Top WordPress Companies

33% of websites are built in WordPress, and this stat alone indicates a massive market demand which, in turn, calls for a market offer of many WordPress developers. That competition is fierce, leaving you with a huge choice and a hard decision in front of you — which WordPress website design company to hire. 

Read on to find a complete list of the most skilled WordPress teams reputed for building successful websites on the most popular CMS. Just below the table, you’ll discover the key steps to consider before locking down a company and find answers to the most asked questions.

The Top 20 WordPress Companies

RankCompanyHourly RateOfficeWebsite
1 $150–$199 Everett, WA Learn More
Knowledgeable and responsive, Jordan Crown’s team creates products that boost each client’s close rate and enhance their marketing efforts. They invest themselves in detailed planning to develop sites with custom interfaces that are also easy to manage.
2 $150–$199 San Diego, CA Learn More
Bop Design is a boutique WordPress web design company whose end product is visually appealing and fully customized to the client’s specific B2B marketing needs. Plus, the company provides a website manual to further help clients control their future growth.
3 $100–$149 San Diego, CA Learn More
Tiny Frog specializes in development, but it also offers design services, SEO, and hosting. This WordPress development agency delivers high-quality WordPress websites that are fully customized to clients’ unique preferences and optimized for top-notch performance.
4 $50–$99 Nashville, TN Learn More
Upqode is a Nashville-based development agency that also provides digital marketing services. With a mission to help companies succeed in the digital space and create memorable brands, the team delivers nothing but high-performing web solutions.
5 $150–$199 Austin, TX Learn More
Digitech is an award-winning WordPress development company in the USA. It helps clients create a unique digital experience that engages and converts the perfect audience. To date, they have a 99% client satisfaction rate and an average conversion rate increase of 30%.
6 $150–$199 New York City, NY Learn More
Specializing in custom theme designs, Studio Simpatico is a boutique WordPress agency from NYC. The close-knit team builds responsive websites that engage audiences and enable clients to manage content easily.
7 $150–$199 Arlington, VA Learn More
Driven by quality, not quantity, WDG takes a data-driven approach to deliver scalable and flexible sites that stay on-brand. The company has thoroughly established itself as a premium WordPress agency in Washington DC.
8 $150–$199 New York City, NY Learn More
Passionate about using WordPress as a tool to build powerful, efficient sites, Human Made’s team can transform any business, adding great value. They include the client in every aspect of the process, consulting on themes and plugins, integration, and platform development.
9 $100–$149 Bellevue, WA Learn More
Sayenko Design is led by a creative and insightful team that ensures every project is unique and catered to the client’s needs and preferences. As one of the top WordPress development companies, they have an impressive portfolio with over 400 projects.
10 Undisclosed Chicago, IL Learn More
Founded in 2001, Orbit Media has worked on over 2,000 web projects across a variety of industries. Reputed as a great development company for WordPress, the team has successfully delivered on challenging projects, all while maintaining an exceptional level of quality.
11 Undisclosed Philadelphia, PA Learn More
Web Dev Studios is a premier WordPress agency whose team members have contributed code to open-source WordPress software projects. Plus, they have extensive experience in providing affordable, tailor-made solutions within a set deadline.
12 $25–$49 North Hollywood, CA Learn More
WebWorks strives to create appealing, fully functional sites that adhere to the highest standards at a fraction of the cost. Plus, this innovative WordPress website design company promises a fast turnaround with a 100% quality guarantee.
13 $100–$149 Oakland, CA Learn More
State Creative designs, develops, and maintains WordPress websites with the goal of generating leads and enhancing the client’s brand image. On top of that, they stick to deadlines and engage in transparent and honest communication.
14 < $25 Rochester, NY Learn More
WordPrax is among the most reputable companies providing first-class WordPress development services—as well as theme customization and plugin development. The agile team understands the client’s specific requirements and delivers high-performing, scalable sites.
15 Undisclosed Denver, CO Learn More
Sensus Media is a dedicated agency that uses the latest web technologies to design and develop customized sites. A perfect blend of expertise and best practices, Sensus produces sites that are easy to manage and provide an exceptional experience for the end user.
16 < $25 San Jose, CA Learn More
Offering everything from custom WordPress development to migration and e-commerce solutions, Perception System has been met with ongoing acclaim. Established in 2001, this company is committed to empowering websites using the latest WordPress CMS capabilities.
17 $100–$149 Fall River, MA Learn More
Emagine has a proven track record of launching performance-optimized, scalable, and secure websites. This nationally recognized enterprise WordPress agency offers flexible solutions to meet every client’s needs.
18 $25–$49 Burlington, MA Learn More
SoftTech’s approach is based on functionality and simplicity with the end goal of satisfying the end user while increasing each client’s ROI. Its dedicated team of professionals has a great track record for developing WordPress sites from scratch, making SoftTech a noteworthy white label WordPress agency.
19 $100–$149 Oakland, CA Learn More
Based in Oakland, HyperArts has been designing and developing highly functional and sophisticated sites on WordPress. Additionally, they offer maintenance services, as well as SEO and graphic design.
20 $100–$149 Chicago, IL Learn More
1Brand is a leading WordPress website design company that boasts a team of experienced designers, developers, and marketers with a versatile skill-set. With a high client retention rate, 1Brand Design has delivered creative solutions for brands across all industries and sizes.

