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Founded in 2012 by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman in a small Tel Aviv apartment, has since become one of the most loved work management solutions. In just three years, the company grew by an unbelievable 50,000%. By 2020, the software has been helping over 100,000 teams around the world manage their workflow. More than 600 employees are currently working for, empowering teams to accomplish more. Read our in-depth review if you want to learn more about this platform.

Key Features
Modern interface
Colorful organizational approach
Can be used as a CRM
Advanced collaboration tools
Detailed project overview
Automated routine tasks
A bundle of useful templates
Transparent employee performance
  • Easy to use
  • Modern user-interface
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Supports a plethora of integrations
  • Noteworthy features
  • No free version
  • Confusing pricing plans
  • Expensive for larger teams
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Powerful Collaboration Tool for Businesses of All Sizes is one of the most famous work management solutions that help teams communicate better and be more productive. Unlike most alternatives, the software uses colors to help you finish your tasks quicker and more efficiently. reviews on the web show that users particularly appreciate the color-coding which inspires creativity and offers flexibility.

It is an award-winning field service management software equipped with many advanced features as customizable workflows, timeline views, automated notifications, time tracking, and the famous dependencies. 

It also offers powerful collaboration tools to help all teams communicate better and be more synchronized while working on their assignments. With the Monday team management software, everyone knows exactly where the rest of the team is and how much time they have left until the task is due. is also one of the top CRM software solutions — it lets you and your team manage your clients and their lifecycle. Through collaboration and transparency, and of course, a lot of customization, you will be able to transform the standard software into a Monday CRM.

Some of the most popular brands that use are Uber, Adobe, Universal, Costco, and General Electric. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given the multitude of advanced features. 


Key Features Overview 

Our review shows that the platform offers a plethora of features that can boost the productivity and performance of any business. Add to that the ease of use, and it’s no wonder the platform tops most work management software lists.


Board Concept offers a previously unseen Board concept with detailed insights for all your projects and tasks. It even includes stats for the entire company’s performance. It further allows managers to track the performance of both the entire team and specific individuals simultaneously. 


Reporting and Analytics

Our Monday review shows that the platform’s reputation for reporting and analytics is well-founded. It’s known for the ability to collect and arithmetically relate related projects and tasks and keep them organized in a historical spreadsheet. This is another unique feature that is rarely seen in the competition. Keep in mind though that the history record has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you will navigate it with ease. 



This is another feature that makes stand apart from the crowd. The pulses are communication rows added on the board where you and your team work, enabling comments and attachments. You can send messages to the whole team or to individual members, all in real-time.


Time Tracking

The time tracking is probably the easiest way to find how much time you or your team spends on tasks. The time tracking column has a detailed log history where you can view each task's progress and intervals. All entries can be manually edited for better accuracy. 



The last feature we thought deserves a mention in our review is the timeline. It is very similar to the classic Gantt charts seen in other solutions but much more detailed. You can also extend due dates with simple drag-and-drop functionality and view multiple timelines on a single board.


Monday Apps: Game-Changing Capability in the Industry

Monday Apps are custom building blocks that extend the software’s Work OS. Anyone can build a app that can later be added to their workflows by a simple drag-and-drop capability. The apps can be made available for anyone else on the platform. is also the first Work OS that gives unlimited access to users to build custom applications. It even encourages them to do so; for example, at the time of writing this Monday app review, there is a apps challenge for developers which could see the winner snag a Tesla Model X. While we’re certain that others will soon take a page out of’s book, for now, this is the only platform that takes this approach to apps. Integrations: Bring All Your Team’s Work in One Place is famous for its integrations. You can automatically bring all your data from multiple apps into one single platform. Integrations are a crucial part of all team management software solutions, and the more of them, the higher ranked the software will be. In this area, is one of the highest-ranked platforms out there integrating with anything between communication, collaboration, and CRM tools, all the way to CMS, file sharing, version control software, and more. Templates: Something for Everyone offers a plethora of templates that can be used by almost all industries. They are premade but highly customizable, and you can even create a template from scratch based on your requirements. Not many alternatives can offer this level of flexibility, making one of the best choices for all industries that need more freedom and room for creativity.

