value highly, despite the lack of a free account or trial.

The platform offers four pricing plans: Performance, Performance and Engagement, Enterprise, and Grow.

The Performance plan includes all types of reviews, including upward and downward feedback, peer, and self-reviews. Lattice goals, reporting tools, and org charts add more value to this package. Other features included in the Performance plan are one-on-one meeting agendas and tracking, SSO technology, real-time feedback, and integrations with the top HRIS and human resources management software. The Lattice Performance pricing sits at $9/user/month.

Lattice reviews point to the Performance and Engagement plan as the most popular option. It includes all features from the Performance plan and adds employee engagement tools to the mix. These include Lattice Pulse, reporting tools for analyzing employee engagement, a question bank, survey templates, history benchmarks, and training.

Looking at the Lattice performance management pricing, the Engagement tools don’t add much to the price which is $12/user/month.

The Lattice price for the Enterprise plan is not set but custom. Apart from the features this Lattice review has already covered, the Enterprise plan further includes training, consultations, and custom product solutions.

The Grow plan meanwhile is priced at $3/user/month and supports career tracks, competencies, and Growth plans. One-on-one meetings and reviews can be implemented with this plan.

All Lattice prices are based on annual subscriptions. The vendor currently doesn’t offer any special offers or discounts that could decrease the Lattice cost.


Our Verdict

Our overall impression of the software is in line with the upbeat Lattice reviews we found. Lattice is one of the top performance and employee engagement platforms — hands down.

The solution simplifies annual reviews with highly customizable performance review cycles. Lattice further supports continuous feedback and allows for simple goal and progress tracking. The engagement suite boasts some impressive features, while the reporting tools are truly outstanding. On the flip side, we’d like to see some improvements in the apps, which would enhance user experience even further.