2019's Best Shopify Developers

Shopify is the number one ecommerce platform, counting more than 820,000 users. This popularity has widened the market of Shopify developers—making it difficult to choose the best one for your business.

Scroll down to discover the most highly reputed Shopify companies, and take your first step toward online marketing success.

Just below the table, you’ll uncover the details of our customized evaluation criteria along with a comprehensive guide to shortlisting your candidates.

The Top 15 Shopify Web Developers

Rank Company Hourly Rate Office Website
1 $100–$149 San Francisco, CA Learn More
Realm Web Design is a top-rated Shopify specialist firm based in California. For more than ten years, its team has been building innovative online stores that maximize clients’ success. Besides design and development, it offers marketing, SEO, and social media services.
2 $100–$149 Miami, FL Learn More
AWS is a first-class Shopify development company in the USA with a great team of professionals. They create strategic solutions to blend sales processes with marketing programs to transform your bottom line. They offer store, theme, and add-on development, as well as unique extensions.
3 Undisclosed Houston, TX Learn More
Based in Houston, Webinopoly is a one-stop-shop for ecommerce. The team of experts takes care of everything from store setup to marketing. To top that, they customize every solution to each client’s specific needs.
4 $100–$149 New York, NY Learn More
Avex is a boutique Shopify ecommerce development agency based in NYC. The company’s core focus is on helping customers create elegant websites that engage their customers and provide seamless user experiences.
5 $100–$149 Chicago, IL Learn More
Pivofy is adept in the integration of omnichannel ecosystems and always looks for the most innovative technologies to implement. A Chicago-based boutique Shopify development company, it implements end-to-end solutions that deliver extraordinary user experiences.
6 $150–$199 Burien, WA Learn More
BTown is one of Shopify’s premier partners reputed for providing the perfect combination of high-quality design and development. The team is experienced in helping clients sell their products online by making them stand out from the pack.
7 $150–$199 Charleston, SC Learn More
Located in Charleston, eHouse Studio is among the fastest-growing Shopify development companies in the US. It uses a focused strategy, forefront technology, and creative thinking to deliver engaging experiences that help clients differentiate themselves from the competition.
8 $150–$199 Long Island City, NY Learn More
BPI is a leading Shopify expert agency that offers cost-effective solutions to help businesses attract more customers and grow their revenue. The skilled team combines experience, data, and proprietary tools for the absolute best results.
9 $150–$199 Seattle, WA Learn More
Aeolidia is one of the top Shopify development companies, providing appealing and functional websites cohesive with the client’s brand identity. Thriving since 2004, the agency is best known for transforming businesses and significantly boosting online sales.
10 $25–$49 Melville, New York Learn More
Minion Made builds dynamic designs that transform businesses into something their customers will love. Driven by creativity and innovation, this award-winning Shopify development agency tailors each deliverable to the client’s specific project goals and requirements.
11 $150–$199 Philadelphia, PA Learn More
Noticed is a Shopify Plus partner that channels data-driven, metrics-oriented practices into their solutions to craft websites that maximize conversions and boost your bottom line. Fostering a collaborative culture, the team listens and delivers.
12 Undisclosed Seattle, WA Learn More
Mammoth Factory is an innovative startup Shopify web development provider with a team experienced in elevating brands. Everything they do is aligned with the customer’s objective. In addition, they offer unprecedented transparency and open communication.
13 $100–$149 Atlanta, GA Learn More
Taproom Agency is one of the most reputable Shopify developers creating beautiful stores designed to achieve clients’ goals. Plus, the company provides the tools needed for clients to maintain their business growth in the future.
14 $50–$99 Palm Coast, FL Learn More
Tasklon is an affordable development company that excels in custom ecommerce design and development, apps, third-party integrations, and more. With their combined experience of over 20 years, the team provides swift communication and delivers projects within the set deadline.
15 $100–$149 Atlanta, GA Learn More
As a full-fledged web solution provider, Next Digital boosts its clients’ revenue by creating visually appealing, robust sites—as well as integration, secure payment gateways, and more. To top that, the team is flexible and delivers projects on time.

How We Create Our List of the Best Shopify Development Firms

A Detailed Overview

In this section, we’ll share the details of our evaluation process. We’ve customized every step to make sure we’d choose the crème de la crème. First off, we check the agency’s website to gauge its portfolio and services, and then we move on to assessing client satisfaction and the value for money.

The Website

The most direct way to select potential candidates is by visiting their website. We believe a good agency should practice what they preach. We expect a good-looking website with a real portfolio along with links to the websites they’ve developed. 

Next, we examine the past work of each Shopify ecommerce development company in question. We try to discover their style of work, whether they specialize in certain niches, and how adept they are when it comes to delivering custom features, themes, and apps.

Level of Proficiency

Before analyzing the services and specialties of the agencies that pass the first step of our evaluation, we take note of their accreditation. In other words, we check whether we’re dealing with a Shopify Partner or Shopify Expert.

Shopify Partners

Shopify Partners are agencies that are part of the Shopify ecosystem. In order to gain this status, they must first apply for it and then demonstrate their expertise. Becoming a Partner means they have a noteworthy record of building successful Shopify sites. Plus, they’ve been given access to special tools that help them do the best work possible.

Shopify Experts

Shopify Experts actually make up the top tier of the Partner program. These agencies also have access to special tools and resources. In addition, they’re provided with unique opportunities to learn, which in turn gives them a chance to position themselves as leaders in the Shopify community.

