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99firms is not just about throwing you into a pile of reviews and leaving you with them. Along with genuine reviews, we provide interactive services. All inquiries will be promptly responded to by our team.

Your company is not on our list? Tell us about it! We’ll scramble our best researchers and experts to ensure that your company finds itself on one of our lists. We appreciate any help finding new companies, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the exposure.

You’re already on the list, but want to get certified or advertised? Drop us a line! We’ll get to it immediately and make sure potential clients see your offer.

You’re being indecisive and can’t choose? Ask us. We’ll get you in contact with some of our best analysts who’ll help you get in touch with the people you need to propel your cause to new heights.

When Not to Reach Out to Us?

Unfortunately, there are some things we can’t help you with. Namely, we cannot, and will not, put forth links and content that does not keep to our subject matter. Our site is about email, digital, and social media marketing companies only, and only content of this type can exist on our website.

Finally, our purpose is to bring marketing companies and their potential clients together, and we do not provide marketing services ourselves.

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