The research for our review points to these as the most popular premade templates:

Daily Task Tracker — for seamless tracking of your daily tasks and improving your time management;
Project Tracker — for transparency and visibility of everyone’s tasks and ensuring the team is on the right track, including the popular time tracking feature;
Post-Sales Management — for following the status of all your deals with just one look at the chart;
Freelance Task Management — for staying up-to-date with your outsourced work by tracking progress in real-time;
Client Management — for automating support to simplify your workflow and creating a clear roadmap.

You can discover more templates, such as: Event Planning Steps, Social Media Plan, Video Production, Department Plan, Client Manager, Work Plan, Content Planning, Vacation Tracker, Employee Onboarding, Recruitment Tracker, Projects Overview, etc. 


Who Is For? 

Our review confirms that the platform can cater to any department's needs, in any industry, anywhere. It’s ranked as a leading workflow software and project management platform that help teams be more efficient and productive. That said, there are several industries where thrives, especially when compared to some of its biggest competitors.

For example, if you compare vs Trello, you will quickly realize that you will get more features (especially more advanced ones) with for a lower price.'s starting price is $8/user/month, while Trello will charge you $9.99/user/month. The same goes for vs Asana, with the latter having a starting price of $10.99/user/month.

On the flip side, does not offer a free version, only a free trial. This is where the software lacks compared to most of its competitors. reviews show that the 15-day trial period is not enough to learn the software inside-out and decide whether it's the best choice for your company.


Remote Work provides an all-in-one platform for collaboration, managing, and tracking work for the entire team regardless of their location. It was built to enable coworkers to collaborate from anywhere, align the team quickly, and turn video chats into actions. There are practically no limits on how the software is used.

For our review, we compared vs Basecamp, the most prominent alternative for working remotely. Basecamp might be a better choice for freelancers, small businesses, and groups within large organizations. Still, it's not suitable for all types of projects or businesses because its features are not as diverse as's. The lack of Gantt charts or Kanban board immediately shows the difference between the two platforms. 


Project Management is an award-winning project management software that empowers teams throughout the world to run their projects more efficiently. From start to finish, the software allows you to manage all your projects with advanced features such as creating detailed plans, collaborating on deliverables, tracking and monitoring progress, and reporting on results.



Another area where thrives is the marketing industry. With the use of features such as campaign management, client project management, event management, and editorial calendar, it’s already one step ahead of most of its competitors. The automation of mundane tasks will further help you focus on more important matters.



One of the lesser-known purposes of the software and the one least mentioned in other reviews is managing the creative workflow. With creative requests, video production, and campaign management, you can help your team collaborate more effectively and produce better results. 


Software Development

Software development is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and is slowly conquering that field as well. With iteration planning, bug tracking, backlogs, and product roadmaps, the platform offers the much-needed flexibility for all software developers' dynamic workspace. Not many alternatives have these features, and those that do are not as advanced.


Low Code Development

If you want to build apps to help you work on your projects (with ready-made building blocks or from scratch), the research for our review shows that the platform can deliver on this front too. While building your beautiful apps, you will also have the chance to increase your team's engagement and productivity – all from the same platform. Compared to the biggest competitors, the software offers bigger flexibility and more room for creativity. 


IT was built to simplify, streamline, and improve the services of your team. With features such as onboarding and requests, orders and inventory, supply management, and project management, you will always be one step ahead of your competition. Compared to its alternatives, seems to be more effective in helping teams collaborate with external and internal stakeholders while managing their projects and processes.



Our review shows that another widespread use of is to provide the best employee experience. With features such as recruitment pipeline, onboarding process, employee wellbeing, and development and learning, you will be able to manage your team better than ever. Unlike its alternatives, provides more significant transparency into employees' day-to-day performance and helps managers do a better job while navigating them to success. 



