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Launched in 1994 as a small PC-selling company in South Lake Tahoe, California, StrongVPN has humble beginnings. Fast-forward 11 years, and the company had entered the VPN industry with a product set to become one of the world’s most popular VPNs. While that is pretty impressive, it doesn’t tell you much about what this VPN can do for you. This is where we come in — we did extensive research and read through multiple StrongVPN reviews to give you some essential insight about this VPN.

Key Features
WireGuard protocol
Over 950 servers in more than 30 countries
Offers apps for all platforms
Excellent security features
  • Ease of use
  • Up to twelve simultaneous device connections
  • Over 950 servers in 35 countries
  • No speed limits
  • Below average speeds at times
  • No StrongVPN free trial
  • No StrongVPN free version

Strong Military-Grade Encryption with Zero-Logs Policy

This VPN service has put in a lot of effort to keep your browsing activities safe and private. The vendor is further committed to offering an “honest and simple” service, and multiple StrongVPN reviews suggest that it largely manages to deliver on its promise.

Security and Privacy Features

With security being its forte, StrongVPN uses AES 256-bit or military-grade encryption. It also comes with many security protocols to keep you safe while online, such as WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, and L2TP.

StrongVPN WireGuard Protocol

As one of the newest and fastest security protocols, WireGuard is a must for the best VPN services since it delivers top security at above-average speeds. That said, according to some StrongVPN reviews and our personal experience with the service, the WireGuard speeds are below average compared to those provided by some of its alternatives. Note that StrongVPN still offers faster speeds than VPNs without WireGuard, but we feel an upgrade is needed to reach the speeds provided by the alternatives using this protocol.


If you are looking for something unique, StrongVPN might surprise you with its StrongDNS feature. Since the company operates its own DNS servers, it can help you access geo-blocked content. StrongDNS lets you change your real location without encrypting your traffic. Many StrongVPN reviews praise this feature and confirm that it’s one of the main reasons StrongVPN is so popular.

Split Tunneling

Sometimes, we all need additional control to make things run as smoothly as possible. Even though VPN technology has evolved a lot in the past years, some services can’t be accessed with an enabled VPN connection. The StrongVPN split tunneling feature gives users additional control over their privacy with the option to decide which apps are going through the VPN tunnel and which through the ISP tunnel.

Zero Logging

A strict no-logs policy is a feature that we feel deserves a special shoutout in this StrongVPN review. Even though the vendor is under US jurisdiction (a Five Eyes Alliance member), it provides an additional layer of privacy to all its users by offering a zero-logging policy. In other words, the company doesn’t collect any data about your online activity, so they can’t give out any information even if asked by the government.


If you are looking for a VPN solution that supports torrenting, StrongVPN may be a perfect fit. In fact, the StrongVPN torrent support is among the best ones we have tested - even compared with some of its more popular alternatives. For example, in the StrongVPN vs HideMyAss comparison, the former effortlessly outperformed HideMyAss. Since HideMyAss allows torrenting but not copyrighted materials, it often blocks downloads if users don’t use one of its few P2P-optimized servers.

For the purposes of our StrongVPN review, we tested the speed of downloading torrents through the VPN service, and we felt that it might need upgrading. For example, in a StrongVPN vs NordVPN comparison, our VPN of the day failed to reach the same speeds as NordVPN.


As noted above, when we tested the speeds of StrongVPN and compared them with other options that also include the WireGuard protocol, at times, we got below-average results.

Still, the testing we did for our StrongVPN review showed that the service offers fast enough speeds for buffering-free browsing, streaming, and downloading. That is especially true if you are connected to servers physically closer to you. When connected to one of the farther StrongVPN server locations, there might be a drop in speed, but that is the case with almost all VPN services.


This VPN can unlock many major platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. In fact, it’s one of the best VPNs for Netflix out there. While a lot of services unlock only Netflix’s US and UK libraries, the StrongVPN Netflix solution took care of every library we tried. The same goes for the StrongVPN Hulu solution, which will enable you to watch HD-quality content regardless of your physical location.

