About Us

At 99firms, we’re dedicated to making the process of finding the right online marketing agency for your business as simple as possible.

With help from our team of skilled professionals, we have analyzed and reviewed as many agencies as we could find, compiling a list that would help potential prospects choose which agency will suit their company best.

By putting these agencies through thorough research, we have created a methodology that makes it easier for you, the prospective clients, to pick and choose which agency lines up best with your business objectives.

Who Are We?

Before 99firms came to fruition, we were working on multiple projects, which often required the help of various online agencies. From digital, SEO, both social media and email marketing agencies—we’ve worked with them all. However, this made us realize that more often than not, choosing the right agency for your business is hard and tedious.

After many trials and tribulations, we realized that we couldn’t be the only ones dealing with this issue. This is how we came to the conclusion that we should start a company that focuses on helping companies and individuals pick the right online agency with more ease.

We then created a methodology that examines and analyzes each agency thoroughly, and we compiled enough information to assist anyone in finding the right agency for their needs in a matter of minutes.

How Do We Do It?

Let’s talk about our process!

Our review process consists of following a strict list of criteria. First, we determine the company’s area of expertise, their business model, and take a close look at their previous campaigns.

Second, we take a look at the unbiased reviews from their former clients. By combing through the reviews, we establish the agency’s relationship with their clients, their communication level and how well they’ve met their client’s requirements and their attention to detail.

Finally, after determining the agency’s reputation, we rank them accordingly.

Our Team

Alexander Pogrebnoy Image
Alexander Pogrebnoy
Lead Designer
Alex is our graphic and web designer, and everything you see on the site that’s pleasing to the eye and makes you want to stay a bit longer is his doing. He is the man who adds the visual component to the 99firms website, creating beautiful infographics that help users better perceive and understand content information.
Ana Gajić Image
Ana Gajić
Brand Manager
The legend has it that Ana was given a pen right after she was born. It was years before she finally learned to write, but once she did, she never stopped. Having started as a writer at 99firms, Ana is now a brand manager with a mission - to help spread the word about our project and make sure we list the world’s top service and software providers across a variety of industries.
Branka Vuleta Image
Branka Vuleta
Administrative Assistant
Besides being an awesome emoji-maker, Branka is our admin assistant breathing life into 99firms. Her responsibilities range from content uploads and research to design and updates. Her vacation time is the time when the team resorts to plans B and C, patiently waiting for her to come back and bring her A-game into the A plan.
Hristina Nikolovska Image
Hristina Nikolovska
Team and SEO Lead
The team believes Tina can replace Google (sorry Google). She has the know-how on nearly anything your mind can think of. Apart from her expertise in SEO, she thinks in 99 different ways and is the person who created and launched the 99firms website. She makes the site content loveable to search engines while keeping the team on the right course.
Idil Woodall Image
Idil Woodall
Content Associate
Idil majored in western literature and film studies and started working in publishing before becoming a 99firms writer full time. She is the pen behind advertising, marketing, social media, and a range of business software and agency pages on our website. Idil is our content writing specialist, and she happens to have the world’s most wonderful cat.
Ivan Blagojević Image
Ivan Blagojević
Content Writer
Ivan is a passionate content creation enthusiast in love with everything starting or ending with digital. A product owner at one of the largest Montenegrin Telco's ONE by day and a content writer for 99firms by night, Ivan is the man behind the stats and facts you love reading, and he’s in charge of research interpretation, making sure you get the latest and most accurate data.
Ivana Shteriova Image
Ivana Shteriova
Content Associate
Ivana is a full-time content writer passionate about business, health and fitness, animal welfare, women's rights, fashion, and beauty. After getting her bachelor's degree, she decided to ditch the career in accounting and auditing and turn her passion into a full-time writing affair. Ivana specializes in writing about the best software and services, and she helps readers make informed decisions before choosing a provider.
Lidija Davidovska, PhD Image
Lidija Davidovska, PhD
Content Editor
Lidija is a former university professor of English literature, translator, and writer. She edits various types of articles and is currently in charge of ensuring stats quality so that every piece of information you read is accurate and comes from a reliable source.
Maja Josifovska Image
Maja Josifovska
Content Associate
Over the years, Maja has amassed diverse experience working as an administrative assistant, teacher, translator, and even flight attendant. She’s now flying alongside the rest of the 99firms dream team towards the goal of keeping consumers happy with their services and software choices.
Max Chekalov Image
Max Chekalov
Affiliate Assistant
Max likes traveling, photography, and playing football. His new passion is drums, but the sound he brings to the team is the sound of success. Max is in charge of closing deals with our inbound leads and is fluent in the affiliate lingo.
Milan Jovanović (Jova) Image
Milan Jovanović (Jova)
Sales Consultant
Milan is a business developer and one of the pillars of our team, playing a great role in 99firms as we know it today. Apart from working with the team to make the most out of the project, Milan also has the sales know-how, and he is our customer journey designer.
Oleh Koropenko Image
Oleh Koropenko
Affiliate Assistant
Besides being fluent in emoji, Oleh is the person who helps us maintain our affiliate relationships with various providers. Being responsible for everything between account registration and link placement, his dedication and the speeds and lengths he’d go for 99firms are truly admirable.
Tijana Stanković Image
Tijana Stanković
Content Writer
A person of many hobbies and passions, Tijana now uses her knowledge and skills as an English Language and Literature graduate to write engaging and helpful content for internet users around the world. When she isn't painting, reading, or enjoying music, you'll probably find her playing board games or traveling. As a member of the 99firms team, she's diligently working on delivering a wide array of interesting articles for you to read every day.
Tsveta van Son Image
Tsveta van Son
Editor in Chief
Before joining the 99firms team, Tsveta spent nearly a decade as a news writer and editor for a financial website catering to retail investors. She now applies that experience to make sure consumers get the most value out of their investments in various software and services.