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SerpWatch Rank Tracker has emerged as one of the best rank trackers on the market. We couldn’t help but wonder what helps the tool rank among industry leaders, considering the fierce competition from the likes of Ahrefs, Moz, and other sharks in the rank tracking pool. Is it the data accuracy, weighted keywords, white labeling options — or all of these together? This SerpWatch Rank Tracker review outlines the pros and cons of this solution and reveals the platform’s recipe for success.

Key Features
Tracking algorithm updates
Google analytics integration
Multiple Google indexes
Live Slack notifications of change in rankings
  • Intuitive product interface
  • Historical data for SERP features
  • Detailed keyword performance data
  • Best-priced keyword rank checker
  • Customizable SEO reports for clients
  • Mobile and desktop rankings monitoring
  • Keyword import available via CSV only
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A Tool That Helps Achieve Billboard Visibility in Search Engines

SerpWatch could easily earn the title of the best rank tracker, boasting an impressive number of unique features that no other tool on the market offers. Meanwhile, the company doesn’t throw around the number of users it has or different milestones it has achieved since its inception. Instead, they have a strong focus on data accuracy, which is one of the first things that drew our attention in our SerpWatch rank tracker review. Our curiosity grew bigger upon discovering that SerpWatch has a system for displaying 100% accurate results.

Apart from screenshots that show search engine results for every keyword in the past 10 days, this rank tracker keeps you in the loop about how your keywords and projects rank for different SERP features. The rank checking tool further deploys image recognition functionality and local verification, which help position it as one of the most accurate rank trackers on the market.


Multiple Options for Customizing Your Keyword Tracking Projects

The SerpWatch keyword rank tracker tool lets you create projects by assigning a domain and keywords you want to track. If you have keywords scattered across multiple spreadsheets, don’t worry, SerpWatch offers an intuitive approach to adding keywords via the upload functionality, supporting CSV keyword imports. The bulk upload option has no restrictions on the number of keywords. Topping its offer up, SerpWatch Rank Tracker has a built-in keyword suggestion tool to further narrow down your search terms.

Before you access valuable insights relating to your keywords, you can choose whether you want to track local rankings by setting your targeted state, country, and city. The SerpWatch rank checker uses UULE parameters, which, when added to the URL, target the specified location. SerpWatch also lets you set your preferred language, supporting 15 languages.

Based on SerpWatch rank tracker reviews, users appreciate having the option to choose between a desktop and mobile view. Using the desktop or mobile-only view allows you to see the results your target audience gets on different devices. The local SERP tracker lets you track both desktop and mobile results, too, ensuring you’re in the know about any possible device-based differences in rankings.

Weighted keywords are one of the features unique to the SerpWatch keyword rank tracker. The solution allows you to add different weight to the keywords you’re tracking. SerpWatch differentiates high-ranking keywords with low and high volume, helping you get personalized and accurate insights into your SEO strategy.


Hourly Keyword Refresh Intervals

Another feature that sets SerpWatch apart from the competition is its keyword refresh interval. Compared to established brands in the industry, such as AccuRanker, SerpWatch holds a significant advantage, supporting hourly keyword refreshes. The shortest refresh interval you get with the former is two hours, and you have to perform this task manually. Another advantage is the wealth of interval options. You can refresh your keywords hourly, every two, six, twelve, twenty-four, and seventy-two hours, weekly, and monthly.


Multiple Supported Search Engines

Another field where the rank checker stood out in our SerpWatch review is search engine coverage. The rank tracking solution checks the rankings of your keywords across all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

SerpWatch also fetches all updates from Google, making sure your rankings are up-to-date. Accessing details about Google’s algorithm changes is straightforward and can be done with a single click.


SERP Feature Tracking With Unlimited Historical Data

SerpWatch rank tracker also excels at collecting and neatly displaying SERP feature data. The Google keyword rank tracker checks your keyword performance for the following SERP features:

  • Featured snippets
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Paid results
  • People Also Ask
  • Answer boxes
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Google reviews.

SerpWatch user reviews further praise that, unlike rivals, this rank tracker provides historical data for all SERP features. Thanks to this nifty feature, you can check the ranking positions of your keywords for different SERP features without limitations to how far back you can go.

Apart from the complete SERP history, SerpWatch displays the SERP feature icons that your keywords rank for.


