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With over 160 million people around the world having chosen Wix to build a free website, it would seem that the platform’s ease of use has universal appeal. Does that come at the cost of functionality, though? How well do Wix websites rank in SERPs? How does this website builder rank compared to the competition? Our in-depth Wix review answers all of these questions and more, so scroll down to learn all about the website development powerhouse that stands behind 1.4% of all websites worldwide.

Key Features
Incredibly easy to use
Excellent range of templates
Affordable paid plans
Industry-leading website builder
App Market featuring over 250 apps
Built-in ecommerce functionalities
Comprehensive SEO tools
Booking and scheduling tools
  • Excellent ecommerce solution for SMBs
  • Intuitive newsletter builder
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cannot switch templates once the website is live
  • No live chat support
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The WordPress of Website Builders

Compared to its competitors, Wix dominates the website builder market with a 35% share. If you look at Wix reviews, you’ll notice that most of them are about the company’s website building tool. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Apart from its flagship product, Wix’s product offering also includes:

  • Blog
  • Stores (Ecommerce software)
  • SEO tools
  • Bookings (online scheduling software)
  • Shoutout (email marketing service)
  • Logo maker
  • Answers
  • Ascend

We’ll explore each of these products, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.


Wix Website Builder Review

Intuitive is what best describes the Wix website builder. The platform’s less tech-savvy audience warmly welcomes the ease of use that sits at the core of the site building tool. The drag-and-drop functionality is flawless, allowing users to easily add and rearrange site elements. The platform further offers an AI-based site builder that can create a website in minutes based on a few questions.

Another area of excellence is the platform’s template library. Not only are users spoilt for choice with over 500 beautifully designed Wix website templates, but they can also customize them to the smallest details. That said, our Wix review shows that the lack of the option to change a template once the website is live is one of the platform’s downsides. The company has made some efforts to improve this, allowing users to vote for enabling the option to switch templates.

Speaking of features, the website builder has over 1,000 of those. One of them is the automatic website backup that saves work progress and is a user-favorite, along with the animations and scroll effects that can be added to a website.

Another feature worth highlighting in this Wix website builder review is the image editor. It supports manual and automatic cropping with preset proportions. Users can also resize and edit images by adjusting light, color, and effects, and apply various Wix filters. The platform also offers beautiful imagery from Unsplash, Wix Free Images, and Shutterstock.

Wix is also optimized for mobile devices. However, due to the pixel-oriented positioning of site elements, your site will look differently on desktop and mobile devices if you don’t fine-tune it straight from the mobile editor.


Hosting, Domains, & Mailboxes

Our review of Wix continues with another benefit of this website development tool: free hosting. You don’t have to look for a web hosting provider or pay for their services, as Wix handles this part of the job for you. The hosting service is reliable, with an average uptime of 99.8%. Although the platform cannot compare to the best web hosting providers that boast uptime of 99.95% and higher, users have no complaints about excessive website downtime.

Some Wix reviews, however, claim that Wix websites load slowly. While we haven’t experienced such problems, don't take our word for it but consider the type of content that dominates a website, such as the use of animations, effects, and fonts. All of this affects speed, regardless of the platform you use.

Domain-wise, free subdomains are reserved for non-paying users. Paying users meanwhile can get a custom Wix domain and a professional email address that matches their domain name. By combining domains, web, and email hosting with a website builder, Wix eliminates the need to look for these services at different places.


Wix Blog Review

The overall ease of use goes once again in favor of Wix and its blog capabilities. Creating a blog is a one-click process. Users can easily add content, change text formatting and styles, add images, videos, and HTML. The platform further allows users to create categories, collaborate on blogs, and optimize each post for search engines.

While these features have been available with the old Wix blog, the vendor has managed to create a more compact blogging experience. With the old version, blogs felt disconnected from the rest of the site.

Our Wix blog review, however, also uncovered areas that could be improved. For example, the old Wix blog supported AMP, while the new version still collects user votes for adding this feature. Our impression is that the company has enhanced the blogging experience, but there are still some finishing touches left.

One of Wix’s biggest competitors, Weebly, currently offers more advanced blogging features. It allows users to add any building block to their blog, whereas adding a form to a Wix blog isn’t possible. So, in a blog-themed battle of Wix vs Weebly, the latter is a preferred choice for many users. That said, we expect the Wix team to step up their game and further improve their product.