How We Discover the Most Reputable WordPress Developers

To ensure we single out the very best of the best companies offering WordPress services, we follow a strictly defined evaluation methodology. This includes an assessment of the agency’s portfolio and customer satisfaction, their services and proficiency, and more. Read on to find out the details behind our rankings. 

The Company's Website

First of all, we visit the agencies’ websites to try and get a bigger picture of their policies and values, how they operate, and what they offer. 

We check whether they specialize in specific industries or niches and whether they work solely with WordPress or also with other CMSs. Ideally, we look for agencies that specialize in WordPress; however, WordPress development agencies that also work with other CMSs like Joomla and Drupal can be equally good, so we make sure to double-check their competence. 

Going beyond their specialization, we check their portfolios, which give us more details regarding their work. If a company doesn’t have its portfolio on the site, we reach out and ask them to provide one. We take notice of a few important factors:

  • The number and types of websites the WordPress companies have launched
  • The industries they have experience in
  • The UI and aesthetics of the sites they’ve developed
  • The responsiveness of their designs
  • The results they’ve delivered and how they met the client’s requirements

Services & Proficiency

Another key aspect we examine is the suite of services they offer, as well as each team’s level of proficiency. 

WordPress Design vs. Development

Many of the companies listed here offer both services; however, we double-check that they don’t just use these two terms interchangeably. They need to provide each. 

For instance, a WordPress web developer should take care of the site’s functionality. Just like any other web development company, the team members should be experts in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to start. However, agencies that specialize in WordPress also need to have a thorough knowledge of PHP, which is the most integral language. 

On the other hand, a WordPress designer should focus on the aesthetics, working only on the front end of the website. As you’d expect from any PHP development company, the staff needs to be agile in designing customized solutions. Besides being fluent in PHP, they need to have mastered Ruby, .NET, and Python. 

Are They Experienced in Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

Plugins add functionality to WordPress sites. When the ones offered by the platform don’t fit the client’s vision, the agency should be adept in getting their way with the custom options available. We check whether the team members are ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends and best practices, and they should also be able to create a flawlessly functional and optimized plugin. For that purpose, we look at their project history, their skills, and any certifications from industry leaders. 

What About WordPress Theme Development?

WordPress has a huge theme directory and a premium theme marketplace where one can find countless options to use right away. However, many clients would prefer a custom theme in order to get the exact aesthetics they want. Some agencies can build a custom WordPress theme for any type of site while others use page builders that enable easy building and editing on grid-based pages. Either is fine, but we make sure to learn what they’re going for and highlight that in our specifications. 

A Mobile-First Focus

We don’t even consider the WordPress development agencies that haven’t yet embraced a mobile-first approach. We make sure each agency listed here is skilled at creating websites that are fully responsive and mobile-ready.

WooCommerce Development

Next, we check whether the agency excels in WooCommerce development. We want to cater our list to clients who look for e-commerce solutions, so we’ve included candidates that have experience working with this fully customizable platform. Having dealt with the 400+ WooCommerce extensions, countless customization options, custom AJAX endpoints, and webhooks, every WooCommerce development company listed has a spotless track record.

Security Practices

WordPress has built-in security; however, the agencies we’ve selected make sure to implement the most effective practices. These involve installing a security plugin, activating the site’s SSL certification, disabling file editing, updating to the latest WordPress version, setting up a strong password, hiding the wp-config.php and .htaccess files, and more. 

QA Practices

Besides having the best WordPress development company to handle the build, there has to be a team of QA experts that make sure there aren’t any bugs, broken links, or page-load delays. We check whether the agency has a QA team in place that adheres to the best practices and tests the sites from every angle to ensure a top-notch experience for the end user.

Additional Services

The above-listed services are a must for any professional WordPress specialist. However, there are still more services that we expect the agencies to offer. Here are some of them:

Website Migration

We favor companies that provide seamless content and data migration from a site based on another CMS to WordPress. This saves time and money for clients, as they won’t need to hire a separate agency or a freelancer to take care of the migration. 

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

The companies that offer hosting, maintenance, and support are also ranked higher on our list. Such companies usually offer performance monitoring, malware protection, hassle-free management, and proactive support that helps clients fix problems and maintain excellent site quality. 

API Integration

We also appreciate the WordPress development companies that are skilled in using APIs. WordPress API integration makes it possible to manage and use data on other APIs efficiently. However, this needs to be planned and executed correctly, so we make sure to check the agency’s experience in working with diverse APIs in different niches. 

SEO, SMM & Other Marketing Initiatives

variety of free plugins that help with search engine optimization. Still, choosing from among the SEO-proficient WordPress development companies will help you propel your site to the top of the SERPs. 