Exhaustive Keyword Data

The SerpWatch rank checker provides in-depth data about the keywords you track, starting with ranking positions within custom timeframes. It further displays organic and paid result rankings for each keyword, the date it was created, and your notes, if any.

You can get insights into your keyword profitability, i.e., how much money it generated over time. SerpWatch will also show you the last, current, and best position for each keyword, as well as the latest position changes.

The rank tracker generates the same data on a project level. Instead of a single-keyword analysis, SerpWatch displays the ranking data for all keywords associated with a project. Other available data include search volume, cost per click, and competition.


Monitoring the Competition for Free

Our SerpWatch rank tracker review revealed another advantage the solution has over rivals — it lets you monitor your competition free of charge. The rank checking solution provides you with insights about websites that rank in the top 10 positions. Simply select a keyword, and navigate to the Competitors tab to unlock insights about your keyword’s performance against the competition. SerpWatch shows a graph-based overview of your competitors. You can adjust the graph display options, change a date range, and exclude some competitors from the graph.


Seamless Integration with Google Analytics

SerpWatch reviews have also confirmed that the rank tracking solution integrates smoothly with Google Analytics. Once you connect your GA account to SerpWatch, you’ll be able to analyze your website’s organic traffic, and consequently, create and improve data-backed rank strategies.
The best part is that you don’t have to switch between tabs to reconcile data from these two platforms. SerpWatch’s accurate rank tracker will display all your Google Analytics data in a single window.


Instant Slack & Email Notifications

During our research, we also appreciated SerpWatch’s keyword monitoring capabilities, keeping you up-to-date with the latest rank changes via the tool’s impeccable notification system.

You can easily access and set your notification preferences and choose a channel for updates on your keyword performance. Email or Slack — the SerpWatch rank tracker will keep you informed about keyword drops and increases and send notifications when your keyword ranks in SERP features or reaches an all-time high.


White Labeling Options & Client Management

White labeling options help SerpWatch take one of the leading positions among the competition. That’s also why agencies with a large user base recommend it for frictionless client management.

The rank tracker lets you remove SerpWatch branding and customize the platform to match your brand. Simply toggle the Enable Client Management button, and you’re ready to set up your organization’s profile.

Apart from the basic information such as name and contact details, SerpWatch Rank Tracker lets you add your logo and set your personal domain or go with SerpWatch’s subdomain. You can also select a theme and customize a client login page.

Adding clients is straightforward, allowing you to set their login credentials. The next step is to add a project and start tracking your clients’ target keywords.

SEO professionals rate SerpWatch as the best rank tracker tool as their clients can easily access and explore their project’s performance. You can also create branded reports and send them out to your clients. The scheduling functionality makes keeping your clients in the loop about their projects simple, giving you the option to set the sending frequency to weekly or monthly.


Outstanding Customer Support

SerpWatch Rank Tracker offers live chat and email support. You can also get in touch with the support team by submitting a web form. Upon several interactions with the SerpWatch customer support, this highly accurate rank tracker earned extra points from us. We didn’t even get to test the web form, as live chat representatives replied to our queries almost immediately.

It’s also worth noting in this SerpWatch review that users appreciate the company’s openness to feedback and suggestions. The rank tracker allows them to easily submit feedback and request features.


How Much Does SerpWatch Rank Tracker Cost?

If you want to use the SerpWatch rank tracker free of charge, you can do so with the 15-day free trial.

In our book, a good rank tracking solution should have budget-friendly pricing that matches its feature offer. SerpWatch offers just that — an excellent value for money. One of the aspects we like about the rank checking tool is its transparent pricing, with the usage calculator shown on the pricing page.

Prices start at $1/month for up to five keywords. Apart from the keyword count, SerpWatch pricing depends on several factors:

  • Keyword check frequency (from hourly to daily checks)
  • Checked devices (desktop/mobile/both)
  • The number of locations per keyword
  • The number of search engines per keyword.

The more keyword checks you require, the lower the price per single check. SerpWatch further offers a 10% discount on annual subscriptions.


Is SerpWatch Rank Tracker Any Good?

The SerpWatch rank checker is more than just good — it’s one of the best solutions for both startups and enterprises. Our SerpWatch review revealed that the solution is highly accurate, customizable, and offers a user-friendly interface. You can use it to track local and global rankings on desktop and mobile devices. The tool delivers in-depth keyword ranking data, powered by strong search engine coverage and an impressive Search Intelligence Hub.