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Named the “best overall phone service” by critics from US News & World Report, Nextiva is way ahead of its competitors. Most of Nextiva reviews recommend it for any business that needs advanced phone services. No wonder that some of its top customers are Taco Bell, Buffalo Bills, Conan O’Brien, and DirectBuy. All this was a reason enough to do our research to verify whether Nextiva’s popularity is justified. Read on for our findings.

Key Features
Unified communication with VoIP, video, and chat
Unlimited calling, faxing, and texting nationwide
Audio conferencing with messaging and screen-share
Real-time call tracking with custom reports and dashboards
  • Well-designed configuration interface
  • Comprehensive data capabilities
  • Bundle with helpdesk software and sales CRM
  • A vast number of integrations
  • Excellent 24/7 support
  • The need to contact support for using advanced features
  • Complicated pricing plans

Modern and Reliable Phone System for Remote Teams

The Nextiva reliability is almost unbeatable, making this platform one of the best call tracking solutions in the world. The cloud-based VoIP phone system is built for collaboration between remote teams. Regardless of your location, whether you are working from home or are out in the field, you will be able to make and receive calls on your computer or mobile phone with the powerful Nextiva VoIP. Our Nextiva review can confirm that the software completely replaces your work desk phone. It also caters to both small businesses and established enterprises since it offers affordable plans for smaller companies and advanced features for large businesses. 


Nextiva for Small Business

Nextiva for Small Business offers several products that can be used on their own or in a bundle. Those include small business phone service (VoIP phone numbers, voicemail, call recording, etc.), Service CRM (all-in-one communications solutions), Sales CRM (pipeline management tool), and Team collaboration tools (features for remote teams such as instant messaging, video conference, screen sharing, and hosting online voice meetings).


Nextiva for Enterprise

Nextiva reviews tend to praise the vendor’s Enterprise solution which offers products with advanced features that not many alternatives have — the Enterprise Phone Service (with superior call quality), VoIP Call Center (for optimizing call flows), and Enterprise SIP Trunking (seamlessly transition your traditional PBX system into a modern VoIP phone system).


Nextiva’s Products, Features, and Pricing

Nextiva offers several feature-rich products at affordable prices. Then, the longer your Nextiva subscription is, the bigger the discount you will get. So, if you are willing to commit to a 3-year contract, you will save a lot of money in the long run. 


Business Phone Service

Nextiva’s VoIP service is one of the most popular in the business phone industry. It offers three affordable plans with many features that cater to companies of all sizes. Many Nextiva VoIP reviews show that customers are particularly happy about the platform’s 99.999% uptime. The only downside is that the Nextiva pricing is a bit complicated. There are monthly contracts, as well as contract terms for 12, 24, and 36 months. We will be focusing on the monthly and 36-month contracts since the pricing for the 12 and 24 months is not listed on their website. 




Number of Users Monthly 36-Month Subscription 36-Month Subscription (Prepay)
1-4 $34.95/mo $32.95/mo $30.95/mo
5-9 $29.95/mo $27.95/mo $25.95/mo
20-99 $24.95/mo $22.95/mo $20.95/mo
100+ $21.95/mo $19.95/mo $19.95/mo


Some of the essential Nextiva features available with this plan are:

  • Unlimited calling within the US and CA
  • A free local and toll-free number
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes (1,000 minutes)
  • Unlimited virtual fax — Standard and HIPAA compliant
  • Unlimited audio conference calls for up to 4 participants
  • Mobile app calling
  • NextOS call pop
  • Outlook and Google integrations
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail to SMS notification
  • 24/7 support




Number of Users Monthly 36-Month Subscription 36-Month Subscription (Prepay)
1-4 $37.95/mo $35.95/mo $33.95/mo
5-9 $32.95/mo $30.95/mo $28.95/mo
20-99 $27.95/mo $25.95/mo $23.95/mo
100+ $24.95/mo $22.95/mo $20.95/mo


Some of the most important features available with this plan are:

  • Unlimited calling within the US and CA
  • A free local and toll-free number
  • 2500 toll-free minutes
  • Unlimited virtual fax 
  • Unlimited business SMS
  • Unlimited audio conference calls for up to 40 participants
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer video calling
  • Screen sharing with both video and audio
  • Mobile app calling and video
  • Team messaging
  • NextOS call pop
  • Outlook and Google integrations
  • Salesforce and Zendesk integrations
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail to SMS notification
  • Voice analytics
  • Call recording
  • 24/7 support




