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Wrike first dipped its toes in project management in 2006 and has since become one of the industry leaders. The vendor has worked with 20,000+ companies, including Google and Hootsuite, and has a user base of 2.3 million project managers, marketers, IT specialists, content, and finance experts. Given this impressive CV, our Wrike review explores what makes this platform stand out. We, however, didn’t leave out the areas where the platform could improve.

Key Features
Robust report builder
Gantt charts
A powerful set of collaboration tools
Robust project management software
Vast selection of collaboration tools
An extensive suite of security tools
  • Simple project and task management
  • Supports dynamic Gantt charts
  • Lots of customizations
  • A free product version available
  • Great add-on features
  • A somewhat steep learning curve
  • Pricey for large teams
  • The time tracking tool could be improved
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Feature-Rich Product for Efficient Team Collaboration & Work Management

The vendor takes pride in doubling teams’ productivity with its project management and collaboration tools. These, however, aren’t the only products that we’ll focus on in our Wrike review. The platform has further expanded its functionality with several add-ons, including Wrike Publish, Wrike Proof, Wrike Resource, Wrike Analyze, Wrike Lock, and Wrike Integration.

We’ll review all solutions from the Wrike’s product arsenal, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Wrike Project Management Review

Thanks to the variety of Wrike features, the project management solution is regarded as one of the best PM tools. While some reviewers point out that Wrike is not the most intuitive product out there, given its capabilities, it’s only natural that users need to invest some time to unlock the platform’s full potential.

Wrike differs from other project management software with the use of Folders, which allows for better organization of team data, tasks, and projects. Wrike reviews show that the three-panel interface is convenient for accessing and managing the essential project and task information. Still, the interface design is an area that could use a revamp, as it looks slightly outdated.

As one of the best project management solutions, Wrike supports various project views, including tables, lists, board views, and Gantt charts. The Wrike Gantt chart gives users a clear overview of all projects and their overall progress. They can easily schedule tasks, while Wrike dependencies keep everything in order with the option to move deadlines.

The research for our Wrike review pointed to custom workflows as one of the most useful features. Business and Enterprise account holders can switch from a default to a custom workflow built to adjust to their team’s needs, and set custom statuses.

Onboarding Wrike templates accelerate the process, helping users get the hang of the platform’s core tools.

Another Wrike’s strength is the dashboard software functionality. It lets users create dashboards swiftly with pre-built and custom widgets, allowing for a comprehensive view of project statuses, activity stream, and pending reviews.

Wrike reviews indicate that the Wrike app enables project management on the go for Android and iOS users. A Wrike desktop app is also available.

File Sharing & Document Editing in Wrike

Wrike makes it easy for users to share files, a feature that’s available even on the vendor’s free plan. This functionality helps keep all data in a single place and provides quick access to crucial documentation.

We couldn’t leave the company’s online document editor out of our Wrike project management review. It eliminates the need to download files and documents to allow users to edit them. Instead, the Wrike project management editor makes instant edits possible. It saves the changes while allowing access to previous versions.

Time Tracking

Another handy tool included in Wrike’s top-tier plans is the time tracker. It allows users to see how much they’ve spent on each task. It is possible to add time manually or use the play/stop timer.

Wrike reviews mention that the time tracker isn’t the most comprehensive. Still, Wrike has a slight edge over its competitors. Comparing Wrike vs Asana, or stacking the Wrike task management solution up against Trello both prove that. These two alternatives lack the time tracking functionality altogether but allow users to track time through integrations with the best time tracking solutions.

Wrike Resource

The Wrike Resource add-on has outstanding resource management capabilities. It helps users gain insight into their teams’ workloads, and, based on those insights, distribute work evenly and avoid burnouts.

We continue our Wrike review with the platform’s resource planning. It takes team members’ capacity into account, and based on their performance, helps plan future projects more precisely.

The Wrike resource management tool further unlocks timesheets, which give a complete overview of the time each team member spends on work and whether the time qualifies as billable on non-billable.

Wrike Publish

Wrike Publish offers seamless integration with the top digital asset management software to ensure brand consistency. The platform currently supports Bynder and MediaValet. The direct integrations eliminate the need to switch between multiple platforms.

Another handy feature praised in Wrike reviews is the automated process of turning custom fields into digital asset management metadata.

Wrike Proof

Another valuable addition to the Wrike project management software is Wrike Proof. The add-on is designed to help shorten feedback and approval processes for digital files. It provides visual markup tools so that reviewers can easily point out the areas that need further editing. Supported files include a broad range of image, document, and video formats.

Wrike Analyze

Wrike’s basic reporting tools have generated excellent feedback from users. According to Wrike reviews, the report builder is intuitive and supports various customizations, allowing users to generate all kinds of task and project data with Wrike reports.

Some users, however, don’t think the platform’s basic reporting solution is comprehensive enough for advanced reporting. Wrike is a company known for listening to community feedback, which is why they’ve launched a powerful analytics tool, Wrike Analyze. It allows companies to track their key KPIs and create clear visualizations with 15 different view types. It’s also possible to create analytics dashboards, which support data drill-downs.

The downside is that this advanced analytics tool isn’t available with all Wrike plans.

Wrike Integrate

Without Wrike Integrate, the project management solution supports around 30 third-party apps. Compared to other work management platforms, Wrike's selection of integrations isn’t the most extensive one. For instance, in a comparison of Wrike vs Teamwork, the latter offers nearly three times more integrations.

