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NetSuite pioneered the cloud computing concept back in 1998 when it established the very first accounting management software as NetLedger. Today, it’s the leading provider of flexible and fast-to-deploy solutions, and more than 22,000 clients across 200+ countries use NetSuite software to run their businesses more efficiently. While all this sounds very promising, we did our research and went through hundreds of NetSuite reviews to find out what sets this vendor apart from the competition.

Key Features
Multi-state employee support
Tax capabilities
Real-time payroll preview
Multi-state employee support
Financial planning
HR solution
Robust analytics
  • Business process automation and customization
  • Tiered and modular pricing model
  • Robust integration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • User-friendly UI
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Extra fees for premium support
  • Payroll module doesn’t integrate fully
  • Support not user-friendly for the less tech-savvy
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Amazingly Adaptable and Strong Software

For a more comprehensive NetSuite review, it’s essential to give an overview of the platform’s concept. Primarily a cloud-based ERP software, NetSuite is a fully integrated business management software that provides solutions across accounting and finance, CRM, inventorying and warehousing, work orders, and more. It’s also geared towards organizations of all sizes. 

As part of our analysis, we examined several NetSuite competitors to see how the platform measures up. The NetSuite vs SAP comparison, for example, revealed that the former has helped businesses of all sizes to become more agile, profitable, and ready for long-term growth whereas SAP is solely geared towards large enterprises. 

NetSuite reviews particularly praise the software’s modularity. This allows you to deploy and integrate the platform with existing investments. Designed to meet the needs of any client, enabling flexibility and cost savings, modules can be licensed as a bundle or individually.  


NetSuite ERP

Designed for inventory-based enterprises looking to streamline processes and innovate, NetSuite is one of the top ERP software out there. Focused on financial management, this product is more sophisticated than other accounting platforms. It automates and integrates the processes in a more advanced and in-depth way we’ll see below. Plus, it comes with built-in business intelligence helping you generate actionable business insights in no time. 

NetSuite ERP reviews highlight that users can easily catalog and organize expenses, manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle and the whole supply chain, and facilitate revenue recognition management. 


NetSuite Accounting

The NetSuite accounting software enables faster transactions and ensures compliance. The cloud-based single platform architecture provides you with access to financial data in real-time. Plus, you get direct links between accounting and compliance management which ensures accelerated closings. NetSuite accounting reviews highlight the ease of completing month-end close, as well as the system’s overall capability and robustness. 

This intuitive financial planning solution promises smart budgeting and forecasting, shorter cycle times, and more engaged business users. You can easily create a roadmap and compare the budget to actual spending, run a budget for multi-location facilities, and set up and report on more than one budget for the same set of criteria. Additionally, the ERP platform supports sleek document management, as well as time and expense tracking.


Order Management

This feature allows you to accelerate the order-to-cash process, eliminating manual errors. Users report improved operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. Reviews of NetSuite reveal that the greatest benefit of the order management feature is the unprecedented transparency for the entire organization — everyone has role-based visibility into orders along with detailed status and history. 

You can further simplify the process by automating invoice creation based on payment terms and set recurring, time, and project-based billing. This results in improved quote accuracy, fewer billing mistakes, and better revenue recognition. 


Production Management

Getting your products to market efficiently is easy with Oracle NetSuite ERP. The production management module allows you to leverage real-time visibility into production management. You can manage global manufacturing operations, increase on-time delivery, and reduce quality costs. NetSuite reviews praise the possibility to view inventory levels in real-time, and the alerts option when the inventory level falls below a pre-set minimum.


Supply Chain Management

This module helps you define and execute supply chain management plans from a single hub. Among its multiple advantages is the comprehensive set of tools that enable an end-to-end procure-to-pay process that will give you a competitive edge. You get a real-time view of supplier, inventory, and procurement indicators. The research for our NetSuite ERP review further showed that the self-service capabilities for customers, vendors, and partners help users share information and improve the collaboration throughout the entire chain.  