If you need an all-in-one-platform that will keep track of all your team's sales, CRM processes, and customer interactions, might be the best choice for you. Unlike most competitors, the software offers a unique visual organizational approach that will simplify your work and help you reach your goals faster. Support: Fast and Reliable Assistance's customer support offers everything a user needs – a vast knowledge base, detailed video tutorials, useful webinars, information-rich blog, FAQs, and a friendly community forum. There are both basic and advanced walkthroughs, as well as an option to request features, which is already more than what most alternatives offer.

With so much information available, the chances are that you won't need to contact support directly. That said, if you do encounter an issue that you are unable to solve, also offers 24/7 help and support for all users that includes email, phone, and live online chat. According to many reviews and our own test, the support team is helpful and quick to respond.


How Much Does Cost?

The pricing plans are available for 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, and 200+ users, and can be paid monthly or yearly. If you can commit to a whole year, we recommend opting for a yearly plan since you will save 18% with it. While researching for our Monday project management review, we discovered a 30-day money-back guarantee (which is not advertised as much as it should be) if you are not satisfied with the software. 

The Basic plan is the first tier of and is priced at $8/user/month billed annually (or $10/user/month billed monthly) for up to 49 users. If your company has 49+ users, you need to contact the vendor directly for custom-tailored pricing.

The features available with the Basic plan are:

  • Unlimited free viewers
  • Over 20 column types
  • Kanban view
  • Embedded forms
  • iOS and Android app
  • One board per dashboard
  • Basic activity log
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 24/7 support
  • 5GB of storage

The Standard plan costs $10/user/month billed annually (or $12/user/month billed monthly) for up to 49 users. As the case is with the first tier, there is custom-tailored pricing for businesses with 49+ users. 

The Standard plan ups the Basic package with:

  • Timeline view
  • Calendar view
  • Map view
  • Five integrations
  • 15 automations
  • Three boards per dashboard
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Share boards with guests
  • Forms customization
  • Advanced search
  • Create templates
  • Email integration
  • External integrations
  • Full API
  • 50GB of storage

The Pro plan is the third tier, at $16/user/month billed annually (or $20/user/month billed monthly) for up to 49 users. If you need the pricing for 49+ users, you should contact the vendor directly.

The Pro plan includes all Standard plan features and adds:

  • Formula column
  • Time tracking
  • Chart view
  • 20 integrations
  • 60 automations
  • Ten boards per dashboard
  • Custom tags
  • Unlimited guests
  • Private boards
  • Google authentication
  • 100GB of storage

The Enterprise plan has custom-tailored pricing regardless of the number of users. It includes the features from all previous plans and unlocks a bundle of advanced ones that are not usually available with alternatives, such as:

  • Higher API rate limit
  • VIP support
  • One-on-one training
  • 50 integrations
  • 150 automations
  • 50 boards per dashboard
  • Session management
  • Audit log
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Advanced account permissions
  • Single Sign-On (Okta, One login, Azure AD, Custom SAML)
  • 24/7 priority support with less than 30 minutes response time 


Final Verdict reviews say that this is an all-in-one work management platform that can cater to the needs of teams from all industries, and we agree. The best part is that it offers a previously unseen diversity in features, flexibility, and customization options, making it the best solution for both work and project management.

The software is easy to use, has a modern user-interface that's also beautifully designed, and supports a bundle of integrations that will bring all your team's work in one place. It also has many well-built templates that will save you both time and effort.

That said, our review also uncovered some weaknesses. The pricing is not as transparent as we would like it to be, the cost is pretty high for larger teams, and there is no free version.

So, if you can afford, we firmly believe that you won't regret it. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will be able to build a productive and efficient team. On the other hand, if you run a small company or work with a large team in a cost-conscious firm, it might be best to try another software.