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Boasting more than 189 million registered users, MEGA has expanded well beyond its New Zealand base to claim customers in 200+ countries. Best known for its supreme security, the platform offers end-to-end encryption for all files and folders. Still, is MEGA as secure as advertised, and what else does it have to offer to its prospective customers? Read our MEGA review and find out everything you need to know about one of the world's most popular cloud storage solutions.

Key Features
Encrypted link sharing
Transparent source code
Comprehensive mobile application
Encrypted and password protected links
Share files and encryption keys separately
Secure communication with MEGAchat
File versioning
Comprehensive mobile app
  • Browser-based high-performance end-to-end encryption
  • Supreme security features
  • GDPR compliant for all users
  • Transparent source code
  • Supports FTP connection
  • Slow speeds at peak hours
  • Lacks integration with third-party apps
  • No live chat or phone support

Ease of Use Combined with High-End Security

A lot of MEGA reviews mention the platform's ease of use. That's what makes it one of the most popular cloud storage solutions on the market. With a sleek and clean interface and simple drag-and-drop capabilities, you can effortlessly move, preview, edit, retrieve, or share all necessary documents. There isn't a limit to the file sizes uploaded either, except the limit of your storage, something that not many MEGA competitors can offer. This can be a handy feature for businesses that regularly work with large files.

Because of its ease of use and affordable price, our MEGA review found that the company is most often recommended for new or small to midsize businesses. That said, its enterprise-level security makes it an excellent choice for large companies as well. No wonder nearly 190 million users are already a part of the continuously growing MEGA family. If we compare MEGA vs Dropbox, this number might seem low next to Dropbox's 500 million users, but with MEGA being much younger than Dropbox, it’s pretty impressive. 


Mega Cloud Storage Review: A Comprehensive Solution with Unique Features

MEGA has a lot to offer, especially if you are looking for more specific cloud storage features such as MEGAchat, where you can send encrypted messages to other users, or MEGAbird. This Firefox extension allows you to use Thunderbird to send large encrypted files. Let's take a closer look at MEGA’s best features and those that make it stand apart from the rest.


Uploading and Syncing Files

As already noted, there are no size limits to the uploaded files. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the storage space you have and be aware of the peak hours. The research for our MEGA sync review showed that uploading files during peak hours could result in waiting for an unnecessarily long time until the job is finally finished. Since some of MEGA's most significant competitors have no noticeable drop in speeds during peak hours but come with limits on file size uploads, our advice is to plan the time to upload large files outside of these hours if possible. On the other hand, syncing is pretty seamless, and your files will be accessible from almost everywhere.


File and Folder Sharing

The ability to effortlessly share-secured files and folders is the reason behind the hundreds of positive MEGA cloud storage reviews. This built-in feature comes with two options – with or without the encryption key. An ability that is rarely seen in the alternatives to MEGA. Depending on your personal preference, you can either send the encryption key with the link, as most users do because it's convenient, or send the key through different means, which is preferred by the more security-conscious users. For an additional security layer, you can also protect all links with passwords as well as assign them expiry dates.


Sending Large Files Through Email Extension

One of the best apps for sharing large files is an extension for Mozilla's Thunderbird email client, MEGAbird. The same rule for no size limit applies here as well, and the best part is that the recipient doesn't have to be a MEGA user. You only need their email address, and they can download the files with just a click.


Secure and Encrypted Chat

MEGAchat is one of the most popular features in the industry that makes the platform unique. We wanted to highlight this particular feature in our review solely because it offers something rare, but at the same time extremely necessary for all businesses. With it, you can collaborate with other users with an ease of mind. All your messages will be hidden from prying eyes, and all the shared information will be kept safe. You can also have protected audio and video calls. The ability to encrypt company communication and protect confidential information is a great asset and an almost impenetrable layer of safety. This feature is available on both the website and the mobile app. Keep in mind though that metadata, such as the email address of your contact, remains unencrypted.


File Versioning

File versioning is a relatively new feature added to the software based on the requests of its users. This wasn't a surprise since most major competitors already offered it, but it proves that MEGA is listening to its customers. How does this feature work? If you upload a file with the same name, it will replace the old one. Regardless of how many times this happens, all old versions in the period of up to 30 days (or more depending on your paid plan) will become part of the MEGA online storage. In case of mistakes, you can retrieve any old version of the file within this time limit.


Mega Backup Review: Is It Better to Have Cloud Storage or Online Backup?

Before answering the question, let’s clear up the difference between cloud storage and online backup. With the first, you choose the files and folders that you want transferred to the cloud. You don't need a local copy for the files to remain on the cloud. Online backup, on the other hand, mirrors the files you have on your computer. The service continuously scans your computer and records all changes. In this case, local files are needed; otherwise, they will be deleted. And lastly, online backup services offer scheduled file uploads, something that most cloud storage software such as MEGA don't have. That said, MEGA offers automatic backups, but you will have to select the files manually.