We, however, failed to unlock Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer. So, if you want to watch those specifically, we recommend checking out other streaming VPNs. After our StrongVPN vs ExpressVPN comparison, we would recommend ExpressVPN as one of the better alternatives for more streaming platforms choices.

Device Compatibility

Our StrongVPN review shows that not only does the service allow up to 12 simultaneous device connections, but StrongVPN has apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Kodi, Fire Stick, Fire TV, and for your routers.

We want to highlight the StrongVPN Android app as one of the best ones out there, as well as the StrongVPN router solution that will keep your whole network safe. Note that there isn’t a StrongVPN Chrome extension yet, but you can use it on applicable browsers with the Windows app. And if you’re looking for the best VPN for Chrome, SurfShark and NordVPN are some of the choices that might fit the bill.

Customer Support

By offering 24/7 StrongVPN customer service through live chat and an online ticketing system, the company is a few steps ahead of the competition.

While we had a pleasant interaction with their live chat support, we wanted to ensure that our experience was not an exception. We read multiple StrongVPN reviews, which also confirmed our impression that the support team is friendly and knowledgeable and will answer your questions swiftly. On the other hand, if there is a more serious issue with the service, it might take some time, but they will resolve it as soon as possible.


The StrongVPN app comes with straightforward and transparent pricing for all available plans. That said, according to our research and many StrongVPN reviews, you have to be prepared for higher than average prices.

While the StrongVPN price seems affordable at first glance, that is only true for the first year. The vendor offers an annual plan for $3.66/month, billed $43.99 for the first year. Once the year is over, the plan renews at $79.99/year, equal to $6.67/month. StrongVPN also offers a monthly plan, which will cost you $10.99.

Both plans include 250GB of SugarSync Secure Storage, while only the annual plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This price puts it somewhere in the middle of the industry average. Some services are cheaper, as we discovered after our StrongVPN vs Private Internet Access comparison, where the latter will cost you $3.33/month, billed $39.95/year until you are subscribed. And some services are more expensive, as it can be seen in a StrongVPN vs IPVanish battle. If you choose IPVanish, it will set you back $7.5/month, billed $89.99/year.

Our Verdict

Our StrongVPN review clearly showed us that the trusted VPN service has many strengths and a few weaknesses. It is an easy-to-use solution, available on almost all devices, and allows up to twelve simultaneous devices. It also offers no speed limits and has full support for torrenting and streaming. On the other hand, StrongVPN does not have a free version or a free trial, and it can have below-average speeds on specific servers. That said, as many StrongVPN reviews confirm, the pros outweigh the cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices does StrongVPN support?

StrongVPN allows up to 12 devices on one account. That is more than enough to cover all your home devices. Just for comparison, most rivals offer up to five or six devices per one account, which makes StrongVPN one of the top choices for multi-device VPNs.

Is StrongVPN good?

As our StrongVPN review already confirmed, the VPN service is among the best ones in the industry. StrongVPN offers top-grade encryption, the latest security and privacy features, decent speeds, and full support for browsing and streaming from anywhere in the world.

Does StrongVPN work in China?

Yes, StrongVPN is available in China. Note that the official website is blocked in the country, but our tests showed that the VPN service works seamlessly. In fact, StrongVPN is one of the rare VPN services that bypass the Great Firewall of China. For example, when we compared StrongVPN vs ProtonVPN, we realized that not even ProtonVPN works in China.

Is StrongVPN safe?

Many StrongVPN reviews confirm that this service is among the safest in the industry. The vendor has a strict no-logs policy, which means that not even the company knows about your online activities. Moreover, it supports streaming and torrenting while at the same time keeping you safe from almost all internet threats.

Is StrongVPN free?

Unfortunately, StrongVPN does not offer a free version.