Best PPC Companies in 2019

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that will cover all your PPC needs and help improve your business’s visibility, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve curated a list of the top 20 PPC agencies in the US covering their specialties, prices, and industries.

To ensure we present you with the best candidates for your business, we crafted a complex, research-driven methodology. In this piece you will also learn all the important factors you’ll need to address before diving into the hiring process.

The 20 Best PPC Agencies

Rank Company Hourly Rate Office Website
1 $100–$149 Lindon, UT Learn More
Disruptive Advertising helps companies develop and execute a dynamic digital marketing strategy. The company will help you drive the right traffic from Google, Facebook, and other platforms, identify what resonates with your audience, and develop the perfect website experience.
2 $100–$149 San Diego, CA Learn More
Led by John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility has been consistently named one of the top SEO, social media, email marketing, pay per click, and CRO companies in the US. Its proprietary technology, called the “Forecaster Method,” allows it to forecast results for every service it offers.
3 $100–$149 Harrisburg, PA Learn More
WebFX’s disruptive PPC agency services include SEO, digital marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, web design, e-commerce, website conversion, and internet marketing. Its proprietary ROI-tracking platform, MarketingCloudFX, allows it to effectively track and report its results.
4 $150–$199 Irvine, CA Learn More
Directive Consulting focuses on the B2B and enterprise segment. It’s a leader in SEO, pay per click, content marketing, digital PR, and social media—all driven by powerful analytics and a dedicated team of specialists. Additionally, Directive is a proud partner of Google, Bing, Unbounce, Sisense, and Moz.
5 $50–$99 Elgin, IL Learn More
Focusing solely on PPC, JumpFly has over two decades of experience as a pay per click management company. It’s a Premier Google Partner and Bing Elite Partner, and it develops, implements, and manages Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon, Bing, and LinkedIn pay per click advertising accounts.
6 $100-$149 Washington, DC Learn More
PBJ Marketing takes an analytics-based approach to digital execution while producing relevant brand experiences. Working as a marketing counsel rather than a PPC agent or vendor, its cross-channel, audience-centric strategies present clients with new opportunities.
7 $100-$149 Columbia, MD Learn More
WebMechanix is on a mission to help middle-market companies move needles faster and more sustainably. The award-winning company uses a diverse team of innovators, technologists, and creators to help clients grow leads, sales, and revenues for a tangible impact on the bottom line.
8 $100-$149 Arlington, TX Learn More
One of the best PPC companies in Texas, Thrive believes in establishing a collaborative partnership with its clients. It provides businesses with expert online marketing and proven results—potentially leading to 500% increases in organic traffic and 300% increases in online leads.
9 $150-$199 Chicago, IL Learn More
Digital Third Coast is a Chicago-based digital marketing and PPC advertising agency that specializes in SEO and paid media. From analytically driven, mass-appeal content to compelling ad copy, its services are customized based on each client’s unique needs.
10 $100-$149 Bloomington, IN Learn More
Hanapin Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing and advertising firm that manages campaigns for complex businesses (i.e., multiple brands, regions, or service lines). Its digital advertising services include paid search, paid social, display, CRO/UX, shopping, programmatic, and mobile.
11 $150-$199 Carlsbad, CA Learn More
Winner of Search Engine Land’s SEO Agency of the Year Award, SEO Inc. tests and discovers new, creative ways to achieve its clients’ business goals—like helping them make money with pay per click. It believes in evolving as search engines, social media, and mobile technology evolve.
12 $150-$199 Alexandria, VA Learn More
Silverback measurably increases leads and sales for its clients through search, social, and content marketing. Consistent communication, measurement, and reporting support the relationships it builds, thereby ensuring each client’s pay per click advertising performance consistently improves.
13 $150-$199 Reno, NV Learn More
Since 2003, Noble Studios’s team has lived by the rallying cry, “Let’s be better every day!” and has successfully applied its integrated approach to strategy, design, and technology. Its custom-crafted solutions and creative problem solving together ensure its marketing campaigns are a hit.
14 $100-$149 Menomonee Falls, WI Learn More
Based in southeastern Wisconsin, Rocket Clicks is a PPC marketing firm that tailors its strategies and services to fit clients’ unique needs. With transparency and personalized communication, its team makes meaningful connections with clients through “human-driven” digital strategies.
15 Undisclosed Hewlett, NY Learn More
AdVenture Media is one of New York’s fastest-growing agencies, managing over $50 million in advertising budgets. Its online educational content has trained over 900,000 students in digital advertising. This company prides itself on its “100% neurotic” PPC ad agency services.
16 $100-$149 Houston, TX Learn More
TopSpot Internet Marketing is a comprehensive web design, development, and PPC ad firm—the largest in Houston, Texas. Delivering comprehensive online marketing solutions, its practices are centered on transparency, accountability, and consistency.
17 $100-$149 Chicago, IL Learn More
This Chicago-based PPC marketing agency promotes curiosity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Focusing entirely on PPC, SCUBE’s results-based approach is driven by clear communication, detailed analytics, multichannel strategies, and results-driven execution.
18 Undisclosed San Diego, CA Learn More
Offering a focused suite of retail advertising services, CPC Strategy is an elite retail search and PPC agency. Its team drives performance growth on the channels that directly impact a retailer’s digital bottom line.
19 $100-$149 Carlsbad, CA Learn More
Tower33 Digital is one of the best PPC management firms in California. Its Customer Journey Marketing approach converts its clients’ customers through SEM, shopping campaigns, paid social, programmatic media, remarketing, organic SEO, email, content, analytics, and web experiences.
20 $100-$149 Scottsdale, AZ Learn More
A boutique agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, Megethos specializes in pay per click advertising services. Harnessing a data-driven approach, it has years of experience with large paid media campaigns for top universities, Fortune 500s, and several up-and-coming SaaS-based startups.