Warehouse and Fulfillment

NetSuite’s warehouse module allows you to manage inventory through automated tracking in multiple locations, reorder points, safety stock, cycle counts, as well as demand and distribution requirements planning. Additionally, the module supports end-to-end management of inbound/outbound logistics in real-time while minimizing the total cost of ownership. 

The platform further streamlines operations through mobile RF barcode scanning, task management, cycle count plans, returns authorization receipt, and more. According to NetSuite user reviews, the most beneficial thing of this module is the ability to increase product margins by managing pricing based on the types of customers, volume, currencies, and channels.  



The procurement module lets you streamline procure-to-pay processes, achieve cost certainty, and enhance quality. This solution helps you buy services and goods at the best price and efficiently. There's hardly a NetSuite ERP software review that doesn’t praise this feature especially because of its user-friendly capabilities, improved visibility, channeling purchases to approved suppliers and contracts, and automating transactions, saving the team’s valuable time. 


NetSuite ERP Pricing

NetSuite’s price depends on the configuration, modules, user count, and contract length you choose. The base license costs $999/month with an additional $99/month per user. 


NetSuite CRM Software

As stated in many NetSuite CRM reviews, this software offers a complete, real-time, 360-degree view of the customers. It is considered a top CRM software choice for companies in need of an integrated platform that will help them run their entire business. A NetSuite vs Salesforce comparison, however, shows that the latter is the better solution for smaller companies that are looking exclusively for CRM software. 


Customer Portal 

This feature enables users to provide customers with personalized and interactive service. This, in turn, helps customers complete transactions, report issues, access support tools, update their profiles, check their order status and history, and more. 


SalesForce Automation

The main benefits of this module are streamlined lead-to-cash processes, improved productivity and sales performance, as well as better management of global sales. Additionally, the software tracks commissions and provides you with a full purchase history of your customers without requiring extra integrations. NetSuite software reviews indicate that users love the automation options that save time, as well as the abundance of data and the intuitive dashboard. 


Partner Relationship Management 

Another important feature of Oracle NetSuite CRM is the Partner Relationship Management feature that improves visibility and enhances collaboration between partners. 


NetSuite CRM Pricing

The CRM prices at NetSuite starts at $129/user/month. The final price depends on your business size and requirements. 


NetSuite SuiteCommerce

NetSuite SiteCommerce integrates physical and digital commerce, enabling you to provide your customers with an omnichannel experience. As one of the top ecommerce solutions, NetSuite helps you empower your in-store associates with tools and information crucial to engage shoppers and manage them more efficiently. NetSuite ecommerce reviews meanwhile point to the ability to personalize and improve the customers’ buying experience as one of the most notable features. 

On the flip side, users are not happy about the constant updates and the lack of choice in the matter. Clients further report that SuiteCommerce has a steep learning curve. 


Site Management

SuiteCommerce features drag-and-drop tools that allow you to manage content easily. You can choose from the wide selection of themes to adjust the look and feel of your site and then add new functionalities that work best for you. 


B2C & B2B Selling Models

While researching for our NetSuite ecommerce review, the feature that stood out the most was the platform’s ability to support both B2B and B2C selling models. For B2C models, the platform allows you to create amazing, relevant, and engaging shopping experiences delivered across any site, device, and location. For B2B, you’ll be able to create engaging sites that maximize the buying efforts of the clients, saving them time by providing key information. 


Commerce Marketing

SuiteCommerce offers the feature-rich Bronto Marketing platform which uses information such as cart, product, and order details to create personalized campaigns, ensuring engaged experience throughout all stages. 


Order Management

With SuiteCommerce, you can manage orders from multiple channels in one place and enable customers to buy from anywhere. The orders are processed faster which results in lower operational costs and more satisfied customers. 


Product Content Management

With SuiteCommerce Product Content Management you can centralize and manage structured and unstructured product data and attributes across all systems and processes. This allows you to boost the agility and efficiency of business operations. 



CRM runs as an integral part of the NetSuite ecommerce platform so you can generate a single view of a customer across channels, build rich customer profiles based on their preferences, create target segments for upsell/cross-sell campaigns, and understand the customers’ true lifetime value. Virtually every NetSuite CRM review shows users’ satisfaction with this module for reducing service costs, achieving better customer retention and higher satisfaction rate, as well as providing consistent customer service. 



