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Despite being a newcomer to the project management market, TeamStage is already challenging industry veterans, courtesy of its excellent task managing features and intuitiveness. Designed for managers by managers, TeamStage knows what a team leader needs, and is designed to accommodate and streamline even the most complex of tasks. In this TeamStage review, we will see where this platform excels and what it could do better, so keep reading!

Key Features
Supports Kanban, list, and calendar views
Milestone and dependencies
Intuitive dashboard
Integrations with other platforms
  • Great automation features
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Suited for any business size
  • Charts & reports feature
  • Affordable
  • Not all features are available yet
  • No priority customer support for the free plan

A Powerful Project Management Solution With Just the Right Tools

When you are in charge of managing a team, organizing and keeping track of everything is a must. This is where project management products come in. To that end, TeamStage improves task and project management, helping users stay on top of various team responsibilities, billable hours, and other possible responsibilities. In this TeamStage review, we will explore exactly how the platform does that, along with the different TeamStage pricing plans, should you decide to give it a go. 

TeamStage Features

As project management software, TeamStage strives to optimize and streamline management processes and make project and task managing easier to follow and easier to overview. The software’s essential features allow managers to create different projects for their team, assign tasks to members, track progress, and generate an array of reports based on the data collected throughout the processes.

Collaboration Features

The software’s collaboration features significantly improve the organization’s management process. They allow you to invite guests (including people from outside of your organization) to your workspace, make status updates, communicate with team members and colleagues via task comments, and view the activity logs of your workspaces. At the time of writing this TeamStage review, the company is planning to add integrations with Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox, to enable easier file sharing. 

Customization Features

This project management software prides itself on having a highly customizable interface and a platform that you can modify to suit your preferences. TeamStage has tools for custom fields and issue types to personalize the tasks further and also offers custom tags, stars, and sections, along with a white label option for emails. In addition, TeamStage has a dark mode for those who prefer not to be blinded by the whiteness of their screens, or just prefer their apps to have a sleek dark look.

TeamStage Project Management Features

Our research for this TeamStage review shows that project management is where this platform really shines. With Dependencies and Views, users are able to stay on top of their organization game and overview everything about the project in one place, including work items from different projects that are still related to yours. The Milestones feature meanwhile keeps users in the loop of how far the project has come with helpful Pie charts.

TeamStage Task Management Features

TeamStage has a good array of task management tools too, which serve to break down the project into smaller parts and easily keep track of the steps, along with your team’s work. Our TeamStage review further shows that these features will enable you to break down tasks into more digestible subtasks, ID and assign them to multiple people, organize checklists, and of course, add start times and deadlines to ensure everything gets done on time. 

While the software currently lacks time and budget tracking functionalities, the vendor’s roadmap suggests that these features are under consideration, alongside push notifications, auto-scheduling, and breaking down time estimates between team members, among other prospective features. 

Charts & Reports

TeamStage’s charts and reports are a valuable addition to all the features. You can look through custom project and task reports, utilization charts, Gantt charts, and more. You will also get project and task reports on various data covering your team’s work and efficiency, which will give you valuable insight into how you can improve your team’s success even more.

TeamStage Ease of Use

TeamStage reviews by managers who have tried it out indicate that the platform is highly intuitive and user-friendly. This software has many charts, roadmaps, and workflows available, which makes data overview a lot easier. Users also appreciate the degree of automation that comes with the platform, meaning, you will not have to deal with the most mundane tasks. 

TeamStage Support & Customer Service

As a rising star in the world of project management software, TeamStage has opted to offer customer service and a Help center available in case the software’s users have any questions or problems they need answers for. Customer support can be reached via the website’s “Contact us” page, where you can leave your information along with your question. The knowledge base in the Help center is quite broad, and many TeamStage reviews show that users have found this page quite helpful in their search for answers. The website also features a live chat, with answers typically coming in within minutes. 

Affordable Pricing Plans for All Customer Needs

For team managers on a budget, TeamStage offers a functional free version with many features available. The downside is that the free version is limited to five members per workspace and five guests per workspace, so this plan works best for very small teams.

The least expensive pricing plan is Basic, which costs $2.99/user/month with annual pricing (or $5/user on a monthly basis). This is also good for solopreneurs or small teams, even though it has an unlimited number of members and guests available. Instead of the two workspaces which you get for free, this plan has 10 available.

The Standard pricing plan, which is the most popular tier according to TeamStage reviews, is a great option for medium-sized teams. It costs $5.99/user/month with yearly billing (or $10/user if you opt for monthly payments) and offers unlimited workspaces to its users.

The most costly pricing plan is Premium, which comes in at $11.99//user/month with an annual subscription ($20/user on a per-month basis). This plan is the best option for big teams of people and companies, as well as multiple teams who need to work together. It comes with unlimited storage and 1GB of attachment size maximum.

In addition, the software has a 15-day free trial, so you can try it out yourself. If you end up not being content, the platform has an available refund eligible 14 days after the purchase.

Our Verdict

Our TeamStage review shows that this project management software is a highly convenient tool managers can use to effectively oversee their teams. While some less essential features present in more established TeamStage alternatives are still in development here, this intuitive and cost-effective software is already outperforming the competition, so we are excited to see what else the vendor will bring to the table going forward.