Also, WordPress offers a set of plugins designed to maximize the client’s social media exposure. Part of these plugins are created specifically to help automate campaigns, embed the website’s social media feed, and add social media buttons. Still, if the agency is proficient in SMM and other digital marketing practices beyond implementing these plugins, they get a boost in our rankings. 

We tried to include the best WordPress developers that include SEO and SMM services. However, if you can’t find the right fit, you could always consider hiring a dedicated SEO or social media marketing company. 

Technical Consultancy and Training

Agencies that offer training and technical consulting bring extra benefits to the client. During these sessions, in-house WordPress experts will pass their WordPress knowledge and experience on to the client, enabling them to respond to any problem or challenge adequately. 

Client Reviews and Testimonials

The opinions of previous clients matter to us—we make sure to sort our WordPress web development company rankings depending on what they have to say. To make sure their opinions are unbiased, we vet dozens of reviews and ratings across multiple third-party sites, as well as the agencies’ social media and Google profiles. Then, we consider these agencies’ strengths, and we look for any problems they’ve resolved. It’s worth noting that only when the negative reviews overrode the positive ones did we discard an agency. 

Pricing & Value for Money

On our list you’ll find agencies that charge less than $25 per hour as well as ones that cost over $200 per hour. On the other hand, there are agencies that charge by project. Most WordPress website design prices range between $1,000 and $25,000. 

Either of these pricing types is fine, but we don’t compromise on hidden policies. We check whether the agencies are clear about the pricing and any hidden costs. In addition, when we get a price estimate, we consider whether it fits the industry standard. If there’s a notable difference in the pricing, we make sure there’s a solid reason for it.

Locking Down the Best WordPress Developer: What to Do Beforehand

Our list offers a good range of agency options to choose from, but how you can actually choose the best agency for your needs? Below you can find the key points you need to take into consideration in order to shortlist these companies and discover the best match for you. 

What Do You Need?

Before you start investigating each WordPress agency, you need to consider your specific needs. First and foremost, you should think about what the purpose of the site will be, what content you will want to include, and plan the general layout. Also, decide on any special features you want your site to include, such as media integration, booking forms, or e-commerce capabilities. Sharing this information with your potential WordPress website development company is essential because it will tell you whether or not you’re on the same page. 

What’s Your Budget?

The price of building a custom WordPress site is more affordable compared to other platforms. Before you narrow down your search, you should know how much you can afford to spend on the site’s development. You should be aware that the actual price of the services will depend on the scope of the project and the complexity of your requirements. Naturally, a basic blog will cost you less than a full-fledged e-commerce site.

Responsiveness & Reporting

Client interaction is an important thing to consider when choosing the right custom WordPress development company. If necessary, reach out to their previous clients and ask them how effective the communication was between them and the agency. Also, before you seal the deal, ask the agency’s team members if they commit to communicating on a regular basis and provide comprehensive progress reports. There are two questions you must ask:

  • Will they assign you a dedicated manager who will communicate with you? 
  • What’s their preferred type of communication: calls, emails, Skype, or other?

Personality Fit

The team’s personality can define your whole relationship, so when you’re choosing among the best WordPress development companies, this should be a major deciding factor. Finding an agency that you love means establishing good communication and mutual agreement. This, in turn, will help you avoid any unnecessary and expensive alterations. Here are the key questions to ask your potential candidate:

  • What’s your ideal client?
  • What’s your company mission?
  • What’s your forward-looking vision?
  • Can I meet the team?
  • How do you cope with stressful situations?


Building a custom WordPress site requires a lot of work and the alignment of many different parts. To ensure everything goes smoothly, you need to find a WordPress development company that invests time and effort in testing the site before launch. Part of this involves checking for lorem ipsum text and placeholder images, examining page links, setting up a 404 error page and redirects, and more. 

What About Adding Features to the Site?

WordPress is fairly easy to manage, so you don’t need an agency that will unnecessarily complicate things. Your chosen agency should be transparent about the CMS features at its disposal, and its team should be able to write simple code wherever necessary. As a result, it should be easy for you to manage menus, content, galleries, headers, footers, and anything else you can think of.

Perform a Paid Test Project

If your budget permits, you should consider trying a test project, especially if you have a large project. This will give you the most accurate information about their WordPress web design services and development capabilities.


Is WordPress good for SEO?

Yes! WordPress is an extremely SEO-friendly platform that comes with a set of built-in features, making it easy to customize a site. Not only does it have powerful SEO plugins and SEO-optimized themes, it also has a proper HTML markup, and it generates search-engine-friendly URLs. 

How long does it take to get a fully-customized WordPress website?

WordPress development from scratch takes time. The precise time span will depend on the complexity of the project, but the estimates are close to 14 weeks. 

Is WordPress safe and secure?

In the past, WordPress faced several security issues. And as the largest CMS, WordPress remains vulnerable to attacks. However, each new version is updated and improved to make sure any security problems are reduced to a minimum. Plus, the WordPress website design company you choose will implement the best security practices to maximize the site’s protection. 

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