The commerce experts provide full support in building the top solution for your business. They assist you with consulting, development, implementation, and optimization but also provide you with training programs that will improve your NetSuite expertise and maximize the power of SuiteCommerce. 


NetSuite Ecommerce Pricing

The basic price for SuiteCommerce is $2,500/month. The total cost depends on the add-on modules, user count, and contract duration. The subscription will scale as your business grows. SuiteCommerce, however, can’t be used separately from the NetSuite ERP software. However, the research for our NetSuite review showed that there are no additional costs for integrating your site with the vendor’s ERP and CRM solutions.  


NetSuite PSA (OpenAir)

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based professional services automation solution that provides powerful project management, accounting, and timesheet expenses management, resource management, and more. Designed to meet the needs of professional services organizations of all sizes, OpenAir improves invoicing accuracy, increases in-time project delivery and services visibility, and streamlines revenue recognition. 

If you go through NetSuite customer reviews, you’ll see that users consider the high customization capabilities to be the platform’s biggest strength. They also appreciate the easy integration with other systems which saves a lot of manual work, especially in the accounting field.


NetSuite Project Management

The project management module eases the collaboration on projects. It also helps you and other team members stay on top of the project status and proactively identify and resolve any issues that might arise along the way. 


Resource Management

This feature lets you optimize staffing and ensure the right people are working on the right projects. 


Accounting & Billing

The NetSuite reviews we came across confirm that the platform handles everything finance-related, helping you keep your accounting and billing accurate, streamline time and expense management, and create custom reports.  


Timesheet Management

NetSuite OpenAir also features timesheet management enabling you to capture detailed timesheets even on the go. 


NetSuite PSA Pricing

OpenAir starts at $399/month and as the case is with all other NetSuite products, the final price tag will depend on the number of users, modules, etc. 


NetSuite Global Business Management Software (OneWorld)  

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is a top global business management software that helps you manage multiple subsidiaries, legal entities, and business units from one NetSuite account. While NetSuite ERP is intended for small to large companies, OneWorld is designed to serve multinational enterprises and companies with multiple subsidiaries.  

Our NetSuite software review shows that the platform handles multiple currencies, reporting requirements, and taxation rules. For example, an Intacct vs NetSuite comparison renders the latter supreme in this sense because Intacct doesn’t provide reporting in transactional currency and requires a third-party partner to meet tax and statutory compliance outside of the US.  


Global ERP

Enabling management of IT costs, streamlining order management and procurement processes, as well as optimizing account efficiency, OneWorld shines in just about every ERP area. It comes with pre-configured tax codes for more than 50 countries and a configurable indirect tax engine that has been widely praised in NetSuite reviews. 


Global SRP & CRM

OneWorld SRP streamlines the complete services lifecycle. The software’s project management solution entices collaboration and helps you stay on top of the project status and efficiently resolve potential issues. OneWorld SRP comes with resource management features which help you optimize utilization and staffing, as well as customizable timesheet management for capturing detailed time tracking reports. 

This platform lets you generate invoices, manage expenses, and decrease accounts receivable cycles, improving the productivity and cash flow. NetSuite reviews often cite that the CRM software is one of the areas where the platform stands out. This is the only cloud solution that gives you a 360-degree real-time view of your customers.  


Global Ecommerce

NetSuite ecommerce integrates physical and online commerce and covers all selling and buying needs. With features for global companies, the platform supports multiple brands, currencies, and languages, as well as centralized order management. It also allows you to run B2C and B2B ecommerce from a single hub, improving efficiency. 


NetSuite OneWorld Pricing

Starting from $499/month, the final price for OneWorld will depend on your needs and preferences. 


NetSuite HCM Software (SuitePeople)

NetSuite SuitePeople is a Human Capital Management software that eases how HR admins manage employee information, onboarding, payroll, and more. Through the Employee Center, employees can easily request time-off, access directories, monitor vacation schedules, set goals, and even give their peers recognition. The platform has role-based security, unified access, and global reach. Like all other NetSuite products, this too provides comprehensive analytics through the easily accessible dashboard. 

