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$ 10,000


Ukraine , Kyiv

United Kingdom , London

Singapore , Singapore

Finland , Jyväskylä

Germany , Planegg

Netherlands , Zaandam

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Unicsoft is a trusted technology consulting company that has been delivering high-quality and growth-driven services to startups and enterprises with transparency and care for the customers. The Unicsoft team has deep expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics, web, and mobile development.

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Technical & Cloud Consulting

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Blockchain Development

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AI & Machine Learning


User reviews

Inha Viznytsia
You worked with this company in 2020

They went beyond expectations, going the extra-mile both in development and customer service. The account manager was always available, providing the answers quickly and resolving any issue that occurred. The developer was going the extra-mile, fixing the things on the fly, and delivering timely.

Quality of service
Care & Communication
Michael Forte
Undisclosed relationship
in 2018

PROJECT SUMMARY: Unicsoft built an iOS application that integrated KMZ airport layouts onto the Apple Maps platform and allowed users to pinpoint their location. They developed the original UI and the backend. OPPORTUNITY / CHALLENGE For what projects/services did your company hire Unicsoft? We needed to add new features to an existing iPhone app that they had built two years earlier. What were your goals for this project? We have obtained almost 400 airport terminal maps from around the world. I wanted those maps added to the app and overlaid onto Apple Maps on the iPhone, so the user can see where they are in the airport terminal building. SOLUTION How did you select this vendor? Unicsoft had created the app in the first place and did a good job. I figured that it would be most cost-effective to use the same vendor again. Describe the project in detail. A few bug fixes needed to be addressed due to the new iOS 11, but the main task was to incorporate airport terminal map KMZ files into the app and enable the user to see their position on the map. Also, the different layers of the map (terminal, gates, services) needed to be toggled on and off. These maps are in-app purchases. Unicsoft developed a backend system so that I could upload maps as they were created or updated. What was the team composition? We were assigned a project manager, a customer rep, a quality control technician, and about two programmers. RESULTS & FEEDBACK How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs? Very good communication. Although Unicsoft has about a 9-hour time difference from me, we had Skype meetings as needed and frequent contact through email. I was always kept in the loop about the project. What did you find most impressive about this company? The attention to detail from the Unicsoft team was second to none. They found small bugs that I never saw and took care of them. Some vendors disappear for a few days with no communication, which can be quite frustrating. Unicsoft was always in contact with me, and I never felt that I wasn't getting the full picture. I knew where we were and where we were going with the project.

Quality of service
Care & Communication
Tomasz Mierzwa
You worked with this company in 2020

MakerDAO started the cooperation with Unicsoft on 2020 when we looked for external resources to help our team with Blockchain data collection and enrichment project. The overall experience from the cooperation was very good, and we are confident to work with Unicsoft in the future. Highly recommended!

Quality of service
Care & Communication