Wix Ecommerce Review

Using Wix’s built-in ecommerce functionality, users can quickly set up an online store. Much like the website builder editor, the ecommerce building tool also comes with the drag-and-drop functionality. We also like the vast choice of Wix templates that help users create beautiful storefronts.

Features-wise, the vendor facilitates the process of adding products, along with product collections and galleries. For dropshipping, Wix relies on Modalyst. The platform also supports multichannel sales through Facebook and Instagram, custom and flat shipping rates, and more than 40 payment options, including its own — Wix Payments.

Another feature worth emphasizing in this Wix review is the option to let your customers create an account with you. The Wix ecommerce tools also offer a secure and fast checkout.

The question is — what can be improved? First off, Wix limits storage space with all plans, offering 50GB with its most expensive one. On a positive note, that is a lot of space, but some builders, such as Weebly, have no such limitations.

Secondly, the platform allows users to create an online store in 25 different languages. According to Wix reviews, it’s not possible to customize the URL for any store language other than the primary one. The company has taken notice of this and gives its users the option to change this slightly unfriendly SEO practice via Feature Request.

Compared to the top ecommerce platforms, Wix is a solid opponent, even though its feature offering is a bit narrower. Nevertheless, many small business owners and those looking for budget-friendly and easy-to-use ecommerce tools enjoy using Wix. Plus, you can test its ecommerce capabilities for free.


Wix SEO Review

Wix has earned a big plus with us for its SEO features. The platform allows users to add and edit page titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags. It also supports headings from H1 to H6, and the option to customize URLs on your site.

Wix SEO Wiz, a step-by-step tool for optimizing sites for search engines, is an excellent option for website owners that don’t have much experience with SEO. It shows what you need to do to improve your site’s visibility in SERPs. The platform further generates sitemaps automatically and allows users to specify canonical URLs and create 301 and 404 pages.

For analyzing website traffic, users can connect their site to Google Analytics, but this requires a Wix premium plan.

Some Wix reviews mention that the platform’s SEO is not as robust as it can be. That said, compared to other website builders, Wix’s search engine optimization tools are on par with its competitors.

Also, back in 2016, Google’s webmaster trends analyst John Mueller said that Wix sites “work fine for search”. Wix has since implemented improvements to make its websites more search engine-friendly.


Wix Bookings Review

Another product from the Wix family is the Wix Bookings scheduling software. The solution allows users to offer their services, such as group classes, courses, and one-on-one consultations, and accept payments without any commission from Wix’s end. We like the product’s no-frills customizable forms, and the option to create automations based on specified triggers.

The Google Calendar integration is a nice touch, too, as it helps prevent double bookings. Wix Bookings collects all your customers’ info, so you can easily access it and add notes to clients’ profiles.

We continue our Wix Bookings review with the app’s integrations. Users can connect Wix Bookings with one of the best video conferencing solutions, Zoom. The tool further supports seamless integration with QuickBooks.

The Wix app works well and is ideal for managing online bookings on-the-go. Users can also get various insights about their services through Bookings Analytics.

The platform currently doesn’t support dynamic pricing and the option to integrate Wix Stores with Wix Bookings, but adding these functionalities to their scheduling software is on the platform’s roadmap.


Wix Shoutout Review

To help users launch and run successful email marketing campaigns, the company launched Wix Shoutout. The product has an intuitive editor that makes creating and customizing email newsletters simple and fun. Users can import contacts from their Gmail account or by uploading a CSV file.

Newsletter subscription forms are an excellent tool that helps grow an existing user base. All email campaigns can also be shared on social media, which helps reach users that haven’t subscribed to news and updates from your site. Overall, we like the Wix email marketing service, which is now part of the platform’s Ascend Business Tools.


Wix Logo Maker Review

Another great product from Wix is the vendor’s logo maker. Much like some of the best logo makers on the market, Wix Logo maker uses artificial intelligence to generate logo designs that can be later customized to match users’ preferences. We like that the tool comes with a high level of customization, allowing users to change anything from a font style and opacity levels to icons and shapes.

The option to add a custom icon isn’t available now but might be added in the future. The alignment tool works like a charm, which is worth emphasizing in this Wix Logo maker review. Available logo files include high-quality PNG and SVG files, the latter coming at a higher cost due to resizable vector files, and a social media kit with differently sized logos for different platforms.

If you don’t have a website, you can get a Wix premium plan and full commercial rights to use your logo anywhere you want. You also get PNG and SVG versions of your logo, business cards, and even a bit of help from a professional Wix designer.


