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TSheets is the favorite time tracking solution of over a million users and 70,000 companies. The vendor has processed nearly 400 million timesheets so far, serving users in 112 countries. TSheets reviews indicate that the solution is nearly flawless, boasting over 20,000 five-star reviews. While the numbers behind TSheets are impressive, they don’t tell us much about the software’s unique features or those that could use some improvement. That’s where our in-depth review comes in, so read on.

Key Features
Excellent time tracking software
Integrates with QuickBooks
A reputable software company
Excellent customer support
  • Easy-to-use time tracker
  • Great employee scheduling tool
  • Supports GPS and geofencing
  • A vast number of integrations
  • Somewhat outdated interface
  • Occasional lags
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Time Tracking and Scheduling Software from the Intuit Software Family

TSheets user reviews place the software among the top time tracking and employee scheduling solutions. The platform caters to small and medium-sized businesses, while its audience comes primarily from the construction, accounting, and IT sectors.

Features-wise, TSheets started as a standalone time tracker, gradually expanding its capabilities. Apart from time tracking, the software further supports employee scheduling tools and a wide selection of direct integrations with the industry’s leading payroll, invoicing, cloud storage, and expense tracking software.


TSheets Time Tracking Software

We went through dozens of TSheets customer reviews to discover why they’ve turned to this time tracking software over others. The two most frequent responses were outstanding customer support and seamless TSheets QuickBooks integration. While these are among the platform’s undisputable strengths, the TSheets time tracker has a dozen more functionalities that set it apart from the competition.

The Time Clock is a stopwatch-based tracker, allowing users to swiftly clock in and out. What stands out in TSheets app reviews as one of the platform's advantages is that this tool isn’t limited to tracking hours only — it can also track tasks, projects, and miles. The TSheets project management tools allow users to create projects, manage permissions, and estimate costs. The software further includes PTO management, so employees can easily request time off while having insight into their PTO balance.

We particularly like the custom fields, which can have various purposes — from adding job codes to marking hours as billable or non-billable.

The Kiosk feature has earned many positive TSheets reviews. The digital punch clock works on various devices, including tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Perfect for both field and office employees, the TSheets Kiosk comes with facial recognition, preventing time theft. Using a PIN is another supported feature for accurate attendance tracking.

The TSheets GPS tracking system works well, providing a precise location of remote workers at all times. Employers can manage their workforce even more effectively with the Who’s Working widget. As TSheets customer reviews confirm, the widget allows them to see where each employee is and what they’re currently working on. TSheets geofencing has proved to be a valuable feature that reminds employees to clock in or out within and outside set geofences.

Other features worth mentioning include overtime tracking with the Pay Rate Engine, an excellent notification system, and the payroll software integration.


TSheets Scheduling Software

TSheets scheduling tools allow businesses to keep their workforce organized without investing too much effort in the process. As TSheets reviews note, the software adjusts to your company’s needs. Whether you want to create a job or shift-based schedule, you can do that easily, using TSheets’ intuitive editor.

Some of the customizable options include shift start and end dates, location, and notes. You can further set permissions for your employees, specifying which schedules they can view and manage. The platform’s notification system meanwhile keeps everyone in the loop about the upcoming shifts and jobs, as well as any schedule changes. As TSheets app reviews show, the option to color-code schedule fields makes the entire process even simpler. Another handy feature users appreciate is copying a previous week’s schedule and editing it to fit the current week.

TSheets offers an excellent built-in scheduling tool, which gives it a slight edge over its competitors, such as Harvest. The latter relies on the Forecast app for scheduling and bills it separately from its time tracking solution. With TSheets, the scheduling software is included in all plans, making the platform a better choice in the TSheets vs Harvest comparison.


TSheets Integrations

As part of our TSheets software review, we also looked at the platform’s integrations — the App Marketplace features a vast number of payroll and accounting software. TSheets further supports software from other categories, such as HR tools, cloud storage services, and dashboard software. Otherwise, integrations with software that’s not in the App Marketplace are available through the TSheets API.


TSheets Apps

The TSheets mobile app makes tracking time on-the-go a seamless experience. Both Android and iOS device users like the app and all its functionalities. The vendor also has a separate app for attendance tracking — Kiosk — but, according to TSheets Kiosk reviews, the app could use some improvement.

The company doesn’t offer a TSheets desktop app. Then again, with the software’s online version, an excellent mobile app, and the TSheets Chrome extension for Intuit Online Payroll integration, users already have enough flexibility for accessing the product with great ease.


TSheets Customer Service

Contacting TSheets support is available through the following channels: email, live chat, and phone from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and from 4 AM to 7 PM on Saturdays. The software further offers an extensive knowledge base with helpful articles and video tutorials.

As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning of this TSheets software review, users are satisfied with the product’s support. Still, there have also been TSheets complaints about the quality of support since Intuit has acquired the company. We, however, got in touch with the team and haven’t experienced any problems. The chat representatives were quick to reply to our queries and answered all of our questions.


How Much Does TSheets Cost?

TSheets offers a 14-day free trial, but there is no free version. If you would like to see the product in action before subscribing to it, the TSheets demo is available on the company’s YouTube channel.

The vendor offers two pricing plans: Premium and Elite, priced at $8/user/month and $10/user/month. TSheets competitors have similar pricing, but the TSheets pricing also includes a base fee, which increases the price. The Premium plan has a base fee of $20/month, whereas, with the Elite plan, that fee is $40/month. The fees cover the cost of data storage, admin access, account setup, and, as TSheets reviews note, excellent customer support.

The Premium plan supports time tracking from mobile devices, GPS tracking, and TSheets Kiosk with facial recognition capabilities. The package further includes other top features in its Premium offering, such as employee scheduling tools, the Who’s Working feature, QuickBooks integration, time-off management, and live chat support.

The Elite plan unlocks the project management features, including the option to track a project’s progress to plan, its activity feed, and estimates, which, according to TSheets user reviews, add tremendous value to the software. Other features here are geofencing and timesheet signatures.

The company offers discounted pricing for companies with over 50 users. Also, to get the TSheets cost for nonprofits, you should contact the company by phone.

Businesses looking for a solution that’s more oriented towards time tracking with employee monitoring functionalities should consider Hubstaff, a popular TSheets alternative.


Our Verdict

Overall, TSheets is an excellent time tracking solution with seriously good product support. We agree with TSheets reviews that the software is easy to use, the time tracking system is outstanding, and the employee scheduling tools could serve as an example of an efficient yet intuitive time management solution. The software doesn’t have many areas for improvement, excluding occasional lags and the Kiosk app. Still, considering the vendor’s experience and the Intuit acquisition, we expect the company to resolve these issues within a reasonable timeframe.