2019's Best Video Marketing Companies

87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start using it too!

Scroll down to discover the leading video marketing companies and choose your partner to properly get started in your marketing endeavors.

We curated a customized evaluation methodology that we used to evaluate each company. And you’ll also find a few suggestions about what to consider while searching for the best agency for you, all of which you’ll discover after the table.

The Best Video Marketing Agencies for 2019

Rank Company Hourly Rate Office Website
1 $100–$149 Boston, MA Learn More
Viewership boasts a team of strategy consultants who provide a step-by-step plan to get each client’s videos in front of the right audience. The team also takes care of the video optimization, paid advertising, and post-production processes.
2 $150–$199 Atlanta, GA Learn More
Crisp Video is a premium, story-driven agency based in Atlanta. It has a proven track record for delivering a strong engagement rate and an average 300% return on investment to its clients.
3 Undisclosed Collingwood, ON Learn More
With a focus on providing video marketing to San Francisco clients, Illustrate It is a leading creative agency. Its employees produce compelling stories through animation to help clients spread their passion and set themselves apart from the competition.
4 $100–$149 Chicago, IL Learn More
SmarkLabs is best known for its innovative thinking and data-driven processes designed to meet each client’s goals, making it the best firm for video marketing in Chicago. It also aligns video with a greater marketing strategy in order to maximize results.
5 $100–$149 New York, NY Learn More
Legacy Productions’s goal-oriented creative content generates measurable ROI that improves every business’s bottom line. It also delivers solid strategies paired with award-winning video production, so if you’re looking for premier video marketing in New York, they’re worth checking out.
6 Undisclosed Orange County, CA Learn More
Local Video Exposure takes a cost-effective approach while serving clients with a winning combination of creative solutions and cutting-edge tools. Based in Orange County, this company is the best local video marketing agency.
7 $100–$149 Gaithersburg, MD Learn More
Thoughtcast Media specializes in video marketing that inspires action and produces results. This team’s marketing solutions are customized to fit every stage of the client’s marketing funnel.
8 $100–$149 Los Angeles, CA Learn More
Vercel Studios is a top choice when it comes to finding a premier firm for video marketing in Los Angeles. Its solutions are customized to meet the individual client’s goals. What’s more, the team offers a high level of flexibility and great communication.
9 Undisclosed San Diego, CA Learn More
Social Way Creative is a creative marketing agency for video that also produces video content and animation. It offers a Video Marketing Accelerator program where they take care of everything from video creation to optimization.
10 $150–$199 Newberg, OR Learn More
Based in Portland, Prepared Marketing is a top-notch video marketing firm that helps clients achieve the next level. It delivers measurable results by highlighting the client’s strengths and attracting the right audience.
11 $100–$149 McKinney, TX Learn More
Vidpow is a Dallas company with a team of YouTube and digital marketing experts. They handle all aspects of video, digital advertising, and conversion optimization to build cost-effective revenue for clients.
12 $150–$199 New York, NY Learn More
Video SEO Pro provides leading video marketing for business. The combination of high-quality video, strategic planning, and the latest SEO techniques helps clients drive more traffic and improve their bottom line.
13 $100–$149 Draper, UT Learn More
SEO.com is a leading one-stop shop for digital marketing that offers premier YouTube video marketing services. The team’s performance-driven solutions are customized to meet each client’s objectives and reach their desired target audience.

Choosing the Best Video Marketing Companies: Our Full Methodology

Every company listed in the table above is based on an extensive evaluation. We’ve developed a comprehensive methodology that includes multiple steps—starting with an assessment of the agency’s experience, expertise, and marketing capabilities, and going all the way to customer satisfaction and value for money. Below, you will discover the details of our methodology and get a better idea of what exactly makes up our selective process.

The Video Marketing Firms’ Quality and Expertise

We start by visiting the company’s website. This shows us how long they’ve been around and what services they offer. Some agencies might only offer marketing services while others might provide video production too. Video production can include creating and filming videos from scratch or only creating video animations. Usually, agencies offer the latter together with marketing. However, you might be better off choosing from among the full-fledged video production companies if you need video creation.

Once we establish what the agency has to offer, we look at their portfolio and case studies to evaluate their expertise. An expert agency will have managed several different kinds of projects and gained experience in a variety of video marketing aspects, from planning to creation. Besides checking the website of each video marketing company, we also scout online portfolio sites like LinkedIn to find details about the individuals on the company’s team, focusing on their level of experience and special talents.

The Marketing Aspect

Next, we check each agency’s marketing abilities. We examine their processes to make sure their expertise covers multiple methods and works throughout different channels.


  • SEO Expertise

It goes without saying that the video marketing agency should have a team of SEO-savvy experts. No marketing strategy can be successful if the video isn’t discoverable. The key aspects we look for are keyword research, description optimization, title tag optimization, and video transcript optimization.


  • Owned Media Marketing

Owned media is one of the biggest marketing assets for a client. Distributing videos across their website, blog, email lists, apps, social media, and any other channel they own will get the video in front of the people who are already interested in what they have to offer. A good video marketing agency works well across all these channels.


  • Earned Video Distribution

Earned video distribution is a free but tricky method. However, if the agency knows what they’re doing, it can be very beneficial. That’s why during our evaluation, we take special note of their expertise in leveraging social sharing, product reviews, and influencer marketing.


  • Paid Media

Paid advertising is also among the most efficient video marketing solutions. This type of video advertising can work with any budget and pay off big. Social media, native advertising, influencer outreach, and sponsored content are some of the paid advertising areas we expect a video marketing provider to excel in.