As with all NetSuite modules, the minimum is $99 per user, per month. Users report that the average price is likely to be between $99 and $299 per user, per month in addition to the base license price of $499/month.


NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

If we singled out one thing users praise the most in the NetSuite reviews, it would be the software’s robust analytics. SuiteAnalytics provides a real-time view of the performance of your company across different departments including marketing, sales, finance, and fulfillment. The platform uses customized role-based dashboards for personalized insights. With this solution, you don’t have to worry about multiple data versions because everything comes from a single centralized data repository. 

SuiteAnalytics allows self-service access to key measures and reports. The WorkBook function allows you to explore data, create criteria filters, and analyze using charts and pivots. You can also customize the reports by adding fields, grouping formulas, levels, and more. The Saved Search option allows you to search for results through thousands of records based on pre-set criteria. 

SuiteAnalytics is part of the standard NetSuite service that comes with a base price of $499/month plus $99 for each user per month. 


NetSuite SuiteSuccess

This module helps you solve industry challenges by implementing advanced methodologies. Specifically, it will ensure end-to-end integration of the product, sales, services, and delivery team and bring about a smooth ride. There are different methodologies (starter, emerging, midmarket, and corporate) for each industry by market segment.  

SuiteAnalytics is also part of the basic NetSuite service that comes with a license price of $499/month plus $99/user/month. 


NetSuite SuiteSupport

NetSuite reviews show that users are generally satisfied with the support level, but some of them consider it’s not very user friendly for non-technical people.

Every customer gets access to basic NetSuite support available 24/7 for Severity 1 (critical) cases via a toll-free number and only in business hours for Severity 2 (significant) issues (submitted online). Telephone case submission is available only for Severity 1 problems. 

Subscribing to Premium Support will give you additional benefits. Besides online case submission, you’ll be able to submit cases via phone regardless of the case severity. For Severity 1 and 2, the support is available 24/7, whereas for Severity 3 (less significant) and Severity 4 (minor) you can access the support only in business hours.

Additional perks of Premium NetSuite customer support includes the possibility to appoint four authorized support contacts in your organization for non-critical concerns, 8/5 non-critical access, weekend coverage, priority queuing, commerce response service, and advice and assistance with NetSuite usage.  


Advanced NetSuite Customer Support

Advanced customer support was designed to help respond to the changes that happen as your business scales. There are five levels of advanced support — advise, monitor, optimize, architect, and platform — that scale as you move up levels. 



NetSuite also offers the SuiteAnswers portal which is a comprehensive knowledge base available to all customers. You can find support articles, answers to “how-to” questions, help documentation, and training videos. 


Security & Uptime

The software vendor promises 99.5% uptime, as well as complete status transparency via their dedicated page. During the research for this NetSuite review, we’ve discovered that the vendor’s security and risk management processes are modeled according to the NIST 800-53 and ISO 27000 series of standards. 

Each of the eight data centers across North America and Europe has a counterpart with disaster recovery and failover capabilities. Additionally, NetSuite service is multi-tenant and uses cloud infrastructure with multiple levels of redundancy. Encryption, IP address restrictions, and role-level access are also part of the NetSuite security catalog. 


NetSuite Pricing Overview

As noted above, the NetSuite price is largely contingent on your user count and the modules you go with. While some NetSuite reviews state this is not a cheap platform, deeper research shows that the NetSuite cost is good value for money. 

A NetSuite vs QuickBooks evaluation, for example, renders the former a more unified solution. Choosing the latter will require dozens of other software solutions to reach the efficiency and integration level NetSuite offers and, as a result, costs will start adding up. 


The Verdict

NetSuite reviews conclusively show that this is the top ERP software on the market. Targeted at growing and midsized companies, as well as large enterprises, NetSuite offers the full functionality of accounting, CRM, HCM, inventory management, reporting and analytics, and more. Its robust functionality and outstanding scalability promise long-term value as your business grows. Still, given the steep learning curve and the fact that it’s not the cheapest of platforms, make sure to check out the NetSuite demo first before you commit to the software.