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59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI.

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Using a custom evaluation methodology, we filtered the 20 best email marketing companies you can hire today.

Plus, there’s a guide to help you find the perfect match for you no matter the niche and size of your business or budget.

Best Email Marketing Companies 2019

ProductAbout AgencyHourly PricingReview score


Encircl is a marketing service provider for business and enterprises. The basis of their services is their innovative and data-driven approach. Moreover, a dedicated account management strategy enables their business delivery process.

$25 - $49

2 MarketJoy, Inc.

MarketJoy, Inc.

MarketJoy, Inc. is a B2B sales development firm. They provide lead generation, demand generation, market research, and list building allowing companies to grow their pipeline and get their sales team selling. They also manage leads and monitor a company’s sales progress.


Undisclosed Learn More
3 GobySavvy


GobySavvy as an agency focuses on helping business grow by increasing their marketing return on investment. They do this by improving their conversions and customer engagement, reducing user churn, and refining their brand based on various insights.

$100 - $149

$100 - $149 / hr Learn More
4 Beyond


Beyond is a global design and technology ideas company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Mountain View, and Austin. They help driven businesses create market value by providing strategy and design-based and technology-based digital products.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
5 Subtext


Subtext is a digital customer experience firm from Portland, Oregon. They help businesses build closer relationships with their customers by designing and developing beautiful and useful digital products.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
6 Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive was founded in 2004 and has since grown from a small business plan to an award-winning digital marketing company. They’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands on improving their digital media, creative development, and analytics.

$50 - $99

7 Binge Surfer

Binge Surfer

Binge Surfer Services specializes in WordPress web development (including web design, e-commerce, javascript, HTML) and digital marketing (such as digital advertising, branding, conversion optimization, email and content marketing, SEO, social media).


8 SunCity Advising

SunCity Advising

SunCity Advising is one of the leaders of the digital marketing industry. They help companies reach their full growth potential by providing web design, SEO, lead generation, content creation, paid advertising, social media management, and marketing analytics.

$50 - $99

9 Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

Landis Communications Inc. (LCI) is a San Francisco-based company that provides strategic communications, digital, social media and integrated marketing, media training, video production, PR services, and counseling to growing businesses and blue chip brands alike.

$200 - $300

$200 - $300 / hr Learn More
10 Brafton


Brafton is one of the leading content marketing agencies in America. Furthermore, they have expanded into becoming a diverse digital marketing provider. Their driven experts strive to be the best, never being satisfied with anything less than perfection.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
11 Square 2 Marketing

Square 2 Marketing

Square 2 Marketing is a strategic revenue generation company. They focus on helping companies improve business results by providing buyer-centric marketing and sales strategies, web design and development, lead nurturing campaigns, search engine optimization, and more.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
12 IdeaWork Studios

IdeaWork Studios

IdeaWork Studios is a full-service graphic design and website development, branding, and advertising agency. They have offices in Santa Barbara, New York, and Las Vegas. Avoiding the usual big agency bureaucracy, they always produce work on time and on budget.

$200 - $300

$200 - $300 / hr Learn More

nDash is one of the few open content creation platforms. They empower brands to find niche experts, hear custom idea pitches, and buy content directly from the nDash community - enabling marketers to make eye-catching content and improve their marketing endeavors.

$50 - $99

$50 - $99 / hr Learn More
14 Bluetent


Bluetent is a digital agency based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They focus on marketing for the resort, travel and tourism industries by providing brand design, WordPress and Drupal web development, email, social, and search marketing services, and strategic consulting.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
15 Symbiont Group

Symbiont Group

Symbiont Group is a B2B marketing and sales agency that helps businesses attract their target customers, generate leads, and close deals. Their sales and marketing teams communicate and work together to help clients achieve their objectives.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
16 Ranksharks


Ranksharks is a new media marketing company based in Los Angeles that specializes in web marketing services. They help companies stand out from their competition and gain search engine visibility by providing the necessary solutions for achieving this goal.

$100 - $149

$100 - $149 / hr Learn More
17 JH Consulting

JH Consulting

JH Consulting, Inc. provides a personalized and cohesive approach to digital marketing and business development. They offer a full slate of services that include link building and social profiles, email marketing, search engine optimization, and web development.

