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SpamTitan is an award-winning anti-spam service designed for businesses. Its advanced solutions are easy to use and reputed to block over 99.9% of spam and email threats. Incredibly flexible, its robust protection continually evolves to ensure all your business’s needs are met.

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SpamTitan Review

With a 99.97% catch rate and 0.03% false-positive rate, SpamTitan is an outstanding spam filtering service provider. Purpose-built to deliver advanced email security at affordable prices, SpamTitan is flexible, scalable, and robust enough to meet your business needs. Plus, they promise competitive prices and stellar support. Is this company an industry leader? Our SpamTitan review reveals it all. 


Effective Spam Filtering with Excellent Customer Support

SpamTitan was created in 2006 as a division of CopperFastern and quickly rose to prominence, collecting multiple awards and the trust of industry giants like TMobile, Microsoft, Virgin Media, and Viasat. 

Today, SpamTitan has customers in more than 100 countries, and across all industry verticals, including SMBs, education, and government organizations. In January 2019 alone, SpamTitan filtered an impressive 3.9 billion emails.

The company’s goal is to make emails more secure, taking the complexity and high expenses out of the equation. SpamTitan reviews rate the experience with the team positively, praising their expertise and excellent customer support. 


Comprehensive Features for Safe & Spam-Free Email

SpamTitan is one of the few spam filtering solutions that still allow both cloud and on-premise deployment. Easy and quick to set up, you can have SpamTitan up and running in no time. After the deployment, everything is pretty hands-off. The UI is easy to navigate, intuitive, and as users state in numerous SpamTitan reviews, the product is a lot easier to manage than some alternatives. 


Spam Filtering

Guaranteeing 99.97% of spam detection, SpamTitan uses multilayered spam analysis, including real-time blacklists, lists of sites detected in unsolicited emails, Bayesian analysis, and sender policy frameworks. Additionally, the false positive rate of 0.03% gives you an even greater guarantee that users will be protected from unsolicited email. As confirmed by numerous SpamTitan reviews, this service allows you to control how you want the spam filter to work. Customers further value the high customization level and the option to send users daily spam filter digest messages. 


SpamTitan Greylisting, Whitelisting, and Blacklisting 

SpamTitan gives you the option to whitelist and blacklist sender email addresses. Additionally, the greylisting rejects emails whose servers don’t respond to the request to resend the email.

Customers love that they can easily manage whitelists and blacklists. On the flip side, the research for our SpamTitan review also indicates that they would love it if the SpamTitan Outlook plugin had extended whitelisting/blacklisting functionality. Some reviews point out that you’d still be getting emails from the whitelisted/blacklisted addresses unless you add them to the global allow/deny lists. Also, they mention the lack of an “allow/deny domain” option in the plugin. 


Recipient Verification

DRV, LDAP, list-based, and regular expressions are some of SpamTitan’s recipient verification types. You can specify times and intervals you would want to receive a quarantine report containing an entire list of emails that haven’t been sent to the user because they are suspicious they might include spam. Then, you can decide to deliver, delete, or whitelist the emails in the report. 

As we discovered during the research for this SpamTitan review, customers find the reports beneficial as they cut down the time spent monitoring and maintaining the inbound email services. They, however, would like to be able to schedule their reports more frequently. 


Outbound Scanning

Outbound scanning prevents viruses and spam from being sent from your organization, making sure your IPs are not blacklisted. This service keeps the email flow stays without disrupting your business process and productivity.


Data Leak Prevention

SpamTitan’s powerful leak prevention rules make sure there’s no internal data loss. It provides a two-node private cluster to prowess mail, so if one fails, the other node will take over to continue processing email. Our SpamTitan review also found out that to offer optimal backup, the nodes are located in different datacenters. 


Business Continuity

For customers that opt to maintain their mail server, SpamTitan offers great continuity features. For example, it holds all emails in a deferred queue for five days if your private server is unavailable. Your mail will be forwarded to recipients once the server resumes operation. Another business continuity feature is storing clean email companies for a predefined period while allowing users to view their email via a personal portal making sure they don’t miss an important message. 


User Roles

SpamTitan reviews meanwhile make a mention of the management portal, which lets you access and manage the roles. User is the default role—it enables people to view their personal quarantine, manage whitelists/blacklists for their mailbox, and check their mail log history. 