  • Branding

The people watching the videos need to know who and what is speaking to them. We assess the ability of the video marketing agencies to keep the client’s on-brand creative and messaging consistent across all channels. If the message you convey on social media doesn’t align with the one sent out in your consumer emails, it can hurt your brand.

The Marketing Aspect

Checking how the agency manages the workflow, what their process is, what their communication style is, and what tools they use gives insight into the quality of their work.


  • Do They Understand Your Audience?

First, we try to learn how well these video marketing companies understand the audience/buyer. The success of a video marketing campaign relies on what your audience wants to hear, see, and feel.

Your video marketing provider needs to be adept in mapping out a buyer persona if you don’t already have one. Also, they need to be able to create a more extended audience strategy, which will determine where the audience falls within the marketing funnel and what the best channels for content distribution are.


  • What’s Their Preferred Style of Communication?

A video marketing service provider needs to be able to collaborate with their client in order to come up with a concept that works creatively while also meeting the client’s defined objectives. Also, we look for companies that provide open and transparent communication. After all, even the slightest miscommunication might doom the entire campaign.


  • What Tools Do They Use?

Managing time, people, and deliverables can be complicated, so they should use tools that streamline these processes. Asana, Workzone, Basecamp, and Trello are only some of the project management tools professional video marketing companies in the USA might use.


  • How Do They Determine Key Success Factors and Identify Risks?

Strategic marketing involves setting goals and objectives and analyzing both the internal and external business factors, not to mention the planning and implementation.

Defining the client’s strengths is crucial to the success of a video marketing campaign. An effective video marketing consultant needs to be able to uncover these and build campaigns around them. Here are the two most critical steps for determining key success factors:

  1. Agree on project goals—both the client and the project manager need to be on the same page.
  2. Perform a cross-examination of the project’s individual goals to determine which ones are crucial to the project.

On the other hand, risk management starts with evaluating the odds of individual risks. It juxtaposes the approximated risk against preset criteria. Professional online video advertising companies should have assessors who will perform a quantitative analysis and make recommendations to reduce any identified risks.

Reviews & Ratings

The next step is checking client satisfaction. While every agency will present testimonials that make them look good, we try to assess the real client satisfaction. We look for customer reviews on multiple platforms. If necessary, we contact past clients to get a first-hand peek into their experience with the agency in question.

Good reviews are a sign that online video marketing services deliver results, but we also take note of any bad reviews for insight into the agency’s weak points. However, unless the bad reviews outnumber the good ones, we won’t immediately disregard the agency.

Results Measuring

To ensure your video marketing campaign is a success, the agency needs to measure its results and adapt the content and timing accordingly. Here are the four KPIs that the best video marketing company will measure:


  • Engagement Rate

The engagement rate measures each video interaction, including how much time a visitor spends on the video and whether they watch it to the end. This number is a clear indication of the creativity and quality of the marketing message.


  • Play Rate

Play rate refers to the number of visitors who hit the “play” button to watch the video. This gives you a broad idea of how the video performs on social media feeds or specific websites.


  • Social Sharing

Social sharing measures how often a video is shared on social media networks, giving you an idea of whether your message resonates with your audience.


  • Conversion Rates

The conversion rate refers to the percentage of people that completed an intended action.

Online Video Marketing Service Pricing and Value for Money

Our goal is to only present you with the agencies that provide good value for the money. We tried to provide each one’s average hourly rate, as well as the average project cost. In addition, we cross-checked the prices the agency offers against the industry standards and the value they provide to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

What to Do Before Deciding on the Best Video Marketing Agency

Know Your Goals

What goals are you trying to reach with the video marketing campaign? Do you want to boost awareness, drive traffic, improve sales, or all of the above? Gathering consumer insights can be very helpful when it comes to determining your goals as it will inform the type of video marketing you need.

Determine Your Budget

Putting a lot of money into video marketing doesn’t guarantee that your project will succeed. However, be aware that choosing the cheapest option only for the sake of saving a buck can hurt your brand’s image. So before shortlisting any video marketing agencies in the USA, set a realistic budget and plan carefully based on the resources at your disposal.

Define the Story You Want to Tell

The basic framework for a story includes a protagonist who aligns with your buyer persona, a conflict that represents a problem your consumers share, a quest introducing your service/product, and a resolution that outlines how your service/product solves the problem.

Assess the Agency’s Willingness to Meet Your Individual Needs

Every business is unique and has unique goals; therefore, every business providing video marketing needs to be ready to work with your individual needs. The agency you choose should be able to approach your goals strategically, without employing cookie-cutter practices.

Consider Whether the Artistry of the Agency Is a Good Fit for You

You need to make sure the agency you choose creates videos that will appeal to you and your audience. Choosing the best video marketing provider means taking a peek into their style, quality, and creativity to ensure their artistry is right for your needs.

The Agency’s Culture

It’s vital that you find a partner whose values align with your own. Otherwise, it might be difficult for you to work well with the company and produce the right results for your business.  


1. Can videos actually help increase sales?

Yes. Video marketing statistics have shown that 73% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.


2. Do video marketing services help with SEO?

Again, the answer is yes, they absolutely do. More specifically, videos improve your click-through rates—SEO stats show that including a video on your page can drive up to 157% more organic traffic. Moreover, video helps you see lower bounce rates and delivers quality backlinks.


3. How much will video marketing services cost me?

The average price of a video marketing project ranges between $2,000–$5,000. Keep in mind that if done properly, your video marketing can deliver a great ROI and pay off in the long run.


4. How will I know whether the video is effective?

Tracking your video’s effectiveness has become much easier thanks to several advanced digital marketing techniques. You can set tracking codes with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and similar tools to see how many people have watched your video, what the conversion rate is, and whether it meets other KPIs. However, keep in mind that professional video marketing companies will offer results measurement as part of their services.

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