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As a free screen sharing solution designed to streamline web conferencing and online meetings, Mikogo might just be the perfect tool for any online meeting, sales demo, or web conference. It’s super easy to use and provides a quick and secure alternative for online meetings. But does that make it a good fit for your business? Read our in-depth Mikogo review to find out.

Key Features
Intuitive screen sharing interface
Remote control
Screen recording
Caters to businesses of any size
  • Offers a free version
  • Easy to use
  • Supports mobile screen sharing
  • Customizable branding
  • Poor customer support
  • Supports up to 25 participants only
  • The UI is a bit cumbersome
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Screen Sharing Simplified

Mikogo easily stands out among screen sharing solutions thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. And the fact that it offers a free version is just the cherry on top. As a browser-based screen-sharing service, Mikogo doesn’t have to be downloaded for participants to attend a meeting — they can simply connect via a web browser.

Mikogo reviews also bring out some flaws of the software. It only supports audio conferencing, which might be a huge deal-breaker for some. However, aside from the personal touch that video provides, audio can be very sufficient, especially if it comes with screen and file sharing.

Screen & File Sharing

Mikogo allows presenters to share their screen (including any program or document) with up to 25 meeting participants live with high-speed desktop sharing tools. Participants can view anything the presenter is showing remotely on their own screens.

The Mikogo app is compatible across all devices, so you can seamlessly connect from your laptop or desktop, Android phone or tablet, and iPhone or iPad. Multiple Mikogo reviews suggest that this solution is one of the best for online meetings and presentations.

The Mikogo screen sharing is further backed by the option to share files, meaning you won’t have to constantly switch between the software and your email. Note, however, that file sharing is limited to 200MB.

Audio Conferencing

Unfortunately, the Mikogo video conferencing feature is not included in the product, which might put off some customers. The software, however, includes high-quality VoIP & Phone Conferencing with numbers for a variety of countries.

While Mikogo reviews show that some users are satisfied with voice conferencing, we rate the lack of video conferencing as a drawback. So, if you’re torn between choosing Mikogo vs GoToMeeting, for example, GoToMeeting would be the better choice.

Live Messaging

As is the case with most alternatives, Mikogo allows users to communicate with one another during the session and share notes, links, and files by simply clicking the chat icon during the Mikogo conference call.

While we can’t say that this is a groundbreaking feature in the world of screen-sharing and video conferencing software, it’s exceptionally well-designed and easy to use.

Multi-User Whiteboard

Our Mikogo review shows that a multi-user whiteboard is a really handy feature, allowing users to jot down their ideas, explain and teach, visualize thoughts and concepts. It further allows them to share interactive sessions with their team, such as planning the meeting agenda, creating a meeting flow, taking notes collaboratively, and so on.

Mikogo Customer Support

The Mikogo support options are quite limited, with only a ticketing system and FAQ section available. While the software is easy to use and you’re unlikely to run into any issues with it, knowing that there is a round-the-clock phone and chat support puts most users at ease. In a comparison of Mikogo vs AnyDesk, the latter is most often a preferred choice due to its outstanding support. To that end, most Mikogo reviews point to limited support options as one of the product’s main drawbacks.

Flat-Rate, Unlimited Use Plans

The vendor offers three Mikogo pricing plans — Standard, Professional, and Team. You can also set up a free Mikogo account intended for personal use that supports only the basic features and allows for one participant per meeting. Comparing Mikogo vs TeamViewer, we can see that neither of them has the upper hand, as they both offer a limited free version that only allows for one participant. Then, if we make a Mikogo vs Zoom comparison, we can see that this Mikogo alternative provides a more functional free version with up to 100 participants.

Our Mikogo review further shows that the Standard plan, which costs $14/month, is also quite limited as it only allows for one-on-one sessions. The Professional plan costs $16/month and bumps the meeting participant number up to 25. Finally, the Team plan stands at $48/month and is recommended for teams of up to five users conducting sessions simultaneously.

Enterprise customers who require licenses for more than five employees or have unique requirements can contact the vendor for tailor-made plans that will meet their needs.

All plans are backed up by a 14-day Mikogo free trial. After the trial period ends, your account will automatically change to the free version.

Final Thoughts on Mikogo

The overall conclusion of our Mikogo review is that this is an easy-to-use screen-sharing software jam-packed with features that allow users to remotely access, manage, and support computers and mobile devices. Its free plan and affordable prices make it ideal for both personal and professional use.

On the flip side, the software lacks video conferencing features, and customer support is quite limited. Despite these shortcomings, you can rely on it to provide a collaborative environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mikogo safe?

Our Mikogo review shows that the vendor takes all the precautions to keep your connection safe. The Mikogo website uses 128-bit encryption through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the most widely used internet standard for securing sensitive web data communications. Moreover, the vendor encrypts all the data shared during the meeting using 256-bit AES encryption.

How much is Mikogo?

The Mikogo desktop sharing solution offers three pricing plans. The Standard plan costs $14/month, the Professional is $16/month, and finally, the Team plan is priced at $48/month.

What is Mikogo used for?

Mikogo is a real-time screen-sharing and audio conferencing tool that allows users to share their screen with other users and view another computer system’s screen. Mikogo reviews indicate that the most common usage of this kind of tool is for team collaboration and productivity.

How do I use Mikogo remote support?

To utilize the Mikogo remote control, all you have to do is start a new session, and you’ll receive a unique session ID that you can give to someone else to access your screen. If you want to view someone else's screen, they must share their ID with you.

Is Mikogo free?

Our Mikogo review shows that the vendor offers a free version that allows unlimited meetings and basic software features. The Mikogo free version is quite limited, but it's a good choice for personal use.