2019's Top Logo Design Agencies

Creating a dynamic logo that catches people’s attention and accurately represents your business requires more than a simple sketch and a splash of color. If you landed here to look for the best logo design company, you probably know that creating a logo is a complex job that involves multiple stages.

Ranked based on a custom-tailored evaluation process, there are agencies for businesses of every industry and size. You will also find a detailed guide to help you make your final choice, as well as answers to some of the most-asked questions about logo design. 

The 20 Best Logo Design Firms: A Detailed List

RankCompanyHourly RateOfficeWebsite
1 $150–$199 Austin, TX Learn More
Headquartered in Austin, LHD is a forward-thinking agency that offers a full range of design and branding services, with logo design at the heart of their offering. Every solution is crafted according to the client’s needs and aimed at targeting the right audience.
2 $150–$199 Beverly Hills, CA Learn More
Triximedia is the best logo designing company in LA. With over 10 years of experience, the company leverages the latest trends and technologies to create custom solutions that meet all its clients’ business needs.
3 $200–$300 Brooklyn, NY Learn More
OrangeYouGlad is a creative agency headquartered in Brooklyn. Its mission is to discover what makes each brand unique and craft strategic solutions that take brands to the next level.
4 < $25 Seffner, FL Learn More
Verve Logic is an award-winning custom logo design company that also provides digital marketing services. The team keeps up with the newest technical evolutions and implements the best practices to help each client achieve success.
5 $150–$199 Nashville, TN Learn More
Proof offers premier logo design, branding, and creative services that help clients present themselves in a comprehensive and consistent way that accurately reflects their brand and brand’s story.
6 $150–$199 Chicago, IL Learn More
UON is a digital branding agency and one of the best logo design firms in the USA. The team takes a user-centric approach infused with a passion for technology. They provide consistent brand representation for clients in a way that works with their audience.
7 $150–$199 San Francisco, CA Learn More
Unit Partners is a San Francisco-based creative brand strategy firm. It handles everything from logo design to graphic design and more. Simplicity and uniqueness make this agency one of the best logo design agencies in the USA.
8 $150–$199 Brooklyn, NY Learn More
Grey Box is a creative boutique agency based in New York. Thanks to its team’s unique ability to combine creativity and problem-solving techniques, the agency delivers high-quality solutions to companies that want to elevate their brand.
9 $50–$99 Los Angeles, CA Learn More
Amberd Design Studio is an affordable logo design and marketing agency. Its award-winning solutions set brands apart even in the most competitive markets. Founded in Los Angeles, 45% of the agency’s clientele are returning clients.
10 $100–$149 Portland, OR Learn More
Murmur Creative is known for delivering impactful logos for clients that help them grow. The team takes a collaborative approach with attention to detail to ensure they create solutions that cater to the brand’s unique needs.
11 Undisclosed San Diego, CA Learn More
While at its core, Deal Design delivers strong logo design services, it’s also a reputable branding and marketing agency. The team creates innovative, memorable logos that align with the brand’s identity. They make sure to get to know the client and maintain a superb level of communication.
12 $100–$149 Weston, FL Learn More
The Logo Boutique is a design studio that boasts a team of the best logo designers, marketers, and consultants. Together they deliver beautiful and innovative yet affordable solutions customized to the client. Moreover, they have a fast turnaround time and great customer service.
13 <$25 Palm Harbor, FL Learn More
Amazing7’s team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing ideas to life by doing extensive research and implementing first-class technology and creativity. This top logo design company also provides web design and development services.
14 $100–$149 Clayton, NC Learn More
Logoworks has delivered high-quality solutions to more than 300,000 logos for over 70,000 customers worldwide. The team works to provide the best design that makes the client’s business look great at an affordable rate.
15 Undisclosed Sausalito, CA Learn More
Good Stuff is a San Francisco branding and design firm. They partner up with nonprofits, corporations, and individuals to help them deliver authentic experiences to their audience.
16 $150–$199 Morristown, NJ Learn More
EDesign Interactive is a full-service web agency that offers top-notch logo designing services. They are best known for creating human-centric and data-driven visuals that attract more business for the client.
17 $100–$149 Seattle, WA Learn More
Hansen Beleya is a full-service brand-building agency. Its focus is on discovering the real value each client provides and leverage it to create integrated solutions that combine compelling design and strong messaging.
18 $150–$199 New York City, NY Learn More
Spark Creative is an NYC-based one-stop destination for custom logos, web development, and graphic design. Their services represent the perfect fusion of quality, creativity, and value.
19 $100–149 Vista, CA Learn More
Transformed Design is led by a group of creative professionals who provide top logo design, marketing, and web design services. Its success lies in its unique, well-thought strategies that consider current trends and usability. Transformed values transparency and builds a great rapport with clients.
20 $150–$199 Lawrenceville, GA Learn More
KNP is a full-service design agency that specializes in logo design, web design & development, and SEO. Reliable and affordable, this agency offers superior service, creative solutions, and a fast turnaround time.