Evaluation Methodology

If you’ve already tried looking for a PPC agency online, you know that selecting one from the hundreds of options available is no easy task. We’ve simplified this process for you by sharing our pick of the top pay per click agencies in the US thanks to our custom-tailored evaluation methodology. Here’s a breakdown of the detailed, step-by-step evaluation process we follow and the features we look into:

Company Website

This is the most obvious starting point when evaluating an agency because it gives us clear insight into a company’s fundamentals. The first set of services these agencies provide are to themselves—they need to market their own services to portray themselves in the best manner possible to potential clients. Thus, a great deal of information, both explicit and implicit, can be gathered by looking carefully at these marketing companies’ websites:

Services Offered

To evaluate if a company can strategize within a certain specialty, we need to be aware of the services it offers. After all, PPC has multiple service components, and any good PPC agency will use its website to list the related services its team can offer its clients. These services include the following:

  • Search Ads

Search ads are paid advertisements that come up as search engine results. This is the most basic aspect of the services offered by pay per click management companies. It’s also very effective because these ads match users’ queries. This means that the user is looking for the product or service you offer and, thus, is more likely to be engaged by the ad.

  • Google Ads

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is Google’s online advertising system where advertisers pay to display ads, service offerings, product listings, video content, etc. This is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world, enabling businesses to use Google’s tremendous reach to engage audiences. The strength of a PPC SEO agency in the Google Ads ecosystem is one of the best indicators of its overall capabilities.

  • Display Advertising

Display ads are paid advertisements in the form of text, image, or videos shown on websites based on a specific theme of keywords that are matched to the hosting website’s topic. It gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand to users not targeted through search engines as they browse the internet.

  • Ad Extensions

41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads, and ad extensions (the bit of extra information below your ad copy) help you break into the top three. Ad extensions take over more online real estate and help boost your ad’s rank on the search engine results page. An SEO company can add a lot of power to your PPC marketing campaign simply by setting up useful promotion extensions like location, affiliate location, call number, dynamic sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, etc.

  • Competitive Research

Knowing what your competitors are doing helps you plan your campaigns effectively and gives you the opportunity to improve upon areas that might need more attention. A good PPC marketing company should identify the competition for specific keywords, learn how the competition positions itself to drive conversions, see what kind of landing pages their ads lead to, and discover what keyword ideas haven’t been used yet. PPC agencies use standard tools as well as in-house systems to provide this service.