Number of Users Monthly 36-Month Subscription 36-Month Subscription (Prepay)
1-4 $44.95/mo $42.95/mo $40.95/mo
5-9 $39.95/mo $37.95/mo $35.95/mo
20-99 $34.95/mo $32.95/mo $30.95/mo
100+ $31.95/mo $29.95/mo $27.95/mo


The essential phone service, collaboration, productivity, and support features available with this plan are:

  • Unlimited calling within the US and CA
  • A free local and toll-free number
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes
  • Unlimited virtual fax - Standard and HIPAA compliant
  • Unlimited Business SMS
  • Unlimited audio conference calls for unlimited participants
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer video calls
  • Screen sharing with video and audio
  • Mobile app calling and video
  • Team messaging
  • Amazon Chime
  • NextOS call pop
  • Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Google integrations
  • Salesforce and HubSpot integrations
  • Zendesk and ServiceNow integrations
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail to SMS notification
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Voice analytics
  • Call recording
  • 24/7 support 


Sales and Service CRM

According to many Nextiva CRM reviews, the software is one of the leading ones in the sales and service industry. It offers three affordable plans, the same as the Business Phone Service, with many useful and advanced features. Compared to some of its pricier alternatives, Nextiva offers more for less, while at the same time, it’s stable and reliable.



The Essential plan is priced at $15/user/ month if billed annually or $25/user/month if billed monthly. It is recommended as a business foundation. The following are the most popular features:

  • Tracking customer health
  • Storing account, leads, opportunities, and contacts in one place
  • Communication with customers on their channel of choice
  • Account health changes
  • Tasks and timelines
  • Customer touchpoints and interactions
  • Leads to tickets assignments
  • Conversations in the customer’s channel of choice
  • Email
  • Voice, chat, and SMS as add-ons



As with the phone service plans, Nextiva reviews confirm that the Professional plan is among the most popular among users. It is priced at $25/user/month if billed annually or $35/user/month if billed monthly. It has all the features from the previous plan with the addition of many advanced productivity features such as:

  • Custom saved responses
  • Moving and merging conversations
  • Analyzing customer conversations
  • Segmenting customers based on health
  • Automatically routing or assigning leads and tickets to the right personnel
  • Routing cross-channel conversations to agents
  • Customizing forms and fields for a personalized team view
  • Creating and managing custom service level agreements on conversations.



The Enterprise plan costs $35/user/month if billed annually or $45/user/month if billed monthly. It includes all the features from the previous plans and unlocks additional intelligence and automation features such as:

  • Automatic actions through workflows when conversations are created and updated
  • Common workflow templates
  • Option for custom workflows
  • Taking action using a time-delayed trigger or an event
  • Triggering a workflow using inbound form requests or emails
  • Contacting customers with the right message at the right time 


Collaboration and Video

Nextiva reviews confirm that the platform’s collaboration and video tools will enable you to work without any interruptions, regardless of your location. There is only one plan, Essential, and it’s free for all Nextiva users. Some of the most useful features that come with it are:

  • Unlimited chat
  • Participant feedback
  • Voting
  • Meetings (video and audio)
  • Screen-sharing
  • HD video and HD voice
  • Secure meetings
  • Task management
  • Team calendar
  • Directory
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited guest users
  • 15,000 of your teams’ most recent messages. 


Online Faxing

Nextiva has managed to simplify the entire online faxing process by sending and receiving secure, electronic faxes from anywhere and on any device. Every sent or received fax uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep all your sensitive data safe. It’s also easily manageable, and since all documents are kept in one place, you will never lose a fax again. You can even keep your current number. It’s no wonder that there are so many positive Nextiva fax reviews, ranking the software high compared to its biggest competitors.

There are two plans available for Nextiva vFax, and both have a 30-day free trial. The Essential plan is priced at $4.95/month if paid annually (or $8.95/month if paid monthly), for 500 pages/month. The Professional plan meanwhile costs $12.95/month if paid annually (or 17.95/month if paid monthly), and covers 1,000 pages. Once you exceed the page limit in either plan, you will be charged $0.03 per page.