How We Choose the Best Logo Design Companies in the USA: A Step-by-Step Evaluation Methodology

Knowing the details of our customized evaluation methodology will provide context behind our rankings. To begin with, we considered each agency’s previous work and the processes they adhere to. Then, we assessed the team’s skill set, the overall customer satisfaction, and their pricing. As you’ll see, we’ve gone into detail within the main categories we explored to make sure you choose the best logo design firm for your needs:

The Website

First things first, we visit the agency’s website and check for recent activity. If they don’t update their site regularly, the agency might be dead in the water. Once we see that they’re active, we move onto the next step: checking how long they’ve been in the industry. Agencies that have been around for several years instill trust in regards to their experience. 

Next, we scout the portfolio of each logo designer. We aren’t just looking for the brands they’ve worked with. We want to see the actual work, the aesthetics and versatility, and the result it produced for the client. 

We also consider the types of logos they’ve created. Each type gives a different feel; therefore different businesses will need different types of logos, and we want to make sure that the agencies listed here are proficient in delivering that. Here are the six types of logos we expect logo design companies to offer:

Pictorial Logos

Pictorial logos are emblematic icons that are instantly recognizable. Since they typically include only an image, it might be tricky for new companies to use this type of logo before they build strong brand recognition.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are a specific type of pictorial logo involving an abstract form that represents the business. Think Airbnb and Adidas. They work similarly like pictorial logos, but instead of using a recognizable icon or a specific image, they use abstract forms that represent something unique to your brand.

Lettermark Logos

Almost all logo design firms offer this type of logo. Also known as monogram logos, lettermarks usually consist of the initials of brands with longer names. This type of logo is characterized by simplicity, and it must be in accordance with the company’s theme yet also fully legible across marketing material and branding.


Logotypes are typography-based logos focused on the brand’s name. They work great for enhancing brand recognition for companies with an unusual name. A distinctive and appealing font will surely catch your potential customers’ attention. 

Mascot Logos

These designer logos are built around an illustrated character that represents your company and, in a way, is your business ambassador. These logos are colorful, fun, and a great choice if your target is families or children.

Combination Mark Logos

Combination mark logos incorporate images and words into the design. There are a variety of ways to combine words with an icon or mascot and reinforce your brand. It’s a great option for new companies who want to create a distinct image and build up to just a pictorial logo. 

The Team’s Skillset

When choosing the best logo design agencies, we prioritize the companies whose team offers a versatile skill set. We gather this information through the special interviews we conduct with team members or from their past clients’ experiences. Specifically, we consider the following:

Research Capabilities

Understanding the industry is the staple of every good project. During our evaluation, it was important that the companies listed here take research seriously. We checked whether they conduct briefing meetings with clients and if they use a branding questionnaire. These two tactics are crucial to good logo design as they enable the designer to gain insight into the competition, their strengths and weaknesses, and determine how the client can stand out.

Clear Communication

Efficient communication is a must. More often than not, clients don’t know exactly what they want. So the ability to foster an effective back-and-forth can make or break a project. By asking the right questions, the best logo designer should be able to learn the client’s wishes and ideas. At the same time, they should be able to explain the processes involved in logo design and inform the client about the nuances of the design. All of this together makes it easier to work toward the right design compromises. We also look for agencies that take calls, conduct briefs, and love to chat online.


This is a basic requirement you should expect from all the top logo designers. Creative minds generate innovative ideas, which is why we always tap the creative potential of all the agencies we evaluate. We look favorably on companies that deliver fresh and catchy ideas, successfully play with fonts and colors, balance artistry and audience appeal, and have attention to detail. 


Another important thing we consider while evaluating the team’s skill set is the tools they use in their process. Using the right tools and programs is crucial to the quality the company delivers in their logo design. We ensure that the companies listed here are comfortable using some of the best software apps, including Adobe Illustrator, Logo Design Studio Pro, CorelDRAW, and LogoJoy. 


Next, we try to understand the agency’s logo design strategy and whether they follow the most important stages. We want companies that can create a memorable symbol that adds value to a client’s business and helps them stand out in the market. The best logo design companies will have documentation in place that gives us insight into the stages they follow to achieve this.

User Research

A designer should start by gathering insight into their client’s business, goals, and target audience. This data will help them learn what makes the business special and what message it needs to convey to its customers. Also, part of the designer’s job will be to understand where the logo will be used and in what capacity, as well as the client’s preferred style, color schemes, and logo type. When evaluating this aspect, we employed the relevant points from our custom criteria for choosing the best UX design companies

Market Research

In addition to examining the client and their goals, the logo design agency should conduct market research. This involves looking at the competition and their creative solutions—what they’re doing right and what their weaknesses are. Plus, the right market research will gain a sense of the customer’s vision and what draws their attention. 

The Creative Process

This stage starts with brainstorming aimed at making one or more stylistic decisions that align with the company’s branding and marketing needs. Every successful design project begins with a sketch that helps the team develop mood boards which help conceptualize the theme and words. At this point, the logo designers will digitalize the design in monotone black and white colors. This step is important—we favor the agencies that understand a logo needs to look good in any format and output. 

