How Many Users Does Facebook Have

Some love it, others hate it but one thing is certain—Facebook is one of the disruptive forces on the Internet which has forever changed the social media experience. Initially designed to serve Harvard students, Facebook quickly expanded to other campuses, reaching its first million users in 2004 before going international one year later.

Since then, the most popular social media network has reached numerous milestones and continues to be one of the most used apps. But, exactly how many users does Facebook have? Read on to discover the numbers behind the social media giant.

How Many People Use Facebook?

The app will soon celebrate its 16th birthday so let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions regarding its popularity and user base.

1. How many people are on Facebook?

As of Q4 2019, Facebook has nearly 2.45 billion active users, beating the projections despite the privacy scandals that surrounded the network. This number once again proves that Facebook is the biggest social media platform that gives online marketing agencies great possibilities to market products and services to a wide audience.

2. What's the number of Facebook daily users (Facebook DAU)?

According to the Q3 2019 report, 1.62 billion people log onto Facebook on a daily basis. This means that 74%, or nearly ¾ of Facebook users, visit the platform on a daily basis. What is more, there are about 50% of them that access the site several times a day.

3. How many users on Facebook are based outside the US?

Contrary to popular opinion, Facebook is most popular in Asia-Pacific where 41.5% of the users are based. 15.9% of Facebook users are based in Europe, while only 10.1% of Facebook users are US-based.

4. What's the number of Facebook users by year?

Facebook has been growing exponentially over the past years. Launched in 2004, the social media network has quickly gained worldwide popularity and reached 500 million registered users in 2010. In 2012, Facebook hit its first billion active users and five years later, in 2017, Facebook acquired one more billion users. In Q2 2018, Facebook reached 2.23 billion monthly users and continues to grow.

5. How many Facebook users access the app via mobile?

More than 2.2 billion people access Facebook on a mobile device. This is significantly more than desktop users which are at 1.47 billion. In other words, 47% of all Facebook users access the platform through their mobile devices. Additionally, 22% of the overall internet time spent on mobile devices is on Facebook, more than the time spent on YouTube and Google.

6. How many active users on Facebook use Stories?

You might think that Facebook Stories aren’t as popular as its counterpart on Instagram but they have 500 million daily users. This is a considerable success since the feature was rolled out one year later than Instagram’s ephemeral Stories.

7. What's the Facebook user count per country?

India is a leading country with 260 million Facebook users, followed by the US, Indonesia, and Brazil with 180, 130, and 120 million users, respectively.

8. What's the number of Facebook users among adults in the US?

While the Instagram user base consists mainly of young adults, Facebook is especially popular with older demographics. 7 in 10 adults (71%) in the US use Facebook. Used by 74% of US-based adults, YouTube is the only platform that outmatches Facebook.

9. How many teenage FB users are there?

Teenagers are avid Instagram and Snapchat users, but their interest in Facebook is slowly declining. According to Pew Research, 71% of teenagers used the platform in 2015. This number has dropped to 51% in 2019 and projections show it will continue to drop to 37.1% by 2022.

10. What's the number of Facebook active users among seniors?

Teenagers might not actually adore Facebook, but seniors certainly do. In 2019, there were 37% of users born in 1945 or earlier which is up from 26% in 2018. Predictions also show that this demographic has the most potential for additional growth.

11. How many active Facebook users are men vs. women?

The rate of Facebook usage is quite different among genders. 75% of women tend to use the most popular social media network compared to 63% of men. However, the largest single group (19%) of Facebook users are males aged 25-34.

12. How many Facebooks users are there by gender in the US?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the US with 53.7% of the audience being female along with 46.3% male. Combined, the US and Canada had 247 million Facebook monthly active users as of Q3 2019.

13. How many Facebook accounts are there in the marketing field?

As the biggest social media network, Facebook gets huge attention from marketers. As Facebook statistics show, a whopping 86% of marketers in the US are using the platform for advertising purposes.

14. What's the total number of Facebook users who watch live videos?

As the live videos become more and more popular thanks to their reach and engagement capabilities, more and more people are using the live streaming platform on Facebook. More precisely, Facebook live stats show that 78% of the online audience watches Facebook Live streams.

15. How many active Facebook users get the news from the platform?

Apart from Google, social media is one of the main sources that people use to find news sources and search for content. Statistics show that 43% of consumers get their news directly from Facebook.

16. How many Facebook users in the world consume video ads?

According to Facebook video stats, video consumption is 75% less for young adults (18-24) compared to the attention span of those aged 65+. Also, this was the primary reason why the network introduced in-feed ads with a 15-second cap.


Considering the huge popularity of Facebook, it’s evident that this social media platform is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hopefully, the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding how many people use Facebook will give digital and social media marketing firms a better perspective about the future of this platform.

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