Nextiva also offers HIPAA compliant virtual fax. Contact the vendor directly for pricing information.


Nextiva Suites

If you need a combination of Nextiva products, the company also offers specialized suites. The pricing for the Customer Relationship Suite and the Business Communication Suite is not publicly known, but the research for our Nextiva review indicated that it is $35-$55 per user per month. Either way, you should contact their team for a quote, since pricing depends on the size and needs of the business. The Team Collaboration Suite’s pricing meanwhile is published on the vendor’s website.


Customer Relationship Suite

The Customer Relationship Suite includes Sales and Service CRM, Business Analytics, Surveys, and Live Chat Software.

It lets you manage sales and customer support from one unified Nextiva CRM platform. Once a lead becomes a customer, all of their information is available for your team to access. The Customer Relationship Suite also helps you personalize the entire customer experience with ease. You can upsell your happiest customers to increase revenue, or intervene before unhappy customers leave to reduce churn with real-time customer sentiment.


Business Communication Suite

The research for our Nextiva review shows that the Business Communication Suite includes the Customer Relationship Suite with the addition of Phone Service and Team Collaboration.

It is a combination of VoIP, CRM, and Helpdesk software that enables better communication with VoIP, business text messaging, and voice and video conferencing. It further lets you manage your customers with multi-channel support, lead and customer tracking, SmartTopics, and Call Pop, as well as view and analyze sentiment analysis courtesy of real-time data, customer journey tracking, as well as custom reports and dashboards.

You can also collect feedback with the automated post-interaction surveys, the custom survey builder, and the post-survey logic, as well as actively engage with live customer chat and the custom chat builder. The Business Communication Suite also includes easy workflow automation, trigger actions and processes across NextOS, and macros and pre-defined text. Additional features praised in Nextiva reviews include measuring all customer interactions, tracking and sharing data across your company, and boosting your productivity.

Finally, the Business Communication Suite will help you collaborate and track tasks with ease with video conferencing, screen-sharing, team chat, task management, and file sharing. 


Team Collaboration Suite

The Team Collaboration Suite is a virtual workspace for remote teams. It enables businesses throughout the world to collaborate privately regardless of their location. It further lets you schedule and host online meetings, start a video conference with only one click, share your files and screen, as well as have secure virtual conversations. The Team Collaboration Suite offers three plans – Basics, Professional, and Enterprise, along with a 60-day free trial for each.

The Basics plan is free. It allows up to three people for a meeting, one-on-one video calling, screen-sharing, and messaging. Other useful features worth mentioning in this Nextiva review are email support, hosting unlimited meetings, VoIP, dial into meetings, joining a meeting using Alexa for Business, remote desktop control, and user management.

The Professional plan is priced at $12.99/month if billed annually (or $14.99/month if billed monthly). It has everything the Basics plan offers and adds up to 250 people for a meeting, scheduling meetings, recording meetings, social media streaming, as well as email, chat, and phone support.

The Enterprise Plan costs $99/month if billed annually (or $149/month with monthly billing). It ups the Professional plan with a dedicated representative and five professional licensees.


Nextiva Customer Support

No matter how many user reviews you read, the first thing you will notice is that no one says a bad word about the support team. The website features multiple detailed guides and tutorials, so you probably won’t need any help from them while learning how to navigate their software. They also offer exclusive webinars that will help you understand their products on a deeper level and learn how to use them to grow your business faster.

While the platform is very stable, some reviews suggest that problems may occur. Should this be the case, Nextiva customer service is available 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat. With lightning-speed response time, they are probably the best in the field compared to its competitors. Even if you are not a user and have questions about their products, you can instantly reach them through live chat on their website. 


Our Verdict

There are many reasons why you should choose Nextiva as your business phone service or sales and service CRM. It offers a bundle of features that are usually more expensive with the competition. It’s easy to use, and most importantly, the Nextiva support team is available 24/7. 

On the flip side, the pricing for some of Nextiva’s products is very confusing. Then, several Nextiva reviews suggest that if you want to utilize the platform’s full potential, you might have to contact support to learn more about its more advanced capabilities, especially if you are new in the industry.

Still, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, which is why we firmly believe that Nextiva deserves its spot among the world’s top business VoIP service providers.