Meanwhile, Wrike has worked on expanding its offer, and since late 2019 offers a frictionless integration process with over 400 third-party applications via the Integrate add-on.

Wrike project management software reviews show that users are happy with Wrike Integrate. It supports integrations with many platforms that help businesses automate and simplify their work. Some of the supported Wrike integrations are Chargify, Asana, DocuSign, and Outlook.

Wrike Lock

One of the functionalities we particularly liked is the level of security that comes with Wrike Lock. Wrike customers can safely use the project management software, knowing all of their data is protected with 256-bit encryption. They also get an encrypted key, putting account owners in full control over their data.

Wrike BPM Software

Our Wrike review shows that the vendor’s business process solution has excellent reporting and analytics capabilities and integrates with Gmail and Outlook email clients, along with some of the best cloud storage services.

The software further features open API, dynamic Gantt charts, and robust security tools, such as SSO, two-step authentication, role-based access, and user audit logs. The collaboration tools available meanwhile include request forms and @ mentions. On the flip side, there is no live chat facility. The vendor might consider adding it soon to ensure even smoother communication and collaboration.

Wrike Field Service Management Software

In addition to being one of the top BPM software, Wrike also functions well as field service management software, offering a time tracking tool. The Wrike app meanwhile lets users access and manage their projects and tasks while on the field.

The research for our Wrike software review showed that the solution’s Kanban boards can be used for inventory management. Paired with excellent reporting tools and dashboards, Wrike can decrease costs and enhance overall performance.

The product, however, lacks dispatch management and route tracking tools. For now, these features aren’t on the company’s product roadmap. 

Wrike Customer Support

While writing this Wrike review, we’ve discovered that the company’s customer support is truly outstanding. We got in touch with support agents on several occasions, and the service we received was phenomenal.

First off, the Wrike support is available via email, live chat, and phone. Submitting a ticket through the platform’s web-based form is also an option. The help center featuring Wrike tutorials on a vast number of topics further enhances the overall user experience.

Then, the support team is professional, friendly, and ready to help. Note that the Wrike phone number varies based on your location. The live chat isn’t available 24/7, but you can always leave them a message.

Wrike Pricing

Our Wrike review can verify that the company has made sure there’s something for everyone, starting with a free plan for up to five users. This plan includes 2GB of storage, integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and cloud storage platforms, task management through Wrike’s native app, and activity stream. Views-wise, tasks can be sorted as lists, boards, and tables.

Wrike Pricing Plans

If you want to use Gantt charts, you need to subscribe to the product’s paid packages. Before you decide on a plan, be sure to use the Wrike free trial to explore the software’s ins and outs.

The lowest-priced plan is Professional, at $9.80/user/month. The maximum number of users with this subscription is 15. The package allows users to upload up to 15GB of video. They can also access the platform’s advanced integrations, highly customizable dashboards, and Gantt charts, manage tasks and subtasks, and add collaborators.

The Business plan supports teams with five and up to 200 users. It includes the time tracking tool, request forms, custom fields and workflows, and 50GB of storage space. According to Wrike project management software reviews, this package is the most popular, with a price tag of $24.80/user/month.

Wrike Enterprise is the company’s highest-priced plan. Apart from the features available with the Business plan, it further supports advanced security tools. These range from SSO technology, setting a password policy, and access reports to Tableau integration. The Wrike enterprise pricing is available on-demand.

Compared to its competition, the Wrike cost is slightly steeper but that is balanced out by the multitude of features. The disadvantage, according to Wrike reviews, is the user-based pricing. For example, in a comparison of Wrike vs Basecamp, the latter is less expensive at $99/month, regardless of the user count.

Wrike Solutions

Wrike separates plans and solutions, the latter being targeted at professional service providers and marketers. The Wrike price for both Marketers and Professional Services solutions is available upon request.

Wrike for Marketers supports all features available with the Business plan. Additionally, it includes Wrike Proof and Wrike Publish add-ons, workspaces, and templates designed with marketers in mind, and access to Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

The next solution in this Wrike software review is Wrike for Marketers Performance. Its offering resembles the one of Wrike for Marketers but includes premade dashboards, advanced analytics, and integration with over 400 apps.

The two remaining solutions are Wrike for Professional Services and Wrike for Professional Services Performance, both of which include Business plan features and more. The first of the two options supports the Wrike Resource add-on, 50GB of storage space, and professional services-oriented templates and workspaces. The Performance edition enriches that offer with Wrike Integrate, Wrike Analyze, and a premade Wrike dashboard.

Wrike Discounts

After talking to the Wrike customer service representatives as part of the research for our Wrike review, we found out that you can save up on annual subscriptions. Wrike nonprofit pricing is discounted, too.

The company also has a team of product consultants, and once a customer decides on the package they want to subscribe to, they can reach out to the team and ask for available discounts.

Is Wrike Any Good?

Wrike isn’t just good, it’s one of the best. This Wrike review can confirm that the platform supports a wealth of features that enable assigning the right tasks to the right people at the right time. Dynamic Gantt charts, online document editor, custom workflows and fields, request forms, and range of customizations are only some of the software’s strengths.

Adding the live chat functionality meanwhile will enhance Wrike’s value, while the platform’s pricing per user might put the software out of the budget scope of small businesses. Still, for those that can afford it, it’s well worth the investment.