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For this SerpWatch SERP API review, we’ve tried and tested one of the best search engine APIs to provide you with insights into its strengths and weaknesses. Supported search engines, search query customizations, output options, SERP features, and much more — you’ll find it all here, so read on.

Key Features
Feature-rich SERP API
Scrapes Google data in real-time
Supports manual and automatic batch requests
Budget-friendly SERP API tool
  • 100% accurate SERP API tool
  • Offers a vast choice of geo-locations
  • Ultra-fast data delivery times
  • Ideal solution for all sizes of companies
  • Structured data on JSON format only

A Robust SERP API At the Touch of Your Fingertips

SerpWatch SERP API is part of the SerpWatch family, which, apart from one of the best search engine scraping tools, offers SerpWatch Rank Tracker, a top-notch rank tracking solution. One of the highlights that deserves a mention at the beginning of this SerpWatch SERP API review is the tool’s availability. To see the search engine API in action, you don’t have to open an account or sign up for a free trial. All you have to do to start scraping data is visit the SERP API’s website, enter your search keyword, and voila — your data scraping adventure begins!

Search Query Customization

SerpWatch takes search engine data scraping to the next level with the 100% accurate SERP API that gathers data in real-time. Our SerpWatch SERP API review further revealed that users can scrape Google results without restrictions from the search engine giant. The SERP scraper deploys CAPTCHA solving technology and browser clusters. It further provides users with a new residential IP for each request, ensuring your access to search engine data has no boundaries.

Search Engines Supported

SERP API can retrieve data from multiple search engines. Not only does it support the two largest search engines, Google and YouTube, but it also allows you to obtain data from the likes of Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and even Amazon.

Available Locations

Support for a wide variety of locations is one of the features that stood out during the research for our SerpWatch SERP API review. The SERP scraper retrieves data from almost any country you can think of.

In comparing SerpWatch SERP API with SheerSEO, the latter supports around 40 countries, making SerpWatch’s SERP API a more comprehensive tool from a geo-location perspective.

On a more granular level, this SERP tool further supports close to 100,000 locations, including countries, cities, counties, provinces, and regions. This Google SERP API has admirable coverage of US locations, counting over 53,000.

SerpWatch SERP API reviews show that users often compare this tool to one of the highest-ranked SERP APIs, SERPChecker. In the battle of the SERP titans, SerpWatch takes another win, supporting nearly twice as many locations compared to SERPChecker.

Desktop & Mobile Data

Google takes several factors into account before serving specific content to users, and one of these factors is the device from which a user made a request. SerpWatch SERP API allows users to retrieve search engine data from both desktop and mobile devices, confirming its commitment to 100% accurate data delivery.

Supported SERP Features

During our research for this SerpWatch SERP API review, it became evident that the search engine API is quick to deliver SERP features. Reviews confirm that users appreciate that their data scraping projects are not limited to organic results. Instead, SerpWatch SERP API delivers results from featured snippets, news, videos, answer boxes, and paid results, among other SERP features.

Programming Languages

SerpWatch SERP API uses an HTTP protocol, which makes it compatible with nearly all programming languages. The solution offers coding examples in various languages, including PHP, C-Sharp, Python, and Java.

Output Formats

Parsing Google search data is another neat feature worth noting in this SerpWatch SERP API review. The search scraper parses the data automatically without requiring any actions on your end. All you have to do is get the results readily available in JSON format.

YouTube Monitoring & Keyword Suggestions

Another search engine API’s functionality that caught our eye is YouTube keyword monitoring. As SerpWatch SERP API reviews confirm, the search engine scraper keeps you informed about the rankings of your YouTube videos, helping you adjust and optimize your digital marketing strategy. On top of that, the tool can provide you with keyword suggestions based on YouTube's autocomplete functionality. Neat, right?

SERP API Performance

One of the SERP API’s capabilities that caught our attention during our research for this SerpWatch SERP API review is the impeccable performance, which is independent of the number of requests the solution handles at all times. Another tool’s strength we’d like to mention is that the tool supports batch requests — manual and automatic.

Users further confirm that because it can handle as little or as many requests as you need, the SERP API is a perfect fit for a company of any size.

Customer Support

The SERP API’s customer support is second to none, offering lightning-fast live chat support. Users can also contact the SerpWatch support team through a web form and email.

For this review, we reached out to the company’s live chat representatives, and they’ve left a positive impression on us with their knowledge, prompt replies, and friendliness. Our experience matches the feedback from SerpWatch SERP API reviews, with users confirming the API’s support is one of the vendor’s most valuable assets.

SerpWatch SERP API Pricing

With the SerpWatch API, you can get the first 100 requests free of charge, while the tool’s pricing is quote-based. To get a quote, you should fill out the form on the company’s website, indicating your SERP API requirements.

Our Closing Thoughts

SerpWatch’s search engine API tool is undoubtedly one of the best SERP APIs we’ve ever come across. It’s fast and accurate, letting you customize your search queries to the smallest of details. As SerpWatch SERP API reviews confirm, the tool’s performance is outstanding, and the fact that the SERP API doesn’t require technical knowledge makes it all the better.