  • Bid Management

This is one of the more complicated aspects of pay per click jobs, and agencies can either use the automated bidding solution provided by Google Ads or a third-party bid management solution. There are different strategies to consider, like cost-per-click bidding, cost-per-acquisition bidding, or enhanced cost-per-click bidding. It’s important for an agency to be clear about this process since it has a significant bearing on the bang you get for your buck.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the process of optimizing your sponsored search ads, landing pages, and overall website design to increase your conversion rate. It’s one of the smartest value-addition methods by a PPC company, meaning that it helps increase your profits from sales without a bump in your advertising spend. The agency needs to dedicate time, resources, and ample testing so that you end up with compelling ads and relevant landing pages.

  • International PPC

International PPC management requires you to understand the variances in bidding based on region, language, cultural factors, and technology. It’s possible for a company to be the best PPC agency in the US while having very little experience in the international market. The attention to detail that international PPC marketing entails isn’t possible for every agency, so it helps to look at the agency’s portfolio to see if it has experience in this area.

  • Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting, or local PPC, involves designing ads to target an audience based on their geographical location. When a PPC firm designs ad copy using location-specific aspects, the likelihood of it resonating with the audience is higher. As a result, it can help improve the quality score of your ads and lower your cost per click. Geo-targeting requires additional effort but can be highly rewarding if done right.

  • Remarketing

Remarketing delivers targeted ads to users who’ve already visited a business’s site. Conversion rates tend to increase the more users see an ad through remarketing. These pay per click websites will also require the addition of extra, customized code. Remarketing calls for smart targeting that shows your ads to everyone who has viewed your homepage, thereby increasing your cost per click.

Case Study Portfolio

Of course, just listing a bunch of services doesn’t guarantee that an agency is capable of successfully providing these services. We also care about how well those services are used to benefit you, the customer. The ideal way to do that is to look at these PPC firms’ portfolios.

Unlike some other services—such as web design—PPC services can’t necessarily deliver a visual representation of their final product. Therefore, we look at case studies that clearly depict the entire PPC process undertaken by the agency—right from the client’s initial directive, through the campaign’s progress, to the final outcome. As you will see below, this is just one of the ways we verify an agency’s capabilities.


Another important aspect we consider when evaluating a PPC SEO agency is client testimonials. These provide useful summaries of the benefits clients have derived from the agency and further validate the claims an agency makes about the range of its services. We do realize, however, that the testimonials found on an agency’s website are carefully curated, and no agency is going to share a testimonial that offers criticism. That’s why there are additional steps to make our evaluation more comprehensive.

Client Reviews and References

Visiting an agency’s website to take a look at their services and testimonials is relatively easy, but it will have a positive bias. What makes our evaluation methodology unique is that we go to great lengths to get an unbiased view of client satisfaction. This means scouring other platforms for PPC management reviews and client testimonials. Reviews left on neutral platforms are likely to incorporate the good and the bad, which gives us a clearer picture of the agency’s performance.

Even the best agencies are likely to have a few negative reviews. Unless the negative reviews exceed the positive ones, we don’t immediately discard an agency from our consideration. However, negative reviews help provide valuable insight into an agency’s weak points.

Specialty-Specific Check

After filtering out agencies based on the important criterion of client satisfaction, we further narrow down the list by examining how the agencies execute their PPC strategies.

  • Keyword Strategy

Keywords make or break a successful PPC strategy. At this stage of our evaluation, we conduct interviews with specialists from the PPC advertising companies in question to assess their knowledge in relevant keyword research. As we do when evaluating the SEO companies, we  try to gauge their ability to recognize negative keywords that attract irrelevant leads. We also want to be sure they can target the appropriate, highly detailed keyword phrases as opposed to the broad, highly competitive ones that may not guarantee many leads.

  • Creating Dedicated Landing Pages

This is a necessity for keeping visitors interested once they’re attracted through the paid ads. We check whether the pay per click companies can follow cutting-edge standards as far as conversion rate optimization is concerned. Additionally, we see if the companies run A/B tests for different layouts, landing page components, etc., to check whether some strategies could do with a new approach.

  • Smart Budget Allocation

The budget is the essence of any paid advertising strategy. At this stage, we try to find out how skillful the SEO PPC companies are in planning your budget, specifically seeing if the PPC managers can create a flexible, optimized budget allocation plan.

Responsiveness, Flexibility, and Reporting

Different agencies have different systems in place regarding which member of the team liaises with the clients. At this stage, we check whether you will be interacting with the people who are hands-on with your project and how willing they appear to be to adjust and modify their strategies. The best pay per click agencies allow direct coordination between the team executing the campaign and the client.