The Domain Administrator role is assigned to the user with admin privileges in the SpamTitan control panel. This grants a quarantine view of the entire domain, access to mail log history for all users, and management of the whitelist/blacklist rules for the domain.

Similarly, the Domain Group Administrator role allows the user to manage spam filtering settings for individual users or domains in the organizations. Researching for this SpamTitan review, we found out that users appreciate the roles feature and love that they can make changes on a per-person basis.


Key SpamTitan Solutions for Different Business Needs

SpamTitan offers solutions for different business needs. Whether you want it deployed on-premise or in the cloud, or you want to provide spam filtering services to your clients, the company has you covered. 

But if you need a more elaborate product with a broader range of cybersecurity features, we recommend you look elsewhere. Comparing SpamTitan vs Mimecast, for example, we can see that the latter offers an email archiving option, secure messaging, and large file sending, for example.

Take a look at the SpamTitan service breakdown and see how they compare against industry standards.


SpamTitan Gateway Review

SpamTitan Gateway is an anti-spam appliance with a rich feature set for controlling the mail flow and protecting against unwanted email and malware. The solution is easy to install, configure, and manage. The web interface allows controlled access from the network, eliminating the need for third-party client management software. As opposed to cloud, the gateway solution is deployed on-premise, allowing greater granularity and admin control. 


SpamTitan Cloud Review

SpamTitan Cloud is an anti-spam, email filtering, and malware blocking service that is easy to set up and requires minimal IT support. It uses the same technology as SpamTitan Gateway and is ideal for service providers that want to offer email protection services to their clients. The sandboxing feature provides a robust environment to run an in-depth analysis of suspicious files and programs, protecting against sophisticated email attacks and breaches. 


SpamTitan for Service Providers

SpamTitan Private Cloud is designed for ISPs and MSPs looking to protect their customers from spam and malware. Our SpamTitan review shows that you get all the product’s benefits without having to maintain servers or infrastructure in-house, eliminating technical overheads. Instead, you can rely on SpamTitan’s robust cloud infrastructure and scale to fit your business needs as you grow. The Private Cloud also uses SASL, which requires identification upon network connection before any data exchange. 

SpamTitan supports an unlimited number of users, multiple domains, and multi-level administrations. It also offers a cluster option for enhanced throughput and redundancy. Additionally, you can white-label it and seamlessly integrate it into your infrastructure.  


SpamTitan for Office 365

Complementing Office 365’s native email security, SpamTitan offers advanced protection against more sophisticated and persistent phishing and spear-phishing threats for Office 365 users, as confirmed by SpamTitan reviews.  

In addition to the in-depth analysis, SpamTitan provides predictive techniques like machine learning, Bayesian analysis, and heuristics to block new types of whaling, spear phishing, and zero-day attacks. Additionally, it provides fast deployment as a gateway or cloud-based solution and easy synchronization with Active Directory and LDAP. 


Experienced & Timely Support 

SpamTitan support is available via support ticket and phone. They also offer a rich knowledge base, including answers to FAQs. Researching for our SpamTitan review, we discovered many satisfied customers that deem the company’s tech support excellent. They also say that the support team is responsive and knowledgeable and that they also provide diligent guidance during the setup process. 


Reasonable Pricing

The SpamTitan pricing is pretty straightforward, and compared to any SpamTitan alternative for small and medium-sized organizations, it’s more affordable too. Some SpamTitan reviews, however, signal that the cost for a bigger organization could potentially be an issue as SpamTitan charges by the number of accounts, whereas some providers charge by the number of domains. 

You can calculate your price right on their website, depending on the number of email boxes you want to protect. The prices shown below are valid for one email box. 

  • Monthly — $37.50/user/month
  • 1 year — $33.75/user/month
  • 2 years — $30/user/month
  • 3 years — $26.25/user/month

You can try SpamTitan for free for 14 days, which is a great time window to see if this is the right service for you. 


Our Verdict

Our SpamTitan review uncovered a tremendous amount of positive feedback that speaks volumes about the company’s expertise. With its powerful and highly customizable features, multiple antivirus scanners, and excellent customer service, SpamTitan has a proven track record of protecting organizations from any type of spam and malware. Although it comes at a higher cost for larger businesses, the offerings are reasonably priced for small and mid-sized companies.