Logo Drafts & Refinement

Once the agency can provide multiple logo options that fit the client’s brand, they should integrate color into the designs and compare the options against each other. Once the logo design company decides on the strongest type of logo for the client, they need to refine it by testing it on different backgrounds, formats, and sizes, as well as in a “real world” setting. 


There’s more to branding than a logo, and most of it’s handled by branding companies. The logo design companies on our list, however, are aware that the logo is a business’s ID. They always have branding in mind when crafting one. Also, they’re agile in developing creative and memorable slogans aligned with the client’s vision to further enhance the branding. 


Some of the companies on our list are skilled in additional services like social media banners, business cards, print ads, and cover photos. Although you could pass this work to the top graphic design firms, it’s always beneficial to get multiple things done at once. 

Pricing Plans & Value for Money

Finally, we check each agency’s pricing plan. The average prices of professional logo design range from $99 to $2,500. The price tag depends on how many designers work on the project, the number of design concepts and revisions, whether there will be advanced file formats, and additional services like business cards and envelopes. 

In addition, we made sure to include the agencies that charge by the hour—which is an affordable option for clients that already have an idea of what their logo will look like and don’t need additional branding services. One thing we didn’t compromise on is the value for money. Every agency listed here provides a great value based on the competition average. 

Customer Satisfaction

There is no better testament to an agency’s quality than the one provided by its past clients. That’s why, before we finalize our list, we check third-party sites looking for reviews and ratings. By doing so, we gather valuable insight into how the agency handled projects and what the client’s level of satisfaction was. Of course, we favor the logo design firms that have great rankings, but we don’t disregard agencies with a few bad reviews, either. Instead, we use them to get a better understanding of the agency’s weak points and rank them accordingly. 

Making Sure You Choose the Best Logo Design Agency for Your Business: What to Do Beforehand

Now that you have the details of everything that goes into our background check, it’s time you do your part. Here are the most important things you need to do before you start shortlisting candidates and finally choose the best one for you. 

Define Your Budget

Before you start going through the companies that create the kinds of logos that appeal to your business, you need to define your resources. The pricing of logo design varies greatly depending on what’s included. You need to be realistic about the type of service you need according to your budget; otherwise, you might end up partnering up with a firm that’s above your price level. 

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Another thing to do before you start searching for a logo design firm is define your goals and expectations. It’s a good idea to think about where you’re going to use the logo. The website is just one place you’ll use it—there are many options like banners, billboards, shirts, and other promotional material. Also, make sure to compile any of the basic elements that are already part of your branding, like approved fonts and color schemes.

Bring Your Own Ideas

You know your brand and vision best; therefore, you should bring your own ideas regarding your logo’s design. Present your color and typography preferences, and specify any details relevant to your branding. Provide as many details as possible, but leave it to the experts to show you the best principles. 

Relevant Industry Experience

Choosing the best logo design company usually comes down to the one that has previous experience in your industry. It will be easier to work with a team that has a greater understanding of your niche, the jargon, and the type of design that resonates best with the audience. 

Consider a Trial Project

When you narrow down your options to three candidates, a great way to choose one is to offer a sample project where they would showcase their talent. Of course, you’ll have to pay for these trials, but it will help ensure you’ve picked the best logo design company for you. 


What mistakes are common when it comes to logo design?

Lacking a proper process is one of the most common mistakes in logo design. That’s why we made sure to only include agencies that have a set process with clearly defined stages they adhere to. Another huge mistake agencies can make is ignoring the competition’s logos. You might end up with a similar logo to your direct competitor, which will not only make it difficult for customers to tell you apart, but it will also bring up plagiarism issues. 

How much does it cost to design a logo?

You should expect to pay between $99 and $2,500 for a logo. The price range depends on several factors, such as the number of people who will work on it, the scope of the project, the number of revisions, and so on.

Which type of logo would best suit my company?

Your brand’s name and the type of products or services you offer are two important factors that influence the type of logo you choose. If you have a short and distinctive name, you can opt for letterform or wordmark. If you already have established branding, you can go for an abstract logo. 

How long does it take to design a logo?

Logo design involves multiple steps, and in general, it takes anywhere between 10 and 30 hours to design a good logo. Sure, this is only an estimation based on our research. The time invested in the design process depends on the complexity of the logo and the client’s requirements.

What are the best logo colors and fonts?

The best colors for your logo will depend on the message you want your business to convey. Do you want your target audience to feel happy, hungry, relaxed? Think about the key traits of your company, as well as the aspects you want to highlight, and then learn how color impacts emotions and behaviors. When it comes to fonts, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to decide what best suits your company and what value you want to communicate. The best logo design company will have you covered!

What goes into creating a logo?

As you know by now, logo design isn’t a simple job; it’s a multifaceted process that involves several stages:

  1. Design Brief
  2. Research
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Sketching
  5. Execution
  6. Presentation
  7. Refinement
  8. Delivery
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