Wix Answers Review

Our Wix review continues with the company’s comprehensive customer support software — Wix Answers. The platform consists of several solutions, including call center software, ticketing system, live chat tools, and knowledge base. We like the main idea behind it, and that is to keep all client interactions in a single place — regardless of the communication channel. The product’s main strengths are ease of use, advanced search functionalities, and robust reporting tools.


Wix Ascend Review

Wix Ascend was launched in late 2018. Wix reviews show that users have warmly welcomed this suite of business tools. The product includes various solutions, including contact management tools, email marketing, invoicing, online forms, and live chat.

The Wix Dashboard lets you access all of Ascend’s features. We like how easy it is to build contact lists through forms. The unified inbox that helps users communicate with their clients efficiently is another neat feature. The chat functionality further allows users to receive payments via the live chat facility.

Users also have a lot more favorites among the tools included in this product. The option to create custom workflows and automations goes onto an already long list of Ascend’s plus sides. The ease of use that comes with creating email campaigns and video ad creation enhances the product’s versatility.

We should, however, note that the product is still a work-in-progress. We’d like to see conditional fields in forms, the option to merge duplicate contacts, and reminder emails for late payments. As we’ve already mentioned in this Wix review, the company’s known for adding new features and improving all of its products, so we’re sure we’ll soon see Ascend’s full potential.


Wix Customer Support

The Wix customer service is available via phone and ticketing system. Although it’s possible to request a call back in English at all times, reviews show that users want more options to get in touch with the support team. Currently, users are voting for the company to add live chat support.

Wix boasts having a team of more than 150 support representatives that answer customers' queries in nine languages. With a user base that counts 190 million users, the company could consider expanding its customer care team. However, we cannot overlook Wix’s extensive knowledge base, which is regularly updated and helps users find answers quickly.


How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix has a freemium pricing model. Wix premium plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, while the prices range from $4.50/month to $24.50/month for the website builder tools. Meanwhile, the ecommerce plans start at $17/month and go up to $35/month.


Wix Website Builder Pricing

  • Connect Domain — For $4.50/month, users get 1GB of bandwidth, 500MB of storage, and the option to connect their domain. For this review of Wix, we’ve compared the builder to some of its competition and found that it has the least expensive starter plan; Weebly’s lowest-priced plan is $5/month, and with Squarespace, that number climbs to $12/month. Still, subscribing to the Connect Domain plan doesn’t remove the platform’s ads.
  • Combo — This plan costs $8.50/month and lifts the bandwidth and storage limits to 2GB and 3GB. Additionally, the Combo plan doesn’t feature Wix’s ads and allows users to upload up to 30 minutes of video. A free domain for a year that’s included in this plan is another feature worth highlighting in this Wix review.
    Unlimited — Unlimited bandwidth and 10GB of storage are available with the Unlimited plan at the price of $12.50/month. This plan further stretches the video limit to an hour and offers the Site Booster and Visitor Analytics apps (each worth $60).
  • VIP — This plan offers the same features as the Unlimited plan and more. The storage space limit is 20GB, and users get a professional logo (worth $50), social media logo files, VIP phone support, and priority support via Wix’s ticketing system.


Wix Ecommerce Pricing

  • Business Basic — This plan is similar to the Unlimited plan, but also comes with 20GB of storage, sales and analytics reports, and five hours of video. It costs $17/month.
  • Business Unlimited — This plan ups the storage limit to 35GB and allows users to upload 10 hours of video. It further includes a professional logo and ecommerce tools, such as marketplace integrations, currency conversions, etc., for $25/month.
  • Business VIP — The platform’s top-tier ecommerce plan offers exceptional value at a competitive price. It includes everything from the Business Unlimited, plus 50GB of storage, unlimited videos, priority response, and VIP support — all for $35/month.


How Do You Get a Discount on Wix?

One of the ways to save on Wix pricing plans is to choose yearly or two-year subscriptions. For example, the Combo plan costs $7/month with a monthly subscription. The price drops to $4.50/month with a yearly subscription and $4/month with a two-year subscription.

Another way to save is to check for an active Wix promo code. At the time of writing, the vendor offers 10% off the premium plans. Additionally, the company occasionally sends discounted offers to users that haven’t yet upgraded their free subscription.


Final Thoughts

Our Wix review shows that this website builder is one of the best, if not the best product on the market that’s incredibly easy to use. The ecommerce functionalities are truly impressive, and we cannot wait to see the company perfecting Ascend.