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TenantCloud claims it’s an all-in-one system that brings all the tools needed for landlords and property managers to streamline their rentals. Present across 40 countries and with over 300,000 properties in its system, the platform aims to become the place to be for landlords, tenants, and service professionals. Does the software really have what it takes to make your life easier? We went through hundreds of TenantCloud reviews on the web to find the answer.

Key Features
Free for up to 75 units
512 MB — 10 GB file storage
Tenant match feature
Online payments
Customizable marketing website
Tenant match feature
A dedicated listing resource
  • Free for up to 75 units
  • Great free marketing website
  • Streamlined maintenance requests management
  • Automatic listing syndication
  • Average customer support
  • Limitations in terms of accounting tools
  • Money transfer takes a week
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A Multitasking System For Free

Led by a tight-knit team, TenantCloud was founded in 2014, so it’s a relatively young product on the market. This cloud-based platform offers the convenience of dealing with tasks on the go thanks to the TenantCloud app available for Android and iOS.

In addition to the landlord portal, it offers portals for tenants and service professionals, creating a centralized hub. 

TenantCloud is one of the few property management software platforms that offer a free plan. It’s fairly comprehensive for up to 75 rental units, and if you grow bigger, you can upgrade to a paid package at any time. 

All this sounds promising, so let’s go through our TenantCloud review and find out if it’s worth trying it. 

Top Property Management Software for Small Landlords 

TenantCloud offers many features that can benefit landlords, especially those with a handful of properties to manage. In the following section, we’ll analyze the most notable features for landlords.


TenantCloud provides convenient accounting that allows you to automate the creation of invoices and receipts and implementation of late fees. All receipts and contacts are stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time. Additionally, the software comes with amortization and depreciation tracking, as well as a variety of financial reports which are easily exported when needed. For paid accounts, TenantCloud allows a QuickBooks sync. 

All this looks promising; yet, TenantCloud reviews on the web show that users aren’t particularly satisfied with it. They point to poor interface and argue the feature isn’t user-friendly. When looking for potential alternatives with robust accounting, Buildium popped up as a system that does a great job, as confirmed by dozens of Buildium reviews on the web. 

TenantCloud Payments

With TenantCloud, you can collect rent and handle payments online. The software allows you to accept PayPal, Stripe, and ACH (no transaction fee), as well as debit/credit card payments (with a standard transaction fee). There is also a possibility for tenants to set up auto payments to avoid going past the due date. Users like how easy it is to set up and start collecting money online. 

A TenantCloud online payment review wouldn’t be complete with the platform’s downsides. During our research, we came across reviews from users who have reported difficulties with logging multiple payments for one property while others complained it takes a full week for the money to be transferred from the tenant to the user’s bank account. 

Marketing Website & Automatic Listings

You can post your vacancies to TC Rentals — TenantCloud’s very own listing resource — and increase the chances of attracting potential tenants. The listings can then be auto-submitted to TenantCloud’s listing partners, your marketing website, or social media with just one click. 

The marketing website is easy to set up and can be customized to fit your vision with a color scheme of your choice, custom application form with your terms and files, and useful information, images, and even video tours. You can also get an overview of the vacant listings, statistics, and leads, or add units with one click. 

Reviews of TenantCloud on the web highlight the usefulness of this feature. Users love the design and features. Some reckon it’s one of the best and easiest online websites to use for real estate-related work. Plus, the vendor keeps updating the site so you are in for pleasant surprises in the future. 

Rental Application Management

The website lets you accept and manage rental applications on the spot. The application form can be set to provide your terms and important files, set pre-approval conditions, create additional questions, or request a fee. You get notified as soon the applicant fills in the form so you can run a thorough tenant screening. TenantCloud provides a full report on criminal records, education, employment history, credit status and resident score, eviction, and more. 

Some users point to issues with the application process, saying its interface is not the best and the program is not the most user-friendly. Our thorough TenantCloud review showed that while bugs and glitches might happen occasionally, this feature is quite useful and many users love it. 

Contacts Management

With options to store, add, and manage contact profiles, add notes, reminders, and files, TenantCloud is one of the best software systems for contact management. There's a timeline where you get an overview of the activity and get on top of updates.

Team Management

Team management is another area where TenantCloud property management software shines. All team members can manage the rental under one umbrella. The best thing is you get to set custom permissions to manage listings, properties, payment, and more. 

Maintenance Requests & Equipment Tracking

TenantCloud reviews unanimously show that people love how the software handles maintenance requests. Beyond being able to manage and store the requests, you can set reminders to schedule repairs and assign the requests to service professionals online. Service professionals can have their own account and profile on TenantCloud which is an option rarely seen in other property management software. Users find this feature helpful for day-to-day rental management.  

Documentation & eSign

The document builder is a great addition to the software as it allows for you to create lease agreements and other documents including eviction notices, rent increase notification, notice to vacate, and more. When needed, documents can be signed digitally from any device thanks to the built-in eSign functionality. 

That said, there is a potential storage issue. TenantCloud’s free package provides only 512MB storage despite supporting up to 75 properties or 1GB for 150 properties. As several TenantCloud reviews indicate, this can be limiting, especially since there’s no option to purchase additional storage. If you have fewer properties, however, you will benefit greatly from this feature. 