$50 - $99

$50 - $99 / hr Learn More
18 R2integrated


R2integrated is a full-service digital agency with nationwide offices in the Silicon Valley, New York, Seattle, St. Louis, and Baltimore/Washington, D.C. They have diverse expertise and use a hands-on approach when guiding companies through their marketing efforts.

$150 - $199

$150 - $199 / hr Learn More
19 The Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency is a Chicago-based web design agency that has helped numerous small businesses improve their digital presence through web design and search engine optimization. They aim to improve their clients' website and the effectiveness of their marketing.

$100 - $149

$100 - $149 / hr Learn More
20 Prospectr Marketing

Prospectr Marketing

Prospectr Marketing is a lead generation company from Minneapolis, MN, that specializes in email marketing and market prospects. They have clients from across the country and an excellent track record when it comes to reaching the right prospects, at the right time.

$100 - $149

$100 - $149 / hr Learn More

The Evaluation Methodology Used for Choosing the Best Email Marketing Companies

In a nutshell, we evaluate the companies by analyzing them from multiple aspects. For one, we examine the expertise of each agency, its ability to use different marketing strategies, and the team behind the concept.
Also, we evaluate the company’s portfolio and reports. Last but not least, we analyze the user ratings and rely heavily on them because we consider it’s crucial to hear the opinion of real users who have had first-hand experiences with particular email marketing firms.

What do Full-Service Email Marketing Companies Offer?

Email marketing can range from a monthly newsletter to a sophisticated and engaging workflow targeting different types of potential customers. Some agencies are specialized in one area of the email marketing while others can incorporate all important approaches into an effective strategy that will get you the best results, while also saving your time and money.

Email List Growth

An email marketing campaign is nothing without a full-fledged list of subscribers. You may already have loyal customers and returning site visitors, but it’s important that the agency is savvy in lead generation and building a list of contacts interested in your business. This means that apart from using bulk email marketing services on the already existing list, the agency should create a list of new, potential customers that could eventually lead to an increase in sales.

Email Marketing Content

The content of the email should be compelling and persuasive, encouraging the readers to click. From subject lines to informative content, the agency needs to be skilled in creating content that will have a great impact, making your readers take action. The email content should contain company news, but also other personalized content, such as information about special events, discounts, blog post notifications, and more, depending on the preferences of each customer.


A full-service email marketing agency knows that testing takes up a great part of a marketing campaign and that it’s crucial for its success. The team behind the agency needs to determine which subject line works best, what call to action looks most encouraging, and when the email should be sent.


Transparency is the key to a successful partnership. Thorough, accurate reporting that gives you the insight needed to improve is crucial. Renowned email marketing companies are driven by results and are consequently focused on creating campaigns that generate maximum ROI.


An email is the most direct way of reaching customers; hence, the email’s visual appeal is just as important as its content. To engage the audience, the template of an email should be responsive, and its design needs to be eye-catching and tailored to your business. Many agencies use a specialized email marketing software system that allows personalizing emails by name, content, and graphics, as well as video marketing. A commitment to a quality template design will differentiate your email from the thousands of others your audience receives.

How Do We Determine Which Email Marketing Agencies Will Be Listed on Our Website?

A qualified agency can effectively convey your message, thus increasing your return on investment. Take a look at these crucial aspects that need to be put into perspective before giving an email marketing firm the green light.

Email Marketing Services vs. Email Marketing Agencies

Email marketing services will provide you with all the tools needed to create and carry out an email marketing campaign. Namely, the services offer the templates, design tools, and contact management solutions you will need to create and store a customer client list. It also includes analytics that monitor the success of your campaign.

Although an email marketing service comes at a lower cost (sometimes you can even get free email marketing services for a month or more, like a trial period) and the tools are generally easy to use, designing and executing the campaign will be your responsibility.

The agencies, however, will work with you to create an effective email marketing strategy that fits your business’s needs. The staff will take care of the design and distribution, as well as all contact management such as building an email list and ensuring it’s always up to date. Of course, email marketing companies are far more beneficial than email marketing services because they bring experience to the table. An agency’s task is to ensure customers receive targeted, segmented, and helpful communications that engage them with a proven record of success.

