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VyprVPN was developed by a Swiss internet privacy company Golden Frog GmbH and has been around since 2009, making a pretty good name for itself. We decided to look into the VPN provider’s premium features and see for ourselves if VyprVPN really is as good as it is cracked up to be. Read on to find out what we discovered about this service in our VyprVPN review.

Key Features
700 servers in 70 countries
30-day money-back guarantee
256-bit AES encryption
An automatic kill switch
  • Proprietary security protocol
  • Unblocks all major platforms
  • Automatic public WiFi protection
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Cryptocurrencies not accepted
  • Inconsistent server speeds
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A VPN With Optimal Security and Streaming Features

VyprVPN has been in the game for a while, but it does not quite get the recognition it deserves. The VPN provider offers the best encryption and premium security features around, complemented by optimal device compatibility and excellent streaming options. Our VyprVPN review outlines what makes VyprVPN one of the best VPNs available.

Premium Security Features

VyprVPN is one of the safest VPN choices on the market right now, courtesy of top-notch encryption and its proprietary Chameleon protocol. Read on for the details.


The VPN provider offers premium security features, such as the AES 256-bit encryption — the strongest available right now, and also provides a NAT Firewall that blocks malware. Comparing VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access, for example, it would be obvious that our VPN of the day offers better security features.


The Chameleon™ security protocol is one of the things that sets VyprVPN apart from the competition — the technology incorporates all the benefits of OpenVPN while scrambling metadata to prevent VPN blocking, throttling, and DPI. VyprVPN reviews also show that this is one of the most important features for bypassing restrictive censorship in regions such as China or Russia.

Protocols and No-Logs Policy

The VPN provider also offers various protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPsec. When it comes to the VyprVPN logs, you’ll be happy to hear that the vendor has a strict no-logs policy. VyprVPN hired an independent cybersecurity company, Leviathan Security, to perform a complete and thorough privacy audit that confirmed the provider does not collect or keep any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through the service. Additionally, our VyprVPN review research has shown that the provider adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles and is based in Switzerland, which is outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

VyprVPN Torrenting

Although the VPN provider wasn’t too keen on torrenting in the past, it never banned it. However, some changes in VyprVPN policies have made the service an excellent choice for torrenting, both thanks to the strict no-logs policy and the number of its worldwide servers. Additionally, VyprVPN Pro offers unlimited bandwidth.


All of our research for this VyprVPN review points to one thing — it is among the best VPN choices for streaming. The service successfully bypasses geoblocks and VPN bans on popular streaming websites, unblocking over 45 streaming libraries.

The VPN shows the best results on its US servers. Using VyprVPN for Netflix and similar streaming platforms works like a charm on all US servers but can run a bit slower on global servers.

Here are just some of the streaming platforms you can successfully unblock using VyprVPN: Kodi, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix (US, UK, Canada, Germany), ITV, Eurosport, and BBC iPlayer, DAZN, MuchTV, NHL.TV, Eurosport, RTL, Sky Go Germany, ARD, ZDF, and Pro 7.

Some VyprVPN reviews suggest that the service has no problem unblocking most global Netflix libraries, except for France, where you may get caught by the VPN ban.


The VyprVPN server list includes 700+ servers in 70+ countries, and the VPN provider boasts supersonic speeds on all of them. We, however, discovered that, while this may be the truth for most servers, you can expect to occasionally experience some speed inconsistency. Additionally, if we were to compare VyprVPN vs. IPVanish, the latter would take the cake in terms of speed.

If we look at VyprVPN reviews, users seem to enjoy the VPN’s quick-connect feature, which enables automatic connection to the closest and, therefore, fastest server available at any given moment.

Device Compatibility

VyprVPN is compatible with all major devices and platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Blackberry, and Blackphone. While it’s no surprise that you can get VyprVPN on Android or iOS, we were delighted to find Blackberry and Blackphone on the device list. Comparing VyprVPN vs. NordVPN, for example, this gives the former an advantage.

Additionally, the features are similar on all platforms and look the same on the VyprVPN app.

Our VyprVPN review research also shows that you can use the service on other devices such as QNAP, Smart TV, Anonabox, Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and ASUSWRT routers, Boxee, and Synology NAS.

Customer Support

VyprVPN’s customer support has greatly improved over the years and now offers a 24/7 live chat feature as well as contacting customer support via email request forms. Both options are fairly fast and to the point. On the other hand, if you can’t be bothered with customer support, you’ll be happy to hear that the VPN provider has also set up tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and a FAQ section on their website.

VyprVPN Pricing

We’re wrapping up our VyprVPN review with the pricing. You can’t get VyprVPN free of charge at the moment, but the provider’s 30-day money-back guarantee can serve as a VyprVPN free trial.

The vendor offers three payment plans. The most expensive is the two-month plan that will set you back $6.47/month, which is still one of the best deals around. You can also opt for the 18-month plan at $2.50/month. Finally, the VyprVPN premium package — the 36-month plan — will cost you $1.81/month.

While you can cover your VyprVPN cost using credit cards, SEPA, PayPal, AliPay, and AmazonPay, a lot of VyprVPN reviews don’t appreciate that you can’t pay for the service with cryptocurrencies for that extra layer of anonymity and safety.

Finally, you should know that you can no longer get the VyprVPN lifetime service.

Our Verdict

VyprVPN is a force to be reckoned with, but it’s still not strong enough to beat the competition. Comparing VyprVPN vs. ExpressVPN, for example, it’s not hard to see that the latter performs better in terms of speed and streaming options. Nonetheless, as you can see from our VyprVPN review, this service has a lot of great premium features that come at a ridiculously low cost. All in all, this is a good VPN with an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VyprVPN safe?

Yes, VyprVPN offers some of the best security features on the market, along with the Chameleon™ technology that ensures complete privacy and safety.

Does VyprVPN keep logs?

No, the VPN provider has a strict no-logs policy.

Is VyprVPN legit?

Yes, VyprVPN is a legitimate service.

Is VyprVPN free?

The service is not free, but the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is VyprVPN good for torrenting?

Our VyprVPN review research has shown that the VPN is an excellent choice for torrenting.

How much does VyprVPN cost?

The prices range from $1.81/month to $6.47/month, depending on the payment plan you choose.

Is VyprVPN fast?

The VPN provides fast speeds but should put in some extra work into speed consistency across all servers.

Is VyprVPN good for gaming?

Yes, but note that you’ll get the best results on nearby servers.

Does VyprVPN allow port forwarding?

Unfortunately, VyprVPN port forwarding is not supported at the moment.

Does VyprVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, our VyprVPN review research has shown that it works best on US, UK, Canadian, and German servers. 

Does VyprVPN work in China?

Yes, VyprVPN successfully bypasses the Great Firewall of China.