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Founded over three decades ago with a mission to connect payroll and accounting to business owners, Patriot has the reputation of being one of the fastest, most straightforward, and affordable products on the market. To verify that the platform succeeds in satisfying the needs of its users, and that it’s capable of running payroll for dozens of employees and contractors, we did thorough research which included going through multiple Patriot software reviews. Read on for our findings.

Key Features
Time-off accruals
Free direct deposit
Employee portal
Full-service payroll
Integrated accounting
Plenty of report templates
  • Unlimited and flexible payrolls
  • Great setup wizard
  • Exceptional support
  • No expedited payroll
  • No mobile app
  • Add-ons cost extra
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Scalable System with Top-Notch User Experience

One of the most well-reviewed payroll solutions, Patriot promises to get you started by managing your most precious resources — time and money. What Patriot software reviews find most convenient about this product is that it doesn’t target any specific industry but rather, promotes itself as a budget-friendly option with free payroll setup and support.

Other functionalities, such as the free direct deposit and the unlimited payroll runs backed by multiple reporting options and the integrated accounting feature, are also part of the vendor's bundle. And the best thing is that the developers are dedicated to making the platform better by the year. 


Patriot Payroll Software

There are two payroll bundles which you can further customize with add-ons.


Basic Patriot Payroll

Getting started with the Basic Payroll is super easy and involves three steps: registering the number of employees, entering payroll and tax information, and finally, adding work hours for each employee. And voila, the software instantly calculates the wages. With the Basic plan, users receive setup help plus the option to input data from other payroll platforms. Patriot Payroll reviews confirm that transferring data is easy, making the transition effortless. 

The platform also features direct deposit and checks with unlimited payrolls. The Patriot software employee portal meanwhile lets admins set the benefits (health insurance and retirement plans). Most of the records admins create, such as pay stubs, personal information, federal tax withholdings, deposit information, and W-2 forms, can also be viewed by employees via the same portal. A Patriot software vs Quickbooks comparison gives an edge to Patriot as the latter only has this option available within the employee records.

On the flip side, Patriot Payroll reviews show that admins will need to manage payroll tax deposits and filings manually. The software, however, can be customized to different pay schedules (holiday, regular, double-time, etc.) and the type of payment (including bonus, commission, and expense reimbursement). Finally, the platform has printable W-2 templates.


Full-Service Patriot Payroll 

Patriot’s online payroll functionalities will not only support your business with automated employee payroll computations but will also handle all tax filing aspects. The Patriot Payroll services extend to local, state, and federal taxes. Going through Patriot software Payroll reviews, we came across many comments from employers who managed to save precious hours because this software does all the tax filings for them automatically. 

The Full-Service Payroll is packed with ideal features for businesses that wish to entrust their payroll taxes to an expert. As a result of the guaranteed on-time tax filings, employers are saved from the hassle of making compliance mistakes that come at the business's cost. Finally, there’s the option to pay independent contractors and submit 1096s via the respective tax agencies at no extra charge.


Patriot Payroll Software Add-Ons

Knowing that good payroll software is not just about filing taxes and calculating wages, the platform’s developers have created the time tracking and human resources add-ons, which, based on the Patriot Payroll software reviews we went through, make keeping track of time and records a breeze. These extras can be added to any plan but unfortunately are not free of charge. 

The Patriot time and attendance add-on is designed to function as employee time tracking software. As such, it enables employees to clock in and out of work via the Patriot software employee portal. Based on the data generated from the portal, employers receive timesheets that provide them with easy access to tracking their employees' attendance rates. User reviews, however, indicate that there is room for improvement in the features for tracking employee absences. 

Patriot’s human resources software was designed to help users manage data for their employees online. From maintaining digital employee records to managing files online, the Patriot software solutions for managing HR will keep your files neatly organized on the cloud and provide you with detailed employee reports anytime, anywhere. And the best thing is that data security is guaranteed.

However, we observed some Patriot software reviews commenting that access to HR data is tied to the payroll system. For example, users who wish to have their assistants insert employee data will be disappointed as it would also mean accessing all the information in the payroll system. And although it is classified as software, its functions are very restricted and do not manage HR workflows. 

All in all, businesses that opt for these two add-ons will have access to the additional reports not offered in the Patriot Payroll package. These include time summary, birthday and service anniversary reports, employee census, new hires, etc., all of which can be customized and saved as PDFs if necessary.


Patriot Accounting Software

For those looking for a simple solution to manage their accounting, Patriot has developed a cloud-based product that is more than accommodating for small and midsize businesses. According to Patriot accounting software reviews, this product saves you the time and resources you would typically invest in hiring an accountant. 