We also look at the frequency and quality of the progress reports shared by the agency. These reports should feature all the relevant metrics. In addition to the conversion rate, this includes information related to impressions, CTRs, the average cost per click, the average position, the impression share, and the quality score.

Pricing Models and Value for Money

Finally, it’s important to have a clear idea of the agency’s pricing model. At this stage, we check what model the agency follows—such as performance-based pricing, charging on a percentage of the ad spend, milestone-based pricing, or hourly fees—and if there are any hidden costs involved.

Once we determine the PPC agency fees, we compare these rates with those of other companies offering similar services with similar success rates. Generally speaking, an agency ranks better if its rates are comparable to its peer group and not significantly higher.

Before You Hire a PPC Agency

Since we’ve taken care to use a detailed and objective methodology to prepare the list above, choosing any agency from it is a safe choice. However, you’ll need to take a few more steps on your journey to a successful PPC campaign. There are certain aspects that you need to define so you can hire the right agency and have a fruitful collaboration.


Before you begin spending money on PPC agencies, you need to be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. Without a clear goal, you can’t measure whether your investment in PPC marketing is working for you. Different businesses have different requirements. Your goals can also vary depending on the specific environment you function in.

Your goal could include being easily discovered in search engines for relevant keywords, achieving a certain number of call leads per month, keeping the PPC conversion costs below a certain dollar amount, or achieving high visibility among mobile users.

Products and Services

Before hiring the best PPC advertising firm for your business, you’ll need to define what you’re looking to promote through your PPC marketing campaign. This is also where you break up all your products and services into different ad groups that have non-overlapping campaigns. If you have the same or similar keywords across multiple ad groups, they’ll end up competing with each other.

Once you’ve answered this question for each campaign, you’ll have officially listed out all your ad groups. At this stage, for pay per click service providers to be of real help, it’s also necessary to be clear about the need that your product or service fulfills, which will help you address the next question.

Target Audience

Once you’ve figured how your product or service provides value, you should be able to figure out the audience segment that benefits the most from it. Identifying the target audience includes being clear about factors like age group, buying power, geographical location, and so on. Knowing who you’re primarily promoting to will help define your campaign when you find the best PPC firm for your business.

Cultural Match

While we have mostly considered objective factors until now, we can’t ignore the fact that a successful PPC campaign requires close collaboration between you and your PPC agency. For a productive B2B relationship, you need an agency with cultural values that align with yours. With this in mind, it’s possible that the best PPC company in the USA might not be the best company for you. There are various ways to see if your agency is the right cultural fit for you and your business. Your personal interaction with the agency will be especially telling, as will the reviews and testimonials left by past clients.


The most popular platforms for PPC marketing are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. However, based on the factors you defined under the previous points, the platform that serves your needs the best can vary. Other options include Yahoo Gemini, Ad Roll, and Quantcast, to name a few. Then, there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat, each of which can help you reach a specific demographic better. The best PPC companies in the USA will help you work this out, but having some idea of the advantages and drawbacks of the main platforms helps.


There’s no absolutely right amount when it comes to a PPC budget, but answers to the above questions can help you arrive at a range that you’re comfortable with. Industry benchmarks, your traffic generation requirements, guidance from estimate tools, etc., can all help you determine the budget you’re comfortable with.

In addition, you’ll need to figure out whether your budget is your absolute upper limit or if there is flexibility in how much you can spend. Remember that there are two main components to your PPC marketing spend: what you pay to the PPC SEO agency for its services and what you pay for the actual paid advertising campaigns on the platforms.

In Conclusion

Building a winning PPC campaign involves a large number of factors: researching and selecting the right keywords, structuring those keywords in well-organized ad groups, setting up PPC landing pages optimized for conversions, and much more. At this point, we’ve laid out everything you need to locate the best pay per click advertising company to help you achieve this.

The topic of PPC can be as detailed as it is interesting—plus, there are always new developments that make the subject endlessly exciting. However, this article is meant as a resource to familiarize business owners and marketers with the fundamental aspects of PPC advertising. Additionally, our methodology and advice should make the process of wading through long lists of PPC agencies a little easier. We’re confident that these pointers will help make your PPC marketing strategy more productive than ever before.

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