TenantCloud provides extensive reports with accurate and important data that can be exported to PDF or Excel files. Users love this feature as it’s user-friendly and intuitive. You can review the report summary or filter, sort, or group the criteria so you can get just the report you need. 

TenantCloud Integrations

TenantCloud integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and Dwolla to make the payment processes easy.

Paid accounts can integrate with QuickBooks, synchronizing all data automatically, manually, or in real-time. 

Through their partnership with Assurance, the software helps clients protect their properties and tenants, offering insurance that covers the repair/replacement costs, fire damage, and flooding caused by the tenants. Tenants can get $100,000 liability coverage and $30,000 personal property coverage, as well as replacement cost. 

TenantCloud property management partners up with Rentler Leads to offer its users great options for lead generation. You can invite potential renters to apply for your vacancies through Rentler Leads — the system that recommends applicants based on an in-depth analysis of your vacancies. TenantCloud reviews suggest that this particular integration makes it easier for landlords/property managers to find the right tenants.

Powered by TransUnion, TenantCloud provides full screening reports including National Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Data, Bankruptcies Search, Instant State Data, Credit Report with ResidentScore, National Eviction Search, SSN Verification/ Address History, and OFAC/ Most Wanded Searches. 

Useful Tenants’ Hub

As a tenant, you can create a profile and include all the relevant information such as rental activity and history info, move-in/out photos, payment receipts, agreements, and more. If looking for a home, you can have a landlord come to you by filling in the wishlist.

The portal also lets you submit maintenance requests and add a photo/video and stay in touch with the landlord or manager to schedule the repair and keep up with the progress. 

While tenants get their own space from which they can handle everything, our research for this TenantCloud review has shown that more often than not, tenants find the software confusing, pointing to its clunky and not very intuitive system. 

What tenants do love is the convenience of paying their rent online and the ease of submitting maintenance requests.

Service Pro’s Hub

TenantCloud is a unique platform that offers service professionals a dedicated space where they can get work orders online and reach more customers. Not many TenantCloud reviews mention this service but we did our due diligence and found out that as a service pro, you can create a profile where you would list your skills and previous experience, add work description, and even images that showcase your work. 

When landlords receive a maintenance request and it matches with your offering, they would reach out and connect you with tenants. The TenantCloud Messenger helps you communicate with the clients and schedule the work.

Additionally, you can get paid online, fast, and easy. TenantCloud has a dedicated maintenance request management system where you manage the invoices, track the progress and status of work orders, and add images/videos. The calendar will help you stay on top of the game and you’ll get notified about the most important events. 

On their YouTube page, you can find a TenantCloud tutorial about virtually everything you need — from how to create a profile and get verified to how to connect with a landlord and communicate with them so you can get on board and start growing your business as soon as possible. 

Organized and Easy to Use Software

Although some reviews indicate that the software has a clunky UI, TenantCloud is a fairly easy platform in many aspects. It provides clear information and it’s well organized which eases the navigation. Users with little or no prior experience with a system of this kind have reported that they quickly got up to speed. TenantCloud is also scalable and can grow along with your business needs. 

TenantCloud Customer Service

Customer support is definitely not the strong suit of the TenantCloud software. Primarily, the service is provided via support tickets and email. Some users complain about the lack of phone support, unreliability, and the slow response time which sometimes can take 48 hours.

However, others have said they had a positive experience with the support team, reporting they have received a prompt answer in a friendly manner. Considering all TenantCloud customer service reviews, we can say that TenantCloud’s customer support is not the industry best; however, in addition to support tickets and email, there is a detailed help center and YouTube videos where you can find the most frequently asked questions and solutions for minor issues. 

TenantCloud Pricing

TenantCloud for landlords if free for managing up to 75 units. This plan includes one admin account, 10 notice templates, and 512MB file storage. 

The monthly price for the Standard plan is $9 for managing up to 150 units. This package supports one admin account and offers 1GB file storage. Other notable features are the unlimited notice templates, options for Rentler Leads, automated payments, eSignature, Google Calendar sync, and CRM leads. 

For landlords with up to 500 units, the Advanced comes at $35/month. It allows 10 admin accounts and provides 10 GB file storage. This plan ups the previous one with a QuickBooks sync option, property message board, and priority support. 

If you opt to pay annually, you’ll get two months free with both paid TenantCloud plans. So, for the Standard plan you’ll pay $90, and for Advanced — $350 per year.

TenantCloud for tenants and ServicePro is completely free. The vendor has announced that a paid plan for service professionals is to become available soon. Coming in at $35/month, the package promises to help with getting unlimited bids on maintenance requests. 

If we compare TenantCloud vs Buildium, it’s obvious that price-wise, TenantCloud is the winner. It’s affordable and offers good value for money. On the other hand, Buildium is better in terms of features and robustness. 

The Verdict

While TenantCloud is not as robust as other software solutions in the same category, what the platform lacks in accounting and payment processing, it makes up for in providing an intuitive and customizable marketing website and unique features like maintenance request bidding and applicant-landlord matching. 

Summing up all TenantCloud reviews we’ve found online and our own findings, we can say that TenantCloud is a solid property management software. It’s free for landlords and managers with fewer than 75 units which makes it a great choice for property managers with small portfolios and limited budget.