Patriot accounting helps users track monetary transactions, generate customer invoices, pay vendors, bills, and print forms. Users also get to choose their accounting method among cash-based, modified cash, or accrual accounting. With the Patriot tax and accounting feature, users can issue 1099 and 1096 tax forms, export spreadsheets for specified timeframes, and since every business is unique, the software allows the creation of customizable invoices and credit memos. 

However, while this product lets users manage multiple accounts, expenses, income, and transactions, it is not as intuitive as we hoped it would be. Then, even though the software helps pay employee taxes, it does not calculate quarterly taxes and does not submit them. On a more positive note, the Patriot tax and accounting services integrate seamlessly with the vendor’s other products. So, if you are already using all the other functions, it makes sense to get the accounting software as well.


Patriot Software Pricing

Whether you are running a one-man show or a full house, Patriot is among the most reasonably priced tools on the market. As one user review called it, it’s “an absolute life-saver for small businesses,” and we couldn’t have said it better. 


Patriot Payroll Pricing Plans

The Basic plan starts as low as $10/month for the subscription and an additional $4/employee. Since it’s an absolute minimum, it’s recommended for customers who don’t mind handling their tax filings on their own. We consider this a steady entry-level payroll option and an excellent value for money because users can access unlimited payrolls for hourly and salaried staff on a 24/7 basis. 

The Full-Service plan opens a window to an all-inclusive solution to payroll and tax management. It contains all the features of the Basic plan plus tax and 1064 year-end filings. The monthly subscription is $30 plus $4/employee. 

The add-ons start at $5/month and an extra $1/employee/month for the time and attendance feature. The HR software will increase your monthly subscription by $4 plus an extra $1/employee. 

Patriot Payroll reviews confirm that businesses that opt to cancel their monthly subscription are not obligated to pay any penalties. The vendor further offers a free 30-day trial and Patriot demo account without obligations.


Patriot Accounting Pricing

With the Basic plan, users get insights into the primary financial operations of their company and free expert support. The monthly subscription for this bundle is $15 per month. Reviews note that this accounting solution is a great tool for any small business owner who has no accounting background but is determined to keep their business on track. 

The Premium plan ups the ante with invoice payment reminders, customizable templates for invoices, and an unlimited number of users with permissions. Businesses further get complete control of their money and all the bookkeeping functionalities at a price of only $22.50/month. Compared to Patriot Accounting alternatives, this is an excellent value for money.


Patriot Software Setup

One of the things we would like to emphasize in our Patriot software review is how user-friendly this product is. The dedicated setup wizard added fairly recently by the vendor is the crown jewel and a blessing for nontechnical people. Rather than wasting their clients’ time on getting them to learn the technology and go through the Settings menu, the wizard guides them through a series of screens describing how the Patriot software works.

Unlike Gusto payroll, for example, that just drops users to the site, Patriot’s approach is much simpler, and most user reviews agree on this. All users need is complete the session with the setup assistant (which takes a few minutes) and are ready to start processing payroll. 

Patriot is further built around scalability. For example, the basic bundle sets the foundation for growth for up-and-coming businesses with no payroll experience. Later on, when the company grows, users only need to switch to the full service or the Patriot payroll software for accountants.


Patriot Payroll Integrations

Internally, Patriot integrates with the Basic and Premium accounting software and works seamlessly with the time tracking and HR add-ons. Externally, however, as our tests and Patriot software reviews can confirm, the system’s integration options are very limited. At present, it is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and AP Intego, while for quick bank verification, it integrates with Plaid. Gusto Payroll, for example, integrates with 15% of popular apps, as opposed to 5% for Patriot.


Patriot Software Customer Service

Reaching Patriot’s support center is super easy, and it’s arguably the greatest advantage of this product. The support team is available via email, live chat, or the designated toll-free number during regular business hours (Mondays to Fridays, 8 AM to 8 PM EST).

In addition to the customer service, the vendor offers what Patriot software reviews rate as exceptional help resources, including a searchable knowledge base and a state payroll guide. There is also the self-guided Patriot demo to give you an idea of how the product works. 

In the help centers, which are separate for Payroll and Accounting, users can find FAQs, training videos, and mini videos under each feature where the different functionalities are explained in detail. There are also blogs for the payroll or accounting services users, respectively, offering tips, latest news, and more training. 


Our Verdict

Backed by our extensive research of the product and the online Patriot software reviews we explored, we can confirm that this product is a capable payroll and accounting solution that can meet the growth target for both micro and small businesses. While it could use more integrations, it remains an excellent product for newbies, guiding them through the stormy seas of payroll and accounting.