It all comes down to personal preference, and many MEGA backup reviews confirm this. Would you like to keep your files only on the cloud or locally as well? Would you like to back up everything or manually choose the needed files and folders? And do you want to have the ability to schedule hourly/daily/weekly/monthly backups? All we can say is that MEGA is secure and that your files will be safe in the cloud. The rest is up to you.


MEGA Desktop App Review

If you have a free account, by installing MEGAsync, you will get a bonus of 20GB storage and 40GB transfer. This bonus lasts for 180 days. By installing the app on your desktop, you will gain a MEGA folder on your computer where all your data is synced. This can be quite convenient for working on-the-go. The app will also appear as a taskbar icon on Windows and will give you the ability to manage uploads and downloads and synchronizations. MEGA also supports streaming files while your computer is online, transforming it into a peer-to-peer service.


MEGA Mobile App Review

If you have a free account, installing the mobile app will get you an additional 15 GB of storage and a transfer bonus of 30 GB. This bonus lasts for 180 days. The mobile app is entirely identical to the desktop app, both visually and in functionality. The mobile app will give you the option to turn on "media upload" to automatically upload all your photos and videos to MEGA's cloud. Last but not least, the secure chat feature is also available through the mobile app.


Email-Based Support

User support is one area where MEGA fails compared to some of its biggest competitors, such as Microsoft OneDrive. MEGA doesn't offer chat or phone support, only email support. And there are plenty of MEGA reviews suggesting you might have to wait some time for a response. That said, their support team is doing its best to fix all issues, and once you get a response, the problem should be fixed in no time.


Security at Its Finest

We already know that MEGA cloud storage is safe, but how does it work? The software comes with end-to-end encryption, meaning that all files uploaded to MEGA's servers are first encrypted on the client's side and can only be accessed by the user itself. Not even MEGA (or anyone issuing warrants to MEGA) can see what's there. This security feature deserves extra praise in our MEGA cloud review. Combined with the two-factor authentication, it's almost impossible for anyone to access any sensitive data without the proper encryption key. Keep in mind that if you lose your key chances are that you will also lose all your data since no one can help you access them. There is an option to backup the encryption key, but you will need to do it safely to keep it hidden from hackers.

You can also delete all local metadata (that's not encrypted) every time you log out to further protect your privacy. This security feature is not usually available with MEGA's competition. There is a lot of hidden personal information kept in the metadata, so having the ability to delete it after every session is another solid layer of security.


MEGA Pricing: Affordable Plans for Businesses of All Sizes

MEGA cloud service offers a free plan with up to 50GB storage, which is more than its alternatives offer. The Individual plan has reliable storage and fast transfers, end-to-end encryption, and secure communication – features that are usually part of MEGA's competitors' paid plans. In case the plan offers most of what MEGA has, making it one of the best solutions for individual use and cost-conscious businesses.

There are four paid MEGA plans available as well – PRO LITE (priced at €4.99/month or around $5.5), PRO I (€9.99/month or nearly $11), PRO II (priced at €19.99/month or about $22), and PRO III (€29.99/month or nearly $33). Note that the company charges the prices in euro. 

For the benefit of our MEGA storage review, we compared these prices to some of its biggest competitors, such as Tresorit and Dropbox, and discovered that they are much more affordable. For example, Tresorit's starting price is $8.33 per month, while Box for Business's is $10 per month. You can also get two months free if you purchase a one-year PRO plan.

The most significant difference between the plans is the storage space. There is also a difference in the MEGA transfer limit. PRO LITE comes with 400GB storage and 1TB transfer quota, PRO I comes with 2 TB storage and 2 TB transfer quota, PRO II offers 8TB storage and 8TB transfer quota, and PRO III unlocks 16TB storage and 16TB transfer quota.

Last but not least, MEGA offers a unique business plan priced at €10/user/month, with a minimum of three users. This plan unlocks unlimited storage and transfer, user management tools, end-to-end encryption across your business, and much more.


Final Verdict

MEGA offers many useful features and unique extras that will make a difference in your daily work life. The company has also proved that they care about users by regularly updating the software and adding the most asked-for features. It’s also the best choice for secure-conscious businesses by offering end-to-end encryption and encrypted chat.

Our MEGA review, however, highlighted some areas that could use improvement — adding chat or call support, more third-party app integrations, and most importantly, doing something about the peak hours when it seems that the servers are overwhelmed.

The bottom line though is that MEGA has what it takes for a reliable and secure cloud storage service that your company can benefit from.