Services & Specialties

Once we verify the status of each of the Shopify designers, we go on to the next step of our evaluation—checking the areas in which they specialize and the team members’ proficiency. Here’s what we assess:

Theme Design

An ecommerce design is more than just the website’s aesthetics—functionality matters too. Shopify has a great suite of themes that are easy to configure. However, many of the themes won’t have the right combination of features, brand feel, or content priority for the client’s needs. The Shopify web designers, in that case, need to be able to build one from scratch, customize it according to the client’s preferences, and make it function seamlessly on all browsers and devices.

Shopify Development

Development is a core service that every professional Shopify agency should have mastered. We check their ability to build innovative and optimized sites and implement cost-efficient solutions.

Shopify App Development

Making a business’s web applications accessible across all devices is important. That’s why we find companies that build scalable, responsible, and secure web apps across all screens. Of course, part of their job will be adding extra functionality and custom integrations. They need to be able to use Shopify API to build innovative, optimized, and mobile-friendly apps and implement cost-efficient solutions.

Shopify Migration

For us, it’s important to include Shopify developers that can successfully complete a site migration to Shopify without losing any data. It’s not uncommon for business owners to have already established online stores that they want to migrate to Shopify. After all, it’s a versatile platform packed with an abundance of useful built-in features.

Shopify Integration

Integrating the necessary plugins and modules to improve an online store’s functionality is one of the most essential services that a Shopify web developer should offer. They should understand how to create secure, high-performing APIs.

Upgrades & Maintenance

The companies listed here offer continuous site upgrades, as well as maintenance that follows the client’s business requirements. Altogether, this will help clients stay competitive and maximize their conversions.

SEO & Marketing

The top Shopify development firms boast experienced SEO teams that will establish a good site structure, optimize product pages, produce detailed product descriptions, and choose effective URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions. Additionally, we give a ranking boost to companies that go beyond SEO and provide other digital marketing services like social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC.

Project Management

A cumbersome project can alter delivery timelines, impact the team’s productivity, and more. That’s why it’s important to find a company that provides robust project management.

How Do They Handle the Projects?

What project management method do they use? The agile project management style is used most in the software development world, so we expect the best Shopify developers to follow it. Because it enables high transparency, cross-functional execution, and continuous planning, it comes with reduced risks, better project control and product quality, and a faster ROI.


We narrow down our list of the top Shopify website designers and developers by scouting their reviews from past clients. We check third-party sites, social media profiles, and the companies’ Shopify Expert listings (if they’re part of the program). We consider companies that have more positive than negative reviews. While going through them, we try to uncover each company’s strongest suit, but we also see whether the Shopify developer has any weak points—this will help us rank each one accordingly. 


Miscommunication can easily throw a project off track. Slack, Dropbox, and Trello are some of the most popular tools for project managers. They allow for efficient communication between different teams or departments. This, in turn, enables them to carefully plan and track projects and issues, organize better, share important data, and gather valuable feedback.

What About Budget Management?

Budget management is one of the most crucial components of successful project management. Careful budget management keeps projects on track, and we make sure to ask the companies’ previous clients about their experience regarding it. Did the companies keep clients in the loop when it came to any budgetary developments? Did they make sure that everyone was on the same page? Were the Shopify developers able to effectively adjust the budget? And so on.

Clear Pricing Policy & Value for Money

When it comes to pricing, we’ve come across developers that charge by the hour and by project. Either of these is fine, but we expect the agency to be clear about their pricing policy. Only if we determine that the agency follows the industry standards and brings real value for money will we include it in our list.

What to Do Before You Hire a Shopify Developer

Our list is meant to give you an overview of the best companies that can help you set up an extraordinary online store and make the most out of it. However, choosing the actual best partner for your business is up to you. We provide you with some basic points you need to consider beforehand.

What Do You Need?

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t be able to find a suitable developer. First of all, you need to think about the functions and design elements you want the online store to have. Also, think about their purpose and what’s the end goal of implementing them. Maybe you want new and improved Shopify theme development or maybe you need a more robust checkout page. Whatever it is, make sure to clearly define it before your initial talk with your potential agency.

What's Your Budget?

Your budget can play a significant role when choosing your Shopify provider. Generally speaking, these developers charge between $500 and $5,000 for projects; however, more complicated projects require a bigger investment. If your budget is limited, you need to be clear with your chosen agency during your preliminary conversation in order to ensure their Shopify development services align with what you’re willing to spend.

Who Will Own the Code and Content?

The only right answer here is “you.” No matter whether you hire a Shopify app developer or designer, you need to make sure that you’ll own everything they create for you. You shouldn’t underestimate the licensing issues that could arise if you don’t deal with this in time. That’s why it’s best to immediately weed out the companies that won’t provide this kind of agreement.

What Kind of Communication Should You Expect?

During your initial conversations with the potential agency, take note of how responsive they are and whether they understand your needs. Discuss your preferred forms of communication and ask for an appointed contact person.

Take Note of Their Previous Work

We only consider agencies with an abundant history of developing robust, responsive sites that contribute to the client’s bottom line. However, it’s your job to take a close look at their past projects and find out if they have experience with what you’re looking for. Are you impressed by their solutions? Do they have experience working with businesses in the same niche as you?

It’s Time for Action

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to choose your partner from among the leading Shopify developers and build the online shop of your dreams. By following our guide, you should shortlist your preferences and find the perfect company that will not only create a custom theme and plugins to suit your needs but will also fit into your budget and company culture. In the rare case that you don’t find your match here, make sure to check out our list of the best ecommerce development companies

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