Expanding the Possibilities

The ideal email marketing services agency should be able to develop a wider digital marketing strategy, such as social media marketing, which will have the unique goal of expanding your target audience. We especially appreciate agencies that can make your emails social media ready. This can be done by embedding social media buttons in the email, which essentially combines the best of both worlds. Or they can include references to the latest email marketing news on your social media accounts, thus reinforcing the message.

Tracking Progress & Providing Campaign Analytics

Demonstrating results is crucial. The email marketing digital agency should track the progress of a campaign regarding how many people are opening the emails and which clicks are being used. The campaign analytics enable you to see to what extent your message is resonating with your target audience and whether there is something that needs to be changed.

The Company's Portfolio

Every professional email marketing company should have a portfolio. Browsing through their portfolio means getting to know the company better. Make sure to check whether the agency’s creative team has been successful in understanding the business goal and getting the pulse of your target audience.

The Team

Finding the best email marketing companies in the US means finding an agency that has an experienced team. By experienced, we mean a team of people who have worked on relevant campaigns and have driven success. Getting to know the team is very important as they will be the ones who will create your email campaign.

Customer Satisfaction

The next step is to gauge customer satisfaction. We look for customer reviews on social media, Google, and other sites like and Reviews from real customers who have real experiences with the agency can be a highly valuable asset and were often a deciding factor in whether or not to include certain agencies in our selection of the top email marketing companies.

What to Consider Before Sealing the Deal

Our list will help you narrow down the potential candidates, but the final choice is yours. To make sure you find the perfect email marketing agency to address your business needs, you need to consider the following things:

Define Your Goals

First and foremost, before choosing an email marketing agency, you need to know your goals. By doing so, you’ll find your match easier. If, for example, you want to drive sales, the agency should be able to focus on developing a strategy for creating, distributing, and tracking different kinds of promo emails, welcome letters, customer surveys, and more. On the other hand, if you need digital invitations to be sent, the company should create appealing invitations and track RSVPs. The bottom line is, the agency you opt for will have to have a corresponding expertise.

Establish a Budget

Determine how much money are you willing to invest and look for the best email marketing companies within that frame. However, note that this should be a long-term partnership that will help you achieve your goals faster. As pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better, you should also look into the aspects below.

Find Experts in Your Field

There are many fantastic email marketing agencies out there; however, it’s crucial to your success to choose the one that has prior experience in your field. Verify your potential agency has the track record of successfully doing work for similar brands like yours. That will give you an idea of whether your partner will be able to maximize your ROI and make your life easier.

Hire a Culture

While highly-subjective this is an incredibly important factor. If you want to build a long-term relationship with your email marketing agency, you need to be confident about them. Are the team members passionate about your project? Will they be there to answer your questions and involve you in the work process? You need to trust your gut for this one and go with the agency that feels like the right partner.


What if I don’t have an existing email list?

All email marketing companies in Los Angeles, New York, or anywhere across the world have a single goal, and that is building your subscribers list. So, even if you don’t have an existing list, the companies will offer different tools to increase the list of prospects.

What is the average open rate for email newsletters?

The open rates for most newsletters are in the 30–40% range, measured using unique opens—one open per recipient. However, by choosing the best email marketing agency, which will use a double opt-in strategy, offer compelling content, and follow the most important email marketing practices, your company can achieve open rates of 45–50%.

Is email marketing still relevant?

The short answer is yes. Email marketing is still very relevant despite the frenetic rise of social media and other digital marketing strategies. Email marketing offers many benefits for your business and drives a better return on investment. It’s an action-oriented, measurable strategy which uses user personalization and segmentation. Email has an average ROI of 4300–4700%, which makes it one of the most profitable marketing outlets.

Why use an agency instead of purchasing “do-it-yourself” software?

The main benefit of choosing an agency is that it takes a lot of work off your hands. Namely, when you opt for an email marketing service, you receive all the tools, but it’s on you to create and distribute the campaign; whereas when opting for email marketing companies, you get both the tools and an experienced team that will take care of it.

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